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💪 | 5th place is "Chocolate with abdominal muscles" !? The 5 best "Bodybuilding shouts" that are too deep


5th place is "chocolate with abdominal muscles" !? The 5 best "bodybuilding shouts" that are too deep

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bodybuilding(English: bodybuilding,Body building) Means for the effect of aesthetics筋肉Progressive resistance exercise for the purpose of hypertrophy and control or development of muscle tissue construction (Progressive Resistance)[1]..Appearance is important, not physical strength, and it is different from weightlifting.[2]..Those engaged in this are "bodybuilders" (Bodybuilder).Bodybuilders who participate in the competition compete for harmony and proportion of the body, strength of muscles, muscle size, and physical condition, and prepare for the rating judge when they stand on the stage.Bodybuilders dehydrate and carb loading (Carbo-Loading, carbohydrateBy increasing the intake ofglycogen〈glycogen> Is combined with a diet that stores in the body) to reduce unnecessary body fat in the final stage before the competition, and complete the construction of the maximum amount of muscle and its clear contour and blood vessel distribution.They are exposed to concentrated rays on the stage, and they tan their bodies for the purpose of emphasizing light and darkness.beardShave[3].."" Held by the International Bodybuilding FederationMr. Olympia''(Mr. Olympia) Winners are often considered to be at the top of the bodybuilding world.1950/Since then, the United States Amateur Bodybuilding Association (The National Amateur Body-Builders' Association) At the World ChampionshipsArnold SchwarzeneggerThere are well-known award winners such as, and those who survive are often professional athletes.

Many bodybuilders spend a great deal of effort and time trying to achieve the physical construction they envision.If they do 7 hours of weightlifting on a weekly basis, they can gain 1-8 pounds (about 20kg-3.7kg) in the first year, but 9.1-2 after 5 years. It begins to slow to pounds (about 15 kg-2.3 kg) and can drop to 6.8-5 (about 3-10 kg) pounds in 1.3 years.[4].

Some bodybuilders have the purpose of building muscle and hypertrophyAnabolic steroids (Anabolic Steroid) And some abuse agents.Although recovery from muscle damage is quick, their use may be banned due to health risks and considerations in fair competition.There are voices saying that you should test for steroids, but the Bodybuilding Federation (National Physical Body Commission) refuses to do so.[5].

Rich piana(Rich Piana), Not only steroids, but also for the purpose of muscle gain and hypertrophyInsulin(glucose (= dextrose) ) Is also abused by some bodybuilders.Piana2017/Suddenly died in a form close to sudden death, and there are voices suspected of insulin abuse[6][7][8][9]..Like steroids, insulin has a strong anabolic effect that promotes muscle growth and is taken by bodybuilders.Also, insulin is already in the blood and is never detected.[6]..Insulin has a very strong effect on fattening the bodyhormoneAnd makes it difficult for bodybuilders to build the ideal body[10]..The British Journal of Sports Medicine (British Journal of Sports Medicine) talks about the increasing number of bodybuilders who abuse insulinBritish Journal of Sports Medicine) In the paper "Insulin as a drug of abuse in body building"Insulin as a substance of abuse by bodybuilders" warns that "taking insulin for the purpose of muscle hypertrophy is very dangerous."[11].


In ancient Egypt, Greece and Tamilakam, there was a competition to lift large stones.[12]..In the West1880/から1953/Weightlifting developed over the years, and those who were proud of their strength showed their strength to the general public and competed with each other.It was not the physique of the participants that was weighted, but their limbs and abdomen were usuallyWas fat[13].

Early days

Bodybuilding was born in the late 19th century as a “muscle art show”. It was often described as "the father of modern bodybuilding" that promoted bodybuilding competitions during this period.Germany(at that timePrussia) FromEugene Sandow(Also with Jürgen Sando).Even before Sandou, there was a street performance-like culture that made the trained body a spectacle, but it showed the strength of lifting heavy rocks and breaking chains.Sando studied ancient Greek and Roman sculptures and aimed to bring his body closer to it by discipline.It is Sando's achievement and the origin of the concept of competition to prove that the embodied physical beauty is represented not by imagination but by the actual human body.Sandow first wears exercise equipment (machined dumbbells, spring pulleys, tension bands)invention-Sale official[Source required].

