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⛺ | Jubilo Iwata Kagoshima Camp begins Endo "Training up even one"


Jubilo Iwata Kagoshima Camp begins Endo "Training up even one"

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Jubilo's camp is until February 2th, and a practice match with Shimizu S-Pulse, who is camping in Kagoshima, is scheduled during the period.

Jubilo Iwata fights on the J3 stage for the first time in three seasons. Camping has started in Kagoshima prefecture for the opening of February. 1 ... → Continue reading

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Shimizu S-Pulse

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Shimizu S-Pulse(Shimizu S-pulse,Shimizu S-Pulse) IsJapan OfShizuokaShizuoka CityHometown,Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1991/Joined the J League.home townShizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Before the mergerShimizu[1]. Home stadiumIAI Stadium Nippondaira[1]The practice area is S-Pulse Miho Ground[1](Detail is#Stadium/practice fieldSee). The team name "S" is an acronym for "Soccer, Shimizu, Shizuoka," and "PULSE" is in English.心 臓Means the heartbeat of[1].1993 J League opening10 clubs that fought (Original 10), and the only parent club among the 10 clubsBusinessmanNot, andJapan Soccer League It is a club that is not a member of (JSL). The operating company at the time of launchEslap Communications Co., Ltd., Since February 1998, 2S-pulse Co., Ltd..

Club mascotPal-chan(The origin of the name comes from the "pal" who connects S-Pulse to the supporters. The ears of the ears represent the modern version of Hagoromo)[1], Pal-chan's lover, was born in July 2012[6] Pical-chan (The origin of the name is from the winning star and the star indicating the title)[1], Pal-chan's sister-like existence[7] Koparchan[1] Is. Pal-chan is positioned as "a cute and cheerful character who has the speed, strength, and cleverness required for soccer, and is modern and elegant."[7], One of the J-League mascots and featured on the official S-Pulse website[6].


Background to the establishment of the club

In 1956, I was appointed as a new teacher at Ejiri Elementary School in Shimizu City.Satoshi HottaSoccer instruction for children started by 1967, the first elementary school league in Japan was formed in Shimizu City, the first school for coaching teachers in Japan "Coaching School" was born, and the system for soccer training was established.[8].. All Shimizu of the selection team (Shimizu FC) IsJFA All Japan U-12 Soccer Championship8 wins at[9], High school championshipsShimizu East-Shimizu-Tokai Daiichi) Advanced to the finals seven times between 1980 and 1988 (including four wins)[10], It was an area that produced many soccer players.

It was held in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1991.High school overall soccer competitionAs the main venue ofNippondaira Sports Park Ball StadiumIs completed. At the time of opening, there was no special stadium with a capacity of 1 in Japan at the time of opening, and it was thought that it could withstand use in professional leagues.[11]

When establishing the J League, the condition for participation in the professional league is to establish a franchise system, which is ideal for a European club organization rooted in the region, with the aim of breaking away from conventional corporate sports.[12]Embodying the J League philosophy, "If there is a home town that greatly fosters professional soccer teams, there is no candidate site more than Shimizu" and it is based in ShimizuShizuoka Adult Soccer LeagueBelong toShimizu FCWas selected as the participating team for the first year.[13]

1991-1992 (Shizuoka Prefecture League)


In May, as a management company of Shimizu FC,TV ShizuokaBeginning withChunichi Shimbun Tokai Head Office,Fuji TelevisionEtc. invested, soliciting 1% shareholding from citizens,Eslap Communications Co., Ltd.Established. Team nameShimizu FC S-PulseWas established as a means to differentiate itself from the corporate team. Espinosa is appointed as the first director. With the establishment of the club,Horiike Takumi,Katsumi Oenoki,Kenta Hasegawa Of"Shimizu Higashi three crows"Became the first captainYasushi Miura,Masato SawatoA player from a local area joined.[14]


June replaces EspinosaEmerson LeonBecame the director.May 7ToNagai Athletics StadiumAtGamba OsakaWithPreseason matchWas held. This day, which was the first match in the club, is called "S-Pulse's birthday"[15].1992 J League Yamazaki Nabisco CupHas achieved second place.

From this yearShimizu Nihondaira Sports Park StadiumStarted using (current IAI Stadium Nihondaira) as a home stadium.

1993-1998 (J League)

May 5th, J League start. 15th of the next dayMitsuzawa StadiumHeld atYokohama FlugelsMatch withOpenerBecame. The 1st stage competed well with 10th out of 4 teams. 2nd stage Section 2 to GKSijimarWhen he joined, he won 3 straight games in 6 consecutive games from the 6rd round, and at the same time showed good progress, such as taking the lead. In the 2nd stage, 14 wins, 4 losses, 2nd place,1993 J League Yamazaki Nabisco CupRunner-up, the Emperor's Cup advanced to the best four and achieved good results.


The 1st stage achieved nine consecutive victories from Section 5 and ran for the moment, but stalled after the Kashima match at the national border and ended up in second place. Ronaldo participated in the FIFA World Cup USA Tournament as a Brazilian national team. It was the first World Cup participation for a club player. After the end of the 9st stage, it was discovered that Emerson Leon was bribing with the player and was dismissed. To succeed the directorRoberto RibellinoWas appointed, but the 2nd stage ended in 6th place.


Former Kashima Antlers director,Miyamoto MasakatsuBecame the director. Became the team's first Japanese coach. The 1st stage suffered 63 points of league worst and ended in 14th place out of 12 teams. Former Italian national team FW from the 2nd stageDaniele MassaroJoined.また鹿島かIs it Kashima again?Et al.Yasuhiro Yoshida, Santos, Ryuzo MoriokaJoined, and played for the championship until the middle stage. In addition, the junior youth team won their first title in the Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-15) tournament and won the club's first title. At the Emperor's Cup, I was defeated by Vissel Kobe. After the season, Miyamoto retired as director.


To the directorOswald Ardires, To the head coachSteve PerrimanIs appointed. September 9th,1996 J League Yamazaki Nabisco CupWon the championship at the end of the PK match. The top team won the long-cherished first title. Also, at the Atlanta Olympics held this yearTeruetsu Ito,Hiroyuki Shirai,Yoshihara MatsubaraBecame a member, and Ito scored the final goal in Brazil.


Second year of the Ardiles system. A fixed uniform number system was introduced, and as a result of giving priority to the uniform number that regulars had the most in the previous year, Ryuzo Morioka's uniform number became 2 which is rare for a DF. The 11st stage was 1th and the 7nd stage was 2th. This year's J Youth Cup first victory, Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-6) tournament 15 consecutive wins, etc., the activities of the subordinate organizations were outstanding.

In November, the management crisis of the operating company, Eslap Communications, came to the surface. With a debt of over 11 billion yen, the effective parent company, TV Shizuoka, announced that it would withdraw from operation. Logistics giant based in Shimizu with over 20 signatures and 31 million yen donatedSuzuyo"Soccer Communications Co., Ltd." (established in November 1995), which was engaged in publishing business at a subsidiary ofThird-party allotmentDo thisShizuoka Railway-Shizuoka gas-Shizuoka Shimbun-Koito ManufacturingDepending onS-pulse Co., Ltd.Reorganized into, the company will take over the business rights[16].


