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📷 | Photographer and film director Yoshiyuki Okuyama, what is your favorite designer?


Yoshiyuki Okuyama, a photographer and film director, what is your favorite designer?

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In addition to working on artwork for Suzu Hirose, Masaki Suda, Kenshi Yonezu, Gen Hoshino, etc., he is also active in multiple fields such as advertising photography.

Yoshiyuki Okuyama, a photographer and film director, appeared on J-WAVE and talked about his favorite things.Mr. Okuyama climbs ... → Continue reading


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Shogi Shibata

Suda Masaki(Masaki Suda[2],1993Heisei5 years>2/21[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer.His real name is Sugo Taisho.[3][4].OsakaMinoh CityBackground[5].Top coatBelongs. Wifeactress OfNana Komatsu.

An actor


2007, When I went to play in Osaka city since I was a junior high school student, I was often scouted. when he was 14AmuseParticipated in the "Amuse 30th Anniversary Audition" at the invitation of , remaining 65,368 finalists out of 31 applicants, but was rejected.[5][6].

2008, 21thJunon Superboy ContestSelected as 12 finalists by[5][6].This is the reason whyTop coatWill be assigned to[5][6].

2009Since September, the 9th work of the Heisei Kamen Rider series "Kamen Rider W』(TV Asahi), one of the main charactersPhilipIn a roleSerial dramaFirst appearance/first lead[6].Another heroShotaro leftUsefulKiriyama RenIt is a simultaneous starring with, and prior to that, "Movie version Kamen Rider Decade All Rider vs. Large ShockerAfter making his first appearance in the movie with only special appearances and voice appearances in ', released in December 'Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider W & Decade MOVIE War 2010Was the first movie starring in[6].The reason why I was chosen to play the role of PhilToeiWhen I stopped by, I was invited to participate in the final audition for "Kamen Rider W" tomorrow, and as a result, I was unanimously selected.This is because the image of Philip, who is a "devil boy who doesn't know anything (with a huge amount of knowledge in his brain)", matches the "pure white" and pure Suda.Hideaki TsukadaThe producer is talking[7].At the age of 16, he was the youngest to star in the same series at the time, but on the day before filming started, at a meal with the staff, he said, "One year, this long history of Kamen Rider may end depending on you. ”, and both Kiriyama and I felt a strong sense of responsibility and pressure.[8].

2013, Starring "Mutual eating"so37th Japan Academy AwardNew actor award[6][9].. NTV-based Saturday drama "Don't cry, Hara-chan"35 year old high school student』, And became a hot topic while playing a supporting role.

2014,movies"Shine only there"soTakasaki Film FestivalBest supporting actor award, along with other moviesTAMA Film FestivalBest New Actor Award,Osaka Cinema FestivalWon supporting actor award and so on. 『It was a great mealThe first appearance on NHK TV series.

2015, NHK Saturday drama "Did you eat Champon?] Starring, TV Asahi Friday Night Drama "Minwang]Kenichi EndoAnd double starring. The 1th Confidence Award Drama AwardBest Actor Award, 40thEllandol Award Received the New Face Award.

2016,Distraction babys"soYokohama Film FestivalBest Supporting Actor,Seto Tsumi''Drowning knife"soJapanese Film Professional AwardWon Best Actor Award. Since "Cannibalism", it has been evaluated as a single-house movie, but the TV drama "Love songAnd 'Easily Edited Girl, Etsuko Kono] and so on, his face became known in the tea room,OriconAccording to a survey by 2016, won the number one break actor in 1.

2017, NHKNaotora, the castle ownerThe first appearance in the Taiga drama. March single "Scenery I have never seen] Started music activities. From April 4 of the same year, "All Night Nippon』(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) In charge of regular personality. 『Ah, the wilderness"so41th Japan Academy AwardBest Actor Award,New Artist Award, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyAwarded.Also,"Kiseki -Soviet Day-''Emperor's country''spark], and won numerous movie awards.