1901/On September 9, Sando held his first bodybuilding contest. The contest is called "Great Competition",英国,UK OfRoyal Albert HallIt was held in. The judge is the LordArthur Conan DoyleSir served. The contest was a great success, and the winner was imitated by a sculptor's sandTrophyWas given. This trophy1977/Also presented to the winner of Mr. Olympia. Early 20th century,Bernard McFaddenPromoted the spread of bodybuilding after Sando[Source required].

Golden age

In the modern era, when size has come to be prioritized over symmetry and definition, 1940 to 1970 is sometimes referred to as the "golden age" of bodybuilding. It was also during this period that training techniques developed and publications and contests increased.[Source required].

Bodybuilding in this era is the United StatesCalifornia OfSanta Monica Of(English edition)VeniceAnd it was especially popular. Memorial Day on the last Sunday of May, near an outdoor training gym in Venice Beach as a muscle contestMemorial Day for the Fallen War Soldiers, June 7independence Day, The first Monday of SeptemberLabor DayHeld 3 times a year[Source required].

The department is roughly divided

  • Man/Woman/Masters (35+)bodybuildingDepartment
  • PhysiqueDivision (male, new female (women's) from 2014) --Evaluated by so-called inverted triangle slimming, hairstyle, decoration by wearing surf pants, posing 2 division system
  • Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euDivision (female)-A bikini division close to Fijique, posing by quarter turns
  • ビ キ ニDepartment (female)-moderately firm and feminine, emphasizes muscles that emphasize the abdominals and hips.

It is one of the largest amateur contests in California where you can compete for the body that suits the beach separately, and there are many participation not only in the United States but also overseas[Source required].

As popularity increases,Amateur athletic union(AAU) added the bodybuilding competition to one of the existing weightlifting competitions in 1939, and the following year named the competition AAU Mr. America.However, the AAU allowed only amateur athletes and emphasized weightlifting in the Olympic Games, which led to a backlash from many bodybuilders. 1 1947st World Congress held[14].

This led to the Weeder brothersInternational Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) was launched. IFBB Mr. America was a contest where professionals could participate. In 1950(English edition) (NABBA) has launched the "NABBA Mr. Universe Contest" in the UK. Make a perfect match with thisMr. OlympiaThe first was held in 1. Today, Mr. Olympia is the most prestigious title in bodybuilding. Initially the contest was limited to men, but in 1965 NABBA added Miss Universe to the contest and in 1965, Miss Olympia was founded.[Source required].

Sword & sandals movie

Set in ancient timesSword & sandalsWore (sword and sandals)Hercules,Samsung,GladiatorWas the subjectSteve ReevesThe starring movie was made between 1958 and 1964, and the audience in Europe and the United States who saw the bodybuilder was influenced, and he began to train bodybuilding.Arnold SchwarzeneggerAlso said that he aimed at becoming a bodybuilder after seeing the movie featuring Reeves[Source required].

After the 1970s

By the 1970s, bodybuilding with Arnold Schwarzenegger1977/MovieSteel Man ``Pumping Iron''], has come to gain greater citizenship. At this time, IFBB was in charge of the bodybuilding world, and AAU worried afterwards. Also in this eraAnabolic steroidsHas penetrated into bodybuilding just like any other sport[Source required].

1981, 1thWorld games(The United States of America-Santa Clara,World Games 1981) Adopted bodybuilding as a non-Olympic sport fromWorld Games 1985,World Games 1989,World Games 1993,World Games 1997,World Games 2001,World Games 2005,World Games 2009Will be held as an official competition event. In this situation,International Olympic CommitteeIFBB has been strict against several steroid hormones and other banned drugs for its members to recognize.dopingIntroduced inspection. In the early 2000s, IFBB started bodybuildingOlympicTried to make a competition[Source required].

