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📚 | What was the passage that influenced the life of the editor of "Shosetsu Shincho"?


What was the passage that influenced the life of the editor of "Shosetsu Shincho"?

If you write the contents roughly
Kobayashi: Asako Yuzuki, Yoshiyuki Kuge, Kannon Hanabusa and others wrote a novel about money.

Editing of "Shosetsu Shincho" (Shinchosha), which was in charge of many famous writers such as Amy Yamada, Natsuki Ikezawa, Shion Miura, and Mitsuyo Kakuta. → Continue reading


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    Hanabusa Kannon

    Kannon Hanabusa(Hanabusa Kannon, real name not disclosed.1971[1] -) isJapan OfNovelist-Bus guide[1].Female[2].. My husbandTV writer-Free writer OfTomoki Yoshimura[3].Kyoto CityLives (as of September 2017)[1].


    Hyogobirth[4].Hyogo Prefectural Toyooka High Schoolgraduate[5].Kyoto Women's UniversityDropped out of the Department of Education, Faculty of Letters[6]..Experience various jobs such as dispatched tour operator, travel agency work, movie company work, etc.[7].. At the age of 30, his debts accumulated and he returned to his hometown of Hyogo and closed, at the library.Futaro YamadaI read the work of[5].

    Aspiring to be a novelist from 2009, apply for many newcomer awards[8].Shinchosha Co., Ltd.SponsoredR-18 Literature AwardI applied for and passed the first selection, and I felt a response[9]."Yu" Kaidan Literature Award,Wild Age Frontier Literature AwardWas also applying[9].2010,Flower worshipAt the 1thOniroku Dan AwardReceived the grand prize (sponsored by Musousha) (excellent work is Miyuki Miyuki "Hana Torikago")[10][11][12]..Make her novelist debut.DankirokuI've been reading this work since I was in my twenties, and that was the reason I applied for the Oniroku Dan Award.[9]..He says he wouldn't have applied for an award in the name of another writer[8].2012Announced toWoman's garden』Sells 4 copies[13].2014,magazine"Da VinciIn the 2013rd place of "Kaidan of the year 3"Love hellWas selected[14]..Set in KyotoSensual novel,Horror novelIs mainly writing[15].

    Kyoto Tourism Culture TestHave a second grade[1]..His pen name "Kannon" isBuddha statueComes from what you like[1].. Especially,ShigaNagahamaIt is inDougan-ji Temple Kannon-do OfEleven-faced KannonSay you like[1]..As a favorite writerFutaro Yamada,Ryotaro Shiba,Ango Sakaguchi, Oniroku Dan and others are listed[1].Yamaoka Sohachi,Eiji Yoshikawa,Shotaro IkenamiI also love reading these works[16].Novelist OfYui Tanizaki"Hanafusa knows all about the fear and sadness of a woman. While drawing such a thing, she says,'This is it.'"[17].

    List of works


    <Festival> series

    • Yasurai Festival (June 2014) Kobunsha library)
      • [Recorded works] Plum Festival / Hiina Festival / Gion Festival / Jizo Festival / Fire Festival / Yasurai Festival
    • Jidai Matsuri (October 2015 Kobunsha Bunko)
      • [Recorded works] Kanakani Festival / Tanabata Festival / Yoshishi Festival / Setsubun Festival / Hydrangea Festival / Era Festival
    • After the festival (August 2016 Kobunsha Bunko)
      • [Recorded works] Katabiranotsuji / Yasui Konpiragu / Zuishinin / Return Bridge / Takasegawa / Heian Jingu

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    • convulsions("Mei』Vol.003 February 2013)
    • Demon House ("Mei" vol.004 April 2014)
    • Wife's Mansion ("Mei" vol.005 December 2014)
    • Takamura's house ("Novel modern] September 2020)


    "" Is the work of Kannon Hanabusa

    • Kaidan True Story FKB Feast 3 (June 2012 Takeshobo Horror Bunko) "Rooms that can't be stayed" "Mountain Temple Story Part 6" "Mountain Temple Story Part 1"
    • Horror Girls' Association (April 2013 Takeshobo Horror Bunko)
    • Forbidden book color (May 2013) Tokuma library) "Aoi"
    • Kaidan True Story Coliseum Group Male Warrior Upper Edition (February 2014) MF Bunko Da Vinci) "Mysterious Law of Attraction"
    • Mysterious Hyakumonogatari (February 2014 Takeshobo Bunko)
    • Kaidan True Story FKB Feast 6 (April 2014 Takeshobo Horror Bunko) "A Story of a Prostitute"
    • Growing thorns for you (June 2014) Kawade Shobo Shinsha) "Then"
    • End (October 2014, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha Bunko) "Smell of the Sea"


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    外部 リンク

    Asako Yuki

    Asako Yuzuki(Asako Yuzuki, real name is private,19818/2 -) is JapaneseNovelist.


    TokyoSetagayaBorn in.Keisen Jogakuen Junior and Senior High School[1][2],Rikkyo UniversityDepartment of literatureGraduated from the French literature department.married[3].Nippon Pen ClubMember.

    Since collegeWriterI went to the scenario center aiming for the dramaplotServed as a writer.After graduating, she got a job at a confectionery maker[2]While working as a cram school teacher or contract employee, he applied for a novel award and was awarded the 2008th in 88.All-Story Newcomer AwardWon[4]..Her first book, "That Child at the End," was published in 2010, including her award-winning work, "Forget Me, Not Blue."The same work is "Book magazine』I got a high evaluation such as being ranked 3rd in the entertainment ranking in the first half of the year[3][4].

    In 2013Lamenting beauty"But,2015IsAkko-chan for lunch"ButNHK BS PremiumでTV dramaBecoming2018Is ""NHK-FMでAudio dramaChemical[5][6][7].


    Literary Award Winner / Candidate History

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    Works not included in the book

    • Welcome back literary club (June 2011 issue) Novel subaru)
    • Welcome back to Touf City (September 2016 issue) Novel tripper)
    • "On Stage" (August 2010 issue,Monthly Jay Novel)
    • "I like Anne (this one that changed me)" (Autumn 1 issue, novel tripper)
    • "Cheerful crazy pirate melody (unforgettable melody)" (October 2010 issue, Float, Gentosha)
    • "An Education of 17 Years Old (Relay Essay-My Special Cinema)" (October 2010 issue),Novel reasoning)
    • "Oh! My Idol" (December 2010 issue, novel Subaru)

    Media mix

    TV drama


    Audio drama


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    外部 リンク


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