Team slogan:Break Through

Operation by the new company will start on February 2st. Teruyoshi Ito, a registered member of the 1 World Cup France TournamentToshihide Saito2 players are elected.The team finished 1nd in the 13st stage with 4 wins and 2 losses and a goal difference. From July 7th to August 25nd, he achieved 8 consecutive wins and 22 goal, and was selected as the best team of AFC month in August. After the 6nd stage, Ardiles was dismissed.From the Emperor's Cup, Perryman will be supervised.Emperor's cupHave decided to advance to the first final. In addition, GK from the youth teamYosuke NozawaWent up to the top team and became the first player to be promoted.

1999-2015 (J1)


Team slogan:dream stadium 1999

January 1, the Emperor's Cup finalYokohama FlugelsLost to the runner-up.Yokohama FlugelsYokohama MarinosWith the team merger of this yearXerox super cupAsia Cup Winners Cup 1999-2000It was decided to get the right to participate in. AlsoYokohama MarinosからSotaro YasunagaFrom Yokohama FlugelsKuboyama Yusei,Bellmare HiratsukaからKazuaki TasakaJoined to reinforce the force. League matchThen the 1st stage is 4rd place with 3 points difference. The 2nd stage won 8 consecutive games in the middle stage and did not give up the top position, November 11,Yokohama International StadiumHeld inYokohama F. MarinosHe won the battle and decided to win the stage. The biggest rival in the championshipJubilo IwataWas defeated after the penalty shootout.ア レ ッ ク スIs the MVP, 6 players in Best Eleven, and Periman is the best manager award.


Team slogan:big mission 2000

It was my first time to participate in an AFC-sponsored tournament.Asia Cup Winners Cup 1999-2000Then in the quarterfinalsAnyang LG TitusDefeated to advance to the final tournament.Chiang MaiIn the semifinals atBangkok BankWin at the end of the PK matchAl SaulerIn battleShohei Ikeda1-0 to win the goal. It won the Asian title for the first time.Asian Super Cup TheAsian Club Championship 1999-2000WinningAl HilalIt was held at home and away with, and it was one step short of the Asian champion with 1 draw and 1 loss.J1 league matchFinished in 1rd place on the 3st stage and 2th on the 13nd stage. After the J1 league match, Perryman was dismissed and Zemnovich, who was the youth general manager, was promoted to the top team manager.ゼムノヴィッチ体制初の大会となったIt was the first tournament under the Zemnovich system.Emperor's cupAdvances to the final for the first time in two tournaments.


Team slogan:Dynamic Soccer 2001

Although the Emperor's Cup final was lost to Kashima,Xerox super cupThen defeat Kashima 3-0. Participated as a winning team last yearAsia Cup Winners Cup 2000-01In the quarterfinalsBEC Terror SasanaWon the semifinals,Dalian MintokuLost to 3rd place.2002 FIFA World CupA large stadium for international games will be built nationwide along with the event, and it will be the World Cup venue in Shizuoka Prefecture on May 5th.Ecopa StadiumAt the end of the extensionKohei HiramatsuThe player's goal was a victory.J1 league matchIs 1th on both the 2st and 4nd stages.Emperor's cupHas advanced to the final following the previous year.


Team slogan:Orange Fantasia 2002

January 1st, the third final advanceEmperor's cupIn the finalCerezo OsakaDefeated by extension and won the championship. In FebruaryXerox super cupWon in a row. JuneFIFA World CupRyuzo Morioka, Alessandro Santo,Kazuyuki Toda,Daisuke Ichikawa4 players have participated. As the 80th Emperor's Cup runner-up team on behalf of Kashima who participates in the Asian Club ChampionshipAsia Cup Winners Cup 2001-02Participated in 3 consecutive tournaments,Jeonbuk HyundaiIn the quarterfinals with, he missed the semifinals due to away goals. Also, from this year, the Asian Club Championship and the Asian Cup Winners' Cup were integrated for the first time.AFC Champions League 2002-2003Participated in the 81st Emperor's Cup championship team. It will be a participation from the qualifying round,New Radiant,South ChinaAnd decided to advance to the group stage (equivalent to the quarterfinals).J1 league matchThen, Zemnovich retired from the 1st stage 7th place and the 2nd stage 12th place.


Team slogan:EXCITING FIELD 2003

Takeshi OkiStart with a new system. Prior to the opening of the J LeagueDalianHeld atAFC Champions League 2002-2003Group stage (equivalent to the quarterfinals)Dalian Mintoku,Ichiwa Jonan,Orthot SupperI competed for one chair, but I couldn't survive.Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvanced to the best four.J1 league matchFinished in 11th place a year. 11月29日、大木監督を解任しOn November XNUMX, Director Oki was dismissedKoji GyotokuBecame the director.Emperor's cupWon the semi-finals, but couldn't make it to the finals.


Team slogan:HARD & ATTACK 2004

AntonignoStart with a supervision system. He was expected to be skilled, but due to family care etc., it was the final race of the 1st stageIchihara Seaside StadiumAtIchiharaExpressed resignation after the war.石崎信弘ヘッドコーチが監督昇格となったNobuhiro Ishizaki head coach has been promoted to coach[17].Araujo,Cho Jae JinAlthough he was excited on the attack side, he suffered 5 goals in the league worst fifth place,J1 league matchRanked 14th in the year.After the end of the season, it was decided that he would continue to cast Ishizaki the following year, but supporters complained and Ishizaki retired for that year.

Takaya Kurokawa became a member of the Athens Olympics held this year.長年ゴールマウスを守ってきたI have protected the goal mouse for many yearsMasanori SanadaRetired from active duty.


Team slogan:2005 Thoughts

Kenta Hasegawa becomes the director for the first time. It was the first year2005/The season continued to be sluggish with 15th place remaining. During that time, the scouts were enhanced to reinforce not only youth players but also external players.2005/Debuted every timeTakuma Edamura,Akihiro Hyodo,Naoaki AoyamaYoung players have become the mainstay,Emperor's Cup of the same yearAchieve a runner-up result.


Team slogan:Sake Thought S-PULSE 2006

Hasegawa system second year.2006/Is a newcomerFujimoto AkiraIs established as the main force, Naoaki AoyamaRepresentation from JapanYounger players are emerging more than the previous year, such as being elected to. Ichikawa, who is a representative of Japan A,Ryuzo Morioka,Teruetsu Ito,Toshihide SaitoThey also demodulated and ranked high from the opening, and finished the season in 4th place. This year, Fujimoto won the rookie king.


