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📚 | Top 5130 "longing mom / wife" characters announced by 5 manga lovers! The first place is that character that is convincing


Top 5130 "Mother / Wife" characters announced by 5 manga lovers! The first place is that character that is convincing

If you write the contents roughly
Misae Nohara from "Crayon Shin-chan" was selected as the 3rd place.

Have you ever read a manga and thought, "I wish this person was a mother (wife)"? 2022 4 ... → Continue reading

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Misae Nohara

Misae Nohara(Misae Nohara)Usui Yoshito OfComicthe work"Crayon Shin-chan]OverheadPerson.hero-Shinosuke NoharaとNohara sunflowerMother ofHiroshi NoharaWife of.Anime versionAtVoice actor TheNaraha Miki.


KumamotoAso City[1]where one is from. She is 29 years old (31 years old in Pencil Shin-chan's time).housewife[2].SaitamaKasukabe City Futaba 1-2-XNUMX[3][4][5]Resident.maiden name"Koyama".

In the original10/10Born (found in Volume 1 of the original), but in anime9/21I was born.The constellation isLibra[6][7]..husbandHiroshi NoharaWas born betweenShinosuke Nohara,Nohara sunflowerIs the mother of.Her father is Yoshiharu Koyama.His mother is Hisa Koyama.Three sisters[8]She is the second daughter of her sister, and she has an older sister and a younger sister.There have been several episodes of her when Shinnosuke was 2 years old (she was 26 years old).

Height 159.2cm[9], Weight 60kg[10].. In "Mother's body fat percentage" (broadcast on September 1997, 9), the body fat percentage was 5%.However, the body fat percentage is 29% in "Walking is good" that you gained weight.Bust is 28.6 cm, waist is 78 cm[11]..Her hips are unknown, but she is ridiculed as "Ketsudeka" by Shinnosuke and by her sister, "Shinnosuke".The size of her shoes is 23.5 cm[12][13].First personI.Bust size is 79 cm[14]However, when Shinnosuke said 72 A cups, "75 A cups ~" (in the anime ((GuamThere was a scene where I said (I said 79 B) when I was traveling, and I also said that there was a surplus in the B cup.I'm not good at it now, but when I was in kindergarten, I heard that I ran faster than boys.[15].

"Mother" from Shinnosuke and "Misae" from Hiroshi[16], Himawari (adult) calls him "mama".She hates being called "Misae" because of Shinnosuke, and she gets angry that she should stop imitating her dad's mouth.

Misae calls Shinnosuke and Himawari by abandonment, but sometimes they call them "Shin-chan" and "Hima-chan".She calls Hiroshi "you," but before her marriage she called her "Hiroshi-san."



Before getting married, I was an office lady at Oyamada Bussan[17].. Encountered Hiroshi at the age of 21 (animation broadcast on April 2010, 4)[18]Then in 2002),Kitasenju StationReceived a proposal at the home of[19], Marriage (time unknown).She started her encounter with Hiroshi picking up and delivering a handkerchief with a heart pattern, but in the original story, Shinnosuke and Dr. Kita Yono'stime slipBy the Kasukabe Time Patrol Corps in the anime[18], Misae tried to help Shinnosuke who was entangled in the cock, but on the contrary, she was about to be taken away, and as soon as Shinnosuke asked Hiroshi for help, she rushed to the place and repelled by the smell of shoes, so she fell in love. It changed to the way of meeting.The handkerchief mentioned above was used to wipe the blood on Hiroshi's face, which was beaten by the cock.After she got married, she is a full-time housewife and she continues to this day. At the age of 24, she gave birth to her eldest son, Shinnosuke, and at the age of 29, she gave birth to her eldest daughter, Sunflower.

Educational background is Kumamoto City Okuma Elementary School, Kumamoto City Okuma Junior High School, Kumamoto Prefectural Mizugoji Girls'High School, Private Kato Kiyomasa Women's Junior College Graduated[20]..None of them actually exist.He belonged to the basketball club in high school[21]In addition to that, according to Musa-no-ben, he seems to have experience of belonging to the drama club.[22]..However, in the first volume of the original, in response to Shinnosuke's question, "I amHigh school graduateSo i don't know[23]There is a scene that is deceived.

Clothes / appearance

It has a voluminous perm hair (a hairstyle that was popular among housewives in the 80s when the original was published), but until the age of 24 (Shinnosuke was an infant), it was long hair.She doesn't have her bangs in the early days of the original, so she looks like a different person from the present.In the anime she once had a straight hairstyle (which was popular at the time)Norika FujiwaraI changed it to (Hairstyle), but I had a short perm head due to Shinnosuke's sushi.[24]..After that, her crazy hair gradually returned to her original hairstyle after a while.In addition, in the anime "Muri and Rejuvenate Zo", under the influence of young mothers, she tried to make herself young and changed her hairstyle (after that, she made a big renewal to fashion and received great popularity from the young mother who reunited. He was in a good mood, but Shinnosuke and his friends were always in a good mood).

