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👩‍🎤 | Momoka Kinoshita opens official fan club "Bad Friends"!

Photo Momoka Kinoshita opens official fan club "Bad Friends"!

Momoka Kinoshita opens official fan club "Bad Friends"!

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* Reservations for this performance can be made on the Billboard Drive website and the ticket agency.

Momoka Kinoshita released the official fan club "Bad Friends" on April 4th (Monday).With her unique music world ... → Continue reading


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      Play guide(British: ticket agency) Ismovies,concert,theater,SportsVarious events, etc.Entertainment OfAdmission ticket(Ticket) reservation / ticketing business and its stores.Ticket Center,Ticket officeAlso called.This name may also be used for direct sales by the organizer and at theater ticket offices (box offices), but this is not covered in this section.


      movies,concert,theater,SportsVariousEvents OfEntertainmentTickets andAdmission ticketIt is a window to sell such as and its business.Refers to a person who is officially commissioned by the organizer to conduct business, and is not officially commissioned by the organizerCash voucher shop,Reseller,ScalperEtc. are not called play guides.

      In a big city, a wide variety of entertainments are usually held somewhere throughout the year, and there is a limit to attracting customers and labor to publicize and issue tickets for each entertainment and organizer.Therefore, regardless of the content and direction of the event or the organizer, there was a task of comprehensively guiding and introducing various events in the target area and issuing tickets on their behalf.

      The ticket agency does not make selections within a certain range, handles all the entertainments that it wants to entrust, and has the feature of being comprehensive rather than limited like the direct sales of the organizer and the ticket office of the theater.Economies of scaleHas a large effect and is easy to generate first-mover profitsoligopolyIs likely to occur.On the contrary, if the number of entertainments is small, the business will not be established.

      The "play guide" isJapanglishso,The United States of AmericaThen, a trader who handles entertainment-related tickets with a fee of several dollars such as a ticket agency is called Ticket Ron[1]..In addition, a company that handles tickets through newspaper advertisements and magazine advertisements is called a ticket agency.[1].


      JapanThen, in 1972, event informationmagazine"PiaWas first published in 1984Ticket PiaService started.In addition to introducing the entertainment in various parts of Japan through the publication of information magazines, the ticket counter and telephone reception system will be used to issue tickets.the 1980sBy the second half of the play guideOnline systemEstablished.

      It was during this period that the style of subscribing to event magazines such as "Pia" to collect information and purchasing admission tickets at the ticket counters of ticket agency stores became established.the 1970sからthe 1990sIn addition to "Pia"KantoIn the area, "City Road"[2],KansaiIn the area, "Play Guide Journal(Later changed the name to "Pugaja"), and many other local information magazines in each region were also published.

      the 2000sWhen you enterインターネットThe source of event information comes from magazines due to the spread ofWebsiteInstead of, ticket agencies are from physical storesWebsiteI started to shift my legs to. The two major information magazines, "City Road" and "Pugaja," which were considered to be rival magazines of "Pia," were discontinued before 2.Also, instead of the manned ticket counter of the former ticket agencyconvenience storeIn storeMultimedia station(loppi,Fami portEtc.) became widespread.

      the 2010sBy on the websiteE-commerceNowadays, many ticket agencies do not have an information center in the actual store.

      Major ticket agencies



      Of the followinge+,CN Play Guide,Ticket Pia,Lawson TicketFour companies (in alphabetical order of service names)Computer Ticketing ConferenceIs a member of.

      Ticket Pia
      PiaOperated by.Started full-scale business for the first time in Japan.The old name for electronic services is "Electronic Ticket Pia".
      Small theaterPerformancesMovie theater OfReserved seatFrom the ticketconcert,SportsWe handle a wide range of tickets for events such as competitions, and the number of tickets handled is top class.Pia STATION,Ticket Pia SPOTTicketing window calledDirectly managed-Franchiseagency) Is located almost all over the country and has strength in face-to-face sales.
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      ※PreviouslyFamilyMartHowever, in response to the fact that the partnership between FamilyMart and e + was virtually resumed in 2009, the partnership with the company was canceled once in May 2010, but in November 5, it absorbed Circle K Sunkus. Announced that it will resume the business tie-up with Ticket Pia in the future (although the timing is undecided) (however, as of June 2016, this is for stores that are tentatively continuing to operate under the Circle K. Sunkus brand. It is also handled at Ticket Pia as a remnant)[3].
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      loppiRevolves around sales at.PreviouslyDaieiIt used to sell face-to-face at the service counters of affiliated supermarkets, but is now withdrawing.
      In addition to our own servicesJCBWe also outsource the play guide service "Ticket JCB".PreviouslyAmerican ExpressIt was also engaged in ticketing business for members.
      E +Operated by.In the form of substantially inheriting the ticket saison,Credit SaisonEtc.Sony GroupInvested 2000-XNUMX and started business in XNUMX.Only internet and telephone (partial) sales channelsOnline ShoppingCharacterized by full-time work. From 2006Ticket PiaInstead ofSeven-ElevenTicketing has also started at FamilyMart, and since 2009, FamilyMart has also started issuing tickets (Seven-Eleven has resumed the Ticket Pia tie-up since June 2010, but will continue to tie up with e +. Also, FamilyMart It has been decided that e + will continue to be handled even after the above-mentioned Ticket Pia tie-up is resumed).
      KDDIIn partnership with,auMobile phoneIt also provides ticketing services for (play guide services for users).
      CN Play Guide
      Big holidayUnder the umbrellaCommunity networkOperated by.am / pm(→ Transferred management to FamilyMart. The alliance continues even after the transfer) ・Save onIn addition to ticketing operations at the "CN Prei BOX" installed in (some stores), in recent years it has been focusing on mail-order sales via the Internet and other means.In addition to the above storesJR ShikokuIn addition to being affiliated with, from 2006Seven-ElevenTicketing at is also started.
      Seven & i HoldingsOf a wholly owned subsidiarySeven-Eleven JapanSubsidiarySeven Dream dot comOperated by.
      FamilyMartOperated by a subsidiary.
      Operated by.Sold only on the internet and by phone.In addition to general performancesSmall theaterAlso handles small-scale events and concerts.
      InterspaceOperated by.
      Yoshimoto KogyoOperated by.Tickets for comedy live sponsored by the company are on sale.
      Japan's major ticket agencies
      Service nameCompanyCodesComputer·