Team slogan:Sake Thought S-PULSE 2007

Hasegawa system third year. He marked 3 consecutive victories from the 20th to the 25th after the break, but he lost consecutive races afterwards withdrawing from the fight for the championship. It came in 6th place a year. This year, Teruyoshi Ito achieved the J4 league's first J1 400 games in total, belonging to the same club.


Team slogan:WE BELIEVE 2008

Hasegawa system 4th year. The league game was affected by three consecutive losses in the early stages, and although it was temporarily in the rank of relegation zone, due to the growth of young people, it caught up in the final stage, and the annual ranking was 3th.Yamazaki Nabisco CupAdvanced to the final. Played against Oita Trinita and lost 0-2.


Team slogan:WE BELIEVE 2009

Hasegawa system second year.Yokohama FCからKosuke Ota,UrawaからYuichiro Nagai,NagoyaからFrode YoungsenSucceeded in large-scale reinforcement.SapporoToTransfer with time limitWasYasuhiro HiraokaAlso returned. On the other handRyuzo Morioka,Takagi Kazumichi,Tajima Yajima,Akinori NishizawaAre transferred.

Of the opening roundOmiyaThe match ended in a scoreless draw, and was scored with no points for the first time in the league opening game. Although there are many draws until the summer (28 draws by 11th match), they play unbeatable soccer. In particular, he won't lose at home, and he has grown to 20 unbeaten league home games from the previous year.Nabisco CupIn the home game ofYamagataHave been defeated by).May 9ToKenta HasegawaThe decision to continue casting.May 10Section 28HiroshimaEven if you draw one-on-one in the battle, there is a goal differenceKashimaNo. 29 but defeated in Section 2 to be relegated to JXNUMXOitaStarting with the first defeat of the season,FC TokyoIn the battle, he won the 1st place in the league home for the first time in the season, and won the ACL as well as the victory, and the final ranking was 2th. The Emperor's Cup lost to Nagoya in the semifinals.



Hasegawa system 6th year. As a new force千葉からBothner,VfL BochumからShinji OnoEarned.oakWas transferred to theKota Sugiyama,Tokyo VWas transferred to theHironobu TomonobuIs back from the youth teamNabeta Ajin dreamJoined.In the 9th round against Urawa, he achieved a total of 3 J1 wins for the third team, following Kashima and Iwata.The final ranking is 300th, and Hasegawa retires after the season ends (de facto dismissal).Runner-up at the Emperor's Cup.


Team slogan:Spirit Up!

As successor director of Kenta HasegawaIran representativeDirector (at that time)Afshin GotobiIs appointed. From Tokyo VToshiyuki TakagiFrom ShonanDaisuke Muramatsu,KoreaK LeagueSuwonFrom former Japan national teamNaoyasu Takahara,Greek Super LeagueIraqisFrom former Japan national teamDaigo Kobayashi,Takigawa Daini High SchoolからHiroki Higuchi,A leagueSydney FCからAustralian national teamAlex BrosukeEach was acquired by a complete transfer.

On the other hand,Teruetsu Ito,Daisuke Ichikawa Kofu,Naoaki Aoyama Yokohama FM,Western youhei ShonanWhat,Frode Youngsen Odd GlenlandTo each after the contract expired. Was the main forceFujimoto AkiraTo Nagoya,Takuya HondaTo Kashima,Shinji Okazaki VfB StuttgartWhat,Akihiro Hyodo oakTransferred to. Was a super subKazuki HaraWas transferred to Urawa, and the team of the previous year was renewed. Ito and Ichikawa, who have been left out of the club, and a series of main releases including the western part that participated in 32 games in the previous season league game were due to the need to reduce personnel costs due to the deficit fall in 2010, but this result It has been reported that it caused a sense of distrust between the front and the players, which was one of the factors behind the succession of the mainstay and the slump in later years.[18][19].

Of the opening roundoakAlthough they lost a lot of 0-3 in the battle, due to the success of Ono and Takahara, after that they were in a good position with 6 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss, and were placed in a position to ask for the top, but Section 6C Osaka, Section 19Hiroshima, Section 20NiigataAnd in the summer away 3 consecutive games all lost 0-4 and lost 3 consecutive games. In AugustBeijing Olympics Netherlands representativeDFCalfin Yong A PinAnd the originalSwedish national team OfFredrick JungbergEarned. It was decided to be demoted to J2 in the final stageFukuokaAfter being overtaken from the lead of 2 points and drawing, they lost 3 consecutive games, leaving a challenge to defend and finishing the season in 10th place.

September, GK coachMasanori SanadaDied.

Occurred immediately after the openingGreat East Japan EarthquakeWill be the only J League club to do a charity match to support the disaster victims overseas during the leagueAjax AmsterdamPlay against. Donation of 2 million euros (about 600 million yen) as a donation through the Dutch Red Cross for proceeds such as entrance fees for this game and fund raising activities for about 7 weeks[20].


Team slogan:"One" One Team, One Mission.

Second year of Gotobi system.

Reinforcement from OitaHiroshi KangariFrom KofuYutaka Yoshida, ROC from Charleroi-Marchenne (Belgium)Akihiro Hayashi, From FC Chornomorets Odessa (Ukraine)Jimmy FrancaJoined by full transfer,Inukai Tomoya,Yousuke Kawai,Kohei Hattada,Akira Kashiwase,Shirasaki Ryohei,LeeJoined. Of youth registrationHideki IshigeAre registered as 2 types. On the other handKosuke OtaIs FC Tokyo,Bothner Suwon Samsung BluewingsComplete transfer toYuichiro NagaiIs Yokohama FC,Yu Kijima Oita,Maki YamamotoIs Sapporo,Kodama ArataIs C Osaka,Naoya Okane Yamagata,Ryo Takeuchi KitakyushuTransfer to a deadline,KumamotoWas transferred to with a deadlineYu Nagasawa The京都Was transferred to Niigata for a limited timeYouhei Takeda TheG OsakaOf time-limited transfer to KumamotoHironobu TomonobuThe transfer period with a deadline has been extended.

January,2012 Asia Super Challenge CupAnd participated in second place. On March 3, it was ranked 15st in the 21st Century Asian Club Rank by the IFFHS (International Federation for the History and Statistics of Soccer). Among J clubs, it is 21th after G Osaka, Kashima and Urawa.

League match, second place at the end of Round 10, Round 2Cerezo OsakaFrom the battle to the Round 19 Yokohama F race, it stalls with 9 races without victory (4 minutes 5 losses). Mid-seasonShinji Ono Western Sydney Wanderers FC,ア レ ッ ク ス Al Ain FC,Shinji TsujioIs Hiroshima,Keisuke IwashitaIs G Osaka,Takuma EdamuraIs C Osaka,Akito Tachibana AndTransfer toJimmy Franca Tokyo VWhile transferring to a limited time,Miyoshi,Kim wiseAs a reinforced designated playerUniversity of Tsukuba OfYuji SenumaJoined. He was in 30th place at the end of the 4th round, but after that, he lost 1 losses in one division and won 3 races, and finished in 4th place.