As for the appearance, the people around him say that he is a "moderately beautiful woman."She was often picked up when she was young, and there was her classmate (who was a handsome boy at the time) who confessed to her reunion that she liked Misae.

Despite being young at 29 years old, he is sometimes called "aunt" or "baba" by bad guys such as Shinnosuke, people around him, and TV specials because of his personality, attitude, and behavior. , The person is concerned about being called, and is often angry when told.

The hair color in the original is black, and in the anime it is brown hair.Gorgeous dresses, jewelry and branded items[25]He likes to be a little celebrity-oriented, but in reality, he seems to look good in a Japanese style and simple style.The wedding isBunkin TakashimadaIt seems that he doesn't wear a dress[26].

Initially, the appearance of pink was established, but1994/From around that time, I often wear different clothes and different trousers every week.In summer, there are many light blue shorts on a dark blue tank top.Swimsuits used to have many patterned highlegs and often became pink bikinis, but in the early days they always wore pink highlegs. She once wore "invisibility pants" (at the beginning of the series, she wore skirts dignifiedly, but now (after the birth of sunflowers) is unknown.[27]..In addition, it seems that Shinnosuke had said that, and Article 43 of the promise clause with mom says, "Don't tell another person that mom's pants are invigorating.").Initially, the eyes were fine, but even now, the eyes are patchy.He is not portrayed directly,DimplesThere seems to be[28]..In the movie "The Jungle Calling the Storm," she wears a green short-sleeved hoodie and blue hot pants, and while she is usually treated as a radish leg by Shinnosuke, she is depicted with beautiful skin-colored thin legs.

Also, I was shocked at one point by having young gray hair growing in the animation, but I will recover with the advice of Kei.[29].

Even when I was a baby, Shinnosuke was so similar to my daughter's sunflower.The same is true for her sister's mae and her sister's mae's early childhood.


Sometimes individual and sometimes maternal, but the basics are a sensible and childish woman with the triple time of "short temper", "look good" and "miser".She mercilessly imposes sanctions on Shinnosuke and Hiroshi (often doing a slapstick and muzzle attack on Shinnosuke and Hiroshi), or lays her Hiroshi completely on her ass, as her emotions go. , Shinnosuke and Hiroshi basically don't get up to her.On the other hand, she is unusually tolerant of sunflowers.[30]..Even if it's something that makes a punishment for Shinnosuke, just pay attention to the sunflowers verbally.For this reason, Shinnosuke sometimes points out the disparity in attitudes toward himself and the sunflowers, but in that case, even Misae says, "Because the sunflowers are still babies ..." It seems that Misae herself is aware that she is a brother and sister and has an unreasonable disparity because she seems to be choking and fluttering.

He has a rough, rough and masculine temperament, and although he is strict with children, husbands and others, he is quite sweet to himself.[31]..I used the leftovers of the supper for lunch the day after Hiroshi and Shinnosuke, and even though I collected the lunch box from Hiroshi, the leftovers were gone.Chinese restaurant OfLunchI have also had a luxury[32].. It has been explained several times as "a type that never admits my mistakes".[33], When the position is in jeopardy, there is a tendency to solve it by brute force.In the early days of the original work, I often made 10 or more bumps against Shinnosuke.When something happens, he suspects Shinsuke and Hiroshi from his head and scolds and beats him, but if it is an innocent crime, he apologizes after knowing the truth (but he does not apologize, reopens, intimidates, etc.) There are quite a lot of things to silence)[34][35]..In particular, when I dropped a bag containing Hiroshi's one-month salary of 1 yen, which was supposed to be used for living expenses due to my own inadequacy, and lost it, I apologized while crying because of the matter.[36]..In addition, the movie version "Bakusei!In "Yumemy World Daisatsu", while protecting Shinnosuke, "I don't play a role that I like and dislike", "For parents, children are more than me", "I can be disliked, so I myself I just want to protect my child. That's what my mother is. "This kind of personality is the same for others, and there are some situations where this works positively.To buy clothessupermarketWhen I decided to work as a part-time worker, the store manager touched my butt at the workplace, and the chief forced me to work.harassmentIn response, the sunflowers that had been left in the nursery were insulted (= the chief said, "Children are dull"), and the patience bag broke, and sanctions were imposed on the chief and the president.Treated by her colleagues as a heroine who dismissed harassment, she also declared her part-time resignation for the day.She then regrets her judgment when she sees the sunflowers crying when she picks her up at her nursery, and decides to value her time with her child more than her desires and work. Determine.

He is very enthusiastic, and once he thinks about it, he shows a stance of devoting himself to it, but because he is easily bored, he cannot keep up with it.Because it is a type that is easy to heat and cool, the diet is not fragile and it is a so-called Mikabozu.