2018, January periodYamazaki KentoStarring Nippon TV Sunday drama "Kiss of Todome], and the theme song "Goodbye elegy". April TV Asahi Friday Night Drama "his]Takayuki YamadaAnd double starring. In December, NHK BS Premium’sTakuya Fukuda"Masaki Suda TV", which he worked on from the planning stage, was broadcast, but there was no reaction from his acquaintances, so he often makes self-deprecating jokes, saying, "No one saw it."

2019, 10th anniversary of actor debut. NTV Sunday drama "3rd Year Group A-From now on, you are all hostages-], the first starring in a GP drama series. Combining this work, which he wanted to be a teacher himself, with "dele" from the previous yearGalaxy awardTV category individual award,Tokyo drama awardHe won many awards for Best Actor in TV dramas, including Best Actor in a Leading Role. In July he starred in the movie "Archimedes War』Public, stage from November "CaligulaAnd the 27th Yomiuri Drama Awards, Best Actor and Newcomer Haruko Sugimura Award[10].

2020, TBS Friday drama "MIU404] made a surprise appearance without notice in episode 3[11].this was at the timeCoronaDue to the self-restraint period, the starring movie "yarnIn addition to the postponement of the release of ”, planned work related to overseas and long vacations abroad were canceled, and the schedule became empty.[12]It was in response to a sudden offer from producer Junko Arai who knew about it.

"Ito" was successfully released in August.

Characteristic as an actor

  • Immediately after his debut, he had a lot of idol-like jobs, and he was worried about that direction.[13], at the age of 19, overcoming the opposition of the office, the movie "Mutual eating』After receiving the auditionLiterary artsHe has appeared in many works and single-building works.On the other handComic OfLive actionThere are many transformations, idol characteristics andactingIt is said that it combines the duality of the faction[14].
  • Acting is said to be very sensory,Yuki Yamato"When I entered the scene, I often thought, "This person is really a genius," he said.[15].
  • Atsushi KaneshigeThe director said of Suda's impression, "I will feel the character image with sensibilities and enter into the role.Ad libBut people who can do it endlessly"[16].
  • "sparkWas directed byItao Souji"I have a genius for the lines of speech and feelings in a limited time. I was born with it." There is also a chance"[17].
  • "Seto TsumiWas directed byTatsutsugu Omori"I can't do the same play again because I'm doing it by intuition," he said, citing Sugada's shortcomings. I don't have any consciousness to put it on, and I throw out the play without worrying about how I'm being photographed. "[18].
  • "It's a mysteryHiroaki Matsuyama, who directed "theoryThere are two types of people: those who think logically and act with passion, but Mr. Suda is a rare person who has both.He has a solid theory about acting and work, and when it comes to performance, he can bring it to life with passion.right brainLeft brainI think it's really rare to find someone who has developed both[19].
  • often for actingHairstyleAnd hair color, body shape is changing. in "Ah, the Wilderness"boxerIn order to match the class with Yang Ik-chun, which has a difference in body weight of 20 kg, we remodeled the body by increasing the maximum weight of 15 kg[20], 2014 againKaizukihime"soWomen's clothingWhen I did, I lost more than 10 kg and corrected my pelvis and lived on high heels to create a feminine figure.[21].
  • Between mencombinationOrBuddyThere are many roles and works such as "Kamen Rider W" as well as "Teiichi no Kuni" and "dele". about this"Seto TsumiSosuke Ikematsu"Is kind to react to all kinds of things," formed a manzai combination in "Spark"Kawatani Mastersaid, "(Even if we didn't have a meeting), he will match us."explosive power対 応increase strength[22],movies"Hundred flowersGenki Kawamura, who directed "共 感It has a lot of power, and the color changes in response to the performances of the co-stars, so there is a feeling that what was written in the script expands many times.”[23].
  • He has rarely appeared in romantic movies, and for the first time he starred in a shoujo manga.Drowning knife』In the crazy role of spitting on the face while tightening the heroine's neck, I was expectingChest KyunJokingly saying it wasn't a thing[24].For that reason, "Once in your twentiesLove storyI want to doYuji SakamotoI made a request to the movie "I fell in love like a bouquet』The project was realized[25].
  • At the turning point of my life, I directed "Kyoubi"Shinji AoyamaWhen I met him, I learned the concept of "actor club" as a division of the movie along with the costume club and lighting club. Also, for the actors who were affected, he played the role of parents in "co-eating"Yuko TanakaMitsuishi Lab.Is named[26].
  • His strength as an actor is "height 176 cm, type A, eldest son, right-handed, face is neither dark nor thin, and you can change the impression by hiding your eyebrows."ordinarySo, I analyze that it may be suitable for any role.[27].