Became a member of the IOC in 2000 (may be adopted as an official Olympic event)Open competitionWas attempted, but in the end it did not succeed. Behind this is the fact that there are some who argue that bodybuilding is not a sport because there is no “record” like athletics in the actual contest, and bodybuilding is banned in Olympic competitions. There is a persistent misconception that the use of anabolic steroids is inevitable[Source required].

World Games also says that due to doping violations, according to the Japan Bodybuilding Fitness FederationWorld Games 2013No bodybuilding competition is held inWorld Games 2017However, there are no plans to hold bodybuilding competitions (as of August 2013).[Source required].

May 2020, 5 Fitness Gym in the United StatesGold gymUS GGI Holdings, which managesCivil Rehabilitation Law(Equivalent to) was applied for and the business went bankrupt.New coronavirusThe financial condition has deteriorated due to business restrictions associated with the spread of the infection. Aiming to rebuild by closing approximately 30 of our own[15].

Bodybuilding competition at Asian Games

Asian GamesIn2002 Busan TournamentWas adopted from the official event byDoha 2006But it was an official event, but due to the bloat of the Asian GamesAsia Beach GamesWill be moved to.2008 Asia Beach Games(Indonesia-Bali),2010 Asia Beach Games(Oman-Muscat) Was held as a formal competition. In 2009, the Asian Body Building Federation (ABBF) was removed from IFBB[16], The Asian Federation of Bodybuilding Fitness (AFBF) was newly established.Japan Bodybuilding Federation (JBBF) will join AFBF as a member of IFBB, but will supervise beach gamesAsian Olympic Council (OCA) has ABBF as its approval body, so JBBF2010 Asia Beach GamesI couldn't attend. Due to a series of internal conflicts,2012 Asia Beach GamesBodybuilding is excluded from the competition. However, according to the Japan Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (JBBF), the Asian Bodybuilding Fitness Federation (AFBF) is scheduled to return to Asia Beach Games from 2014 as the official organization in Asia (as of August 2013). )[Source required].

Japanese bodybuilding

Japanese bodybuildingTakemaru WakakiBegins at. Wakaki was inspired by Eugene Sando's book,1938/Published "Physical remodeling and physical fitness improvement method".1952/FukushimaHeld the 1st Japan Games in[14].1955/Popular since thenwrestlingWith that, the first bodybuilding boom occurred, and bodybuilding became widespread. In October of the same year, "Japan Bodybuilding Association" (currentJapan Bodybuilding FederationJBBF) was established,1956/[14]The XNUMXst Mr. Japan Bodybuilding Contest was held.1967/Will dispatch Japanese athletes to the IFBB World Congress, and Japanese bodybuilding will be fully internationalized. After that, Japanese players continued to perform well at IFBB and NABBA international competitions. But1972/IFBB's Mr. Universe Short Class Winner1975/1976/NABBA Mr. Universe Medium Class Winner,Shigeru Sugita 1976/NABBA Mr. Universe Amateur Short Class Winner1981/IFBB Mr. International Middleweight championship,1982/Japan Bodybuilding Association reorganized into Japan Bodybuilding Federation and joined IFBB[14].1983/Held the "Miss Japan Contest", the first national women's bodybuilding competition. But1988/Women's World Championship 52 kg class championship,World Games 1993First participation in Japan[14],Toshihiko Hirota 1997/World gamesBody building category Lightweight championship,Yuko Mizuma 1997/World gamesBody building category 52kg class or less,2002 Asian GamesFirst participation in Japan[14],Toshio Onuma 2002/IFBB World Amateur Championships Masters lightweight champion. (Because there are many winners of bodybuilding competitions in Asia, the description is omitted.)2003/,Hidemasa YamagishiIs the first Japanese to obtain an IFBB Pro card.2012/As of June 6, there are 19 male and 3160 female athletes registered with the Federation of Bodybuilding. There is no prize money at the Japan Bodybuilding Championship, the largest competition in Japan, and a month's worth of protein will be awarded as a side prize.2013/January,CorporationThe Japan Bodybuilding FederationPublic interest group corporation corporationJapan Bodybuilding and Fitness FederationRenamed to. 2013 IFBB Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship 70kg classMakoto TashiroWas awarded the medal to Japan for the first time in 17 years in 2016rd place. 80 IFBB Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding Championship XNUMXkg classSuzuki MasaruWon. The level of high school students and younger students has also risen to reach the fifth place in the 2017kg class and below at the 23 IFBB World Junior (75 years and under) bodybuilding championship. On May 5, 2020, Gold Jim will receive news of a bankruptcy, but it explains that franchise stores that have nearly 5 stores in the world including Japan will not be affected by the US bankruptcy law application[17].


