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👍 | UD Retail / SNS fusion / new retro theme "Don Quijote Apita Kisogawa store" opened


UD Retail / SNS fusion / new retro theme "Don Quijote Apita Kisogawa store" opened

If you write the contents roughly
SNS such as providing abundant samples and experience spaces, utilizing the strengths unique to actual stores that "you can experience and compare and purchase products that you are interested in on the Internet", and introduce products with TikTok-style videos. Create a new sales floor with a world view that is fused with.

UD Retail will be on the 4nd floor of "APITA Power Kisogawa Store" in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture on April 29, "Don Quijote Apita Kiso ... → Continue reading

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    Experience space


    TikTok(Tik Tok), orVibrato (Dowin,pinyin: Dǒuyīn, English: douyin) IsByteDanceSpecializing in videos operated bySocial networking services..The musical note logo is "VibratoPinyin notation "DǒuyīnIs derived from the initial "D".Also,"VibratoWhat isChineseVibration sound, that is,vibratoMeans

    TikTok is an international version of the sound that was originally released on the Chinese market in September 2016. TikTok was launched for iOS and Android in most markets outside mainland China in 9, but another Chinese social media service on August 2017, 2018.(English editionSince the merger with, it has become available all over the world.


    How To Use

    In addition to listening to music clips, the app allows you to shoot and edit short video clips, and add special effects to video clips. Select the BGM from the list (in the BGM listhip hop,technoYou can create an original video by combining and editing the recorded video with BGM (recording time is up to 3 minutes).[4]..The created video can be published on TikTok, and the video can also be saved in the terminal (it is designed to be used as a simple video editing application).Also, even in an environment where the application is not installed or in a PC environment such as Windows / Mac where the application has not been released, you can watch / download the video posted from the browser by accessing the URL given to each video. However, as of March 2021, only some functions such as viewing / downloading posted videos, posting videos, and comments can be used from the browser, and video editing equivalent to the application can be used. There is no function or promote function.There is a reserved post as a function in the browser that is not in the application.


    Artificial intelligenceTo analyze user interests and preferences and display a personalized content feed for each user.


    A short movie created by the advertiser is displayed. There are three types of advertisements.

    • Start screen advertisement
      • Full screen is displayed when the application is started.
    • In-feed advertising
      • It is included in the "Recommended" channel displayed to users and displayed.
    • Hashtag (#) Challenge
      • Companies set hashtags and user participation type content that encourages users to post video related to those hashtags.


    Chronology of Douyin

    • 2016/9Has TikTok operator ByteDance on mainland ChinaVibrato(Douyin) was established. Service of Hion started.
    • From January 2017, it will receive an investment of several million yuan.

    Chronology of Tik Tok

    On September 2017, 9, ByteDance merged with acquisition of a popular social media platform targeting teens in the United States. The acquisition cost up to $13 billion. However, it was reported on November 10, 10 that it was not approved by the U.S. government at that time.[5].. Entered the Indonesian market on the same day. International version (TikTok) service started[6].

    January 2018, 1 TikTok Wins No.23 Free Mobile App Download in Thailand App Store[7].. In February of the same year, partnered with Modern Sky to monetize music[7].

    In June 2018, TikTok reached 6 million active users worldwide.

    TikTok officially merged with musical.ly on August 2018, 8. It merged existing accounts and data into one app, creating a large video community. With the integration, the app name has also been unified with "TikTok", and both app users can continue posting videos on one platform.[8].. Also, popular features of musical.ly and TikTok are included, and new features are added.[9].. Alex Zhu, co-founder of musical.ly and now senior vice president of TikTok, said, ``musical.ly and TikTok have a common vision that everyone can be a creator and will never be integrated. It's a natural flow."[9].. TikTok and Japanese music copyright management organizationJASRACFormed a partnership and cooperation with[10].

    On January 2018, 10,Softbank, US Investment FundKKR, Companies like General Atlantic in the U.S. have announced investment in Bytedance[11].

    2018/10/19ToWithexAnnounced that it will partner with Bytedance, the operator of TikTok[12].