Music industry

2013-2017: Early career, Green Boys

On February 2013, 2, during the 23th birthday event "DAASUU LAND 20" held in Tokyo,Fuji Fabricof"Akane sunset"PianoIt was performed with the song. Sugada has been playing piano in public since elementary school, so she practiced hard for a month for this day.[28].

Drama starring in 2015Did you eat Champon?"soMasashi SadaAfter playing a role modeled on, I will practice the guitar[29].

Broadcast on July 2016, 1Entertainment shows"pacific saury no Manma"soTakuro Yoshidaof"Without talking about life"ofSing and playShow off[30].. I decided to play music professionally because I was invited by the person in charge of a record company who was watching this performance on TV.[31].

A movie released in March 2016Who], as a university student Kotaro Kamiya who is in charge of guitar and vocal in the bandDon't forget"Deliver me," "The world I don't know yet,"LAMP IN TERRENSing "pellucid" provided by the company as a song in the play.

Broadcasted on December 12, the same yearTalking 007], as a way to spend a holidayGuitarTo play,”Masashi Sadaof"Kanro declarationOf the moderatorShinya UedaIt's an absurdity fromTHEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANTof"ド ロ ッ プWill gradually perform songs in public.[32][33].

It was broadcast on December 12 of the same year and November 22 of the same year.au OfJapan national football team"Au BLUE CHALLENGE" ("Santaro seriesIt was announced that it was Sugada who was singing the song used in the "Support" section[34].

March 2017, 1, movie ``Kiseki -Soviet Day-』In the co-starRyo Narita,Yokohama meteor,Haruaki SuginoWith in the playGReeeENPredecessor groupGreen boysFormed. CD debut on January 1. On January 24Saitama Super ArenaThe opening act for GReeeeN's live "Ah, Lina, Domo. Nice to meet you. "Kribitsutengyo!?ru~der~de♪""[35].. Broadcast on September 1thMusic Station”For the first time and sang “Kiseki” and “Voice”[36].. CD on "Green Boys" on January 1th, the same day as GReeeeN's debutdebutPlayed[37].

2017-Solo singer debut

March 2017, 3 The song used as au commercial song ``Scenery I have never seenWas announced to debut as a solo singer at the same timeMusic videoWas published[38].. May 5 broadcastRadio program"Masaki Suda's All Night Nippon], the coupling song "Is it stupid?"[39].. The following week, he made his first appearance as a solo singer on "Music Station" and performed "The Scene I Have Never Seen".[40].

On June 2017, 6, which is the release date of "Never seen scenery", the first live event in the name of Masaki Suda will be held in ShibuyaWWW XHeld in[41].

On July 2017, 7, the second single, ``Masaki Sugada's All Night Nippon,'' a radio program in which he serves as a personalityBreatheWill be released on August 8th. The title song is the love song that Suda participated in for the first time.[42].. The song was first unveiled in the same program broadcast on July 7[43].

