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👍 | Paya hair acorn that played "Rain is Fushigi".Too cute……!


An acorn of Paya hair that played "Rain is Fushigi".Too cute……!

If you write the contents roughly
The paya hair that we are proud of is still alive and well, and healed with "Paya hair acorn" that cuts out the daily life.

The first photo essay of acorn, a cat whose cuteness is like a stuffed animal on Twitter, "Paya Hair Don ... → Continue reading

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"AcornIsJapan OfComicthe work.The authorMasumi Sudo.

magazine"Manga ClubWas serialized from the February 1997 issue to the October 2 issue.[1], All 4 volumes of booksTake ShoboPublished by.


Go to a school called "Acorn Gakuen"catThis work depicts the laid-back daily life of the boy Yuzu and his friends.

Almost all of the characters that appeared, including YuzuPersonificationCat (Upright bipedalIt is drawn in the form of).The world in the works can be regarded as a cat that replaces the real human world almost as it is.However, children (kittens) are always naked and in the toiletCat litterIs spread out, adultsMatatabiThere are also characteristic depictions such as getting drunk when you smell (legal in the work).

It seems that the number of students in one class of Acorn Gakuen is fixed at 1, and even if a class other than the "5st grade group" to which Yuzu belongs appears, the number of students is always 1. The first grade is divided into "Dogumi", "Ngumi", "Gugumi", and "Rigumi", and when connected, it becomes "Acorn".


Main characters

main character.Acorn is a boy who is enrolled in the 1st year group.The model is the author, Sudo's domestic cat "Yuzu".His whole body is light brown with a dark brown pattern like a tiger.Leader in "Acorn 5" formed by 5 Yuzu.
Yuzu's classmate boy.On the top of his head and on the tip of his back and tailSeaweedThere is a black pattern like, and the other hair is white.
Yuzu's classmate boy.Green from the tip of his tail and from the ears to around the eyes (according to the author, "StoneColor ") covered with hair.The other hair is white.
Yuzu's classmate girl.Calico catAnd the hair is white and two kinds of brown (according to the author, "Shinshu miso"Color" and "Haccho misocolour").
Yuzu's classmate girl.Her whole body is covered with white hair and there is no pattern.
Kunugi sensei
AcornTeacherSo, I'm in charge of the group for a year.He is a man and unmarried.He is wearing glasses.His whole body has white hair, and he always wears a red jersey inside the acorn.He warmly watches over the five Yuzu, but he is scared when he gets angry.He is also often swayed by Yuzu and his friends.His parents' house is far from the city where the acorns are.

Acorn Gakuen

1-n teacher
A female teacher who is a colleague of Mr. Kunugi, and is in charge of the 1st grade.She has the most appearances among teachers other than Mr. Kunugi, and has many lines.
Mr. Appu
A female teacher in charge of English.She introduces Yuzu to toast (described later).
Doctor's teacher
Acorn school doctor.He always appears in cosplay to relieve the fear of Yuzu who are afraid of injections.
AcornJanitor..It is depicted as a petite elderly man with a chobby beard.He has a mild-mannered personality.
Mr. Principal
Acornhead teacher..It has a good beard.He is depicted as a man with a wide range.He said, "The tail fin of the tropical fish he keeps.TenninA romanticist who describes it as "no hagoromo" and says "there is no place to put a love letter" when the shoe box is removed.

More informations

Chairman of the neighborhood
The chairman of the town where Yuzu and his friends live.kendoFive steps.He is quite old and usually has his hips bent like an old human being, but when he picks up a bamboo sword, his spine grows.He is active in teaching Yuzu and others in kendo and radio calisthenics.
Kunugi sensei's mother
I live in Mr. Kunugi's parents' house, and his face looks just like Mr. Kunugi.Yuzu and others cannot understanddialectSpeak with.
A boy living in a foreign country.He comes to Japan for sightseeing, meets Yuzu and his friends."Not in my country"tasteScoop "(Goldfish scoopingI'm impressed by the stalls.


  1. ^ Other magazines "",Anthology comicIt was also published in "" (both published by Takeshobo).In addition, the work of the same title, which corresponds to the prototype, is recorded in the form of a new book "Yuzu Tomama" (published by Takeshobo), which was first published in April 1996.


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