ポ ー ジ ン グ

  • At the competition
  • In order to select a large number of participants, first of all, only those who pass the basic pose will be announced by the lower prize winners in the free pose that poses with artistry with the music selected by themselves. Finally, the winner will be announced.
  • Appearing on stage, Front relax pose[Note 1], Turn light Turn right 4/1 turn and side relax pose (left) Side relax pose(left), Turn light 4/1 turn rear relax pose Rear relax pose , Turn light 4/1 turn side relax pose (right) Side relax pose(right), turn light 4/1 turn back to front relax pose, Examine the physical condition.
  • The default poses are 1 to 7 below for the Japan Bodybuilding Federation (JBBF).[Note 2], Japan Body Building Federation (NBBF) 1-8 below.
    1. Front double biceps pose Directly translated, two biceps in front. Make a bicep on both arms and judge from the front.
    2. Front lat spread pose A translation of the front lat spread is a spread of the back and back muscles from the front.
    3. Side chest pose Translated literally, the side chest examines the chest thickness as well as the arm thickness, back, leg, body thickness, and shoulder size.
    4. Back double biceps pose Directly translated, it has two biceps on the back, facing backwards from the front double biceps, but the body is bent back and the back muscles and legs are examined.
    5. Back lat spread pose Translated literally to widen the latissimus dorsi of the back, and examine the spread back spine from the back.
    6. Side triceps pose A translation of the side triceps pose is performed by examining the thickness of the arms and legs including the triceps seen from the side.
    7. Abdominals and thighs Translated into Abdominals and thighs, the abdominal muscles and legs are examined.
    8. Most muscular pose This is the best muscle when translated directly, and the jugular muscles next to the neck, the size of the shoulders and the thickness of the arms are examined.
  • SunburnThe reason for doing this is that the dark skin on the skin is more shaded by the muscles than the white skin. Colors recognized by overseas contests (those that give the skin a tan color) are prohibited in Japanese contests because the walls and floors of public facilities are colored, and sunburn is performed as an alternative.[18].
  • In order to contest the state of muscle development, the hair below the neck is shaved and shaved. In recent years, contest pants (called posing trunks)ビ キ ニBecause it is small in shape, it is embarrassing if the hair protrudes from the pants due to the movement during posing, so shave the pubic hair as well[19].


  • Women have four categories: bodybuilding, health and beauty, body fitness (similar to so-called figures), and fitness (including dance performance).
  • Men are only bodybuilding categories, but competitions by prefecture, Kanto, eastern Japan, western Japan, and regional range of Japan, class by weight group, overalls are indiscriminate, open competitions have no restrictions on participation. In the case of the Tokyo Open, there are rookie competitions, age-specific masters competitions, junior competitions under the age of 21, high school student competitions, and college student competitions.


At the international competition, a brown color is applied to the skin before the competition to make the skin appear black and the shadows of the muscles clear. I apply it the day before so that the color will be deposited on the stratum corneum of the skin, but until it deposits, the color will change and the bed etc. will be soiled, so lay a vinyl sheet on the sheets and sleep.

