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👩‍🎤 | Shibuya Nagisa wins alone? Voices of pros and cons from fans for the "general election" of "NMB48"

Photo Nagisa Shibuya Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu 

Shibuya Nagisa wins alone? Voices of pros and cons from fans for the "general election" of "NMB48"

If you write the contents roughly
The current general name is probably Nagisa Shibuya, who is active in variety shows.

The graduation of Umeyama Cocona, the group's "ace candidate", has been announced, and "NMB48" is in a difficult situation.Same glue ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Shibuya Nagisaki

Shibuya Nagisa(Shibuya Nagisa,1996/〈Heisei8 years>May 8[2] -) isJapan OfIdol,talent,YouTuber,Ambassador,Radio personalityAnd a female idol groupNMB48New Team N and derivative unit "QueentetIs a member of.AKB48A former member of Team 4 and a member of the derivative unit "Tentoumu chu!".She is nicknamed "Nagisa'[3].OsakaI'm fromShowtitleBelongs.


NMB48 4th gen member auditionPassed on December 2012, 12NMB48 TheaterWas unveiled as a 4th term research student at a performance held in[4].

2013 year 7 month,AKB48 GroupA unit selected from research students inTentomu Chu!Is formed[5]..AKB12's single "" released on December 11th of the same yearIt's a rather embarrassing conclusion after thinking for a few days how I would change our relationship if I said "dreaming of your smile" on the tree path of Suzuki.Served as the center for the NMB48 song "I met you and I changed"[6].

On February 2014, 2, it was announced that they would be promoted to Team BII and concurrently serve as AKB24 Team 48 at the "AKB48 Group Daigumi Kakusai".[7]..NMB3's 26th single "NMB48 released on March 9th of the same year"Takamine appleWas selected for the first time in the single title song, and AKB5's 21th single "AKB48" released on May 36st of the same year.Labrador RetrieverWas selected for the first time in AKB48's single title song.[8].

“May 2015 to June”AKB48 41st Single Selection General Election] In the 59th place,General electionBecame the first rank in and was elected as Future Girls[9].. 2016 implementation of "AKB48 45th Single General Election』In the 56th place, was elected Future Girls[10].

From January 2017, 1, transferred to Team M due to NMB1's large organization (team reorganization, announced on October 48, 2016)[11]. It was carried out from May to June of the same year.AKB48 49th Single General Election』In the 60th place, was elected Future Girls[12]..From the same yearViVi』OfficialInfluencerJoined the team "ViVi girl"[13]..On December 12th of the same year, the group was organized at the 8th anniversary performance of AKB48 Theater, and it was announced that the concurrent post with AKB12 Team 48 would be canceled.[14].

June 2018, 5, ``I can't let my dream die』Ended the concurrent post with AKB48 with the performance Chiaki Raku[15].. Captain of NMB2019 Team M from March 3[16].

August 2020, 10,rugby OfJapan Top League-NTT Docomo Red HurricaneBecame an ambassador of[17].

August 2021, 3,YouTubeOpened the channel "Nagi-chan Nell".

Before dawn on October 2021, 10 (midnight on the 6th),TV Asahi"Dismembered strategy] In the frame (Tuesday version Part 3), the first as Shibuya NagisaCrown program"~ Nagisaki and entertainer ~ Matching』Started broadcasting.

2021 year 11 month,Best Hit Kayo FestivalMC on YouTube channelSeiji MiyaneAt the time of the conversation with NMB48's songAkimoto YasushiIt was announced that the new song was newly written and that it would be sung at the center for the first time.

August 2022, 3,SRS HoldingsOperated by Sato Food Service belowfamily restaurantIs a chainJapanese foodAnnounced to be the first ambassador of[18].

He was selected as the 2022th member of the NMB3 27th Single Selection General Election of NAMBUTTLE ~ Ai ~ held at ROHM Theater Kyoto on March 48, 27.In addition, the first place is Chihiro Kawakami of her synchronization.


Participating songs on NMB48

Single selection music



Album selection songs



Theater performance unit song

NMB48 name

NMB48 research student performance "Youth Girls"

  • Forbidden two
  • Blue rose

Team BII 1st Stage "I wanted to see you"

  • Namida No Shounan (Hono Akazawa's Under)
  • Nagisa's CHERRY (Saki Kono's under)
  • Glass I LOVE YOU (Under Moeno Akazawa)
  • Koi no PLAN (Saki Kono's Under)
  • Rionokakumei (Hono Akazawa's Under)

Team M 1st Stage "The Dawn of Idol"

  • Unrequited love diagonal (back dancer)

Team BII 2nd Stage "I'm in love"

  • First love at 7:12 (under Rikako Kobayashi)

Team BII 3rd Stage "reverse rise"

  • Insect Ballad (1st UNIT)
  • If you are hugged (2nd UNIT)

Team M "Idol no Dawn" performance

  • Mouth-watering chocolate

NMB48 Team M "For Someone" Performance

  • Uniform disturbs

AKB48 name

Minegishi Team 4 "Idol Dawn" Performance

  • Unrequited love diagonal

Akari Takahashi team 4 performance "I can't let my dream die"

  • Memory dilemma


TV program

Current appearance program

Past appearance programs

TV drama


Special program


Online delivery

  • M-1 Fan Club (September 2017, 9-December 15, 12,GYAO!)-MC[41]

Web serialization



Magazine serialization


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注 釈

  1. ^ Appear on Thursday until March 2018[36].


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