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👍 | Farewell Morita, "Love It!" 』Absent partner's pinch hitter is" dream again dream "


Farewell, Morita, "Love It!" 』Absent partner's pinch hitter is" dream again dream "

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I don't know who the pinch hitter will be, but for the time being, Higashibukuro will stand in front of TBS from the morning!

[Tetsuya Morita canceled the guest appearance due to poor physical condition. The result of the PCR test is negative, and the fans are relieved ... → Continue reading


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Hitting(Okay,British: pinch hitter)baseballInBatting orderCame aroundbatteron behalfAt-batEnter and hitplayerThat thing.English abbreviationPH.

Origin / Overview

When baseball began in the 19th century, replacement was not allowed unless the starting player was unable to play due to injury or illness during the match.This is"Pinch hitterIs the reason why it is called[1]..After that, after a period of time when a limited number of people such as 1 or 1 people per game or a limited rule such as only during innings was put into operation1891Has a rule that allows unlimited player changes during a match[2]..This has made it possible to strategically change players as one of the manager's strategies in baseball.

The attackerBall deadAt any time, the batter can be replaced by a reserve player who has not yet played in the match.[3]..The substitute player at this timeHittingThat is.In addition, it should be notedNominated batterOnly if the starting pitcher is replaced or the designated hitter completes one turn at bat[4]..Also, the pitcher cannot be replaced until one or more batters are out or the first base is allowed (at least one at bat is completed) or the inning is completed.[5]Therefore, even when the pitcher stands at bat in the top of the first inning, he cannot make a pinch hitter.

Pinch hitter will take over the batting order, ball count, and defensive position of the replaced player and participate in the game, but when defensive, the defensive position may be changed or replaced by another player.[Note 1]..Also, a player who has been replaced by a pinch hitter will withdraw from the match and will not be able to participate in that match thereafter.However, if the pitcher changes,Rescue pitcherIs obliged to pitch until the batter / pinch hitter at that time is out or reaches first base and the batting is completed or the offense and defense change.[6]Pinch hitter, on the other hand, is not obliged to complete the blow.Therefore, for example, if a batter is given a pinch hitter and the defensive side who sees this changes the pitcher, the attacking side who sees this change of pitcher may give a pinch hitter for a hitter that has not yet been thrown. it can.However, the defensive side is not allowed to immediately replace the substitute pitcher with another pitcher in response to the pinch hitter being issued.

Record treatment

If the batter is replaced in the middle of the turn at bat (a pinch hitter is issued), the batter will have a record when the turn at bat is completed.However, as an exception, 2strikeThe batter who participated as a pinch hitter after being taken is taken a strikeStrikeoutIf you do, the batter who took the second strike will be struck out.[7]

Pinch hitter

The type of pinch hitter to be appointed depends on the game situation.outThe number ofscorenumber,inningThe number and whether the pitcher is left or right are important deciding factors.Before using a pinch hitter, it is necessary to consider who will fill the defensive hole after the current batter has retired.In many cases, a left-handed batter is appointed for a right-handed pitcher and a right-handed batter is appointed for a left-handed pitcher.The best pinch hitters on the team often save for the second half of the game[8].

Opportunity at the end of the game

The match rushed into the final stage with a close match,runnerThe scene where I got the opportunity to tie, reverse, or take a decisive additional point.Since the batting result in such a situation is directly linked to the victory or defeat of the team, a batter who has a high batting average in the scoring position and is trusted in the team is appointed.A player who has difficulty in defense or has retired from regular due to old age but has a high batting average (it is said to "get results" and "work")Pinch hitter trump cardWill enter the bench.After hitting a hit and hitting the base, heSubstituteOften replaces the player.

The most in the team to make sure the runners advance in situations where they really want one pointBuntA good player may play as a substitute for a sacrifice bunt (so-called "pinch bunter").This is a strong miraculous nature because the purpose is to advance the runner with a bunt from the beginning.Squeeze playIt is difficult to be appointed in the scene where you set up.This is because if a player who is good at bunting comes out as a substitute in a situation where squeeze is possible, the defensive side will detect that squeeze will be performed most of the time.

Compatibility between dominant arm and turn at bat

Since the source of the ball is easy to see, the right-handed batter is advantageous for left-handed pitchers, and the left-handed batter is advantageous for right-handed pitchers.Taking advantage of this, players with different left and right at-bats may be put out, and a pinch hitter may be appointed to gain an advantage in the dominant arm.For teams that do not have an absolute trump card, a pinch hitter will be given in consideration of this even at the end of the game.In addition, it may be appointed in consideration of compatibility with pitchers.When a left-handed batter is sent to a pinch hitter in the scene of a right-handed pitcher, the opponent may change the pitcher to the left, and at that time, a "pinch hitter" that appoints a right-handed batter is also occasionally seen.

