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💃 | edhiii boi, fun music video release with friends, video project consisting of application photos also started


edhiii boi, fun music video release with friends, video project consisting of application photos also started

If you write the contents roughly
From unique voice, word sense and technical flow to dance and track make-up, he handles at a high level.

A trumpet that grabbed an artist contract with the management / label "BMSG" presided over by SKY-HI in 2021 ... → Continue reading

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      Truck maker

      Truck maker or Truck maker(British: track maker) IsMusic OfBacking trackCreator andinstrumentalOf the song作曲家-ArrangerIt is a word mainly used only in Japan, which refers to the creator of sound sources such as.Generally in foreign countries, "producerIs called.


      "Beat maker" corresponds to this overseas, but in general, "producer"(Music producer, record producer) is more often used[Annotation 1].


      JapanThen mainlyhip hopInBacking track[Annotation 2],instrumental[Annotation 3] OfmakerIt is mainly used as a word to refer to.

      Recent spread of truck providing sites and colite[1]With the spread of the composition style calledR&B,ダンス, Urban music,Pops,reggae such asGenreAlso ininstrumentalThe creator of the partArranger(Arranger) is often referred to as a track maker.

      DTM,DAW,Roland OfsynthesizerSuch assequenceOne paragraph used for each instrument part when manipulating and editing parts(Channel)Is called a track, and is a word that describes the person who creates the track part.

      One backing tracksound sourceIn some cases, 100 to 200 channels (100 instruments at the same time) or more are used.

      In each channel, voice recording (raw musical instrument, etc.) and MIDI data input are combined into one data, and the parameters of each musical instrument are set. Basically, the track maker completes it as a backing track as it is. There are many[Annotation 4].

      Mix downSound source[Annotation 5] TheStage before vocalsEditing, arranging, directing, and supervising each track[Annotation 6]Called a track maker as the person who was done.

      In addition, the data should be used as sample data when singers etc. make music.[Annotation 7]There are many.

      beatMeans to provide and sell a sound source (including mastering etc.) completed as one data by including things that are not planned to include vocals, voices, sound effects, etc. as one song.[Annotation 8]..There is basically not much difference between a track maker and a beat maker, but in the case of a beat maker, the person himself creates the sound source.ArtistsHas an existence and a role asTruck makerAndhip hop OfMusic production・ To sellBetween friendsCalled byNicknameso,workerIsProducerIs one of.


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      注 釈

      1. ^ Especially in Japan, a music producer has the meaning of a project production manager (sometimes it does not involve actual composition work), but overseas, it is used to mean a music producer who involves composition work.
      2. ^ A backing track is sometimes called a "sound source" that is the source of sound before it is sold as a song, but a "sound source" is a singing ability of an artist and recording techniques, editing, and arrangement by producers. Something like a resume submitted when confirming competence.
      3. ^ Instrumental is light music, which is the performance before lyrics and singing in composition or performance, and the one in which "instrument" is recorded in the track part and there is a part (generally not driven).
      4. ^ Converting from paradata to audio data is called mixdown (writing).
      5. ^ A "sound source" is like a resume submitted when producers confirm the singing ability of artists and their ability to record, edit, and arrange.
      6. ^ Guitar,DrumSuch asMusical instrumentIn the case of a sound source using, the track maker and another person may be playing.
      7. ^ Because the paradata before the mixdown is used when recording
      8. ^ The voice may be recorded again for the beat and sold as a song.


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