      MMSBuy directly[Note 1] Is possibleConvenience store(In order of the number of chain stores)
      Seven-ElevenFamilyMartLawsonCircle K,
      Ticket PiaPiaP code
      (5 digits)
      Lawson TicketLawson EntertainmentL code
      (3 digits-3 digits)
      e+E +○○
      CN Play GuideCommunity network○○
      Seven Dream dot comSeven code
      (3 digits-3 digits)
      Yoshimoto KogyoY code
      (3 digits-3 digits)

      The following isインターネットProfessional service (online ticket sales service).Procedures on the Internet are mandatory, and it is not possible to purchase at physical stores or convenience stores.designatedSmartphone appMany services can be completed only by themselves.

      JCBEntrusted byE +Operated by.
      YahooIs operated by 51% and 49% owned (established on May 2016, 5). Service started on May 16, 2014.Initially it was Yahoo's sole business,Avex GroupEstablished a joint venture with.
      RakutenOperated by a subsidiary.
      Culture Convenience ClubOf a wholly owned subsidiaryCulture entertainmentOperated by (established on December 2014, 12).
      MetapsOf a wholly owned subsidiaryMetaps paymentOperated by.
      Electronic ticket service. Orinoco Co., Ltd. started in 2007, and then moved its headquarters to the United States in 2015 with a view to global expansion.
      LINE ticket
      Electronic ticket service.LINE CorporationOperated by a subsidiary, LINE Ticket.Communication app "LINEIt is possible to issue the purchased electronic ticket on LINE in cooperation with.
      Ticket Saison
      BeforeSaison GroupwasFamilyMartWas affiliated with. SS Communications (currently:Kadokawa SSS Communications) Operates. The service ended in 1999 with the start of the e + service.The partnership between e + and FamilyMart was once dissolved in 1 and then started in 1998, effectively resuming for the first time in 2009 years.Yurakucho SeibuSee also the article.
      Marui Ticket Guide → Marui Ticket Pia
      MaruiWas operated independently as "Marui Ticket Guide", but after that, it became "Marui Ticket Pia" through a business tie-up with Ticket Pia.After that, Marui withdrew and was unified into Pia (Marui Ticket Pia's end time is unknown).
      Daiei Orange Ticket
      It was developed mainly in the Kyushu areaDaieiTicket agency of the series.Lawson TicketThe predecessor of.Tickets could be purchased directly at the service counters of Daiei stores in the Kyushu area and by telephone reservation.After that, it became possible to purchase tickets at Lawson, but due to the poor performance of Daiei itself, it withdrew from the Daiei store.Since it was developed only by Lawson, it will be a new "Lawson ticket".
      JTB Entertainment Ticket
      JTB,PiaIs jointly operated.Mainly sold at JTB stores and affiliated stores nationwide. In 2009, we introduced the Ticket Pia system and started selling it online.Takarazuka Revue,巨人They also handled major tickets such as battles. Service ended on February 2018, 2.


      Jupiter TelecomOf a wholly owned subsidiaryAnyOperated by. Established in 1987.Mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we handle not only the box office and exclusive handling tickets by our company, but also the agency business of Ticket Pia.Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Deeply connected withBunka Broadcasting Media PlusWithinHamamatsu TownIt had a store (closed on January 2010, 1).President Noriyasu AgematsuMasashi SadaBeing a classmate in junior high school, he has a close relationship with Sada. Acquired by Jupiter Telecommunications on July 2015, 7.The store name is Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Concert Corner → Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Chiketto Port → Chiketto Port → Ticket Port (around 1-).
      View Plaza
      LUMINE the YoshimotoWhen,JR EastIs sponsored byTroupe four seasonsTickets for performances (mainly in the Tokyo area) are sold independently.
      * OtherJR Group OfGreen WindowThere are also stores that have a ticket agency function.
      Keio ticket service
      Keio Group OfKeio Passport ClubOperated by Ticket Pia.Keio Department StoreShinjuku store 1st floor (1-1-4 Nishi-Shinjuku)Keio LineShinjuku StationA store was set up at the entrance, and signs for "Keio Ticket Service" and "Keio Passport" were lined up.20113/31closed.The site istenantIt is used as a space.

      The United States of America

      United States flagTicketmaster (Ticketmaster)
      The United States of AmericaThe world's largest ticket agency headquartered in.In recent yearsBarry DillerIt has been acquired.Not deployed in Japan.
      United States flag


      Australian flag (Ticketek)
      AustraliaA major ticket agency developed in.Affiliated.


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      1. ^ Without prior application via the internet or telephoneconvenience store OfMultimedia station Purchase directly by entering (MMS) only.


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