It is self-centered, often swings around others for its own convenience, and in some cases it can be disastrous due to its own actions.For example, in "Where is the bicycle?", I decided that Musa used a bicycle, and prioritized the search for a bicycle and did not send Shinnosuke to the kindergarten.[37].. In "Gasoline Barely Zo", when the amount of gasoline was low, I ignored the advice from Hiroshi and searched for a cheap gas station. As a result, I got lost and ran out of gas.In addition, there are places that seem to be forgotten, such as forgetting the day of shortened childcare, forgetting to hand over the house key to Shinnosuke, and not realizing that the bargain sale of the department store is until the day before, etc. There are many things.

There are also nasty places regarding money, and they take actions such as saving their own squirrels and using Hiroshi's squirrels without permission.Shinnosuke is no exception, trying to steal the 100 million yen winning lottery that Shinnosuke had, and the doll set that Shinnosuke won in the sweepstakes (worth 2 yen at the auction) is auctioned without permission. I've tried to sell it off, and I've tried to fill my stomach with the money for Shinnosuke's entrance celebration.[38]..However, there are many cases where hesokuri is confiscated by Hiroshi, spoiled by sunflowers and sunflowers, and prizes become worthless.

He hates to lose, does not forgive even if the other party is a child, and tries to win even if he is willing.In a game where you bet things (mainly a game with Hiroshi and Shinnosuke), you often try to win even by using sneezing means, and when you play a rock-paper-scissors game, you can play rock-paper-scissors without the consent of Shinnosuke. At the time of the heat endurance game, I intentionally serve hot tea and hot pot-baked udon to make Hiroshi say "hot", and at the time of the blowgun game, force the sunflower to sneeze just before Hiroshi shoots the arrow. Hiroshi's concentration is lacking.

He tends to be a little narcissist, and often says himself as a "beautiful woman (wife)" at the end of the conversation, and often writes himself as a "beautiful mom" in the letter to Shinnosuke when he is away (Shinnosuke). I usually skip the "Beauty" part).In addition, he has a strong desire to reveal himself, and while he is talking to foreigners and trying to panic or panic, he speaks incomprehensible English. I'm beautiful) ”.When disguising her or cosplaying, she sometimes puts a padding on her chest to make her look bigger.On the other hand, after being seen as embarrassed by the behavior of Shinnosuke and his personality (looks good, easy to get on with, etc.), he is deeply depressed and sits in the gym without doing any housework. (Even if it rains, they don't take in the laundry, and Hiroshi who came home ends up making dinner instead).

Shinnosuke's words and deeds are always swaying and burning his hands, but he is always active in raising children, never forgiving anyone who makes a fool of his child or raises his hand, and is resolute no matter who the other person is. She also has a strong face as a mother who protects her child by treating her with an attitude.She also resists the act of killing the other person in her words as a result of what is basically natural when others make statements that despise Misae, and she acts to protect Misae.[39]..And if it's a clearly malicious rant, it can be seriously angry.[40]..When I witnessed bullying at a kindergarten where I had to go to the kindergarten because my body was replaced with Shinnosuke, I scolded the bully's child with a strong tone and went to see Hiroshi who was assigned to Osaka alone. I got on with ShinnosukeTokaido ShinkansenIn the car, pay attention to the thug who was smoking despite the non-smoking seat, kick the crotch to the middle-aged office worker who was pointed out as a molester by Shinnosuke, and kicked the crotch to the bad She has a strong sense of justice, such as trying to help the entangled Shinsuke, and her courageous and strong appearance makes her a mother, and her sincere attitude toward her child sometimes impresses the surroundings.In addition, all of them were struck down due to Shinnosuke's intention or the uproar that caused them, but it is natural to have a tutor and actively participate in cram schools, English conversation classes, music classes, etc. even if they are free lessons. There is also a part where Shinnosuke is more loving than others, such as complimenting things exaggeratedly (since Shinnosuke may interpret what he thought as a genius thought, he is a parent idiot like a normal parent. There is also a part).

When Hiroshi, who is tired from work and returns from work, makes a mistake in the company's business, such as not forgetting to care for her husband, Hiroshi, preparing a favorite dish as a side dish for dinner, and not missing beer for evening drinks. In spite of his impatient personality, he often takes care of himself as a wife, such as comforting him properly and accepting him smoothly even if he confesses that he wants to leave the company.

I'm not happy to like or dislike food,onionRebuke or even try to leavegreen pepperShinnosuke, who left behind vegetables such as, was confiscated all staple foods and other side dishes, giving severe punishment without meals.[41][42].

It seems that other creatures cannot be bullied or treated carelessly, and Shinnosuke, who usually neglects to take care of Shiro, is sometimes bullied and entrusted to him by others.Little otterFurious at the irresponsible acts of Mr. and Mrs. Hatogaya (Mitchie and Yoshirin) who pushed the care of Shinnosuke, they were preaching with a swordsman that atrophied.It is negative for a man to grow his hair, and it seems that the intention of Misae is reflected in the buzz cut head of Shinnosuke.

At first glance, he looks like a strong person, but on the other hand, he has many timid parts, and when something happens, he relies on Hiroshi and Shinsuke.He is not good enough to scream insects (especially cockroaches), snakes, and even monkeys.