    As of 2018, it is available in more than 150 countries and 75 languages. In 2018, the number of downloads recorded an estimated 1 million downloads, making it a globally popularPUBG Mobile,YouTube, WhatsApp,InstagramTemporarily exceeded the number of simultaneous downloads[13].

    2021/On July 7st, the upper limit of shooting time was extended from the previous 1 seconds to 60 minutes.[4]..In addition, the number of monthly active users has exceeded 10 billion.[14].

    2022/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RussiaAnnounced that it will stop the video posting service in Japan, while indicating that it will continue to provide services for users to exchange text messages.[15].

    Japan situation

    In Japan, a big fashion was shown in 2018, mainly for young people in their teens and 10s.[16], 2018New Word/Buzzword Award"Tik Tok" was nominated in[17]In the JC/JK Buzzword Award 2018, "Tik Tok" was selected as the 1st place in the application category, and "Tik Toker" pointing to the distributor was selected as the 4th place in the Kotoba category.[18].. Also in JapanApp StoreIn the ranking of downloads of free apps distributed in 2018LINE,Google mapTikTok took first place, suppressing such typical applications as[19].

    After summer 2018 to appeal to non-young peopleCMIs also actively developing[20].. Appointed a celebrity,ExposedSucceeded in increasing[20].. Drama"We who cannot be the beast], became a sponsor, the characters in the play broadcast a TV commercial using TikTok[21].. 『The 69th NHK Red and White Singing Battle] InIkimonogakariBut"Jifuru”Was sung, an attempt was made to incorporate part of the video posted by general users who participated in the collaboration campaign into the stage production.[22].. From July 2021Chukyo TVProductionNationwide netEvery weekTuesday19: 00-56 (JST・ (Excluding some areas) Broadcasting "Human gourmet tally funny shopHas become one of the sponsors of the program and has also opened an official TikTok account for the program.[23].

    In the summer of 2019, we launched a commercial to appeal that various videos are posted, not just dance videos, and expanded the user base[20].

    October 2019-Started providing services in the Japanese market[24].


    There are various trends in TikTok.As a typical example, the user imitates or arranges a certain theme and spreads it.Meme(Meme) Video can be mentioned.On the search page in the apphashtagTrends in (#) are displayed, and a project entitled "Hashtag Challenge" is held regularly.[25][26].

    The content posted is changing little by little, and lip-sync dance videos became popular in 2018, but in 2019 there are a wide variety like YouTube, such as videos about laughter, entertainment, animals, babies, etc. Videos are now shared[26].

    TikTok is also attracting attention as a source of trendy music.American rapper,Lil Nas XWas an unknown artist at first, but the song "Old Town RoadIn 2019, the dance challenge called "#Yeehaw Challenge" became popular on TikTok, which attracted a lot of attention and achieved the number one record on the US single chart for 19 consecutive weeks.[27].

    In Japan, around April 2020, a singer-songwriterEitoThe song "perfumeThe movement has expanded, with cover videos being posted one after another on YouTube and other SNS, starting from the spread of videos using "".[27].

    Many artists are using TikTok as a place for music promotion, and it is becoming an important medium for the music industry.[28].

    2021 years,Nikkei Trendy"TikTok Selling" was selected as the 2021st place in the "Best 30 Hit Products in 1" announced by.According to Nikkei BP, TikTok is not limited to the music field, but is the starting point for all kinds of consumption, from low-priced items such as sweets and beverages to luxury cars. It is analyzed that it has evolved from the application "the strongest platform that drives consumption with video".[29].

    Safety concerns

    If you set your account as a personal account, you will only be able to see the content of the person you have authorized. If you post a video with inappropriate content, the video will be deleted by the operation. In addition, if you violate the agreement, the account will be frozen.[30].

    National security and privacy concerns

    In China, companies and individuals must provide all kinds of information, including corporate information, at the request of the state.National Information LawHas been enacted[31],National securityIn some cases, the use is restricted at the national level due to privacy concerns. United StatesPompeoThe Secretary of State said, "If you useChinese Communist PartyCan reach your hands."[32].

    Youth protection measures

    You can report inappropriate content, view only authorized users or block specific users, and set private account settings.