On July 2017, 7, a music program that revived as a special program for the first time in 21 years ``LOVE LOVE I love you]. In the talk corner, the influence of my father on the program MCTakuro YoshidaConfessing that he is a big fan of, and in the music corner, at the request of Suda, Takuro Yoshida's "To today and tomorrow"KinKi Kids, Played a session with Takuro and others while playing the guitar[44].. July,Kenshi YONEZUAlbum ofBOOTLEG"Gray and Blue (+ Masaki Sugada)"[45].Naoki MatayoshiBased on the novelmovies"sparkW starring as the theme songKenta KiritaniWithBeat takeshiof"Asakusa KidCovers[46].

2018-2019: "PLAY", "Machigaisagashi", "LOVE"

January 2018, 1, the third single ``Goodbye elegyWas announced. March 3, the first album "PLAY][47].. Oricon[48], Billboard Japan[49]It recorded the highest second place on both charts.

January 2018, 8, the third single ``Long Hope PhiliaWas released.

May 2019, 5, single limited to distribution ``Look for mistakes"Started distribution. The second album "LOVE”Was released, and a short film “Clover”, which served as the first director, was also screened.[50].

Broadcasted on NHK General and others on December 2019, 12The 70th NHK Red and White Singing Battle] As a white team. Singed "Mistaken of the Difference"[51].

2020-2022: "COLLAGE"

July 7, collaboration song with Creepy Nuts "SoundtrackWas released. When the Creepy Nuts made a guest appearance on Sugada's radio, Sugada said "I want to challenge a song like "Boogie Back tonight"", and it was a great excitement that the three people were excited.[52].. Also collaborated with Creepy Nuts.THE HIGH-LOWSCover song ofMessenger from SundayWill be released on August 8th of the same year by Creepy Nuts' new mini album "To us who were once geniusesWas recorded in[53].

July 7, Hui Ishizaki,Seiji KamedaReleased a collaboration song "Ito" with. "Ito" is a cover of Miyuki Nakajima's song of the same name, with Sugada.Nana KomatsuIs a movie starring doubleyarnWas used as the ending theme for[54].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,OKAMOTO'SDistribution single "Keep On RunningReleased[55].

August 8, actor of the same office,Tomoya NakamuraReleased a single "Thank You God" in collaboration with[56].

Toho movie "STAND BY ME Doraemon 2It was announced that the new song "Rainbow" was provided for the theme song of.The lyrics and composition are by Huwie Ishizaki, and the arrangement is byTomiyouAre in charge of each. "Rainbow" was released as the fifth single CD on November 11th of the same year.[57].

Broadcast from January 2021, 1 and January 4, 1Nippon TVDrama seriesOn the day the world ends with you』Announced that the new song" Hoshi wo aokan "was provided as the theme song of Season 1.[58]..The song was released on February 2021, 2[59].

On October 10th, the TBS drama "TBS drama" will start on October 8th of the same year.Japan Sinks-People of Hope-It was announced that the new song "Last Scene" was provided for the theme song of ".Lyrics and composition by Huwie Ishizaki, arrangement by Tomi Yo[60].

The album "A collection of songs released by Sugada from 2022 to 1 on January 25, 3 and March 9, 2020"COLLAGEAnnounced the release of[61].

On March 2022, 3, the new song "Maze Thread" was decided as the new theme song for Nippon Television's "news zero".Writing, composing, and arrangingVaundyare in charge of lessons[62].

On June 2022, 6, the new song "Maze Thread" will be released on the 7th anniversary of Sugada's artist debut.[63].

Characteristics as a singer


  • When I was a boy, I was a beautiful boy soprano, but suddenly my voice became low due to a change of voice, and the shock made my voice complex. I was not good at karaoke and even when I went to karaoke with my friends, I hardly sang, but the only thing I could sing was my parents bought it at that time and had a CD at home.Fukuyama Masaharuof"milk tea"was. With Fukuyama, when they co-starred on the radio in 2018, they are having a session of "milk tea" with the unit name "Masaru Sugata".[64].
  • Moved to Tokyo, and when he was 19 years old, he was filming the movie "The Backwater," which was a turning point in his acting career.Fuji FabricBy experiencing the "Akane-colored sunset", you will experience the power of music. The affected music is Fuji Fabric,Takuro Yoshida,andymori,Don't forgetな ど[65].. In addition, as "the favorite love song in this world",Ishizaki Hui"Vase of flowers"[66],Three songs that have influenced me in my life, "Akane-no-yu",Ginkgo BOYZ"BABY BABY" and andymori's "Bengal tiger and whiskey".[Source required]

