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🐈 | Indoor breeding and contraception / castration make dogs obese? !!Explaining the points that the owner should know [supervised by a veterinarian]


Do dogs become obese due to indoor breeding and contraception / castration? !!Explaining the points that the owner should know [supervised by a veterinarian]

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Today, I interviewed Dr. Kasui, a veterinarian belonging to Japan Hills Corrugate Co., Ltd., about what kind of changes and effects will be on the bodies of pet dogs who lived together indoors and had contraceptive / castration surgery. I visited you.

Are you considering or performing contraceptive / castration surgery on your dog?Also, by contraceptive / castration surgery ... → Continue reading


It is a media for improving the lives of dogs and owners, "WanQol".

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    castration(Castration,English: castration) isA human OfMaleFemale, ま た はAnimal Offemale OfReproductionIt means to remove the part necessary for the seed to make it infertile as a seed.


    Castration by surgery is "CastrationIn men (males if animals)TesticleExtraction (in some casespenisIn women (female in the case of animals)OvaryExtraction (in some casesuterusExtracted together with).When limiting to males (males if animals), "Sterilization(Skill) "or"Dehumidification(Skill) ".

    Young castration
    Castration of individuals before secondary sexual characteristics
    Ripe castration
    Castration of mature individuals
    Removal of only one testicle
    All castration
    Resection of all male external genitalia, including the penis, both testicles, and scrotum. "Total defecationAlso called.

    Those who were castratedEunuch officialSometimes called (castration) ("castration" is synonymous with "closed" and means that the semen outlet is closed)


    Currently家畜-Pet-RacehorseIt is often given to prevent females from inadvertently giving birth to more offspring, and is often given to the purpose of losing the aggressive nature of males in particular.In addition, the meat quality of male livestock for meat is improved by castration.Castration against males is popularBall removalSometimes called.Castration results in loss of reproductive function, making it impossible to leave offspring.In racehorses, castrated horsesGeldingIs called.It is commonly done on stallion (male horse) and rarely castrates mare (female horse).It is often performed on horses that do not perform well due to their bad temper, but some horses improve their temper by being castrated and perform well.

    Human capital

    In humans, it was often used as a punishment in ancient and medieval times, but it was abolished after that.Also ancientChugokuAteunuchAnd pre-modernEuropeAtCastratIn some cases, it was intentionally performed on many people according to the purpose and requirements.Also for a manRite of passageSome tribes cut off one of the testicles,Semi-castrationCalled.

    The so-calledGender identity disorderCastration by oneself among those who haveGender-adaptive surgery), But not all people with gender identity disorder.

    Chemical castration

    Chemical castration, also called androgen ablation therapy,AntiandrogenA treatment that reduces sexual desire and sexual function to pre-pubertal levels.[1].

    As of 2015, there are eight states and regions in the United States that are conducting chemical castration.Canada,Germany, Netherlands,Poland,Switzerland,Denmark,Sweden,Finland,Norway,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, South KoreaIs[2].

    The drugs used for chemical castration are mainly cyproterone acetate (CPA) in Europe and mainly in the United States.Medroxyprogesterone acetateAlthough it is (MPA), in recent years, the use of GnRH agonists such as leuprorelin, goserelin, and triptorelin, which are considered to be more expensive but more effective than CPA and MPA, has been increasing.[1].

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    Castration as an abnormal habit 

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    In recent years, video works, audio works, illustrations, manga, novels, etc. have been sold to the above-mentioned men.


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