    When a video that is dangerous or that may not be appropriate is mechanically detected and personally checked and it is determined that there is a danger, a "warning message for watching the video" is displayed. It


    Mainland China version (Chinese) cannot post videos that the Chinese government considers inappropriate. There is also debate and suspicion about whether the international version (TikTok) is rejecting videos that the Chinese government considers inappropriate.

    2019/January,Tibetan independence,Tiananmen Incident,Falun GongApp moderators are always censoring posts aboutGuardianReported[33].

    2019 year 11 month,アフガニスタンsystemAmericanGirleyelashIn the middle of the video curlingChinese Communist PartybyUighurThe account was deleted after criticizing the crackdown. After that, the safety manager of TikTok in the United States explained and apologized that it was a human error, and the account was revived.[34].


    The United States of America

    December 2019, U.S. Government by TikTokNational securityI am very concerned about the above risks,US Army,US Navy,US Air Force,US Marine CorpsBanned the Coast Guard from using TikTok on government-issued terminals. On February 2020, 2, the use of TikTok was banned for Transport Security Agency (TSA) staff.[35].

    August 2020, 8,Playing cardsPresidentHas issued an executive order ordering ByteDance to sell TikTok's U.S. business within 90 days[36].

    September 9th, following the rejection of the acquisition proposal by ByteDanceMicrosoftAbandoned the acquisition[37].

    9th 18th,United States Department of CommerceWith TikTok in the US from the 20thWeChatAnnounced that new downloads of (WeChat) will be prohibited.The following day, 19th, President Trump to continue TikTok's U.S. businessOracleAnnounced that it would approve the alliance with[38]Postponed the ban on 27th[39].

    On November 11, the Commerce Department shelved TikTok's ban following a temporary injunction ordered by the federal district court.[40].

    August 2021, 6,Joe BidenThe president, along with WeChat, withdrew the executive order of the former Trump administration banning TikTok, given that the federal Supreme Court's unconstitutional rulings are difficult to regulate.[41].


    アルメニアThen.2020 Nagorno-Karabakh ConflictTikTok is regulated as of November 2020, 11 by[42].


    IndiaBy 2020, government banned use due to national security and privacy concerns[43].


    2018/7/3, Indonesian government TikTokPornographyTemporarily banned the use of TikTok for spreading inappropriate content such as blasphemy or blasphemy[44][45][46][47][48][49]..TikTok then immediately promised to use 20 employees to regulate inappropriate content.[45], TikTok usage regulations in Indonesia2018/7/11Was released to[44].


    Japan also,2020/January,LDPof"Rule-making Strategy Parliamentary League"(Chairman·Amari AkiraThe chairman of the tax law has fixed a policy to recommend the government to limit the use of apps originating in China with TikTok in mind due to security concerns.[32].


    (English edition (PTA) is2020/10/8Banned the use of TikTok as "a large number of complaints were received from various social circles regarding the immorality and vulgar content of TikTok."[50][51].. PTA announced that TikTok is considering reviewing the ban if it can build a convincing management system for the authorities[51]As promised2020/10/19, TikTok's top executives have declared that they will freeze the accounts of users who upload illegal content to the app, and the PTA has lifted the ban on TikTok.[52].


    2022/4The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said, "TikTok has received many complaints that it is wasting people's time," removing the app from the internet server and making it inaccessible to everyone in Afghanistan. Commanded[53]..Taliban Deputy Press Secretary Inamura Samangani said, "Vulgar content isShariaWas not in line with[53].


    2018/11,バングラデシュGovernment is pornographygamblingBlocked access to the TikTok app in the name of crackdown[54]During the months when TikTok was regulated, lifted after a few monthsSingaporeDeveloped by the company BIGO Technology (-Technology)(English editionTikTok's copy version app became popular in Bangladesh[55].

    社会 問題

    There are cases such as shooting a video in a public place to attract attention, playing loud music for the purpose of shooting, and shooting a video without permission of the store to cause annoyance.