Pitcher's turn at bat

Nominated batterIn the case of a game without a system, it is generally difficult to expect a hit in the turn at bat of a pitcher whose batting power is inferior to that of a fielder.Therefore, if a runner is placed after the middle of the game and the pitcher's turn at bat is scheduled to be dismissed, a pinch hitter is often issued.This pinch hitter is judged in consideration of the number of pitchers thrown, and the turn at bat has an important influence on the timing of pitcher change.

To continue recording

It may be used as a means to continue the continuous participation record.In order to continue the record of consecutive appearances, it is necessary to complete one turn at bat or to defend from the beginning to the end of one inning.

yuanHanshin Tigers OfTomonori KanemotoIs January 2010, 4Yokohama Bay StarsThe consecutive full-inning appearance was interrupted in 1492 games due to being out of the starting lineup in the game, but even after that, in the games that did not start, he continued to participate in the consecutive games by playing as a substitute.But on April 2011, 4Chunichi DragonsIn the game, although he participated in the 8th inning with a pinch hitter from 2 out 1st base, the 1st base runnerShunsukeHowever, he failed to steal the base and ended the attack without completing his turn at bat, and because he could not defend behind it, his participation in consecutive games was interrupted in 1766 games.

Injury change

Self-ballPinch hitters may be sent because the batter was unable to participate in the middle of the turn at bat due to injury caused by such factors.

2010 year 4 month 9 daySaitama Seibu LionsversusChiba Lotte MarinesIn the battle, Lotte stood at bat in the bottom of the first inning, one death, one third baseNominated batter-Kazuya FukuuraWas injured because he hit the ball on the inside of his right knee.Pinch hitter for FukuuraKobe TakkoWas sent, Seibu's starting pitcherHideaki WakuiからHome runReleased[9].