The Yamazaki Nabisco Cup lost to Kashima 1-2 with a runner-up.Hideki IshigeWas selected for the New Hero Award.


Team slogan:One team, One mission. FORWARD!

Second year of Gotobi system.Ehime FCからKenta UchidaFrom SapporoToshiyasu Takahara,Junpei Takagi,Qatar 1st OfAl ArabiからValleyIs acquired by full transfer.Lee Min Soo(Shonan),Hiroki Higuchi(FC Gifu),Akito Tachibana(Masamoto Matsumoto),Naoya Okane(Yamagata),Ryo Takeuchi(Kitakyushu),Hironobu Tomonobu(Kumamoto) returned from the transfer destination with a deadline,Genta Miura,Ritsuhira Mitsunari,Breath Fujita,Sho KagamiIs a new member.

Genki Omae Bundesliga, Germany OfFortuna DusseldorfWhat,Naoyasu TakaharaIs Tokyo V,Yamamoto Kaito Kobe,Kenhei Usui 千葉,Daigo Kobayashi MLS OfVancouver WhitecapsTransferred to. I was transferred to Hiroshima with a deadlineShinji TsujioOita was transferred to G Osaka with a deadlineYouhei TakedaIs C Osaka,Keisuke IwashitaHas completely transferred to G Osaka, the transfer destination with a deadline,Hiroshi KangariTransferred to Kyoto with a deadline,MiyoshiWas transferred to Tokyo V for a limited timeJimmy Franca,Kim wiseLeft the group and was transferred to Kyoto for a limited timeYu NagasawaHas transferred to Matsumoto for a limited time and C Osaka for a fixed timeTakuma EdamuraThe transfer period with a deadline has been extended.

During the season, the valleyChinese Super League OfTianjin Teda ClubComplete transfer to,Akihiro Hayashi TosuWhat,Inukai TomoyaIs Matsumoto,Makoto ShibaharaHiroki Higuchi is Gifu,Shirasaki Ryohei Toyama,Akira Kashiwase NASL OfNew York CosmosWhile each transferred with a time limit,oakLeftYuya MiuraLeft C OsakaMurata KazuyaFrom KashimaTakuya HondaWith a complete transfer,K League OfSuwon SamsungからRadon Chitchi, Genki Omae, who was transferred to Düsseldorf, was acquired with a fixed transfer.

Section 1OmiyaThe match was drawn 2-2 and scored points and points in the first opening race of the Gotobi system. But thenYokohama FM5-0 in battle,HiroshimaLost 4-0 in battle. In April, he survived undefeated, including the first victory in Round 4 Tosu, but in May he struggled with 5 wins and 5 losses in the league and 2 losses in the cup.

In July, it will be recovered after the league match is restarted.Kashima,Kofu,Nagoya, Tosu battle and home win 4 consecutive games.

Eventually 9th place in the league,Yamazaki Nabisco CupLost the group league, and the Emperor's Cup lost the fourth round.


Team slogan:One team, One mission. RISING!

Second year of Gotobi system.FC UtrechtからYoshiro TakagiFrom MachidaTakashi Aizawa,MLS OfDC UnitedからCanadian National Team OfYakovic,1. FC CologneからSlovenia National TeamNovakovichIs acquired by full transfer.Yu Nagasawa,Hiroki Higuchi,Akira KashiwaseReturned from the transfer with a deadline.

On the other hand,Akito TachibanaLeft the group,Toshiyasu Takahara MachidaWhat,Sho ItoTo Yokohama FM,Makoto Shibahara FukushimaComplete transfer to,Kenta UchidaTo Toyama,Yuji Senuma,Naoya Okane,Lee Min Soo Tochigi SCWhat,Kohei Hattada SendaiWhat,Hiroshi KangariTransferred to Tokyo V with a deadline (the transfer destination with a deadline changed to Kanazawa on the way),Akihiro HayashiCompletely transferred to Tosu, the transfer destination with a deadline,Inukai Tomoya,Shirasaki RyoheiThe time limit for transfer was extended to C OsakaTakuma EdamuraTransferred to Nagoya for a limited time,Radon ChitchiIs due to the expiration of the transfer period with a deadlineOmiyaTransferred to.

Mid-season,Daisuke Muramatsu TokushimaHiroki HiguchiShonan,Nabeta Ajin dream FukuokaI transferred to a limited time, butBuenoJoined, and Yuji Senuma, who had transferred to Tochigi SC for a limited time, returned.

From the beginning of the season, it has been sluggish from middle to low. July 7G Osaka``Are you deliberately letting go to let me quit?'' So, the crack between the commander and the player, which had been smoldering over the use of the player until then, became crucial.[21][22], Afshin Ghotbi dismissed on July 7[23].. As the successor, youth director Shigeo ShimizuKatsumi OenokiWas appointed.May 8Achieved 200 home wins. In the second half of the year after taking office of Oenoki, he fell to 4th place with only 17 wins, but in the final roundKofuTo confirm J1 residual. Final results 10 wins 6 minutes 18 losses 36 points, 15th place.

Nabisco CupGroup league lost,Emperor's cupBest 4.


Team slogan:Heat Attack Express Beyond the Limit!

The second year of the Enoki system. GKRikihiro SugiyamaFrom Kawasaki, GK Kenhei Usui from Chiba, DFShoga Kamada ShonanFrom FWTakashi Sawada KumamotoSince then, they have been completely transferred (Usui returns for the first time in 3 years). DF who was transferred with a deadlineKenta Uchida ToyamaFrom DFDaisuke Muramatsu TokushimaFrom DFInukai Tomoya AndFrom, MFTakuma Edamura KobeFrom, MFKohei Hattada SendaiFrom, MFShirasaki RyoheiReturned from Toyama. DFTakuma Mizutani, MF Miyamoto, FW Kagawa Kitaya promoted from Shimizu Youth, DFAfter Matsubara Hamamatsu Kaiseikan High SchoolNew member from. On the other hand, GKTakashi AizawaTo Tokushima, GKYuya Miura NagasakiTo, DFHironobu Tomonobu Kanazawa, DFYutaka Yoshida TosuTo, DFLee Ki Jae Newcastle JetsTo FWToshiyuki Takagi Urawa, FWNovakovich NagoyaBoth are completely transferred. MFBreath FujitaAnd FWYuji Senuma AtagoTo DF BuenoKobeRental transfer to,Akira KashiwaseLeft the group when the contract expired.

2004年以来11年ぶりの2ステージ制となった本年では、1stステージ3勝4分10敗の勝ち点13の最下位とクラブ史上最低の成績となり、2ndステージ第5戦目後に成績不振を理由にKatsumi OenokiResigns as director[24].. To succeedOitaHe was appointed head coach after he retired from the coachKazuaki TasakaIs inaugurated. In AugustChung TaiyoIs a complete transfer,Makoto Tsunodaが期限付き移籍で加入したが、10月17日のセカンドステージ第14節仙台戦に敗れ、15位新潟がその日の夜の試合に勝利したことから年間順位16位以下が確定、クラブ史上初のJ2降格が決定した。2ndステージ第13節から、シーズン4度目の年間通算最下位となっていたが、同16節、同じくJ2降格が決定していた山形に勝利、2ndステージ2勝目を挙げると同時に年間通算勝点で山形に並び、最終節甲府戦で引き分け、同節で山形が敗れたことにより、年間最終順位で山形を抜き17位に終わった。シーズン終了をもって田坂が監督を辞任[25][26].

