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💃 | XinU releases single "Beat", and also decides to release first EP in April and hold first one-man live in May


XinU releases single "Beat", and also decides to release first EP in April and hold first one-man live in May

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XinU, who wears beat music naturally and spins all the lyrics in Japanese, is the first song created with producer M-Swift (Shohei Matsushita).

Debuted in October 2021 with the single "Kokokara", and the three singles released so far are highly sensitive ... → Continue reading

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    M-Swift (M Swift) A music project centered on the cross-border Genius "Shohei Matsushita".

    A talented producer / DJ in the house / jazz / crossover world.

    Debuted in 2006.Also in 2008Pony canyonMore major debut.same year,Columbia Music EntertainmentHas also released an album on another project, "M-Swift Presents 24 Carat".


    Italy in 2007IRMA RecordsThe album "Morning Light", which was signed and released with the company, became a worldwide floor hit.After that, she made her major debut with her second album "Evening Sun". The album "Sunshine of Love" released in collaboration with the 2011 apparel brand nano ・ universe is an iTunes dance chart and also.WasabeatObtained No. 1 on both general charts.

    With high trust from overseas artists such as releasing a collaboration album with UK new soul vocalist "Marcus Beg", he has established a solid position as a top producer of the house / crossover scene.

    Back in 2009, he released the album "Blue in Black" as a jazz project "24-Carat".The single song "Cafe Bahia" is from France, demonstrating that jazz sense.Jazzmin RecordsReleased from, it was a big hit with playlists of famous DJs in Europe.

    On the other handThelma AoyamaProduced byTakezen SatoRemix,May'nArrangement of Asian diva Charis, and a female Jazz singer of interestYuri MatsumotoHe has demonstrated his talent not only in dance music but also in various fields, such as producing the full production of his album "Blue".She attracts attention as an almighty talent who handles not only composition and track making, but also strings and brass arrangements.

    In the field of video music, many TV programs, music provision for commercial music, movies "Smuggler, 2012 Okinawa Film Festival exhibition work "Working Holiday", drama "Danran","Bullshit heroHe is also in charge of music accompanying plays such as "ABEMA TV, NHK, TBS, etc." and demonstrates his abilities in a wide range of fields.

    The official sound logo of the RIO Olympics, which was broadcast on NHK in 2016, also attracted a lot of attention.

    In addition, the Disney movie ``beauty and the BeastIn ", I was in charge of arranging the jazz a cappella of" Be our guest "by the premium dubbed All Stars.The video has exceeded 18 accesses in a month.

    Currently being broadcast on NHK BS1 every dayWorld Sport MLBThen in charge of the program theme song.It has become popular for its arrangements with jazz sextet and strings.

    In January 2018, "Come on up for a while (feat. Lex Cameron)" was released digitally in 1 inches as the first single ahead of the new album. Recorded No. 7 on the iTunes jazz single chart and became a hot topic.

    The second cut "My City (feat. Natalie Oliveri)" will be released on May 2018, 5.

    In addition, "Lucky Star (feat. Nate James)", the 3rd single that can be said to be the lead song of the album, will be released on June 6th.It is a superb jazzy soul with "Nate James" as a vocalist, and it has become a must-listen beauty melody number from jazz fans such as Robert Glasper to R & B / neo soul fans, and this is also an iTunes jazz single.・ Recorded No. 27 on the chart.

    On July 2018, 7, "Moving with The Changes", the first new album in 11 years, will be released. Recorded No. 7 on the iTunes jazz chart.

    In addition, a full-length album release tour with guest vocalist "Natalie Oliveri" from New York who also participated in the album will be held on July 7th in Tokyo "JZ Brat Sound of Tokyo" and July 29th. It was held at "Hiroshima Club Quattro" in Hiroshima.

    Also on October 10th, " The Empire Bar at Hackney EmpireWe had a live concert in London.



    1. Morning Light (feat. Vanessa Haynes) --September 2006, 9
    2. Kosmic Love (feat. Vanessa Haynes) --February 2007, 2
    3. Fantasy (feat. Vanessa Haynes) --August 2007, 8
    4. Feeling-May 2009, 5
    5. You Can Do It (feat. Gordon Chambers) --November 2012, 11
    6. Beautiful Days-May 2013, 5
    7. Come on up for a while feat. Lex Cameron --January 2018, 1
    8. My City feat. Natalie Oliveri --May 2018, 5
    9. Lucky Star feat. Nate James --June 2018, 6


    Original album

    1. Morning Light-July 2007, 7
    2. Evening Sun-September 2008, 9
    3. Blue in Black --March 2009, 3 - The first album of a new project "24-Carat" centered on live jazz."Cafe Bahia" from the album was released on Jazzmin Records in France, and has been bustling with playlists of famous DJs in Europe.
    4. Mixin'-Japan Issue --Mixed by M-Swift --March 2009, 3 - The first mix CD "Mixin'" as a DJ.The regular party of the same name also started at MICROCOSMOS.
    5. Blue in Black --The Best Remixes --May 2010, 5
    6. 12 Months & Sunshine of Love Deluxe edition [2 Discs] --October 2011, 10
    7. WORKS [2 Disc Set] --November 2012, 11 - The first movie "working holiday』Records the original soundtrack
    8. Sunshine of Love --June 2013, 6
    9. The London Sessions "Moving with The Changes" --July 2018, 7

    Produce etc.


    • movies Smuggler (Released in 2011)
    • Movie Working Holiday (released in 2012)
    • Drama Bullshit hero Yomiuri TV (2013 broadcast)
    • Shofukutei Nikaku 50th Anniversary Drama Danran Kansai TV (broadcast in 2013)


    • CM "Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate" --CM SongThelma AoyamaProduced and remixed.
    • NHK language course (English / Spain / Italy, etc.)
    • NHK Rio Olympic Sound Logo
    • NHK BS1 World Sport MLB Opening theme song
    • Disney moviebeauty and the Beast"Premier Am Dubbed All Stars" Be our Guest "

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