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🐈 | What are the precautions when riding a train with a dog?Explaining the rules and manners of each railway company, what to prepare, etc. [Veterinarian ...


What are the precautions when riding a train with a dog?Explaining the rules and manners of each railway company, what to prepare, etc. [Veterinarian ...

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In addition, it is convenient to have a tag, a lead and harness, a cleaner, pet sheets, and an etiquette bag for the toilet, assuming that the dog will be taken out of the cage to drink water during a break.

Can I get on the train with my dog ​​even if I'm not an assistance dog?In fact, if you follow the rules of each railway company, you can use a small dog ... → Continue reading


It is a media for improving the lives of dogs and owners, "WanQol".

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      Portable toilet

      Portable toiletIs a small toilet that is used when you have a desire to defecate or urinate in a commuter train or bus without a toilet, on the street outdoors, or during a traffic jam on a highway.WC).It is also used for traffic jams, mountain climbing, disasters, etc. on the road, when it is held inside a commuter train, or when a person who is injured or sick and has difficulty moving uses a flight.Portable toiletAlso called.There are also some types of emergency equipment that can be easily assembled and installed in the event of a disaster.If you have a portable toilet, you can immediately excrete in front of the public even in the place where others are, so you do not have to put a physical and mental burden on you.


      These appliances are filth (shit,PeeEtc.) are used to dispose of these hygienically in places where there is no equipment that can properly dispose of them.Small items are mainly disposable items, but large items can hygienically store filth in the container.However, since it cannot be stored beyond its capacity, it is necessary to regularly bring the filth to an appropriate treatment facility and dispose of it.

      In a disasterlife lineThese portable toilets may be used for convenience when the normal toilet cannot be used or when it causes hygiene problems when it is damaged.For this reasonDisaster prevention warehouseIn some cases, a certain number of the same equipment is always available.

      In the olden days, these appliances were merely containers for storing filth, but since they contain solids and liquids, they are required to be hermetically sealed, and these filths are easily putrefactive and decomposed.ammoniaSince it may give off an odor, it was an issue to suppress the odor.in recent yearsHigh molecularWith the development of materials, those that adsorb liquids and those that suppress odors by using deodorants have become the mainstream.

      In addition, for large and stationary items that used to only temporarily store filth, there are also items that are equipped with small chemical and biological treatment devices and can process a larger amount of filth than before. In a resort area where the number of visitors increases and decreases rapidly depending on the seasonTemporary toiletAnddisasterIt is expected to be used as an emergency in time.


      There are disposable ones, ones that can be washed and used many times, and ones that can be used many times by replacing consumables.

      As for the structure, there are a thing in which the sewage receiver (stool tank) and the main body are separated, and a thing in which they are integrated.

      Piss only type


      Very lightweight, compact and not bulky.It is used by touching the urination port to the urination port, but it is a little difficult to use because it must be in close contact with women and infants.


      UrinalA bottle is a bottle-shaped container for receiving urine.There are men's, women's, and children's.Women's products have a wider opening than men's products.For children, the socket is wide and made smaller.Use by applying to the urination port.You can urinate while sleeping.As a derivative form, there is a device such as an comfort urinary device in which the urine receiver and the main body are separated so that it is easy to hold.OriginallyUrinalAlthough it is written as (urinal, urinal), it is not often used.

      Urine tube

      Urine tube(Shitozutsu) is mainlybambooPortable type created inurinal.BandageWhen it was difficult to wear complicated and long clothes, it was used by inserting it into the clothes.It was placed on the valet's waist or placed in a pale yellow sac and placed on the valet.From the Kamakura period to the Edo period, handling urinary canals such as ShogunPublic person morning and eveningA position called (Kuninchojakunin) existed exclusively and hereditarily.[1].

      The urinary canal is also called a "complete tube" or a "ring tube".

      "Kisoji Kaido Sequel Knee Kurige XNUMXrd Edition』(Tokosha XNUMX,1810/(culture7 years) ~1822/(BunseiIn 5 years)), there is one act in which the person in the work drank "liquor" in the complete cylinder.

      That is,

      Pee "I did something that wasn't ridiculous" Oyaji "Why isn't it?" Why are you peeing? " Even in Edo, there are times when the green bamboo is as tight as the fire-blown bamboo, and even in Edo, it is said that it is a urine. "It's a terrible thing." Kitahachi "Eh, that's why it's very difficult to urinate the public.


      Urinal type

      The use is limited to men's urinals, but simple urinals made of polyethylene with a morning glory urinal at the top and a plastic tank at the bottom are used at construction sites and in the event of a disaster. ((Sky toiletreference)

      Poop compatible type


      PottyWhat is (Mitorako)?An infantIt is a small portable toilet used by.DiapersIt is a relay existence that is used until it can be used in a general toilet after it is removed.Toilet trainingSuch asfamily Education(Discipline) Is also used.Feces and unisex.It is often used mainly from about 2 years old to about 5 years old.

