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🥾 | Alpha rice, popular for widespread use From disaster prevention stockpile to mountain climbing and travel

Photo Kensuke Kanai, who picks up alpha rice products at the Ishii Sports Climbing Main Store = Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Alpha rice, popular for widespread use From disaster prevention stockpile to mountain climbing and travel

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It ranges from white rice and cooked rice to the "Biryani" style that is eaten around India.

"Alpha rice", which can be cooked just by adding hot water or water, is growing.Previously, the stockpile of the local government was large for emergencies ... → Continue reading

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Biryani,Biryani(Hindi: बिरयानी biryānī)Indian subcontinent OfMuslimIt is a mixed rice dish that has its origin.spicesとRice(NormallyBasmatiRice),meat,Fish,egg,VegetablesIt is a rice dish cooked from. Is the same rice dishPraoThe difference between Biryani and Biryani is that while Prao stir-fries raw rice and cooks it with ingredients such as seafood and vegetables (sautéed raw or lightly) and soup, Biryani is basically half-boiled rice. The point is that the ingredients cooked separately are combined and cooked (details will be described later).

Name and history

When the Hindi pronunciation is kana, it is close to Biryani or Biryani.In Western countries, it is written in Roman letters as biryani, biriani, beriani, etc.

The origin of biryani is authenticPakistanHowever, there are various theories, and one theory is Biryani (BiryaniThe name ") refers to this dish in Persian"berianiThere is a theory that "is transposed[1][2][3].

Biryani recipe


Commonly used for biryanispices,Seasonings TheGhee,nutmeg,mace,cumin[4], pepper,cloves[4], cardamom,cinnamon,Laurier,coriander,mint,Ginger,onionAndgarlicAnd so on. It is also a high quality spiceΛ 繝 ΛMay also be used[4].. NonVegIn the case of biryani thesespicesWithbeef,chicken,Goat,LambSuch asmeat,FishOrshrimpSuch asseafoodIs used. Biryani is not aloneDahiChutney,lighter,Colma, SoureggplantStarting with currycurryKind,Boiled egg,saladSometimes it is served with.

Biryani heating method

When making biryani, a heating method called a dam is used.[5].. this is,handyIt is a method of cooking the ingredients over a low heat for a long time after putting the ingredients in a special biryani pan and sealing it.[6].. Although this method is usually used for biryani, some recipes clearly state the name of this heating method (such as chicken dam biryani).

Biryani recipe

There are three main cooking methods for biryani: using a pack, using a catch, and using raw rice.


PakkiCookedMeaningHindustaniIs. This is before the dam cooking in this type of biryanigravyIs cooked by heating. First, make a gravy consisting of meat, etc., boil about half of the rice, and cook it in alternating layers of gravy and rice. There are also vegetarians who only use vegetables, rice and spices without using meat. Most biryanis fall into this category.HyderabadIn most areas except Kutch Biryani, it is not known as "Pakki Biryani" because it is not known.


Kutch means "raw"HindustaniIs. Kutch Biryani (Kacchi Biryani) Is "MarinatedMeans "meat"Kacchi YeqniIt is also written as ". Biryani peculiar to the city of Hyderabad, which is famous for Biryani.YogurtとspicesTheMarinatedIt is cooked by letting it stand overnight and laying it on the bottom of the pan, and layering half-boiled rice on top of it.potatoMay be added under the rice.The pot is usually sealed until it is finished (generally, it is cooked only with the steam from the ingredients when heated).Wheat flourUsedClothUse).The secret to cooking Kutch Biryani is to cook the rice well until it is tender, without overcooking the rice.The chef's skill is also to take an appropriate amount of rice and meat from the upper and lower layers of the pot when serving.Boiled egg,saladOften accompanied with. However,BengalBe careful because Katch Biryani means "Kacchi Chawal ki Biryani".

Raw rice

PraoIt is a recipe to cook from raw rice in the same way as. The difference from Prao is that the amount of spice is large and the color of cooked rice is other than white.Lahore,Tamil NaduThis is Biryani.BengalThis is called Katch Biryani.

Biryani in each region

Biryani in South Asia

Lucknow (Awadi) Biryani

cityLucknowAnd Biryani have a deep relationship that is not an exaggeration to say that it is a symbiotic relationship. Lucknow (Mughal EmpireThe old name of the period isAwadi) BiryaniMughal Empire OfMuslimWeNorth IndiaIt is a souvenir to put when it swept over.Lucknow is a place where the foundation of Biryani's cooking method, which leads to current recipes such as dam cooking, has been established against the background of the spread of Mugal court culture.[7].. It is also one of the typical biryani cooking methods,PukkaHas its origins in Lucknow,AwadiBiryaniPukkaIt is used as another name for biryani.

Hyderabad Biryani

NonVeg Of Hyderabad BiryaniIs eaten all over India,Indian cuisineHas become an indispensable existence.Mughal EmpireOf the eraHyderabadLordIn the kitchen,Fish,Quail,shrimp,Deer,Rabbit49 kinds of biryani were made using such materials.HyderabadThe most famous of the biryanis is "Katch BiryaniIs called,MarinatedWas donemeatとRiceIt is made by steaming together.North IndiaThen, in various typesPraoBiryani was not well known until recently because it was cooked as a traditional dish.

