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🥾 | SixTONES Yugo Kochi MY CAMP STYLE, Master Junichi Davidson, Koishiyu ...


SixTONES Yugo Kochi MY CAMP STYLE, Master Junichi Davidson, Koishiyu ...

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Check out the campsites recommended by masters such as Jun-ichi Davidson.

From Pia Corporation on February 2, "Departure from the metropolitan area!It is decided to release "Campsite I want to go to now". … → Continue reading


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Junichi Davidson

Junichi Davidson(1975/2/4 -) isJapan Ofcomedian(Pin entertainer).Real name,Junichi Utsumi(Our Umi Junichi)[1].R-1 Grand Prix2015 winner.Former representative of Japan for Finswimming.

HyogoAmagasakiBackground[2].Mankai AssociationBelongs(2019/3/29Join more[3]).2019/12UntilAmmy ParkBelong to.2020/1/1Established a private office "Junichi Godo Kaisha" and became independent and became president.[4].


  • Amagasaki City Muko Higashi Elementary School, Amagasaki City Muko Higashi Junior High School,Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Kita High School[5],Nagoya Gakuin Universitygraduate.
  • After coming to TokyomovingWork,SupermarketMidnight work, sampling director to replenish the stock of women doing sample distribution in the city,Call centerExperienced part-time work such as handling complaints at the car, parking lot, driving and delivering the car to the owner of the car at the car repair shop[6].. 24歳のころには、アルバイト先のBy the time I was XNUMX, I had a part-time jobビ リ ヤ ー ドI used to live in the warehouse for about half a year[7].
  • 1997/Shinto Hayashi (currently retired as an entertainer, retired from the comedian "Alpachi"Sandwich manI'm the manager of[8]) And debuted, soon disbanded.続いてcontinue2000/"Mismatch gourmetFormed with Yudai Hayashi,BlurResponsible for the role and material creation, the standing position is on the left.The initial stage name was "Jun-ichi", but it was renamed to the current "Jun-ichi Davidson" in the middle.ミスマッチグルメはMismatch gourmet2011/5Disbanded at the end.
  • Talk Live: Nensan Talk is held regularly and a solo performance is held once a year.[9].
  • Sandwich manIt was the connection that I co-starred when I made a guest appearance on the radio program ofMaesono MasakiHave a friendship with[10].
  • 2014/, Married an ordinary woman[11].
  • 2015/2/10,R-1 Grand Prix 2015To win the championship[12]..副賞として同年Same year as a supplementary prize5/17ToFuji TV seriesIn the single-shot program "Jun-ichi Davidson found a stretch in Milan" broadcast onKeisuke HondaI met him and got a signature and a two-shot photo, but I forgot to get the official approval, so I changed from "completely unofficial" to "self-proclaimed official".[13].
  • 2015/7/11A video message from Keisuke Honda was also sent to the wedding reception held in Tokyo.[14].
  • September 2015, 7, ``VISSEL KOBEAppointed as "Support Ambassador"[15].
  • 2015/10/21,Italy-MilanPerformed a solo live "Jun-ichi Davidson Solo Live-World Tour in MILANO-" (Della Memoria Theater).入場無料で、開催費用はR-1ぐらんぷりの優勝賞金から捻出したAdmission is free, and the holding cost is derived from the winning prize of R-XNUMX Grand Prix.[16]..ただ、満員の客のほとんどは現地の日本人だったと言うHowever, most of the packed customers are local Japanese.[17].
  • March 2016, 3, TBS TV "Flame sports club tv],オ ー ド リ ー OfToshiaki KasugaWith, in June of the same yearPragueWill be held atFin swimmingIt was announced that he was selected as the Japanese national team player for the "World Cup Masters Tournament".[18]..大会では、個人100メートルはトラブルもあって7位に終わったが、春日らと挑んだ100メートル×4リレーでは3分8秒8の好成績を出し、2位入賞でIn the tournament, the individual XNUMX meters finished in XNUMXth place due to some troubles, but in the XNUMX meters x XNUMX relay that challenged Kasuga and others, he got a good result of XNUMX minutes XNUMX seconds XNUMX and won the second placesilver medalEarned[19].
  • August 2019, 3,Mankai AssociationAnnounced to join[3].
  • On January 2020, 1, he established a private office "Junichi Godo Kaisha" independently from Ammy Park, to which he belonged, and became president.アミー・パークの社長に後押しされただけでなく、前事務所での仕事をそのまま引き継いだNot only was it backed by the president of Ammy Park, but he took over the job at the former office.[4].


