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🥾 | "A car is stuck in a snowy mountain" The smell of alcohol from a man in the car ... Hit the head of a policeman who tried to inspect and arrested on the spot ...


"A car is stuck in a snowy mountain" The smell of alcohol from a man in the car ... Hit the head of a policeman who tried to inspect and arrested on the spot ...

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When he tried to test his breath, he was arrested on the spot because he went wild and hit the head of a 53-year-old police officer.

Before dawn on the 26th, a 53-year-old man was arrested for hitting the head of a police officer in a car plunged into a snowy mountain in Chuo-ku, Sapporo. → Continue reading

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Alcohol test

Alcohol test(Alcohol kensa) means that the personAutomobile,Train,ShipHarmful to the operation of transportation such asliqueurIt is to inspect whether you are careful.Policemen,Japan Coast GuardWill be tested by exhalation. If it is judged to be "drinking" or "drinking"Criminal penaltyDisposition including.

Type of inspection

DUI inspection

Drinking by the policeInterrogationIn the case of the jurisdictionPolice officerOr,Highway traffic police forceMember orTransportation riot policeIt is done by the members.In general, it is often carried out on trunk roads (most of which are other than national roads) that connect different cities, wards, towns and villages and have less traffic.Nationwide simultaneous inspections and special warning inspections may be conducted on national roads and bypass routes with heavy traffic.Most of the DUI inspections are conducted from night to tomorrow morning.

The method is to check the exhaled breath, which is judged by the sense of smell of the police officer, and handle about 3 units as a set.A police officer stands on the right side of the direction of travel and calls out to the driver, "I'm sorry for the hurry. Are you on your way home from work? We are conducting a drunken inspection, so please take a breather." Tego (to check the alcoholic odor of breath).The driver may be required to exhale strongly at the request of a police officer.If nothing happens, it will be sent out as "Thank you for your cooperation, please drive safely."

Due to the constitution, this alcohol test is not a criminal procedure, but the purpose is "prevention of drunk driving", so it is legally optional, and you will be immediately arrested and punished for ignoring the test. There is no such thing.However, the police suspected that it contained alcohol and it was judged that there was a risk of driving a vehicle etc.equipmentIt was usedalcoholExhalationThe driver who was asked to inspectRoad Traffic LawArticle 67, Paragraph 2 "When it is recognized that a person who has or is about to get on a vehicle, etc. may drive a vehicle, etc. in violation of the provisions of Article XNUMX, Paragraph XNUMX, a police officer In order to investigate the degree of alcohol held in the body of the person regarding the measures under the provisions of the next paragraph, as provided for by Cabinet Order,ExhalationCan be inspected. , And an obligation to do so (compulsory inspection) will occur, and administrative sanctions will be taken according to the inspection results.If you refuse the breath testRoad Traffic LawAccording to Article 67, Paragraph 2Current offenderArrestAnd penalties (fines of XNUMX yen or less) are more likely to be applied.

However, even in the following cases, it is not possible to use tangible force to perform a compulsory examination, in which case a physical examination warrant by the court is required.

  • Those who refuse a breath test thoroughly even after being arrested for refusing an alcohol breath test
  • Police gave the person alcoholbloodInspectionIf you decide that you need to do, but you do not get the consent of the person

Even if you are arrested for refusing an alcohol breath test, it will not affect the administrative disposition of your driver's license, but if you are found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol by a blood test based on a subsequent physical examination warrant, you will be guilty. It will be heavy and you will be subject to administrative sanctions for your driver's license.

Inspection for professional drivers

bus,Track,Taxi,Higher OfdriverIs the target.It is done by the operator (bus company, transportation company, etc.).It is done every morning after work, but often in front of the boss to make it clear that he is not drinking.Passenger vehicle transportation business transportation regulations and freight vehicle transportation business transportation safety regulations, which are ordinances of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, have been amended, and from May 2011, 5, businesses are obliged to inspect with alcohol detectors.[1]..For this reason, the above-mentioned police officers' inspections are often regarded as "not drunk" and exempted (passing through the inspection area as they are).

Inspection for railway and track crew

Railroad / trackDriver,conductorTo be targeted.Not all companies do it because it is not required by law, and some companies do it voluntarily.

Inspection for ship staff

According to the safety management regulations, large vesselsSailor(Captain,Navigator,EngineerEtc.) prohibits shifts when the alcohol concentration in the exhaled breath is 0.15 mg / L or higher.Small vesselOperators will also be tightened from the usual 0.5mg / L to 0.15mg / L in some waters[2].

Inspection for airmen

Passenger plane OfPilot,Flight attendantHowever, since the inspection method and standards were left to the operating company, a system for strict inspection before and after the flight will be established.[3][4].

Used equipment

Alcohol checker,Alcohol tester,Alcohol detector[5]And so on.

There are stationary type and handy type.

The stationary type is mainly installed in the sales office and is used at the time of commuting or before business operation.

The handy type is mainly carried by each person and is used for long-distance driving, telephone roll calls during business trips, and checking at home before commuting.

SmartphoneThere is also a type that connects with and inspects, and since the inspection data can be sent and managed by the application, it is used instead of face-to-face roll call.

History of alcohol testing methods

Automobiles have begun to spread1920 eraSince then, in Europe and AmericaAlcoholic beverageThere were many serious fatal accidents caused by this, and it became an urgent task to separate drinking and driving.As an initial response, after the accident, a doctor went to the site to observe and inspect the driver.However, because it relies on the subjectivity of doctors, the judgment is largely blurred, and it was not possible to immediately determine whether the cause was alcohol intake.[6].

1930/ToSwedenでBlood samplingEstablished a method for confirming blood alcohol, scientifically demonstrating alcohol intake, and making it possible to objectively determine the causal relationship with traffic accidents.[6].

AmericaThen,1930 eraIn the middle, an alcohol test device using the human focus function was introduced.When you look through a pair of images through a lens like a microscope, this device looks like one picture is completed normally, but if you are drunk, it will not be in focus and you will not be able to see it well. It was a mechanism.After that1937/ToIndiana UniversityAnd included in the exhaled breathOdorAlcohol amount measuring device was developed to detect alcohol from[6]..The early ones could not be determined without sending them to the inspection agency,1940 eraIt has become possible to directly measure the amount of alcohol contained in the exhaled breath, and the test results can be known at the inspection site.


In addition to drinking alcohol, tests using alcohol detectorsFermented food,MouthwashMay react with trace amounts of alcohol contained in.For this reason, when alcohol is detected, a method is adopted in which the person gargles and re-examines at the timing when 15 minutes or more have passed, and determines whether or not alcohol is drunk based on whether or not alcohol is detected.However, even with this method, the judgment of the presence or absence of alcohol consumption is not perfect, and if the cause of alcohol detection is other than the subject's mouth, alcohol can be detected even by re-examination after 15 minutes.New coronavirus infectionSince 2020, when hand disinfection with ethanol has been encouraged due to the influence of the above, false detection by hand disinfectants has become a problem, and in 2021Sanyo Shinkansen OfShin-Iwakuni StationIn the case that occurred in, the detector malfunctioned due to the leakage and vaporization of the hand disinfectant placed near the alcohol detector, causing a commotion that some trains were suspended.[7]..As countermeasures, it is advocated to wash hands with running water and soap instead of disinfecting hands before the alcohol test, thoroughly ventilate the inspection site, and place the hand disinfectant and alcohol detector in a remote place.[8].


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