Habits / habits

I rarely drink alcohol in my daily life, but I do drink it at events such as alumni associations and year-end parties.However, he has a bad drinking habit, and when he gets drunk, he has a habit of cursing himself regardless of his shape, and Shinnosuke apologized to the guests and even his friends around him for his bad drinking habit.[43]..I have a close friend named Keiko Honda, and when I drink it together, I fall into a drunkenness.She usuallyStandard language(Communication with Kay is also a standard language in the same town), in front of his parents and sistersKumamoto dialectBut I often speak in standard language with my sister Musa.She sometimes speaks in Kumamoto dialect when she falls into a drunkenness.

constipationI have a chronic illness and often get frustrated.It became ferocious during constipation and I am happy after the constipation is resolved.[44]..On the day when the stool appears on the calendar, a smiley face is drawn and recorded (from the animation).

There is no eye for sale items and luxury items, and you can quickly get the items that you see on the leaflets.[45]..I sometimes buy high-end accessories and cosmetics, but those items are often ruined by Shinnosuke or the mischief of sunflowers and the slapstick of Shinnosuke (sometimes Hiroshi).Also, when he goes to a high-class restaurant or museum, he pretends to be neat and clean with his elegant behavior, but he is drunk at the pace of Shinnosuke and the land comes out.You can also see people taking a nap while watching wide shows and comics.She says, "Nap is a privilege of a housewife."She is often in her hands at that timeSoka rice crackerIs placed.Also, I'm having a hard time sleeping in Shinnosuke's morning (the anime "Shortcut is a distant road" (2001/6/15(Broadcast), etc.), if you miss the bus, you send it by bicycle.

On the other hand, it is not only strong but also humane and fragile.She has a fickle personality, but she is compassionate and can't be merciless.She even watched Kantam Robo (play within a story) while escorting Shinnosuke with her child's animation, but before she knew it, she embraced her emotions and cried that it was a good story.This habit is also common to Shinnosuke, and it seems that he is often impressed by the naive appearance that his child occasionally shows.

It is also a very easy-to-paste constitution.She was a pretty girl when she was a kid, and she looks as good as she is today.

Sometimes it is accompanied by unpopular words and actions.The mobile phone borrowed from Hiroshi's company (the penetration rate of mobile phones was low at that time, and even Misae later had a mobile phone) made her eyes shine, and she came out of the closet when organizing storage.Sailor suit(At that time, I'm fully dented)[46]..She also seems to be a little complex with her small breasts, and she occasionally dreams of becoming a C-cup, or the movie version of "Crayon Shin-chan Legendary Buri Buri 3 minutes』In the case of transformation, it was a lot of breast augmentation[47]..Other than that, without shameRape blossomからrapeseed oilYou can get a glimpse of innocent habits, such as being impressed by the fact that you can get rid of it, or watching someone else's date with Shinnosuke.She also accidentally goes out in full-fledged cosplay when playing with Shinnosuke, and can be seen by the people around her and depressed (in the original, it's the punch line of this case several times).Also, the movie version "Crayon Shin-chan Calling Arashi Yakinik Road of Glory] InMen'sIs showing off,Kasukabe Defense CorpsShe looked good in a man's dress just like Nene.Furthermore, in "Mother is a woman to throw away" that aired in October 2015, she appeared when she was disposing of a large amount of old clothes.NekomimiMaid clothesI tried to wear it (in this case, I escaped to the sunflower at full speed), and I left it in the closet at the end of the phrase (at this time, I put on so-called "dirty clothes" for work. Since I didn't leave it at all, I was depressed because I got dirty with good clothes by cleaning the town).

Shinnosuke often says that he is not good at cooking, but he is not really bad at cooking.Usually, I don't really take it too seriously (although it's a normal home-cooked meal), and if I take it seriously, I can serve a dish of considerable skill (but for Shinnosuke). "It seems that even Misae didn't inherit her grandmother's talent," he said. At that time, Hiroshi, Gin's assistant parent and child, and Misae's parents closed their eyes and nodded, saying "Unun.").These exchanges are when there are many kindergarten parents such as athletic meet[48]According to Hiroshi, Misae's own brilliant personality is the driving force.

While Hiroshi is reasonably familiar with machines and the Internet, Misae is an analog human being and is not familiar with machines.[49]..For the time being, I own the latest mobile phone, but I haven't mastered it at all, and now I can use Shinnosuke better.However, as the serialization and broadcasting progresses, smartphones are used, and Oshiri (CrabI'm using a virtual assistant called (parody of) or Cook Papat (Cook padYou can also see a scene using a cooking site called (parody) where you can post dishes made by individuals.Also, in the anime versionTwitterThere is also a depiction of doing something that seems to be.Movie version"Crayon Shin-chan Unkurosai's Ambition』Several times"SFI'm not good at understanding the reason, "said Hiroshi, who immediately understood.Time paradoxI didn't understand the topic at all. ""Crayon Shin-chan Cho-The Hero of the Gold Spear Calling Arashi』Although there is a similar line, in addition to SFFantasyHe also dislikes it.However, she contradicts her taste for magical girls, and although Hiroshi points out, she arbitrarily interprets and returns, "Magical girls are not fantasy."

