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🐈 | A new color, Rosso color, is now available in the dog harness "Hakihana"

New color for dog harness "Hakihana"

A new color, Rosso color, is now available in the dog harness "Hakihana"

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Based on the philosophy of eco-sustainability and reduction of environmental load, it is a non-toxic, non-allergenic and recyclable product using high quality materials made in Europe where environmental regulations are strict so that it can be used sustainably. ..

15 kinds of colors with soft touch and gloss on the dog harness "Haqihana" made in Italy ... → Continue reading


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Environmental regulations

Environmental load

Environmental loadWhat is (Kankyo Fuka)?EnvironmentRefers to the negative impact on.

Environmental load is something that occurs humanly (waste,Pollution,Land development,Reclamation,戦 争,Population growthThere are things that occur naturally (such as)weather,Earthquake,VolcanoEtc.) are also a factor that gives an environmental load.

In particular, those that may cause problems in the conservation of the environment that occur humanly are those in Japan.Basic Environmental LawThen.Environmental loadCall[1].

As a numerical value of the burden on the environment, the amount of resources consumed by humans is expressed as the area required for reproduction.Ecological footprint, Released from production to disposal of industrial productscarbon dioxideShown by quantityCarbon footprintShowed the load of food and timber transferFood mileage -Woodmilesand so on.


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