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👍 | 🌈 Ana Kobayashi ✨ Rainy day poem in the forest bath ⁉️ "40-year-old bachelor, what I saw looking back was 〇〇"

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🌈 Ana Kobayashi ✨ Rainy day poem in the forest bath ⁉️ "40-year-old bachelor, what I saw looking back was 〇〇"

If you write the contents roughly
However, Ana Kobayashi did not miss the warm support for those who worked hard.

"40 years old, single. Looking back, I saw a wonderful view and memories of a man who had knocked down #series Ria Mitsume ... → Continue reading

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    Kobayashi Ana

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      Kobayashi Ana(Ana Kobayashi,198112/18 -) isJapan OfPin entertainer,Free announcer,talent,Radio personality.. ExNiigata TV 21announcer..Real name and old stage name,Seiko Kobayashi(Seiko Kobayashi).

      NaganoSakuBackground[1].Sun music productionBelongs.He is from the Human Academy comedian training course.Although she is an owarai tarento, she is also from a former local station announcer, and she is more active as a radio personality.

      Cousin to cartoonistTowa OshimaPointed[2], Of the same cartoonistOshima EasyIs my uncle[3].



      • His special skills are tongue twister, cable winding, and swimming.Her hobbies are poor solo travel, karaoke, and pachinko.[13].
      • The reason for becoming an entertainer wasPunch satoWhen I got together at work, I saw Sato's reaction and said, "I want to be like that person," and I was impressed with the technology that makes people laugh just by reacting.[14][15].
      • In the corner of the variety show "Fit Unnie" when I was an announcer on Niigata Television 21leotardBlondewigWearingFitnessWas appearing as an older sister[15]..As for why she quit her announcer, she said she "failed in an in-house romance."[16].
      • My parents' house runs a boutique (J-house) (the nearest station isKoumi LineNakagomi Station)[17]..Her mother is in charge of purchasing.father(AichiToyohashiBackground[18]) Is a jeweler[19]..Also, his parents are from Nagano on a car radio.FM NACK5of"Oni soulWas listening[20]..He listened to his soul in the same way when he returned to his parents' house.
      • Firefly Suzuki (formerly) who worked with D-SignsherryI still have a lot of interaction with the members), and I even watch them live alone.[21].
      • Ota ProductionsA member of the entertainer, Saitama PrefectureKawaguchi cityI was dating my native Terrasi Maniac[15].

      Art style

      • The main story is to show off what is said to be based on the stories around us that we have experienced from the life of an announcer so far (at this time, "Ana Kobayashi's fantastic fast talk show!" There are things that say the difference between various things as "in the case of an announcer" and "in the case of an entertainer".Snippy tongue while saying fast words on the rhythmLower news itemThere are also many rhythm stories such as spitting.
      • Among the stories I've played so far, I'm one of those who made newscaster-style stories and announcer life.Control, A story with songs, rhythms, and the line "What is a lie" in the conversation (from around 2010)[22].. 『Hymne of love"ofparodyso"NippleLicking ~ "[7], From 2014NunThe story of Jakucho Setouchi dressed as "Jakucho Setouchi" (from around 2014)[23]..From around the end of the same year, "Big bucketDetective(Deca)』Character Tale (from around 2014)[24], And so on.


      Current regular program

      • FM Yokohama Radio Shopping (FM Yokohama)Wednesday Thursday
      • TANSAN HOUR A 30-minute program that will also appear tonight with Mineo Ishikawa, also known as Prince Carbonated (FM Yokohama).
      • GOGOMONZ(NACK5) Irregular.He has appeared under various aliases.She appears as a monthly reporter for Seiko Haraberashi.
      • Sakuhei Ana to you (FM Sakuhei)
      • Sunday Audio Show ~ Anna and Sunday Perm ~(NACK5)

      Past regular appearances / single appearances


      • The late Miyuki Torii Farewell Ceremony ~ Feast Blockade World ~ Moderator (Content League, January 2009, 1)


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