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👩‍🎤 | <AKB48 〇〇 Deep digging two people> Anna Iriyama and Rena Kato are "comrades", AKB48 is "12 years of training"

Photo Suzuha Yamane, Anna Iriyama, Rena Kato

<Deep digging two people who are AKB48> Anna Iriyama and Rena Kato are "comrades", AKB48 is "12 years of training"

If you write the contents roughly
Iriyama, who has a strong spirit of service, entertained the surroundings not only during distribution but also during interviews.

<Two people: Serialized after-interview (12)> AKB48 Suzuha Yamane is the MC, a live distribution app ... → Continue reading


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Service spirit

Service spiritWhat is (service service)?PeopleTry to pleaseHeart, Service attitude,Feeling.


Service industryAnyone who is involved inactingEven so, the behavior that makes others happyLip serviceHowever, even in daily relationships, this mental effect isAwarenessRegardless, it is considered to be more or less always working.If you do not have any desire to please the other person and you come in contact with the other person,EgoismThis is because a good human relationship cannot be established due to a conflict.In addition, this psychological effect is very common because the psychological effect that makes others happy is the joy of the person concerned and the feeling that people do not want to be disliked.[Source required].

Therefore, when this mental effect is stronger than usual,Service spiritOften called.

Excessive service spirit

Osamu DazaiMakes readers happy作家 OfworkThen, it exerts an excessive clown service spirit,literatureHe continued to attract attention not only in the world of Japan but also in his private life.Mishima YukioAlso had an extraordinary service spirit.

Ernst KletschmerIt is known that many of those who tend to be schizophrenic type (S type) in their personality classification have such an excessive service spirit.This type is seemingly non-sociable,seriousでユ ー モ アWithoutdelicateIt is said that he is a type who despises popular things, creates his own world, and is enthusiastic about it, but at the same time, it is a personality that is difficult for third parties to understand easily, and it is a strange thing that others can not imagine. I act calmly,PublicMay get the attention of.前述の、太宰や三島、あるいはAs mentioned above, Dazai, Mishima, orRyunosuke AyukawaEtc. also belong to this type.In the live-action film, Akutagawa, who is thought to be serious, climbs a tree and makes a playful gesture toward the camera.

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