2016 (J2)


Tokushima OfShinji KobayashiIs appointed as a director. Until 2 due to J2020 demotion5-year strengthening planThe set. In addition to returning to J1 by advancing to the playoffs in the first year, the goal was to transfer many of the main players who remain and have reduced participation opportunities for a limited time, change the uniform numbers of the players, and train players.

Peter Utaka HiroshimaWhat,Masatoshi Kushibiki KashimaWhat,Yasuhiro Hiraoka SendaiWhat,Daisuke Muramatsu KobeWhat,Kota Miyamoto NagasakiIn addition to transferring toBueno KashimaWhat,Junpei Takagi Tokyo VWhat,Calfin Yong A Pin MachidaComplete transfer to.Breath FujitaKenta UchidaOf the transferee with a deadlineAtagoWas transferred to Sagamihara for a limited timeHiroki Higuchi FukushimaComplete transfer to.Yuji SenumaYoshiro TakagiThe time-limited transfer period has been extended.

On the other hand, I was transferred for a limited timeMakoto TsunodaTakayuki FukumuraIs a complete transfer,(I.e.For the first time in 6 yearsWestern youheiReturned with a complete transfer,NiigataからNaoki Kawaguchi, From HiroshimaByung Jun BonWith a loan transfer, and evenTokai Gakuen High SchoolからShin MitsuzakiJoined the group. From Tokushima during the seasonYu HasegawaFrom NagasakiHiroki Uekusa, From SendaiHiroshi FutamiCompletely transferred from HiroshimaKim Bum YoungIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Senshu UniversityからTakahiro IidaWas acquired as a specially designated player. On the other handTakuma Mizutani FC ImabariWhat,Sho Kagami FujimoriTransfer to the deadline.

序盤戦はJリーグ参入後初めて戦うJ2での戦いに不慣れなことに加え、大前が負傷により長期離脱を強いられ、第2、3、6、9-11節終了時以外はプレーオフ圏外の7位以下になるなど低迷したものの、第20節終了時以降は第24節終了時を除き6位以上をキープ、特に第25節以降の18試合では15勝1分2敗で、年間勝点84の半分以上となる勝点46を挙げ上位を猛追、第33節ではJ1自動昇格圏の2位松本との直接対決に敗れ5位に後退、勝点差も7に広がったが、第34節からは連勝を重ね、第35節終了時に4位、第37節終了時に3位と徐々に順位を上げ、41節にAndThey lined up with points, and because the difference in goals and goals greatly exceeded, they replaced Matsumoto and finally moved up to 1nd place in the J2 automatic promotion range, won the final round, and finally became 9nd place after Sapporo with 2 consecutive wins in one year. I decided to return to J1. Section 1GunmaIn the match, he won a big victory with 2-8, which was the most score difference of J0 at that time.

2017- (J1)


Team slogan:FROM NOW ON !! WE ARE THE ONE.

Kobayashi system second year.Genki Omae OmiyaBeginning with a complete transfer toTakashi Sawada Nagasaki,Kohei Hattada Nagoya,Takuya Honda Yamagata,Genta Miura G Osaka,Rikihiro Sugiyama FukuokaWhat,Yasuhiro Hiraoka(Sendai),Yoshiro Takagi(Tokyo V) Is a complete transfer to the transfer destination with a time limit,Peter Utaka TheSanfrecce HiroshimaAfter a complete transfer toFC TokyoTransfer to a deadline,Takayuki Fukumura Gifu,Hideki Ishige Fagiano Okayama,KashimaWas transferred to with a deadlineMasatoshi Kushibiki Okayama,Kenhei Usui Machida,AtagoWas transferred to with a deadlineYuji SenumaTransferred to Yamagata for a limited time,Kota MiyamotoHad a loan transferNagasakiExtension of the transfer period with a time limit.Naoki KawaguchiIs the expiration of the transfer period,FujimoriWas transferred to with a deadlineSho KagamiLeft the group when the contract expired.

On the other hand,SendaiからRokutan YujiFrom Hiroshima with a complete transferNiigataPlayed last yearTaketo NozudaIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Yugo TatsutaIs promoted from youth,Senshu UniversityからTakahiro IidaJoined. Thai'sChonburi FCからKanuIn PortugalGD ChavesからFreireEarned. Also,KobeWas transferred to theDaisuke MuramatsuReturned at the end of the period.

In addition, the middle of the season in Saudi ArabiaAl HilalからThiago AlvesIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Along with that, in order to free up foreignersHiroshimaI was enrolled with a fixed transfer fromKim Bum YoungAfter completing the transfer千葉Transferred to with a deadline. Also during the seasonTaketo Nozuda TheHiroshimaEnd of rental fromSendaiRental transfer to,HiroshimaからKohei ShimizuFor rent againAl SharjahからMasashi MasashiWas completely transferred.

For the first time in two years, the J2 battle turned into 1th place with 17 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses in the first half of the 8 games, and dropped to 13th place with 8 wins lost (3 minutes 5 losses) in the second half and lost the final round. For example, while there was a possibility of being demoted to J15, he won the final round battle against Kobe and decided to remain J2 in 14th place. In addition, Iwata of the rival team suffered all three losses. After the season, Kobayashi was dismissed due to the poor performance of the team. furtheroakHad been enrolled for 2 years excluding the 13 years of timely transfer toKota SugiyamaWas retired.


Team slogan:BACK TO THE BASIC Thorough

Former Hiroshima directorYang Young-sungBecame the director.Inukai Tomoya Kashima,KanuIs ThailandSuphan Buri FCHad transferred to Okayama for a limited timeMasatoshi Kushibiki YamagataWas transferred to Machida for a limited timeKenhei Usui Kyushu part 1-Okinawa SV,KanazawaWas transferred to with a deadlineByung Jun Bon KofuHad transferred to Chiba for a limited timeKim Bum YoungBecause of military service in KoreaSuwon FC,Yuji Senuma(Yamagata),Takayuki Fukumura(Gifu) moved to the transfer destination with a deadline,Takuma EdamuraHad transferred to Fukuoka and Nagasaki for a limited timeKota MiyamotoMoved to Gifu with a deadline,Thiago AlvesIs the expiration of the transfer period,Daisuke Muramatsu,Shin MitsuzakiLeft the group when his contract expired. In addition,Thiago Alves TheAl HilalからJeonbuk HyundaiTransferred to, Daisuke MuramatsuGiravanz KitakyushuJoined the.