    Mainland China

    In September 2016, ByteDance first released Douyin for the mainland China market.After that, in 9, we released the international version of TikTok for regions other than mainland China, but since the Chinese government has basically taken the policy that foreign SNS is basically unavailable in mainland China, the international version is in mainland China. Designed to be unavailable[56].

    August 2018, 5,ChongqingA man who was shooting a video on the roof of a trainHigh voltage lineAn accident occurred in which he was electrocuted.The reason why the man was on the roof of the train was controversial when it was reported that he was "to take a video to post on TikTok", but his lover later denied shooting the video for posting on TikTok.However, on the Chinese internet, there are a series of voices questioning the statements of lovers and criticisms of radical acts aimed at the number of accesses.[57].

    Hong Kong

    July 2020, 7, Chinese government in Hong KongNational Security ActIt has been announced that it will withdraw from the Hong Kong market within a few days due to the enforcement of[56].. It is undecided whether to introduce the mainland Chinese version (Chinese) that complies with the Chinese government's censorship into the Hong Kong market, but the Chinese mainland version (Chinese) is already in Hong Kong because Chinese on the mainland travel and stay in Hong Kong. There are many users at[56][58].


    From July 2018, 7,IndonesiaThe government has temporarily blocked the app, fearing the spread of illegal content such as pornography and blasphemy to the general public. After that, Bytedance took measures such as deleting inappropriate content, opening a contact with the government, introducing age restrictions and security mechanisms, so the block was lifted after one week.[59].


    In Japan, the nuisance of some users is becoming a problem. There are some opinions that users complain about shooting loud music or making noise even though it is a public place, and at the concert of a popular artist, shooting the stage Opinions are raised regarding the problem of voyeurism to be posted[60]..Also, drink drinking water before buying at bullying, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. (actually, I bought it, but it burned up because it was malicious).[61], Videos of videos of crimes such as destroying things in public places and getting off on the tracks or in the center of the road to dance have been posted and are regarded as problematic. A video that provokes police officers with dance etc. is posted at the time of job question,Obstruction of public affairs,Power interruptionOpinion is raised that it may hit[62].

    On July 2019, 7, 17 high school students and college students who spread child pornography posted on TikTok were screened[63][64].

    June 2022, 6, against a girl who follows herObsceneTwo tick-tokers said they did the act,Aichi Prefectural PoliceToAichiYouth protection and ordinanceArrested for alleged violation[65].

    July 2020, 7- LDPTo TikTok Proposal, U.S. is considering ban[66].


    August 2019, 4,IndiaSouthern Tamil Nadu CapitalChennaiHigh court ordered the central government of India to ban downloading of TikTok. The court ruled that the app promotes pornography and undermines the mental health of adolescents. The court's provisional order was filed by Chenhu-based lawyer Muthu Kumar, which also called on local media to not broadcast videos shared via TikTok.

    In February 2019, an information technology representative of the Tamil Nadu government said in a letter to the central government that TikTok promoted "cultural deterioration" and became a hotbed of online bullying and child pornography. Argued and sought an app ban.

    In response to the news, Bytedance announced that it will "wait for an official order from the court and respond after an internal investigation." It also states that the operation policy of the application is "Comply with local legal rules".[67].

    On June 2020, 6, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Technology banned the use of TikTok. It is stated that there is a problem of subject and uniformity as the reason. In addition, there were many complaints from within India that they were transferring or misusing user data to servers outside India. Although the statement did not mention China, the ban on the app is between India and China.Military tensionSeems to be the cause[68].

    The United States of America

    While grasping that the percentage of users under the age of 13 is high, not only collecting personal information of users, but also making the profile public, and until October 2016, it is possible to know the whereabouts of the user. It was This situation is FTC (Federal Trade CommissionPointed out that it violated COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). According to the FTC, Bytedance has not taken the necessary action, despite thousands of complaints.

    Since then, user age restrictions have been introduced, allowing children under the age of 13 to only follow other users and not be able to post or share videos from themselves. We also released a video that teaches users how to use it safely.

    In February 2019, a settlement was concluded between FTC and Bytedance, and the company was ordered to pay a fine of $2 million (about 570 million yen) as a settlement condition.[69].


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