Calcutta Biryani

Third most famous in IndiaCalcuttaBiryaniLucknowIt was developed from Biryani and the lastAwado TamoriWazid Ali Sha in 1856CalcuttaBrought in when exiled to nearby Methiabri[6]..Noisy about food, he took his chef with him when he was banished.Later, biryani permeated poorer households, but expensive and hard-to-find meatpotatoWas replaced by Now with meatpotatoIs includedCalcuttaIt is a characteristic of biryani. AlsoCalcuttaOne of the features of Biryani is that the amount of spices used is modest compared to other biryanis.[8] .

Morada Buddy Biryani

This biryaniIndia,Uttar PradeshIt exists only in Moradabadi in the province, and is also known as "Moradabadiyakuni Biryani". This name is called Yakney (meaning soup stock)spicesCooked inmeatComes from being used for this biryani.DelhiEven a little differentspices,RiceThere is a very similar biryani using.DelhiMorada Buddy Biryani's features compared to those of the one are not common in Delhinutmeg,mace, Butter chili (locally called pyrimylchi) is to be used.

Batukar Biryani

BatukaruNon ofVegBiryaniKarnatakaWith the characteristic biryani eaten in the coastal areas of the state,NawayatIt occupies an important position in cooking.BatukaruBiryaniBombayBiryani is improved by adding unique colors and flavors.[Source required].BatukaruFor biryaniMutton,Fish,chicken,beefAndshrimpVarious ingredients are used as the main ingredients. In addition, a large amount of this biryanionionCan also be usedIndiaIt can be mentioned as a big difference from Biryani.BatukaruBiryani put in the bottom of the biryani potmeatとonionBased ongravyCooked by thickly laying rice on top.RiceとmeatAre mixed just before being served, and againBatukaruThe unique fragrance of biryani can be collected locallycardamom,cloves,cinnamonSuch asspicesIt is due to.

Thalasserie or Canoe Biryani

There are various types of tarasseri or canur biryani, and it is a very popular Kerala dish introduced by Muslims.This dish is famous along the coast of Kerala, especially in the Malabar region.The main ingredients used are beef, chicken, mutton, or fish.This biryani is quite different from other Indian biryani in that it generally mixes rice with ghee to create a rich flavor.It uses local spices such as nutmeg, cashews, cloves and cinnamon, as well as a very small amount of chili (or chili powder), but it is a very mellow biryani compared to other biryani in India.This biryani, also known as Malabar Biryani, is made from Kozhikode (Karikat) throughout Kerala as a rare light-tasting biryani in Casalgot.

Dindy Guru Biryani

Dingy Guru Biryani is made around Dingy Ghul in Tamil Nadu, India, using small rice called Seragasamba and special ingredients.

Cindy Biryani

Cindy BiryaniPakistani foodIt is a very popular menu among all, and it is eaten all over Pakistan, let alone all over the world.This type of biryani is very popular, especially in Karachi, Pakistan and Hyderabad, India.Chicken biryani is especially preferred in these two cities.There are other types of biryani in Pakistan, but they are mainly based on Cindy biryani and have some things in common, such as the use of yogurt.It is also a representative airline in PakistanPakistan International AirlinesTreats foreign tourists with Pakistani food, so you can enjoy biryani on almost all flights to Europe.In-flight mealHas been adopted for.

PunjabLocal and northern Pakistan also have meat-free versions, which are very popular due to their religious taboo. Yogurt and vegetables are used in this dish to reduce spice irritation.

Memoni biryani

Memoni Biryani is very similar to Cindy Biryani and was created by. Like the other Biryanis, the Memoni Biryani has a wide variety of variations, but the bancha Memon recipes are known to be typical. Memoni biryaniLamb, Made from ingredients such as yogurt, fried onions, potatoes and tomatoes.Compared to Cindy Biryani, the amount of tomatoes is modest.In addition, Memoni Biryani is less colored than other Biryani, and you can enjoy the rich colors of various types of meat, rice, and vegetables without losing their orange color.Memo Nibiriani is especially famous in Karachi, Pakistan.

Sri Lanka Biryani

Sri LankaBiryani is the most popular dish among Muslims, usually chicken, beef and mutton.In many cases, Sri Lankan biryani is more spicy than Indian biryani.For garnishAcharAnd malay-style pickles, cashew nut curry, and mint sambal.

Instead of riceHopperThe recipes used in are also popular. This dish is often accompanied by scrambled eggs and vegetables.


Tahari (or Tehari) is a vegetarian version of the Biryani, a popular name for households in Pakistan and India.[9].. on the other handバングラデシュIn contrast to the traditional biryani rice added to the meat, the biryani made by adding meat (mainly beef) to rice is called Tahari. In Kashmir, Tahari is served outdoors along the way. This is because when a traveler is hungry, he eats so that he can fill his hunger.