Meanwhile, returning from Kofu for the first time in eight yearsAkihiro Hyodo,Australia·Western Sydney Wanderers FCからKusunoki Junpei,China·Tianjin Teda ClubからFan SoccoCompletely transferred to PortugalSC BragaHave been in Sendai since last yearChris RunIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.JFL-ImabariWas transferred to with a deadlineTakuma MizutaniHad transferred to Okayama for a limited timeHideki IshigeReturned at the end of the transfer period with a deadline,Kenta Ito,Yuta Taki,HirakujinIs promoted from youth,Kure Satoshi,Satoshi Arai,Daigo TakahashiIs a new member.

Turkey in the middle of the seasonAlan YasporからDouglasIs acquired by full transfer.Kure Satoshi 京都,Kohei Shimizu Kofu,Kusunoki Junpei YamagataTransfer to each with time limit.

From the opening round to Section 4, 2 wins, 2 minutes, goal difference +4, and provisional 4rd place at the end of Section 3. Recorded the first black star in the J5 league this season in Round 1/Yokohama FM. He was drawn to the derby with Iwata in Section 6 and lost 7 consecutive games from Section 9 to Section 3, dropping to the provisional 13th place. He won consecutive matches in Sections 10 and 11, pushing his provisional ranking to 7th place. He lost consecutively in Sections 12 and 13 and scored a white star in Section 14, but lost to Kawasaki in Section 15, tentatively ranked 10th with 5 wins, 3 draws, 7 losses, and a league gap with a goal difference of -2. 16 consecutive victories from Section 19 to Section 3 after the break[Note 1]However, although he had one less match, he moved up to the provisional 1th place. Sections 8-20[Note 2] Up to 2 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses. The provisional ranking was dropped to 12th. He won three games in a row from Section 28 to 30 and won 3-29 in the Battle of Iwata in Section 5. In Sections 1-31, 34 win and 1 minutes, but in Sections 3 and 33, the draws were 34-3 and 3-4, respectively.In terms of the number of points by team in the 4 season, it is 2018 difference from the leading Kawasaki, Yokohama FM. Similarly, the second place tie was 1 points, a sharp increase from last year's 2 points. The final result was 56 wins, 36 draws, 14 losses, and 7th place with a goal difference of +13.

Akihiro Hyodo,Hiroki UekusaHas retired from active duty for the current season and became a club staff member.


Team slogan:BACK TO THE BASIC Thorough

The second year of Yongseon system.Makoto TsunodaYu Hasegawa Nagasaki,Freire Shonan,Shirasaki Ryohei Kashima,Murata Kazuya oak,Mitchell Duke Western Sydney Wanderers FC,Kure Satoshi Guangzhou constantComplete transfer to.Satoshi Arai Kanazawa,Masashi Masashi Soul Eland FC,Kohei ShimizuFrom KofuHiroshimaTransfer to the deadline.Kota Miyamoto GifuExtended transfer period with.FukuokaWas transferred to with a deadlineTakuma EdamuraLeft the group when the contract expired.

On the other hand, from NagasakiKeita Nakamura,(I.e.からEucinho,BrazilSE PalmeirasからHennato AugustComplete transfer from BrazilAtletico ParanaenseからVan dersonIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.Kazutoru Takagi Jeff Chiba,Kusunoki Junpei YamagataReturned after expiration of the transfer period with a deadline.Togo UmedaIs promoted from youth.Kenta Nishizawa University of TsukubaNew member from.

For the first time in the history of a club, the uniform number "10" is a missing number[28].

Injuries continued from the opening. At the end of J1 Round 11, he recorded 26 points for the worst league league, and was in a sluggish position with 17th in the automatic demotion area. On May 5, Yonson was dismissed. I was a coach on May 12Yoshiyuki ShinodaBecame the director.

July in the middle of the season,Al NasrからJunior dutra,OitaからNaoya Fukumori,FukuokaからKazushi YoshimotoIn NovemberTosuからOkuboWhile all of them will be acquired by full transfer, on July 7thKishi NishimuraIs J2OkayamaTo August 8Daigo TakahashiIs J3KitakyushuTo both, transfer with a training type deadline transfer.

August 8th at homeSapporoLost 0-8 in the battle and set the club's most goals.

At the end of the 33rd round, 16th place was Shonan with a point difference of 1 and was involved in the remaining battle until the last round, but by winning the final Tosu battle, he finished the season in 12th place, but scored 69 goals and goal difference- Both 24 were the worst of all J1 teams of the same year.


Team slogan:RE-FRAME

It's been a year of club reform and as the new presidentChiba Lotte MarinesFrom Shinya Yamamuro, as a new GMCerezo OsakaからKiyoshi Okuma, As a new directorYokohama F. MarinosからPeter Cklamovski, Multiple coaches are appointed.

After Matsubara Sint-Troyden VV,Shoga Kamada Blau Blitz Akita,Takahiro Iida Kyoto Sanga FC,Hiroshi Futami V. Farren Nagasaki,Kohei Shimizu Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC,Takuma Mizutani AC Nagano Pulceiro,Douglas VISSEL KOBEComplete transfer to.Kusunoki Junpei,Masashi MasashiLeft the group when the contract expired.Kazutoru Takagi V. Farren Nagasaki,Rokutan Yuji Yokohama FC,Daigo Takahashi Giravanz KitakyushuTransfer to rental.

On the other hand,America de CaliからNet Volpi,Ceará SCからVaud,Nagoya Grampus EightからKanai Mitsufumi,Omiya ArdijaからRyo Okui,Muangthong United FCからTeerasil Dangda,Oita TrinitaからYusuke GotoComplete transfer,FC TokyoからMakoto OkazakiRental transfer, from youth to Noriega Eric, Toshihiro Kawamoto, from Funabashi Municipal High SchoolYuito Suzuki,Mitsubishi Yowa SC YouthからKurihara Ibrahim JuniorEarned.

The league was interrupted in two games after Cklamovski took office.The two games before the interruption were the games that were defeated but hopes for the future could be seen, but they were sluggish after the league resumed. There were no consecutive wins up to the 2th section, and he recorded 25 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses, and 17 consecutive losses, which was the worst tie for the club.

Canceled contracts with Cklamovski, Imaya coach, and Yasuno physical coach in November in the middle of the season.Be a coachHiroaki HiraokaIs appointed as a director.Hiraoka led the team to victory from the first team and recorded 9 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses in 3 games. At the end of Section 33, it was the lowest, but in the final section it was second.Gamba OsakaTo reach 1th and 2th place with a difference of 16 or 17 points on the same day.Vegalta SendaiShonan BellmareBecause the direct confrontation was a draw, the season ended in 2th place, which was supposed to be a qualification match with the J16 playoff winner, and the number of goals exceeded the previous season, which was the worst 1 goals for the J70 team.


Team slogan:Break through PENETRATE.

Former Cerezo Osaka coach as new coachMiguel Angel RotinaIs inaugurated.Hiraoka has returned to coaching.