It is not good at storing, and it is often pushed into a closet or a refrigerator casually, so when you open it, things flow out (commonly known as "avalanche").This is inherited from my mother[50]Is.In the animation, there was a setting that the storage was not good enough.

I buy jewelry, precious metals, diet goods, kitchen utensils, clothes, etc. by mail order, but due to Misae's tired personality, I often end up using it only a few times or ruined by Shinnosuke.Misae hasn't thrown away, sold, or recycled the item, saying "I'll use it sometime" and not throwing it away.Therefore, not only closets and storage rooms, but also a large number of mail-order products are left in the children's room that Shinnosuke plans to use.

He likes gemstones, but in contrast to sunflowers, he has no connoisseurship for gemstones.Vinegar Maiden Ai"Toy necklace" is a diamond necklace with a market value of 30 yen that was given to sunflowers.[51]The gold medal, which was given by Omata and has a market value of several hundred thousand yen, was mistaken for a toy.[52]In addition, Shinnosuke did not clean up the gold medal, so he threw away the gold medal that had accumulated more than 100 at once, and I regretted it very much.In "New Crayon Shin-chan", it is added that he has no connoisseur's ability in art, let alone jewelry and precious metals.A group of paintings related to Shinnosukeバ ン ク シ ーAlthough it was a group of writings like this, it was a time when it was highly evaluated by the world due to the merit of Shinnosuke.After that, the painting group led Shinnosuke to paint on the wall of the Nohara family, but even when he saw the situation, he recognized it as a mere graffiti and ordered it to be erased, but from an art critic who passed by. Evaluated the painting group, and despite his reluctance, Misae instructed the critics to erase the graffiti instead of listening to their opinions.Later, on TV, he realized that it was the work of a painting group that painted on the wall of the Nohara family, and when he realized that the value was several million yen, it was described as a regrettable artistic deafness.

There are many depictions of dieting to lose weight, but due to the obstruction of Shinnosuke or sunflowers and the lack of patience of the person, he usually ends up with a three-day shaven or forgets while exercising, and sometimes succeeds. However, he has been failing because he overeats again and rebounds.For this reason, Shinnosuke and his friends (sometimes even around Misae's family (sister's Masae and sister's Musae)) are amazed or sickened.When she went on a diet showdown with Hiroshi, Hiroshi succeeded brilliantly, while she even failed to say that she was getting fat.As mentioned above, she buys a lot of expensive diet foods and utensils, but because of the hassle, she tends to end up in a closet.I haven't been able to keep her weight, so the movie version "Crayon Shin-chan: Super Dimension! Ora's Bride Who Calls ArashiOnly the distorted future in 』is obese.In addition, the expensive food ordered by Shinnosuke at the family restaurant was left behind, and even Misae ate it as a waste, which is also a cause of fatness.

In addition to dieting, I often try to try various hobbies and performing arts, but it lasted for a long time due to the interference caused by Shinsuke and sunflowers, Misae's lack of skills, and the short temper and quickness of her movements. There is no.In addition, it is hard to say that any hobby or performing art is talented, and the drawing power is so bad that you can see it with white eyes on the sunflower.[53]When I participated in the scenario class where Shijuro Ohara was the instructor to keep the things in a safe place or to become a novelist once, not only Shijuro but also Shiro and other classrooms that I participated in together. Write a scenario that is so incoherent that all the students who participated in the class will be stunned.[54]It is devastating when it comes to a sense of hobby that makes the most of creativity and aesthetic sense.


As a common method of punishment, "Genkotsu" and "Guri Guri Attack" (put both fists on the temporal region and push them around.[55]) "Cheeking" "SpankingCan be mentioned[56]..Among them, "spanking" can be said to be the punishment that Shinnosuke is most afraid of.However, in the early days, even Misae was seen to be in pain (because his hips and head were stiff).When anger explodes, your face becomes steep, and often you become a "Super Saiyan mom".[57],KamehamehaOr throw[58]..In the end, there are some radical depictions such as beating with a ladle or a radish, but there is a pattern such as cheeking with a joke, not a punishment.Also, although it is very rare, I have slapped my cheeks when I was really angry.[59].

We have established a "promise clause with mom", and every time we do something wrong with our wallet, we have "promise with mom, Article ○, don't do ○○" and "promise with mom, Article ○". He wrote down the clauses such as ", ○○ is prohibited" in his notebook, and the number is well over 3 digits, and so far, he has achieved Article 143 (Article 100 "Gives a bear a wallet". Don't do it. "[60])[61]..I carry my notebook with me on the go, and when Shinnosuke violates the provisions, I take it out and read it aloud, but Shinnosuke remembers it more accurately than I even wrote it. "It's an article!", And "Oh, I'm sorry .... If you know, don't do it!"