Biryani in Southeast Asia

Burma Biryani

MyanmarBut Biryani (“ဒန်ပေါက်” in Burmese) is also famous. The main ingredients are cashew nuts, yogurt, raisins, beans, chicken, cloves, cinnamon, saffron and bay leaf. In Burmese Biryani, chicken is cooked with rice. This biryani is commonly eaten with sliced ​​onion and cucumber salad. In Yangon, some chain restaurants exclusively handle biryani. It is also often eaten at religious ceremonies, festivals and luncheons. Biryani in Myanmar often uses special domestic rice rather than basmati rice.

Thai Biryani

ThailandThen, Biryani is called "Khao Mock"MuslimIt was popularized by many people and is famous all over Thailand. Using chicken (Khao Mock Guy) Is the most common, but among Muslims, goat versions are also eaten.Massa Man curry,SatayAt the same time, Biryani is one of the most notable Thai Islamic dishes.Biryani is sometimes used to refer to Henna.

Malaysian Nasi Biryani

In Malaysia and Singapore, Nasi Biryani ("Nasi Beriani"Or"Nasi Beryani","Nasi Briani","Nasi MinyakIt is often eaten with Rendang and Bandung, which is a common combination, especially at Muslim wedding receptions. "Nasi Beriani GamThe special Nashibiryani, called ", is very famous and is the favorite dish in Malaysia's southernmost state of Joe Hall, especially Maua and Badupaha.


Biryani in Singapore is from MalaysNasi Briyani"Called simply by Indians"BriyaniThis dish is very popular with locals, especially Indian and Malay residents. It is also common as a dish for Indian and Malay wedding receptions. Indian Streets and Arabs There are specialty restaurants in the city, and you can also find several Indian and Malay-style biliani in the Indian Muslim cooking corner of coffee shops throughout the island. The most common types are chicken, mutton or fish. InAchar(Cucumbers, onions, red peppers, pineapple pickles)lighter, And often eaten with hard-boiled eggs (South Indian version only).There are also restaurants that serve Afghan, Iranian, and Turkish-style biryani.


Pampanga Province, Luzon in the Philippines, Muslim-dominated areas in Mindanao in the south,Sulu IslandsThere is also a biryani. The Pampanga word “Nashin Biryani” is related to the Malay word “Nasi Biryani” (Kampang Phangan foodSee). On Mindanao, Biryani-style rice dishes are lined up during the big festivities.

IndonesiaPear burrs

IsIndonesia Ofspices,GoatSoup,Coconut milk,GheeIt means steamed rice usingIndonesia OfArabCommunity,JakartaIs preferred.The origin of pear keburiMiddle EastDating back to the food culture ofYemenWith arabIndiaIt is often influenced by the food culture of the ancestors and is thought to have something to do with Biryani or be derived from it.[10][11].

Biryani in the Middle East

Biryani is in the Middle East, especially(I.e.Is popular with. Iraqi biryani is usually based on saffron-flavored rice and lamb or a favorite type of bird meat. When it comes to using spices, Iraq Biryani is a very modest seasoning compared to Southeast Asian ones. Also sometimesVermicelliMay be used or mixed nuts and raisins may be sprinkled.Biryani in Iran is also particularly important in considering the history of Biryani's transmission and development.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20].

Iran biryani

In IranSafavid dynastyIn the ageBerian Polo"(Nasta leak bodyso: "برقان پلوThere was a dish called "). This dish used yogurt, herbs and spices, dried fruits such as grapes, prunes and pomegranates, as well as overnight marinated lamb and chicken for heating.TandoorWas used. And the meat cooked in the tandoor was placed on the table together with the steamed rice.[21].

Even now, in some cities this dish is "dam pokht"Or"dam-pokhtakIt is popularized under the name "and still retains its original shape. This is a Persian word meaning "steamed and cooked", which refers to steamed rice, which is an important part of this dish. There is this againdam pokht"Ya"dam-pokhtakThe name "is"beriani"It is often used in Iran alongside the name. And it is derived from this old Persian in South Asian countries such as Myanmar."danpaukThe term "is commonly used.

またIsfahanTo say(I.e.In the central city of, it is cooked by boiling and then finely choppingMutton,LambIn a special round and shallow frying pan,ovenOr by heating with an open flame"Berian"Cook. The finished meat iscinnamonSprinkle with powder, then "nan-e taftoun"Sometimes"nan-e sangakSuch asIrannanIt is common to eat between sandwiches.

Biryani with ingredients other than meat

Non-vegetable biryani is often used with chicken or lamb, but other ingredients are also used to cook biryani.

Shrimp biryani

This biryani brings out the soft and delicate aroma of shrimp.Shrimp biliani cooks quickly and does not require complicated and long-term marinating unlike materials other than shrimp.Shrimp biliani is usually accompanied by Began Masaredar[22][23].

Fish biryani

Fish biryani uses the same spices as Cindy biryani and shrimp biryani, but uses a variety of fish instead of shrimp, beef, mutton and chicken. Salmon biryani is popular in Europe and North America. Also in the UKKjallyKnown as.

Dar Biryani

Dar Biryani is a material for vegetable biryaniDhal (bean) Is added. It is popular among vegetarians because it allows you to get protein by using dhal.

More informations

Variant of biryani

Other rice dishes


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