Kazushi YoshimotoRetired.Teerasil BG Pathum United FC,Fan Socco Tosu,Kanai Mitsufumi Kofu,Ritsuhira Mitsunari-Kishi Nishimura Kitakyushu,Riyo Kawamoto-Togo Umeda Okayama,Western youhei Toyama,HirakujinIs JFLSuzuka Point Getters,Kenta Ito Okinawa SVTransferred to.Net Volpi-Junior dutraHas left the group.

On the other hand, he showed a positive turn andCD Santa ClaraからThiago Santana,Colicheba FCからWilliam Matheus,Portimonense SCFrom Japan National Team GKShuichi Gonda, C from OsakaEiichi Katayama,OitaFrom captainYoshinori Suzuki, Tosu to U-23 Japan National Team MFTeruaki Hara, 2nd in J2 scoring ranking last season from KitakyushuDisaro Akira Silvano,Yokohama FCからKatsuhiro Nakayama,ShonanからIbusuki Hiroshi,AndからKengo NagaiEarned.

It was a season of large-scale reinforcement, but the team was sluggish. From Hiroshima in JuneAkira Ibayashi,In SeptemberFC ZurichからBenjamin Kololli,CR FlamengoからHonaldo, From Tosu in AugustDaisuke MatsuokaFrom KobeNoriaki FujimotoEarned.

Section 34 FC Tokyo defeated 4-0 and lost three games in a row on November 3, with Rotina coach, Ivan Palanco head coach, Toni Hill Puerto Physical coach, and Masato Kodera analysis and interpreter. Canceled the contract and againHiroaki HiraokaAnnounced that the director will be appointed.In the last sectionCerezo OsakaHe won the battle and finished 14th.After the end of the season, it was announced that Hiraoka will continue to play in the 2022 season.


Team slogan:HERE GOES!

The second year of the Hiraoka system.



International title

Domestic title


J League
MY Awards
J League Cup
Asian Football Federation (AFC)

Other awards

Club records

Consecutive win record

  • J1 league match
    • Nine Matches [July 9, 1993 NICOS Round 7 vs Hiroshima-November 31, 2 NICOS Round 1993 vs Hiroshima]
    • 9 games [March 1994, 3 Suntory Round 26 vs. V Kawasaki-April 5, 1994 Suntory Round 4 vs. Hiratsuka]
  • J2 league match
    • 9 games [October 2016, 10 Section 2 vs C Osaka-November 34, 2016 Section 11 vs Tokushima]

Consecutive loss record

  • J1 league match
    • 7 games [May 1996, 5 Round 4 vs. Urawa-September 12, 1996 Round 9 vs. V Kawasaki]

Consecutive undefeated record

  • J1 league match
    • 13 games [July 2009, 7 Section 4 vs Kyoto-October 16, 2009 Section 10 vs Hiroshima]
  • J1 league match home
    • 22 games [July 2008, 7 Section 20 vs. Niigata-October 18, 2009 Section 10 vs. Hiroshima]

Consecutive unwinning record

  • J1 league match
    • 10 games [August 2015, 8 12nd Round 2 against Shonan-October 8, 2015 10nd Round 24 against Kashiwa]

Record the most points

  • J1 league match
    • 6-0 [September 1998, 9 12nd Round 2 against Fukuoka]
    • 6-3 [October 2001, 10 13nd Round 2 to Kobe]
    • 6-3 [August 2010, 8 Section 1 Against Shonan]
    • 6-4 [October 2013, 10 Section 19 vs. Tosu]
    • 6-0 [August 2019, 9 Section 29 Against Shonan]
  • J2 league match
    • 8-0 [May 2016, 5 Section 28 vs. Gunma]

Most goals scored

  • J1 league match
    • 0-8 [August 2019, 8 Section 17 vs Sapporo]

Continuous score record

  • J1 league match
    • 21 games [May 2009, 5 Section 5 vs Chiba-October 10, 2009 Section 10 vs FC Tokyo]

Consecutive goals scored

  • J1 league match
    • 16 games [July 2005, 7 Section 13 vs FC Tokyo-November 16, 2005 Section 11 vs Kashiwa]

Continuous No Goals Record

  • J1 league match
    • Six games [August 6, 1993 NICOS Round 8 vs Yokohama M-August 4, 3 NICOS Round 1993 vs V Kawasaki]

Personal records

League match calculation record

* As of June 2020.J2 leagueIncluding participation.
*The number of games is only for Shimizu S-Pulse[Source required]

Highest score in all league games

Highest score in league season

League season season consecutive points

  • 13 seasons- Japanese flag Masato Sawato [1993-2005]

League consecutive game score

Participation in consecutive league games

No league runs

Youngest player in league match

The youngest score in the league

  • 18 years and 5 months- Japanese flag Hideki Ishige [2013]

The oldest player in the league

The oldest score in the league

  • 39 years and 7 months- Brazilian flag Carlos Santos [2000]

Memorial goal

  • J1 league record
    • 7,500th goal- Japanese flag Kuboyama Yusei [November 2001, 11 3nd Section 2 vs. Ichihara]
    • 15,000th goal- Japanese flag Shinji Tsujio [May 2011, 5 Section 22 vs. Omiya]
    • 20,000th goal- Japanese flag Shota Kaneko[April 2017, 4 Section 21 vs. Kawasaki]
  • J2 league record
    • 15,000th goal- Democratic People's Republic of Korea flag Chung Taiyo[July 2016, 7 J24 Round 2 vs Chiba]
  • Club records
    • 1th goal- Brazilian flag Edu [May 1993, 5 Suntory Round 16 vs. Yokohama Flugels]
    • 50th goal- Japanese flag Masato Sawato [November 1993, 11 NICOS Section 27 vs. Urawa Reds]
    • 100th goal- Japanese flag Jun Iwashita [August 1994, 8 NICOS Section 31 vs. Yokohama Marinos]
    • 150th goal- Japanese flag Yasushi Miura [June 1995, 6 Suntory Round 28 vs. Gamba Osaka]
    • 200th goal- Japanese flag Masaro Sawato [November 1995, 11 NICOS Round 25 vs. Sanfrecce Hiroshima]
    • 250th goal- Japanese flag Teruetsu Ito [November 1996, 11, Section 30 vs. Jubilo Iwata]
    • 300th goal- Japanese flag Teruetsu Ito [November 1997, 11 27nd Round 2 vs. Vissel Kobe]
    • 350th goal- Japanese flag Masato Sawato [September 1998, 9 19nd Round 2 vs. Kyoto Purple Sanga]
    • 400th goal- Japanese flag Sotaro Yasunaga [May 1999, 5 15st Section 1 against Jeff Ichihara]
    • 450th goal- Brazilian flag ア レ ッ ク ス [May 2000, 5 27st Round 1 against Jubilo Iwata]
    • 500th goal- Japanese flag Yasuhiro Yoshida [September 2001, 9 15nd Round 2 Consadole Sapporo]
    • 600th goal- Japanese flag Kuboyama Yusei [April 2004, 4 14st round 1 vs. Urawa]
    • 700th goal- Japanese flag Takuma Edamura [July 2006, 7, Section 29 vs. Iwata]
    • 800th goal- Brazilian flag Own goal [June 2008, 6 Section 28 vs. Kyoto]
    • 900th goal- Norway flag Jonseng [June 2010, 5 Section 5 vs. Kyoto]
    • 1,000th goal- Japanese flag Genki Omae [September 2012, 7 Section 14 vs. Kashiwa]
    • 1,100th goal- Japanese flag Takuya Honda [May 2014, 9 Section 27 vs. Omiya]
    • 1,200th goal- Democratic People's Republic of Korea flag Chung Taiyo [August 2016, 8 J7 Round 2 vs Sapporo]
    • 1,300th goal- Japanese flag Shota Kaneko [August 2018, 8 J19 Section 1 vs Urawa]