In the original, the muzzle attack has been done frequently (less frequently) since it was evaded by Shinnosuke's "Muzzle removal", but it continues to be constant in the animation.

The tone is a little provocative, and it often strikes the other person's emotions (although even the one who senses it often suppresses it with a reverse sword).In the daily offense and defense of parents and children, Shinnosuke is involved, so he exercises an old and unpopular strategy.However, it is also a fact that she is forced to have some patience and hardship because she is not busy every day, such as sending Shinsuke who misses the kindergarten bus by bicycle.Before she gave birth, she said, "I won't hit or get angry at the child I'm born with (that is, Shinnosuke)," but it's just the opposite.[62]..However, as serialization and broadcasting continue, violent punishment has decreased (there is a little cleverness in Shinnosuke himself, and in some cases there is almost no punishment).

Although he tends to be angry, he is also very sentimental, and he may be hurt by himself or overprotective by reflecting on the fact that he scolded Shinnosuke too much and that he had scolded him for innocent charges. Sometimes I get in touch with him so sweetly (however, I was so overwhelmed that I was sick with Shinnosuke and I was sick.[63]).

Other actions include shutting it out (often in the evening or at night), confining it in a closet, not giving food or snacks, and squeezing the crotch.The punishment is done on the spot, and the people around him may be surprised at the sight or even try to stop the runaway.Misae himself is punished as a discipline, but in some cases it may be seen as abuse by others.For example, in "Seeing the Action Kamen" (broadcast on April 1992, 4), when Shinnosuke was shut out as a punishment for breaking the curfew, neighbors sympathized with Shinnosuke, and "The name is Shiro." In (broadcast on May 27, 1992), when Shinnosuke was locked out by saying, "I can't put the dog (white) in the house until I throw it back in its original place," a police officer said, "Although it was a misunderstanding." "It's child abuse!", Or when "Going to Tokyo Dome" (broadcast on June 5, 25) is attacking Shinnosuke, the scene is projected on the big screen through the camera. The spectators who saw it were accused of "I'm oppressing my child!" And "What a terrible parent!"

As for Hiroshi, in addition to genkotsu, muzzle attack, cheek slap, and slap, there are many punishments such as hitting, kicking, scratching the face, hurting with joint techniques, strangling with the abdominal band, hitting with a duvet or slap. In many cases, the received slap has scars and bruises on the face and body, the face is swollen, blood is bleeding, and the clothes are worn out.Hiroshi punishes him for thinking about things that are suspicious, looking at things related to beauty, telling lies, etc. There are many patterns in which misunderstandings can be resolved when in a tattered state (Misae does not apologize, and often deceives or reopens).From the point of view of the people around me, the scene is radical, but unlike the time of Shinnosuke, he does not act to stop even the runaway, and he is often surprised or just seen.As the series and broadcasts continue, violent punishment is becoming less common (and the expression is softer than stubborn, such as pinching ears and cheeks. In some cases, there is almost no punishment. ).

In the case of sunflowers, it's just a clap of hands, but in the original, it's a spanking and a spanking.In the case of Shiro, he is clever, so he does not punish him, but when the stray cat broke his high-quality clothes, Misae decided that Shiro had done it and sniffed her Hiroshi's socks. ..

Parents and sisters are no exception, and even if they are told about their complex, they may be punished.For example, when his father, Yoshiharu, and his father-in-law, Ginsuke, said, "Misae's chest is Pettanko," Misae gave her a lariat.When her sister, Misae, was asked about the characteristics of Misae Nohara, she said, "Misae is her body, her ass big", and even when she heard it, her cheeks were struck.[64].

In "Cleaning up is Mendo Zo" (broadcast on October 1994, 10), when chasing after the toys and the cake that was dropped under the table, Masao was mistaken for the Shinnosuke and attacked. I have done it.Masao, who was attacked by muzzles, cried so much in pain, and Misae apologized in a hurry.

In "Thinking about Special Moves" (broadcast on October 2017, 10), Shinnosuke uses a special move called "Action Slasher" that throws away the Tosaka part of the helmet in an attempt to apply for the "Action Kamen Special Move Recruitment" project. Thinking about it, I took a video with my family and applied.After that, Shinnosuke's work was adopted and released in the program, but it was "action muzzles" that attacked the opponent.In fact, Hiroshi who took the picture mistakenly sent a video of Misae Nohara making a muzzle attack, and Misae's muzzle attack was adopted.The video was released in the program, and Misae talked to the people in the town, so even Misae, who was embarrassed and angry, made a muzzle attack on Hiroshi. "Action muzzles" were described as "strong techniques" by action masks and monsters.

License, driving skills, etc.

Driver's license for a car (AT only[65]), ButPaper driverI rarely drive.In addition, the driver's license is the original 9 volumes, and in the animation "I can get a driver's license" (1994/5/30It was acquired on the air), and after that, you can sometimes see the scene of using Hiroshi's car.However, as will be described later, the car usage is rough, such as driving two cars into scrapped cars in a row, and the driving skill is quite low.I am not good at turning right, and when I tried to turn left repeatedly when picking up Shinnosuke, the alley I tried to turn left was under construction and I could not turn left, so it was as it wasTohoku ExpresswayTake aNearest interchange in Saitama prefectureからTochigiI have been to[66]..In addition, there have been several accidents caused by looking away.Therefore, when trying to test drive a new car, even sunflowers changed their blood phase and were refused to ride.[67].