Balance with an actor

  • Depending on the role of the actor, the body shape, voice, and daily life of each worktensionIt is said that the vocalization and singing style will be completely different depending on the role played at that time.Therefore, you cannot sing the same way as when you sang in the past.[67].
  • Actors cannot fail in a responsible position, but music is a developing amateur.HobbiesThe motto is "actors are for others, music is for myself".However, when I am in charge of the theme song of a drama or movie in a tie-up, I try to sing for that work.Yamazaki Kento,Ryoma Takeuchi,Shun OguriWhen I am entrusted with the theme song of a drama starring fellow actors, I sing while thinking about the leading actor first.
  • In the actor business, I always appear in public as a role that I play, so I've been thinking about the role every day, "someone's life" for many years, and gradually my ownidentityI didn't understand.Therefore, there was a time when he felt that "if I only work as an actor, it will break."In that respect, in music activities, "the feeling of being able to utter words impulsively with my own words is fresh", and "when creating a role (as an actor), there is no basis for my own axis or emotions. It's hard to understand. "What's the norm" is important. You can check that kind of thing on the radio and music. "[68][69].


  • My hobby is making clothes. Since my grandfather was a tailor, I became interested in clothes and moved to Tokyo.PatternerAfter I got to know my friend, I started to make it myself. The person said, "If you are following the movement of the needle, you don't have to think about extra things and your brain rests. On the contrary, the reason I do dadada on a sewing machine is that you can't drink. It's like having a beer after work with a beer," he said.[70].. They hang shirts and other things from paper patterns and present them to friends.
  • Osaka Prefectural Ikeda High SchoolI'm from In high schoolAmerican footballIt was a department. Until junior high schoolPiano,水 泳Was learning[1].
  • As a boyMinoh CityI belonged to a soccer team called Green Fluminense FC in. To a junior junior of the same teamRio de Janeiro OlympicsWas selected as the representative player ofRie Kamekawa(CurrentYokohama FC) Is[71].
  • ComedianI respect all things and my favorite isDowntownSo, I'm NG to co-star because I can't keep my normal mind when I meet.In fact, when I made a guest appearance in "Downtown Nau", I wrote as many as eight letter papers because I couldn't speak well, but while reading, I was so impressed that I started crying.[72].
  • Profess to love manga[5].. It was serialized in "Weekly Shonen Champion" from 1971 for the role that I would like to play if it is made live-action.Yokoyama MitsuteruCartoon ofBabel II”Kouichi”, the main character of “”Yoshihiro Togashiof"Level E][73][74].
  • movies"Emperor's country, And the taiga drama "Naotora, the castle owner"soloinclothBy becoming a figure,Best Fundus AwardWon 2017 Grand Prize[75].
  • My favorite subject isMathso,"Archimedes WarWhen I played the role of a mathematician in 』, I understand the mathematical formulas that appear in the play and play while actually solving them.[76].
  • My favoritemilkThen, add milk to the meal[77].. I can't drink much because alcohol doesn't suit my constitution.
  • Actor'sYamazaki KentoHe was on good terms with him and appeared as a surprise at a concert held on the 10th anniversary of Sugada's acting business.Nakano taigaIs a best friend since co-starring in the TBS special drama "Blackboard".
  • My grandfather promises to inherit the Japanese sword. However, he said he is still ordering a wooden box containing a Japanese sword, and he has not received it (Sugada expects it to be a sword).
  • The eldest son of three brothers.
  • 3rd Year Group A-From now on, you are all hostages-I accepted the offer of the narrator of "The Whereabouts of the Clergy-The First Year of Work Style Reform-" triggered by the role of a teacher.She agreed to appear on a show about the harsh current situation of teachers and their work style reforms, as her local teacher friends and herself once had a dream of becoming a teacher.Regarding her narration, she says it makes sense for her work to be a gateway to people's thinking opportunities.[78].
  • June 2021, 11, actressNana KomatsuAnnounced that they were married to each other on their SNS[79]..What is Komatsu?Distraction babys''Drowning knife''yarnCo-starred in ", from 2018"niko and... Served as a fashion ambassador for 3 years[79].



