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📱 | Bug that when you download Apple Music on iPhone, it is registered in the dock even though you are not operating it.


When I download Apple Music on my iPhone, it is registered in the dock even though I haven't operated it.

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As this topic spread, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who is in a fierce litigation battle with Apple for trying to introduce its own billing system that does not go through the App Store for iOS version Fortnite, himself on Twitter He said he confirmed this issue on iOS 15.4.1 and claimed that "apparently Apple is using the OS for this."

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App Store

App Store(Up Store)AppleOperated byiPhone,iPod touch,iPadForApplication OfDownloadService.Mac OS X 10.6.6Equipped withMacintoshThere are similar services, but here Mac App Store Please refer to.


2008/7/10,iPhone 3GStarted service with releasePopularityIs gaining.iPhone,iPod touch,iPadThe official way to get the application isApp StoreOnly for use and exclusiveMarketIs formed.In the worldApplications by the developers of are registered, and there are many free applications.This is a standalone app, e-booksiBooksHandled in the iBookstore.

App StoreBefore the establishment ofiPhone,iPod touchIt was not possible to install the application on, but hackers took advantage of iOS security holesjailbreakAnd installed the application on its own. In addition, by still jailbreaking,Cydia You can download and install non-genuine applications from, but Apple doesn't allow this. For users who are jailbreakingMalwareYou risk being targeted by Apple and you will not be able to receive support from Apple in the event of a problem.


App Store TheNTT DoCoMo Ofi-modeThere is an opinion that it is made by researching[4].


  • August 2008, 7,iPhone 3GThe service started with the release of.
  • 2009/
    • In January, the number of downloads exceeded about 1 million.The number of applications is about 5[5].
    • In January, the number of downloads exceeded about 7 million.The number of applications is about 15[6].
    • In November, the number of downloads exceeded about 11 billion.The number of applications is about 20[7].
  • 2010/
    • Tightened content regulations in February[8].
    • January,iPadForiBooksStarted offering[9].
    • In November, the number of downloads exceeded about 6 billion.The number of applications is about 50[10].
    • January,E-bookPirated version of becomes a problem.
  • 2011/
    • January 1, the number of downloads exceeded 22 billion[11].
    • January 7, the number of downloads exceeded 22 billion[12].
  • In June 2015, the number of downloads exceeded 6 billion. About 1,000 million applications[13].
  • 2016/
    • In June, the number of downloads exceeded 6 billion.The number of applications is about 1,300 million[14].
    • August 8, App Store, and Apple Music, iTunes, iBooks are major Japanese carriersau(KDDI-Okinawa Cellular PhoneUnion) Can be combined with the monthly fee for au terminals provided byau simple settlementIs now officially compatible with payments using "" (first in history as a major telecommunications carrier in Japan, except for corporate contracts)[15].
  • In 2017, the total number of apps was about 210 million.[Note 1].


App Store Thecomputer OfiTunes, ま た はiPhone,iPod touch,iPadof"App StoreIt can be accessed from the icon. The former isiTunes App StoreSometimes called.

iTunes App StoreOn the top page of "New Release and Featured Works" and "Whats' Hot""TodayThere is a corner such asApp StoreThe recommended applications selected by are listed. Popular apps are listed on the "Top Chart". "PayAppOr freeApp"In order of popularity," top salesAppAre arranged in order of sales[16].. Open the detail page for each application to see screenshots and customer reviews.

To purchase the applicationiTunes StoreAccount is required. Downloading a free application is also called “purchase” in the procedure.

In principle, purchased and downloaded applicationsiTunesとiPhone(OriPod touch,iPad) Will be saved in both. However, the behavior when deleted is slightly different.

  • iTunesAfter deleting an application from the library, if the deleted application syncs with a device that is on the home screen, a dialog box appears asking how to proceed. Select "Transfer" and the application will be launched from your deviceiTunesTransferred to the library and revived on the library. If you select "Do not transfer", it will be completely deleted from the device.
  • After deleting the application on the device, the deleted application is still in the libraryiTunesWhen synced withiTunesThe deleted application is automatically unchecked on the management screen in the application tab of the device displayed in, and it is not synchronized thereafter. However, the application itselfiTunesIt remains in the library, so if you check it again on the management screen above, the application will beiTunesIt is transferred from the library to the device and can be used again.

development of

App StoreAccepts listings from external developers.

Developers firstMax OS X v10.5Lateroperating systemEquipped withIntel MacIt was initially assumed thatiOS 5To develop software forMac OS X v10.6.8And laterXcode 4.2Or later is required[17]. Also,Apple Developer ConnectionToApple Developer(Free of charge), then the annual membership fee of 99 dollars (8,400 yen including tax)iOS Developer ProgramIt is essential to subscribe to. For Macintosh used for developmentiOS SDKTheDownload-InstallTo do.Download iOS for operation verification if necessaryiTunesVia real machine (iPhone,iPad,iPod touch) To install.