Due to Shinnosuke's prank,DriftingHave accidentally succeeded in advanced driving skills such as parking on a spin turn or[68].

Even though Shinnosuke is navigating accurately, he often makes a mistake on the road, and every time he is amazed.In addition, Hiroshi was asked by a business partner to monitor.Car navigation systemHave destroyed[69]There is even (however, in this case, the character that is the interface of the car navigation system is quite rebellious.[70]It is thought that this prototype has a serious problem as a car navigation product that is required to be able to be operated comfortably while driving.In the end, Misae never apologized).

Nowadays, it seems that he is driving as well as people, and Shinnosuke and Himawari get into the car driven by Misae and fall asleep.I was very surprised to see the scene.

Also for the first timegas stationWhen I visited, I didn't know whether I was using regular or high octane, so I answered "Blend properly!" And when asked "Is the ashtray (isn't it full) okay?" He answered, "It's okay, it's not broken!" And bothered the clerk.Also, when driving in a hurry and visiting a gas station, he continued to drive without stopping and surprised the clerk, or tried to say "regular full tank" and made a meaningless expression as "regular size large". I was amazed by the clerk.

Nohara family's private car

All episodes of replacing a car are caused by damage due to poor driving skills of Misae Nohara.

Unknown name (sedan・ Blue)
Number: Omiya 57 Ha 33-96
Anime "Going to a picnic part 1" "Going to a picnic part 2" (both1992/5/4Appears only in (broadcast).
Unknown name (hatchback・ Blue)
Number: 57-37 of Omiya 33
Early anime version vehicle.However, since Misae started driving, the damage caused by contact accidents has been constant, and the result of leaving it unattended.engine Burn-inWake up[71]..This was the biggest reason to switch to Angelina.
The window isPower windowNot manual.
Ossan Angelina (sedan·green)
Number: Harugabe 58 N 53-09 ("Rubbing"pun)
When I saw Angelina at the store, Hiroshi said, "I may not have to hit him (because of his good visibility)," but Misae still kept his wounds.
"Sengoku Taisen』With the Nohara familySengoku periodTime slip to.At that timeAirbagFrom the fact that there is a cut developed by, it can be seen that the car is equipped with an airbag only in the driver's seat.
Misae damaged the rear when she put it in the garage[72],車 検Because the time was approachingScrapped carBecame[73].
Unknown name (Station Wagon·green)
Number: No description
When buying a new car at a dealershipCompact carMisae Nohara, who is interested inMinivan,SUVI bought it as a result of disagreement among Hiroshi who showed an interest in, and was recommended by the sales staff as "a compromise between the size of the vehicle and the loading capacity".
It is a 3-row seat car.


My hobbies are long-distance phone calls, well-end meetings, and depachika tasting tours.Her favorite is puddingraw chocolate, Jumbo cream puff,Sweet chestnut,Potato yokan,TaiyakiConfectionery with strong sweetness such as.I also like crabs.Natto TheMustardI like to make use of[74]..My favorite musicianTHE COLLECTORSHowever, the CD is destroyed by Shinnosuke's slapstick.He is also a good-looking guy, and his favorite movie actor isKevin Costner..Also, a Korean actor (Bae Yong Joon,Park Young HaEtc.) I also love it.At the beginning of the seriesHanshin TigersBelonged toTakeshi Shinjo(But I didn't know much about the rules of baseball, and I didn't know where Shinjo was defensive.)[75]..Subscriber to the magazine "Lady Action"[76]..When I went to the library, "Finnish Forest -Ue- Natsuki Murashita" (Haruki Murakami OfNorway ForestBorrowed a parody of[77]..She also likes naps, and dreams and sleep-talking scenes appear frequently from the beginning.In a dreamRichard Gere,Brad PittAnd I have an affairMaria SharapovaLooseNatalie PortmanI'm just dreaming that it's convenient for me (as I found out from my sleep-talking).There are also exceptional nightmares.Conversations and shopping with other housewives are long.He is also seen browsing at Kasukabe Bookstore, and is marked as a person to watch by the bookstore as well as Shinnosuke. 29 yearsHello KittyFans and designersYuko YamaguchiWhen I met him, it was Yamaguchi's favorite foodDorianI got a signature from Yamaguchi and made it a heirloom[78].