tv set



TaiziIs the leading character.

TV drama



  • Masaki Suda TV (December 2018, 12, NHK BS Premium)[174]
  • Saturday Studio Park "The 2022 Lords of the Kamakura" SP just before Dannoura (May 5, 7, NHK General TV) -Guest


  • Oreare (August 2015-8, 17, NHK E-Tele)- Office worker Role[175]
  • Passion continent(February 2016, 3, TBS)[176]
  • Fukui TV50th Anniversary Program of the Opening of the Station: Whereabouts of the Priesthood ~ First Year of Work Style Reform ~ (August 2019, 8, Fuji TV) --Narration[177]
  • Tears of the incident "The price of victory-11 years facing a certain ring death-" (May 2020, 5, NHK General TV) --Narration
  • Yoji YamadaYouth ~ Movie Dream Dream Factory ~ (July 2021, 7)NHK-BSP[178]

Theater animation


original video

Net movie





  • Kamen Rider Battle Ganba Ride(August 2009,arcade game)-Kamen Rider W (Philip)
  • Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Series-Kamen Rider W (Philip)
    • Kamen Rider Climax Heroes W (December 2009, 12,Wii
    • Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Ouse (December 2010, 12, WiiPSP
    • Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze
    • Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes-Kamen Rider Rider Cyclone
    • Super Hero Generation (October 2014, 10, PS23, PS Vita) -Kamen Rider W (Philip) role library appearance



NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentBisho
2019 (first year of Reiwa) /70 timesFirstLook for mistakes18/21Superfly


Photo album


  • + act "E-sudagram" (November 2015 issue-April 11 issue, Wanibooks)
  • CUT
    • ``If you can meet Masaki Sugada and dream of Taiga'' (November 2017 issue-July 11 issue,Rocking on
    • ``If you meet the dream of Masaki Suda and Taiga Nakano'' (August 2019 issue -, Rocking On)


Cover model

  • Watch out for the wolf, young lady (Author: Rin Ayane, February 2012, 2,ShueishaPinky paperback)




#Release dateTitle of workHighest rankRIAJCertificationRecording album
Oricon[219]Japan Hot 100DownloadStreaming
April 2017, 1Green boys(Green Boys)4---Not recorded
1stApril 2017, 6Scenery I have never seen[220][221]53[222]goldsilver[223]PLAY
2ndApril 2017, 8Breathe1013[224]--
3rdApril 2018, 2Goodbye elegy123[225]Double platinumplatinum[226]
4thApril 2018, 8Long Hope Philia1211[227]gold[228]-LOVE
5thApril 2020, 11Rainbow22[229]platinumplatinumCOLLAGE
6thApril 2021, 11last scene13COLLAGE
"-" means either outside the chart range or outside the chart range.

Delivery single

Release dateTitle of workHighest rankRIAJCertificationRecording album
OriconJapan Hot 100DownloadStreaming
April 2019, 5Look for mistakes1[230]2[231]Triple platinum[232]platinum[233]LOVE
April 2021, 2Look up at the stars-15--COLLAGE
April 2022, 6-TBA
April 2022, 8----
"-" means either outside the chart range or outside the chart range.


#Release dateTitle of workHighest rankRIAJCertification
Oricon[234]Japan Top Albums Salesgold


1stApril 2018, 3PLAY23[235]-
2ndApril 2019, 7LOVE33[236]gold
3rdApril 2022, 3COLLAGE--
"-" means either outside the chart range or outside the chart range.