On MacintoshXcodeCreate an application using.iOS Developer ProgramA website that only members can accessiTunes ConnectRegister the application with. If it passes the examination conducted by Apple,App StoreWill be listed in.The price can be set freely by the developer, and if paid, Apple will collect 3% of the sales as a commission and hosting fee, and the remaining 7% will be the developer's share.

Advantages and problems

IndividualDevelopers and smallCompanyIs said to have a chance to make a lot of money[18], Developers jump[19].. As of September 2009, Apple's membership-based developer organization "iPhone Developer Program" has registered about 9 people.[20], With the start,gold RushIt took on the appearance of.

The advantages of this mechanism are as follows.

  • AndroidTougher than JapanMobile phonePreliminary examination is simple compared to listing in, and no prior negotiation is required at the planning stage[21].
  • Many foreign-made apps also enter the Japanese market, but you can sell without thinking about differences in phones and systems other than the already saturated Japanese market.[22].
  • Applications that have technical and ethical issues are eliminated by prior examination, which gives users peace of mind.

The problems and complaints are as follows.

  • There is a limit of "up to 1,000 In App Purchase items",E-bookThere are many restrictions for apps[23].. The number of items has been increased to 2010 in June 6 and 3,000 in June 2012.
  • Short-term consumer use and difficult advertising model[24].
  • Unknown detailed specifications[25].
  • There are large variations in the progress of the examination process, sometimes it is early and sometimes it is late[26].
  • Be buried in a large number of applications (more than 2015 million as of June 6)[25].
  • Unit price drop[27].
  • Most apps are unpopular[28]It is said that it is not possible to install even with, and it is said that the original can not be obtained, and there is an opinion that only a small part makes money[29].
  • Unfinished releases such as beta and preview are prohibited[30], You won't be judged until the app is complete.If it is rejected, it will be forced to be corrected, and there is a risk that the release will be delayed and the development cost will increase.
  • Apple may cancel the publication even after it has passed the review and published.
  • Web browser TheWThere are also technical restrictions, such as having to use HTTP, and using Apple HTTP Live Streaming for streaming. Therefore, even if you make a browser faster than the standard browser, you cannot publish it,InnovationIs being suppressed.

From around February 2010, application selection (examination criteria) became strict, and sexual content was included.[8], Applications with technical problems, such as using private APIs, have disappeared from the App Store.Also, in 2021, the introduction of the "App Tracking Transparency" (ATT) prompt was mandated, so about 42 apps that refused to be introduced have been deleted from the store.[31].

Trademark or common noun

AmazonIn November 2011,AndroidForAmazon Appstore for AndroidWhen Apple launched the service, Apple claimed trademark infringement, and Amazon said, "app storeSought a court order banning the use of the term "as the name of an application portal. On the other hand, the Amazon sideapp store”Was a common noun[32].

In July of the same year, a US federal court dismissed Apple's request.However, the ruling is based solely on the reason that Apple has "not demonstrated the potential for confusion with various competing brands."app storeDoes not agree with Amazon's allegations that it is a purely general term.[33].

Pirated sales problem

  • 2010/11From around the beginning of the App Store,Haruki Murakami,Keigo HigashinoSuch as novels and manga without permission from the right holderE-bookTurned intoPirated versionHowever, it has passed Apple's pre-screening and has begun to be sold.Regarding the response to Apple's rights infringement, such as most of the rights holders requesting the removal of the pirated version will continue to be illegally distributed, and even if one pirated version is deleted, it will be newly distributed (through Apple's examination).Japan Book Publishing Association,Japan Magazine Association,Japan Electronic Book Publishers Association,Digital Comic Council4 organizations issued a statement on December 2010, 12[34][35].
    It should be strongly suspected that it is provided by anyone other than the author or publisher, and no explicit copyright infringement has been checked despite pre-examination (such as violence or sexuality) of the content of the application, Even if infringement is discovered, it is not deleted and pirated editions continue to be sold, the deletion request window and the deletion procedure are not disclosed, the sales data is not disclosed despite direct profits from illegal distribution, etc. , And strongly denounces it as "helping illegal activities and inevitably determining that it is illegal in itself".[36].
    Apple has stated that it "understands the importance of protecting intellectual property rights" and will deal with allegations, but it will take time and effort to confirm, so pre-screening for copyright infringement I have no idea (a person related to Apple's Japanese subsidiary)[37].
  • 2012/On March 3, Xinhua News Agency reported that a total of 18 million yuan was claimed in a lawsuit seeking damages from Apple, alleging that a Chinese author group sold its work on the App Store without permission. Apple says it "understands the importance of protecting intellectual property rights" and "responds appropriately" to the complaint.[38].
  • On December 2012, 12, a group of eight Chinese writers and two companies sought damages of 28 million yuan for the sale of pirated copies on the App Store. It ruled that Apple would be ordered to pay 8 million yuan in damages for selling the work."I'm disappointed with the decision. Some writers get only 2 yuan. The decision is a signal that encourages pirated editions," a group spokeswoman said. Apple has taken allegations of piracy "very seriously," said spokeswoman Caroline Wu. "We are constantly working to improve our services to protect the rights of copyright holders." Stated[39].

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