Professional baseball

  • Total number of pinch hitters
RankingNameNumber of timesRemarks
1Takao Murakami778SE League Record
2Shinjiro Hiyama757
3Kawamata Rice632
4Yukio Fujinami610
6Kenji Awaguchi569
7Yasuhiro Takai559Pacific League Records
  • Pinch hitter
1Takao Murakami186SE League Record
2Shinjiro Hiyama158
4Kenji Awaguchi137
5Kawamata Rice131
6Yukio Fujinami128
7Yukio Osada122
8Yasuhiro Takai120Pacific League record, right-handed hitter record
  • Pinch hitter home run
1Yasuhiro Takai27World record (Pacific League record)
2Yasunori Oshima2016 in the Central League (2nd in history), 4 in the Pacific League
2Kojiro Machida20SE League Record
4Kenji Awaguchi17Left batter record
5Kawamata Rice16Second place in the Central League history
6Kenichiro Kawamura15
7Masutaka Hironaga14
7Yoshimura Sadaaki14
7Shinjiro Hiyama14
  • Pinch hitter
1Takao Murakami118SE League Record
2Shinjiro Hiyama111
3Yasuhiro Takai109Pacific League record, right-handed hitter record
4Kawamata Rice105
5Hiroshi Yagi98
6Goro Toi96
  • Total pinch hitter rate (300 or more appointed)
RankingNamebatting averageRemarks
1Tsutomu Wakamatsu. 349SE League Record
2Asai. 315
3Shinichi Igarashi. 292Pacific League record, right-handed hitter record
4Takao Murakami. 290
5Yuichi Takagi. 287
  • Number of pinch hitters per year
RankingNameNumber of times年度
1Manaka Manaka982007
2Kazuyoshi Tachinami932007
3Shingo Kawabata892021
FourSaneo Aso871962
FourTakao Murakami871966
6Shinjiro Hiyama862008
6Kazuyoshi Tachinami862008
  • Annual pinch hitter
1Manaka Manaka312007SE League Record
2Shingo Kawabata302021
3Misawa Imasaharu261969Pacific League Records
4Miyahara Tsutomu241964
5Kazuyoshi Tachinami232007
5Shinjiro Hiyama232008
5Fumihito Haraguchi232018Right batter record
8Ishikawa Susumu221962
8Takao Murakami221966
8Takuji Ohta221978
8Yasunori Nagao221986
8Tsutomu Wakamatsu221988
  • Pinch hitter home run
1Yasunori Oshima71976SE League Record
2Yasuhiro Takai61974Pacific League Records
2Kazuhiko Ishimine61985Pacific League Records
2Yasuaki Otoyo61999Left batter record
  • Annual RBI
1Mayumi Akinobu301994SE League Record
2Kazuyoshi Tachinami272007Left batter record
3Takao Murakami241966
3Kaoru Hirata241985
5Yasuhiro Takai231974Pacific League Records
  • Pinch hitter full base home run
1Kojiro Machida4
1Yasuo Fujii4No. 2001 in history for 3 bottles a year in 1
3Takehide Sato3
  • Pinch hitter goodbye home run
1Yasuhiro Takai3Recorded in the 1974 All-Star Round 1
1Tsutomu Wakamatsu3
  • Pinch hitter goodbye home run
NameDate and TimeRemarks
Kazuo Higasa19563/25Reverse (3 points difference)
Fumio Fujimura19566/24Reversal
Junichi Ikeda19707/29
Hirono Isao19715/20Reversal
Tsutomu Imai19728/30
Yukio Iida19749/3
Masaaki Iwashita19824/6
Takahiro Yanagihara19846/11Reversal
Hiromasa Fujita19886/18Reversal
Glen Davis19965/1
Masutaka Hironaga19987/7Tanabata tragedyThe match
Hirotoshi Kitagawa20019/26Reversal (3 points difference), victory decision
Yasuo Fujii20019/30Reverse (3 points difference)
Masakuni Odashima20037/18
Hisayoshi Nagano201110/22Reversal
Atsushi Ugumori20174/2First in the opening card[10]
Takayama Shun20195/29
  • Pinch hitter consecutive hits
1Makoto Matsubara71980After 6 at-bats in a row, walk 1
1Kiyoshi Hatsushiba72003Continuous at bat
3Tsuguo Goto61953Continuous at bat
3Takao Murakami61972Continuous at bat
3Kenichi Tanizawa61986Sandwich 1 walk
3Jun Inoue61999Continuous at bat
3Hitoshi Taneda62000Sandwich 4 walk
3Atsushi Kataoka62005Continuous at bat
3Ogasawara Michidai62014Sandwich 1 walk
  • Pinch hitter consecutive at-bats on base
1Hitoshi Taneda1120006 hits, 5 walks
2Kojiro Machida919964 hits (including 1 home run), walks 5
2Pedro Castellano919975 hits (including 1 home run), 3 walks, 1 hit by pitch
2Ogasawara Michidai920146 hits, 3 walks
  • Other pinch hitter records
    • Consecutive game Pinch hitter Goodbye home run (2 games)
      • Yasumitsu Toyota(December 1968, 8th, 24)
      • Tsutomu Wakamatsu (June 1977th and 6th, 12)
    • Continuous at-bat pinch hitter home run (3 at-bats)

Major League

  • Pinch hitter
1Lenny Harris212
2Mike Sweeney175
3Manny Mota150
4(English edition)145
5(English edition)143
  • Pinch hitter home run
1Matt Stairs23
2Cliff Johnson20
3(English edition)18
  • Pinch hitter home run
1Dave Hansen72000
1Craig Wilson72001
3(English edition)61932

The record is at the end of the 2013 season.

Other players with records and episodes about pinch hitter

Major League

  • Mickey welch: Became the first pinch hitter in Major League history.
  • Jeremy Hermida: Pinch hitter full-base home run at the first at-bat in the majors.

Professional baseball

  • Saneo Aso: Called the original pinch hitter[11].
  • Shoichi Kaneda: Although he is a pitcher, he has recorded two pinch hitters and home runs.
  • Kawasaki Masahiro: Typical pinch hitter.
  • Kozo Kawafuji: There is an anecdote that he was known as a pinch hitter specialist with a total of 18 hits in 211 years as a professional player, and did not have gloves because he did not have the opportunity to defend.
  • Hiroshi Yagi: From the activity as a pinch hitter, "Pinch hitter god(Originally Akinobu Mayumi was so called, but Yagi took over. This title was laterShinjiro HiyamaEtc.).
  • Atsushi Furuta : Concurrent playerFrom the direction of the times, "Pinch hitter meBorn the buzzword[12].
  • Hirotoshi Kitagawa : 20019/26, Welcomed by Magic 1Orix Blue WaveIn the bottom of the 9th inning in the battle, in the scene of 3 points behind, Japan and the United States will be the first to combinePinch hitter reversal goodbye full base championship decision home runWas released.

high school baseball


In turn, it is not limited to baseball games, but it is sometimes called "pinch hitter" or "pinch hitter" to refer to a person who acts on behalf of a certain person (eg, appearance on a TV or radio program).

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注 釈

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