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💃 | Gen Z DIY artist okkaaa releases first full-length album "Voyage" to celebrate the departure of life


Generation Z DIY artist okkaaa releases first full-length album "Voyage" to celebrate the departure of life

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The radio program has started, and a listening party will be held on Saturday, January 1th.

Gen Z DIY artist okkaaa with various faces such as musicians, writers, photographers ... → Continue reading

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Radio program

Radio programWhat is (Radio Program)?Radio broadcast or Internet radioIn (Web Radio)programIs a general term for.

Classification of radio programs

Japan OfBroadcasting lawIn Article 5, "type of broadcast program" is "Liberal Arts Program,Educational program,News program,Entertainment programEtc. " Article 2 of the Law defines the contents of cultural programs and educational programs, but there is no definition of news programs and entertainment programs.

Radio station TheTelevision broadcasting stationUnlike, there is no obligation to publish various types of "harmony between each other" and "standards for the type of broadcast program" based on Articles 106 and 107, but an example of voluntarily publishing the program type. There is[1][2].

OnceJapan Private Broadcasting Federation(National Association of Commercial Broadcasters)Broadcast standardThen, in order to voluntarily announce the program type of each station, radio programs are changed to news programs, political programs, social and public programs,Religious programs,Program for children, Educational programs, entertainment programs, and each station applied this mutatis mutandis[3].. It was later amended and this article is gone.

Radio program genre

Unique to radio programs

  • News program
  • Entertainment program
    • Music program
      • There are many examples of full playback of record / CD sound sources. Also,Radio personalityThere is also a configuration in which only music is played with little or no talk (non-DJ).
      • Request program - listenerからPostcard,facsimile, (From the end of the 20th century)電子 メ ー ルFor example, solicit music requests from listeners in advance or during the broadcast time, and broadcast them.Some programs combine the elements of countdown programs and variety shows.
    • Reading program
    • Radio Drama
    • Talk show - EspeciallyMidnight broadcastOccupies a central position in. There are more radical talks than on TV, and many celebrities (comedy talents, actors, etc.) have begun to sell after appearing on this type of program as a personality. There is often a corner to solicit gag from listeners by postcard, facsimile, e-mail, etc.Postcard craftsmanFrom among the regular contributors calledTV writerIs also produced.
    • Aniraji
  • Radio shopping ――It is often positioned as a corner included in the time of wide programs, etc., but since the mid-2000s (2004-2006) when the advertising revenue of the entire radio station began to decrease, mail-order companies buy program slots. The number of cases is increasing, and the broadcasting time is increasing at most broadcasting stations. There are many formats in which a personality and an outside specialist (except for some) talk over the phone. In some cases, a subsidiary of a broadcasting station undertakes a radio shopping business.

What is common with TV programs

Major radio programs

Category: Radio stationandCategory: Radio programsSee. Especially for sports programsCategory: Radio sports programsreference.


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