Meaning of cheering voice

You can clearly see the shape of the muscle, and you can see the stripes of muscle fibers.
Big muscles.
Bali Bali
It has no fat and is trained to a single skin.

Small publishingExpressions other than the above are also included in the "Bodybuilding Voice Dictionary".

Holding an international competition in Japan

  • 1982/October Asian Bodybuilding Championship Men's held in Tokyo.
  • 1986/September in Tokyo Mr. Universe (World Amateur Bodybuilding ChampionshipsWorld Amateur Bodybuilding Championships) Held.
  • 1987/May 5st International Women's Amateur Bodybuilding Invitation Championship held in Tokyo. (After that in Tokyo1988/,1989/,1990/Held. )
  • 1989/October Asian Bodybuilding Championship Men's, Asian Mixed Pair Bodybuilding Championship held in Tottori.
  • 1992/September Tokyo Women's Bodybuilding Championship, Asian Pro-Am Classic Bodybuilding Championship, Asian Mixed Pair Bodybuilding Championship held in Tokyo.
  • 1997/September Asian Women's Bodybuilding Championship and Asian Mixed Pair Bodybuilding Championship held in Tokyo.
  • 2001/AkitaIn the XNUMXthWorld Games 2001Was held and bodybuilding was played as an official competition.

Bodybuilding and drugs

Body building andDrugRelationship with otherSportsMore deeply, it is said to have been baptized with drugs in the 1960s. As a result, there are many people who have the false image that "everybody builder uses drugs (doping)."

While there are types of bodybuilders who use unlimited drugs and get people's attention with abnormally developed muscles, they are natural without any drugs.SupplementThere is a type of bodybuilder who accumulates intake and steady training.The latter is also called a "natural builder".

Usually both are the sameContestsThere will be a dedicated contest for each. In general, contests in which natural builders participateDrug testingIs carried out and the offender is immediately disqualified[Note 3].. Some of them use the drug, but if they don't use it, they lie in it and it's hard to get out of the test. Some people do so, sopolygraphThere are also contests that use (lie detector).

The problem is that drug-using builders lose their health due to the aftereffects of a large amount of drug ingestion, or die due to that, which has led to criticism of drug contamination of bodybuilding, which was an open secret. Came to However, there are many spectators who think that the bodybuilder in the contest is not a target of “healthy beauty” but a “spectacle”, and those people only want to see a monster-like body, and have no interest in the health of the bodybuilder. It was To the prizewinnerPrize moneyAt the "Pro Bodybuilder" competition,EntertainmentBecause of this, I could not ignore the "demand" of the audience, did not conduct drug tests, and implicitly allowed drug use.

Due to the recent trend toward health, the reputation of natural builders has risen, and there is now a category called "professional natural builders."

Doping promotes muscle development, but was once referred to as a "legend" in OlympiaSergio OlivaWas negative about the effects of the drug.He says he used steroids once in his lifetime, and although he did get more muscle than he had expected, he stopped using it because he was "too muscular (not beautiful)."

Side effects of drugs

  • Visceral hypertrophy-Especially in the last ten years, visceral hypertrophy has progressed due to the effects of drugs, and it is not uncommon for top builders to have an extremely bulging abdomen. If it is too severe, we changed to a scoring method that points the abdominal protrusion due to visceral hypertrophy[Note 4].
  • Hair loss (variation between individuals)
  • Dark hair
  • Voice change (low-pitched sound)
  • Gynecomastia
  • TesticleReduction, catabolism
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Kind ofcancer(The causal relationship between anabolic steroids and leukemia is considerable in some cases)
  • Heart disease(heart failure)

Changes in Female Bodybuilders

"New York PostThe news, delivered on October 2013, 10, reported that steroid use led to virilization of women.In general, "female bodybuilder Candice Armstrong started taking trenbolone (steroid) at the recommendation of her companion, but soon became addicted beyond the daily dose and continued to use it for the next two years. As a result, she first suffered from acne and whiskers, then her skeleton grew and turned into a man-like walk, eventually her clitoris growing into a one-inch long penis. " Content cases were dealt with[20].

