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👍 | "The member of the video posting is the perpetrator" Director's voice on SNS or Shugakukan High Soccer Club

Photo Shugakukan High School in Yatsushiro City

"The member who posted the video is the perpetrator." Is it the director's voice on SNS? Shugakukan High Soccer Club

If you write the contents roughly
After making the two members "perpetrators", "I'm probably the only complete victim.

In the dormitory of the Shugakukan High School Men's Soccer Club in Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture, there was a video of a male coach hitting and kicking a member ... → Continue reading

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The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Perpetrator(Kagaisha) means a person who has committed an act of harm to another person.Between individualsBullying, Variousharassment,crime,ACCIDENTFromPollution[1]Social issues such as, and evenDiscrimination,戦 争,ColonyInternational human rights and historical issues such as domination[2]It is used in various situations including.

Perpetrator under Japanese law

Civil lawIn scholarshipTortWho didPerpetratorMay be called.Civil lawIn Article 724, "PerpetratorThe wording appears.Traffic accidentIn this scene, it refers to the injured person (generally the driver), in this case rather than the "victim".NegligenceEven if is small, "PerpetratorIf both are injured, both are victims.PerpetratorIn some cases.

Criminal LawThen,crimeThe person who performed the above is often called the "actor", and "PerpetratorIs not often used.

Criminal caseNoCriminal procedure codeIn, the person who committed the crimeCriminalCalled.Suspected of being the criminalinvestigationWho is the target ofSuspect,ProsecutionWho wasDefendantI call itInnocence presumption principleIs guilty because he is workingJudgment ConfirmUnless otherwise, the suspect / accused is the criminal (Perpetrator) Cannot be equated.

Perpetrator family problems

When a suspected "perpetrator" is identified in a criminal case, the family members who are not involved in the crime are often overlooked and harassed.There are also conspicuous cases of losing jobs, moving or committing suicide.[3].Specified nonprofit corporation(NPO corporation)YamagataBar associationThere is also a movement to support the perpetrator's family like[4].



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