  • Height 175.3 cm, weight 69 kg, foot size 27 cm[20].Blood Type TheType B[21].
  • My hobbies are watching soccer, camping, fishing, and special skills.ビ リ ヤ ー ド,water polo[21](Rakugo performer OfKaishi KatsuraIs a senior in the high school water polo club[22]).水球の特技を生かして「じゅんいち水球クラブ」という名前で出演したこともあるTaking advantage of the special skill of water polo, he also appeared under the name of "Junichi Water Polo Club".[23].
  • A YouTube channel named after a hobby camp,Channel DavidsonIn addition to irregularly distributing camping videos at, the world's only camping online salon "Junichi Davidson Camp VillageOperates. Also, the sameCampAs you likeHiroshi,Viking NishimuraI often collaborate with such people.However, my wife told me that it was a very clumsy camp, such as being clumsy and forgetting things every time.Bad canIt is called.
  • Comedy combinationDowntownIs in the same townHitoshi MatsumotoBrotherTakahiro MatsumotoIs a senior in high school.

Art style

Long time ago"AmericaSelf-proclaimed "a man who knows everything" and appeared in American costumes. "There is America"[24]And "American baseball player ranking", "American food ranking", "American sports ranking", etc., and in the ranking material, turn to the back and say "Deleste ~ Dereste ~!" Put in the lines and swings,SunglassesI will take a look back and introduce the rankings, but they are common in Japan, for example, "American baseball players are ranked first".Nomo, 2nd placeIchiro, 3nd placeDarvishIt was an art style that invited laughter with the ranking.

Since then, it has become the axis of the current story.Keisuke HondaFinding a way to imitate and acting as a Honda impersonatorNon-rotating chuteHe talks about comic stories such as "Non-rotating mystery", which is a non-twisting material.なお本田のものまねネタは、アルバイト先のHonda's impersonation is a part-time jobCall centerComedians who worked part-time together atKazefuji MatsubaraKoji Kazeto said, "I think it's similar to Honda, so why don't you do it?"[25][26]..このものまねはThis impersonator2013/7I started around that timeR-1 Grand PrixOne day after the 2014 semi-final, I passed a passerby in the city and said, "MilanThere is an episode that I heard a voice saying "I should be in" and thought "I was mistaken for the real thing"[27]..少しでも本田に近づくために、ヘアカットは本田の専属美容師を務めている林勲にしてもらっている他In order to get closer to Honda as much as possible, the haircut is done by Isao Hayashi, who is Honda's exclusive hairdresser.[28], Sunglasses are selected from what Honda actually wears[29]..本田のものまねをしながら「深夜のスーパー」「クレーム対応」のコントを演じることもあるが、これらはまだ売れてなかった時に経験したアルバイト経験が元になっているWhile imitating Honda, he sometimes plays "midnight supermarket" and "complaint handling" contests, but these are based on the part-time work experience he had when he wasn't selling yet.[6].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTenman Tenjin ShichoteiOf high school seniors held inKaishi KatsuraAt the rakugo party, wearing a kimono, sunglasses, and a wristwatch in both handsClassical rakugoof"Toki Udon"Toki Pasta", which is an Italian-style arrangement of "Toki Pasta"[5].

In addition, Honda's impersonation was in a "completely unofficial" state without permission from the person at the time of winning the R-2015 Grand Prix on February 2, 10.[25]..As mentioned in the history section, it has been "self-proclaimed official" since it first met Honda in the R-5 Grand Prix supplementary crown program broadcast on May 17, the same year.ただし、本田自身はこのものまねを容認していたようで、1年の年末にHowever, Honda himself seems to have tolerated this impersonation, and at the end of 2015Tomoaki MakinoJun-ichi was also invited to the dinner party that Honda planned for Honda, and there was also a surprise that Honda imitated "Jun-ichi Davidson who imitates Keisuke Honda".[30].. 2016年2月には、当時本田が所属していたIn February XNUMX, Honda belonged at that timeAC MilanSponsorToyo Tire & RubberJoined the Milan tour sponsored by AC Milan as a surprise supporter (actually, a surprise project on the side where Junichi is surprised), and attached "AC Milan official approval" from AC Milan executives.[31].

Honda from July 2017, 7Riga MX OfCF PachucaBy transferring to, Honda's impersonation played by Junichi has also changed to the Mexican version.[32]..また、本田が移籍したタイミングで、じゅんいちにもたくさんの営業が入ったとのことAlso, at the timing of Honda's transfer, Junichi also got a lot of sales.[33].

HondaJapan national teamHeld from June 2018, 6, participating as a memberFIFA World Cup-Russian tournamentIn the main race as well, Japan showed an activity that overturned the low evaluation before the war, and Junichi also attracted attention.じゅんいちは、グループリーグでの対Junichi is a pair in the group leagueセネガルBefore the match, it is expected that "Keisuke Honda will kick into the centering spilled ball from the left side in the 27th minute of the second half."結果、本田が後半33分に値千金とも言える同点ゴールを決め、SNSなどでじゅんいちの「予言」がほぼ的中したと讃えられたAs a result, Honda scored a tie goal in the XNUMXrd minute of the second half, and it was praised that Junichi's "prophecy" was almost right on SNS etc.[34].

Honda on August 2018, 8A league OfMelbourne Victory FCTransferred to, on August 8, the same yearCambodia representativeDirector and directorGMEven when he took office, Junichi said on Twitter, "Let's make Aussie beef tonight." "Okay, first tonight.Kuy teavLet's eat[35][36].


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