Participating works

Year of releaseTitle of workHighest rankRIAJCertificationRecording album
Japan Hot 100Japan Download SongsDownload
2017Gray and blue (+ Masaki Suda) / Kenshi YONEZU3[237]1[238]Double platinumBOOTLEG
Asakusa Kid / Masaki Suda × Kenta Kiritani94[239]22[240]-PLAY
2019Finger on the Trigger (Heisei Best RE-EDIT ver.) / Shotaro left (Kiriyama Ren) × Philip (Masaki Suda)---Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Work Best
2020Soundtrack / Creepy nuts × Masaki Suda-8[241]-To us who were once geniuses
Messenger from Sunday / Creepy nuts × Masaki Suda---To us who were once geniuses
yarn / Masaki Suda × Ishizaki Hui---Not recorded
Keep On Running / Masaki Suda × OKAMOTO'S---Not recorded
Thank you God / Masaki Suda × Tomoya Nakamura---Not recorded
2021Utakata song / RADWIMPS feat. Masaki Suda---FOREVER DAZE
2022regardless / Huey Ishizaki x Masaki Suda----
"-" means either outside the chart range or outside the chart range.

Video work

TypeRelease dateTitle of workHighest rank
Live videoApril 2019, 3SUDA MASAKI LIVE@LIQUIDROOM 2018.11.15713
April 2019, 12Masaki Suda LIVE TOUR 2019 “LOVE”TBATBA


Scenery I have never seenau"Santaro series"Japan national soccer support "au BLUE CHALLENGE" CM song2017
Goodbye elegyNTV Sunday drama"Kiss of Todome] Theme song2018
Long Hope PhiliaTheater animation "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE ~Two Heroes~] Theme song
Look for mistakesCantereProduction/Fuji Television Network, IncsystemTuesday 21:XNUMXDrama"Perfect world] Theme song2019
Santora (Creepy Nuts x Masaki Suda)Nippon TelevisionRefreshing] July theme song2020
Thread (Masaki Suda x Hui Ishizaki)movies"yarn"Ending theme
Toyota home“A house with “Nanani”” series summer CM song
Keep On Running (Masaki Suda x OKAMOTO'S)Toyota"Corolla touringCM song
When it rainsToyota Motor "Corolla Touring" CM song[Note 3]
RainbowToho movie "STAND BY ME Doraemon 2] Theme song
Look up at the starsNippon Television Network System Sunday Drama "On the day the world ends with you』Season1 theme song[242]2021
last sceneTBSsystem Sunday Theater"Japan Sinks-People of Hope-] Theme song
Misleading threadNippon Televisionnews zero"Theme song[243]2022

Music video

Yearsworksdirected bySource
2017Scenery I have never seen (Short Ver.)Kazuaki Seki[244]
Scenery I have never seen[245]
I wonder if it has become a foolDaisuke Shimada[246]
BreatheHidenobu Tanabe[247]
Gray and blue (+ Masaki Suda)Kento Yamada[248]
Asakusa Kid[Note 4][250]
2018Goodbye elegyTetsuro Nishihori[251]
Long Hope PhiliaGo Taniyama[252]
2019Look for mistakesKyotaro Hayashi[253]
Just a kiss feat. AimyonKento Yamada[254]
2020SoundtrackKyotaro Hayashi[255]
Keep On RunningNasty Men $ ah
Thread (Short ver.)Movie "ito" making special image
Thank you GodKyotaro Hayashi
RainbowMipo O
2021Look up at the starsKento Yamada

Support member

Keita KawaguchiGuitar
Shimizu Kohei (sooogood!)
Ochi the Funk (Shunsuke Ochi)Base

The support band name is "KNEEKIDS". Suda and the members also co-produce music. Co-starred as a band in the movie “Who” and disbanded in 2017.Crow is pure whiteIs a member of[256].


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