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📱 | No need to stick to the latest model anymore?This is the smart way to buy and choose a "used smartphone"

It ’s a must-have item for daily life.

No need to stick to the latest model anymore?This is the smart way to buy and choose a "used smartphone"

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Belong, an in-house venture of Itochu, a general trading company, also entered the market in 19 under the "Nikosuma" brand.

Smartphones have become the biggest necessities of household appliances.Until now, people who buy a new one when the communication rate plan changes ... → Continue reading

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This is the website of the No. 1 evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai".We will respond to everyone's "I want to know!" By slashing into the fact that the big media does not write in a hurry, hitting the article with the true intentions, anger, and questions of the masses from the reader's perspective.Popular serials such as columns for entertainers and athletes are also squeaky.

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In-house venture

In-house ventureWhat is (Shanai Venture, English: intrapreneurship)?CompanyIs installed in-house, as if it were independentVenture companyA department that conducts new business like.The person in charge of this department is called an in-house entrepreneur.

In-house ventures are operated voluntarily, whereas the upper part is entirelybackupare doing.Entering new businesses,Human resourcesNurturing,AssetAn in-house venture has been established for the purpose of effective utilization of.If it is an in-house venture, it can be managed in an advantageous manner while making the best use of the brand power of the headquarters, so there are no people with an entrepreneurial spirit from scratch.independentIn some cases, they choose to do business as an in-house entrepreneur rather than start a business.When becoming an in-house ventureDirectorIt is not possible to do business that requires approval such as, or that harms the existing profits of the company.DemeritAlso exists.In-house ventures are expected to be agile and start up new businesses beyond the framework of existing businesses, just like venture companies, but they are run by members who have no experience in new businesses, or are managed by managers.cannibalismIt is difficult to operate as expected because it dislikes risks such as (competing with existing in-house business).For this reasonSpin-offIn some cases, it becomes independent or coexists as a unique business entity.

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