Death due to drug use by well-known bodybuilders, severe cases

  • Paul Demayo (IFBB professional bodybuilder, dead, 37 years old)
  • Michael François (IFBB pro bodybuilder, total colectomy due to digestive disorders)
  • Vince Kamaford (IFBB professional bodybuilder, died of heart failure, 52 years old)
  • Nasser El Sombati(IFBB professional bodybuilder, 2nd highest, dead, 48 years old)
  • Lee priest(IFBB professional bodybuilder, hospitalized for hypertension (230/150))
  • Don Youngblood (IFBB professional bodybuilder, died of heart failure, 51 years old)
  • (IFBB professional bodybuilder, died of heart failure, 44 years old)
  • Andreas Münzer(IFBB professional bodybuilder died of abdominal aortic rupture, 31 years old)
  • Mohamed Benaziza (IFBB Probody Builder, diuretic directly caused by heart failure, died shortly after contest of heart failure 28 years old)
  • Dennis Newman(IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Leukemia)
  • Flex Willer(IFBB probody builder, nephrectomy transplant surgery due to kidney disease. Hormones are not produced in the body due to excessive drug use in the past, and it is necessary to rely on outside)
  • Mike Menzer / Ray Menzer (brother) (IFBB professional bodybuilder, died at ages 49 and 47 respectively)
  • Don Long (IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, retired due to internal organ disease)
  • (IFBB professional bodybuilder, died of heart failure. 48 years old)
  • Craig Tights(IFBB probody builder, abdominal hypertrophy, murder of aggression due to steroid use)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger(IFBB pro bodybuilder, heart valve plastic surgery, preventive measures for future heart attack)
  • Durian yates(IFBB professional bodybuilder, ex-Mr. Olympia 6 consecutive wins, abdominal visceral hypertrophy)
  • Ronnie Coleman(IFBB professional bodybuilder, ex-Mr. Olympia 8 consecutive wins, abdominal visceral hypertrophy)
  • Hidemasa Yamagishi(IFBB professional bodybuilder, the first Japanese winner of Mr. Olympia, hypertrophy of the abdomen)

Bodybuilder and insulin abuse

2017/May 8,The United States of AmericaBodybuilder,Rich piana (Rich Piana) Suddenly collapsed during a haircut.Piana remains unconscious for more than two weeksMay 8Died in.The cause of death of Piana is officially "unknown" at autopsy[21]But,Insulin(glucose (= dextrose) ) Is suspected of overdose[6][7][8][9]..Insulinpancreas OfBeta cellsProduced inPeptide hormoneAnd in the bodyAnabolismhavehormoneIs considered to be[22]..Insulin promotes glucose uptake into cells and glucose metabolism, accompanied byBlood glucose levelDecreases.

Harvard Medical School (Harvard Medical School) Professor of Psychiatry and Doctor of Medicine Harrison Pope (Harrison Pope) Says that insulin use is certainly increasing among bodybuilders.[6]..Piana2013/Posted a video on YouTube, admitting that taking insulin is dangerous[8]Argued that the danger could be avoided by consuming the right amount of sugar.[6]..The reason why bodybuilders take insulin is that, as mentioned above, insulin not only lowers blood sugar levels, but also has an anabolic effect and promotes muscle gain.[6].."Insulin, like steroids, has a strong anabolic effect that promotes muscle growth and is taken by bodybuilders." "Insulin is already in the blood and is undetectable," Pope said.[6].

But overdose of insulinHypoglycemiaAnd from thereSeizures,lethargyLeads to neurological brain damage, and death[6][7]..It also turned out that taking insulin has become very popular among bodybuilders.[6]..It's especially dangerous if the bodybuilder is taking insulin and doesn't profess it[6]..Insulin is not a regulated drug and is readily available[6].