      Drawing toiletThen, when excreting, it accidentally falls into the stool tank.[2]It is said that it was made so that infants can safely excrete because of the fear.But lately, it ’s more Western than a pumping toilet.Flush toiletBecause there are many homes and facilities in Japan, there is no need to train after excretion or clean up after excretion.Auxiliary toilet seatCases to be done usingToilet bowlThere are some cases where the pottery is used, and the significance of the pottery's existence is diminishing.However, for infants, there is an advantage that they can excrete in a familiar room, which gives them peace of mind, and because they can get their feet on the floor without using a stepping stone, they can excrete in a stable posture.

      There are two types, one that is used by infants and the other that is used by sitting down, but the one that is used across is common.As for the structure, there are a thing in which the sewage receiver (stool tank) and the main body are separated, and a thing in which they are integrated.Although it is a unisex type, there are designs for boys, girls, and unisex designs. In Japan in the 2000sSanrio,Anpanman-SnoopyPopular with young children such asCharacter GoodsThe mainstream products are those with animals, but in the past they were made with animals (as a representative).duck,swan) Was the mainstream.There are also miniature versions of Western-style toilets and urinals for boys.

      Products with a handle (grip bar) are the mainstream so that the body can be easily fixed and a sense of stability can be obtained. Don't get boredtoyThere are also products that have the function of.

      Mini pottery

      It is an assembly type, and when assembledPottyIt becomes a shape like.Feces and unisex type.It is easy for women and toddlers to use because it is not necessary to bring the receiving port into close contact with the urination opening and just sit down.There are infant and adult compatible types.When we talk about mini pottery, we often refer to it for infants.

      Western style toilet type

      Used for long-term care.The shape is similar to that of a normal toilet, so there is relatively little discomfort.It is suitable for use as a temporary toilet when going to a camp or in the event of a disaster, and is sturdy.Generally, the excrement stored in the filth tank is thrown into the toilet, but there are also products that decompose the excrement by the action of microorganisms and save the labor of disposal.Also, depending on the productソ フ ァ ー,chairFurniture-like items with the motif of are also on sale, and have the advantage of not destroying the atmosphere of the room and being able to be used as furniture.

      Mainly for campingSimple water washThere is also a type, the upper part of the toilet bowl is a washing water tank and the lower part is a filth tank structure, so that when you dispose of the contents, you can easily dispose of the contents in the toilet bowl using a dedicated pipe for the filth tank. It has become.

      For disasters, there is an assembly type like the above mini pottery,段 ボ ー ルPut a special plastic bag in a toilet bowl and put a treatment agent in the bag to use.You can use it as many times as you like by exchanging the bag, and some can be used by putting the bag and treatment agent in a Western-style toilet bowl.

      Toilet bowl

      Toilet bowlWhat is (Sashikomi Benki)?AssA toilet bowl that can be used by inserting it underneath.It can be excreted while sleeping.It is used for people who cannot move from bed, such as bedridden patients.However, since the intestines and anus do not face downward and cannot be excreted using gravity, it is necessary to apply extra abdominal pressure to excrete.

      Etiquette bag

      Etiquette bag(Etiquette Bukuro)nauseaIt is the one that receives the vomit that accompaniesMotion sicknessIt is used at times.aviation,ShipSuch asTransportation industryThen "Bag(Tobukuro) ".Paper bag-shaped products with the inner surface made of resin and the inner surface waterproofed are also on sale, and the mouth of the bag is folded back after opening the product at the time of use.In an emergency, you can spread old newspaper in a plastic bag or bucket, or use an etiquette bag to process urine and stool.[3].


      Go out

      Traffic jamWhen I was involved in the event, I was guilty of doing something on the roadside (Light crime lawIt's not a violation, but it's not good for public health, it's embarrassing, and it's hard to say good (it's a violation).Open defecation).It is better to have a portable toilet.


      The temperature of the mountains is low and the action of microorganisms is poor, so even if they are used, they will not be decomposed easily and will remain.Mountain toilets (especially at high altitudes) also place a heavy burden on the people and nature who process the excrement.In addition to this, with Escherichia coli contained in excrement, etc.springIs contaminated and cannot be drunk frequently (Northern Alps, etc.).I would like to bring a portable toilet to protect nature and take away the excrement.In recent years, the installation of portable toilet booths (facility that serves as a blindfold when using portable toilets) is becoming widespread.

      Faith reasons

      As a special reasonAinuEthnic groups regarded the water of the natural world (rivers, seas, lakes, etc.) as sacred, so it is taboo to add to these places.[4](Assuming that the waterside is tainted), even when going out to the distant sea by boat, the stool, regardless of size, was taken to the container and processed until it was brought back to land.[4]..Therefore, it can be said that the portable toilets nowadays were a necessity for the Ainu who went out to the ocean.

      Childcare / nursing / nursing (medical treatment)

      Portable toilets are used when it is difficult to go to the toilet for childcare, long-term care, or nursing (medical treatment).The travel distance is reduced, and the burden on both the person and the caregiver can be reduced.However, it should not be used unless there is a reason, as it may reduce the amount of exercise of the person and lead to a decrease in muscle strength and motivation for activity (.There is no problem because the use of pottery in childcare is only one developmental course.).


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