Combat ability

It has the highest fighting power in the Nohara family, and the number of enemies defeated in the movie is the highest in the family. ""Crayon Shin-chan Calling Arashi Yakinik Road of GloryIn "Treasure Hunter Misae" etc., he shows a martial art to defeat many men with his bare hands.When he gets angry, he has even more combat power (see the punishment section for details).He is very angry during constipation and slaps Hiroshi who made inadvertent remarks at high speed.[79]..In addition, when he competes with Hiroshi in sports, or when something is hung, he exerts an athletic ability that deviates from ordinary people, and the appearance is amazing.However, in "Crayon Wars", Shiro (A, P, U) judged her strength to be 30, which was much lower than Hiroshi (Arsix Sader), who has a fighting power of 500 (this is). Hiroshi's foot odor is proportional to its strength).

More informations

The body was replaced with another[80]There are three times. In "Zo who got messed up with my mother", when I bumped into it at the front door, it was replaced with Shinnosuke's body, and in "Zo where my father and mother were replaced", it was replaced with Hiroshi's body because of the magic that I said appropriately. There was something (both came back later with some momentum).The whole family had been replaced, and at that time, he got into Shiro's body and hated to live as a dog.Later, everyone wanted to "return to the original", which solved the problem.

For the first time in my 29-year life, I experienced the act of urinating while standing and banging the crotch when it was replaced with Shinnosuke, which can only be experienced by men.I enjoyed standing piss while being puzzled by the difficulty, but in the crotch bang, while fainting in agony with a lot of sweat, "What? The pain that pierces this whole body, like being scooped out by a demon with a gold rod "?" And said, "This is a man's pain."[81]. But,Inline skatesWhen I was balancing with my legs, Shinnosuke hit me when I got into my open legs, and I fell with my legs spread out, banging my crotch and fainting in agony.It is said that he is a "bad person ..." because he saw the scene.

"Kamen Rider Den-O + Shin-OhIn 』, I was attacked by" three-tiered belly Imagine "who has a lot of fat on the abdomen and buttocks, but because his back and hairstyle looked exactly like Misae, he was told" I don't know which one is my mother ". rice field.

When I go out leaving a notepad, I finally write "From a beautiful mom" and draw a self-portrait with a big breast (but Shinnosuke always ignores "Beautiful").

It is called "Mother" by Shinnosuke, but Misae is trying to call her "Mama", and the first person in front of Shinnosuke is "Mama".She also calls Hiroshi "Daddy" in front of Shinnosuke.[82]..She once tried to call her "mama" and "daddy" in earnest, but Shinnosuke clearly refused to say, "'Mama' is not Ora's mother. It's a fake!"However, she is sometimes called "mama" when she sells her charm to even Shinnosuke Nohara.[83].

The anime mentions that he has no friends other than his best friend Kei, and is shocked by the lack of friends (the section was drawn when Misae left home).

In the original Gaiden "Shin-chan's Kaguya Hime" and "Yukijo Toshin-chan", the setting is that blood is not connected to Shinnosuke and Himawari (Shinnosuke is the royal family of the moon country, the child of Hiroshi and his ex-wife, Yukijo. However, when Shinnosuke and his friends were raised like real children, and when Shinnosuke and his parents reunited with their real parents, they were reluctant to say goodbye (both Shinnosuke live with Hiroshi Nohara). I'm choosing one).

Casting / acting

1992/4/13From the beginning of the broadcastNaraha MikiIs in charge.In the cast of the Nohara family that appeared from the first episode, I continue to be in charge consistently without putting a substitute or a leave of absence.[84].

Narahashi says, "I play with the awareness that Misae sees Shinnosuke as an individual Shinnosuke, not as her own child."[85]..He also said, "Misae's voice is Miki Narahashi's own voice."[86][87].

At the beginning of the anime broadcast, it was cast as "Mama", but after the 1993rd special edition on July 7, 12, it was cast as "Misae" when the opening and ending theme songs were changed. ..

Family / relatives

Main family / relatives

  • son:し ん の す け(5 years old)
  • Daughter:Sunflowers(0 years old)
  • husband:Hiroshi(Working at Futaba Shoji, 35 years old)
  • Father: Yoshiharu Koyama (Misae's father, living in Kumamoto)
  • Mother: Hisae Koyama (Yoshiharu's wife, living in Kumamoto)
  • Sister: Masae Koyama (Misae's sister, living in Kumamoto, junior high school teacher)
  • Sister: Misae Nohara (Misae's younger sister, photographer's assistant)
  • Aunt: Fusae (original anime character)
  • father in law:Nohara Ginsuke(Hiroshi's father, living in Akita)
  • Mother-in-law:Field vine(Ginsuke's wife, living in Akita)
  • Brother-in-law: Semashi Nohara (Hiroshi's older brother, living in Akita, agricultural management, 40 years old)

* For pet dogsWhiteThere is.

* For details on the above membersList of characters of Crayon Shin-chanreference


The following is a genealogy of Misae's viewpoint.

Yoshiharu Koyama
Hisae Koyama
Righteous father
Nohara Ginsuke
Field vine
Masae Koyama
Oyama Musa
Misae Nohara(29)
Hiroshi Nohara(35)
Brother-in-law (original only)
Nohara Semashi(40)
Son / eldest son
Shinosuke Nohara(5)
Daughter / eldest daughter
Nohara sunflower(0)


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