Matt Fidz, an exercise expert for healthMatt Fiddes) Is "Diabetes mellitusAs with patients, enough insulin to takecarbohydrateNeed to eat.Otherwise, you'll fall into a coma and die, "he said, thinking that insulin was the most likely cause of Piana's death.[23]..The act of taking insulin itself is very dangerous[7].

2016/January,United KingdomBodybuilder Ghent Wakefield (Ghent Wakefield) Was found dead at home. I was 35 years old.North Staffordshire (North Staffordshire) Coroner, Ian Smith (Ian Smith) Speculates that Wakefield's cause of death "is most likely due to insulin abuse."[7].

"If, as Matt Fidz says, insulin is the cause of death for Piana, there's a lot of controversy. It's worth building a stubborn, chunky muscle that puts you at risk of life. Some media are asking, "Is it really there?"[9].

Insulin is the largest hormone that promotes fat synthesis and storage and thoroughly suppresses and inhibits lipolysis in the body.[24][25][26][27].

Insulin strongly promotes fat accumulation, increases hunger and causes weight gain.Excessive amounts of body fat accumulate in insulin-injected animals, even when calories are restricted[28].

A diet that increases insulin secretion has the same effect as when insulin is injected.[28].

Insulin promotes the uptake of glucose into cells, suppresses and interferes with the release of fatty acids from fat cells, and in the liver.Ketone bodiesSuppresses the production of, promotes fat deposition, and even reduces the circulating concentration of major metabolic fuels[28].

obesityRisk factors inHyperinsulinemia(Hyperinsulinemia) Is involved.Obesity can be caused when insulin levels are higher than normal or when insulin levels rise only slightly.Weight is lost when a drug that inhibits insulin secretion is given or insulin levels decrease[28][29]..The action of suppressing or interfering with lipolysis is the most sensitive metabolic action of insulin.Slight increases in insulin levels, even on an empty stomach, inhibit lipolysis in adipocytes[29]..Stimulating glucose uptake into cells requires six times the normal insulin concentration in the liverGluconeogenesis(Gluconeogenesis) Suppresses, it is enough to double the insulin concentration[29].

Insulin signals the creation of new fat cells to make room for new fat in case the fat cells become full.[30].

Insulin has a very strong fattening effect, which actually makes it difficult for many bodybuilders to build their ideal body.[10].

British bodybuilder Tristan Alberts (Tristan Alberts) Was taking insulin for the purpose of hypertrophy of muscles.2017/In November, he was found lying vomiting at home.At the time of discovery, he had traumatic brain injury and was not breathing.He has a hypoglycemic coma (Hypoglycemic Coma), And underwent emergency surgery.Alberts was blind and unable to walk on his own, eat food, or even have a satisfying conversation, requiring 24-hour care.[31]..Some bodybuilders take insulin even if they don't have diabetes for the purpose of hypertrophiing their muscles.[31].

"British Journal of Sports Medicine" (British Journal of Sports Medicine) In the paper "Insulin as a drug of abuse in body building("Insulin as a drug of abuse by bodybuilders")

  • "Insulin in the human bodyHalf-lifeIs 4 minutes, disappears in a short time, and is very difficult to detect.Even if it is detected, it cannot be distinguished from insulin secreted from the person's body.Therefore, insulin is a very attractive and potentially dangerous drug for bodybuilders. "
  • "Insulin abuse by bodybuilders is becoming more and more problematic, highlighting the potential dangers that can be posed to insulin abusers in situations not under the supervision of a doctor."
  • "This drug, which has the potential to cause fatal injuries, is taken in secret without knowledge and can have serious consequences if diagnosis and treatment are delayed."
  • "Insulin abuse leads to hypoglycemia, coma and death."

He concludes that taking insulin for the purpose of muscle hypertrophy is extremely dangerous.[11].


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