hat trick

International A Match/Personal Record

*The record of each national team player is only for Shimizu S-Pulse.

International competition players

FIFA World Cup

Olympic representative

Olympic representative from Japan

Representative by age

U-20 World Cup Japan National Team
U-17 World Cup Japan National Team

S-Pulse Honor Award

The S-Pulse Honor Award will be awarded to the players, managers, and staff who were outstanding in their activities and contributions while at the club, and their achievements will be commended. As a general rule, commend when leaving a club for transfer, retirement, or retirement.

  • 1999 Steve Perriman, Kenta Hasegawa, Takumi Horiike
  • 2000 Carlos Santos
  • 2002 Katsumi Oenoki
  • 2005 Masanori Sanada
  • 2006 Masato Sawa
  • 2010 Teruyoshi Ito, Daisuke Ichikawa
  • 2014 Toshihide Saito

Retirement match

J League retirement match


Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

Nihondaira stadium20090412.jpg

Home stadiumIAI Stadium Nippondaira(Official name: Shizuoka Shimizu Nihondaira Sports Park Stadium)[1].. Almost all games are held, except during the period of 1994 when the additional seat construction was implemented. Opened in 2001Shizuoka Ogasayama Sports Park StadiumA match was held at (Ecopa Stadium), but it has not been used since 2015.The past home game holding stadium is "This itemSee.

Practice field

The practice area is S-Pulse Miho Ground[1], Mijazuka ground used before Miho relocation[29].. In the past, Shizuoka City Shimizu General Sports Ground was also used.

New stadium concept

IAI Stadium Nihondaira2013/Is effective fromJ League club license systemDoes not meet the "stadium regulations"[30].

Although the stadium rules meet 15000 or more (J1 standard), which is the "A-grade standard", the "covering the roof of the spectator seat at 1/3 or more of the stadium" and "WC(Western toilet seat) should be installed at least 1000 units per 5 people."[Note 3] The current Nihondaira has a roof laid only in a part of the central part of the main stand and a back stand (excluding a part on the east side), and the problem is that it does not meet the standard.

S-Pulse will build a new stadium in Shizuoka City according to the license standard2014/March, sameMayor OfNobuhiro TanabeSubmitted a request form to. About this stadium plan of Tanabe2015/It was incorporated into the deliberation of the Shizuoka City Third Comprehensive Plan from the beginning, and was aimed to be materialized by November 3.[31].

As a strong candidate site,Sakai DistrictIt is inJR TokaiHigashi-Shizuoka StationAbout 2.5ha of city-owned land in the north was mentioned.Initially this part1990/In the "Higashi Shizuoka District New City Base Improvement Project Concept", the construction of the gymnasium was planned, and the construction of the new city hall was also planned. However, all plans have failed and the current situation is still vacant. So in 2013 Shizuoka City proposed a city design plan to hear the opinions of citizens and experts on the utilization of this city land.コ ン ペ テ ィ シ ョ ンThere were voices who hoped to attract sports facilities and cultural facilities (general museum).

There are also options such as noise control measures for surrounding hospitals and high-rise condominiums, and park development that also has a disaster prevention function, and further on the south side of Higashi-Shizuoka Station.Shizuoka Prefecture Kusanagi General Athletic Field Athletic Field,The same ball game fieldThere are still concerns about difficulties.[32]In fact, when Mayor Tanabe announced the outline of the Shizuoka City Third Comprehensive Plan in September 2014, he did not include what to build in the plan planned for the past eight years, and virtually concluded. Due to the effect of freezing the release, Shizuoka PrefectureHeita KawakatsuThe governor also states his personal opinion that a soccer field should be built.[33].

However2016/3As a candidate for a new relocation destination, Governor KawakatsuShimizu StationShizuoka Broadcasting reported that the surrounding area was shown as one of the options. Mayor Tanabe took the north exit of Higashi Shizuoka Station aboveRoller sportsTo have budgeted for temporary construction as a facility ofMay 3, Governor Kawakatsu protested. Governor Kawakatsu said that S-Pulse and Shizuoka City, who are fighting on the J-League stage, should play a central role in building a soccer-specific stadium, and the prefecture is in charge of fully cooperating with the construction of the stadium. He said he instructed the department to consider it.[34]

In March 2022, a plan to build a soccer stadium with a capacity of more than 3 was revealed on the site of the former Shimizu refinery of ENEOS.The total project cost is expected to be 2 billion yen, which is expected to be jointly contributed by Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, local companies, etc., and is expected to be completed around 5.[35].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)OrangeOrangeOrange
FP (2nd)blueblueblue
FP (3rd)whitewhitewhite
GK (1st)绿绿绿
GK (2nd)blueblueblue
FP 1st
FP 2nd
FP 3rd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Club color

  •     S-Pulse Orange
    • The club color orange is derived from the image of joy, hope, youth, progress, energy, etc., in addition to the color of oranges, which is a specialty of Shizuoka prefecture.[2].
    • At the beginningShimizuBecause (currently Shizuoka City) is a city that has developed around the port, and the city's soccer powerhouse high school uses blue uniforms, blue was a familiar color to the citizens. The blue system was considered.But,10 clubs when the J League was foundedThere are already many blue clubs (Yokohama Marinos,Yokohama Flugels,Gamba Osaka) As a result of considering different colors in order to differentiate and balance the colors between each club, orange became the main color.In addition, blue is adopted for the first time as a club in the 2013nd uniform of 2.
    • Since the opening of the J LeagueNiigataandOmiyaUntil he joined the J1999 League in 2, there were no clubs in the J League that were mainly orange.


  • When the club was established in 1992, we requested a design to differentiate it from existing uniforms. From the idea of ​​"a club that flaps to the world," a uniform incorporating a world map was adopted and continued until 2006. 2007PumaIt disappeared once with the introduction of the global strategic model uniform, but it was adopted during the 2012-2016 season.[36].. (Printed on the back for the 2014 season)
  • The 2013nd uniform of the 2 season is also a symbol of Shizuoka and is close to the clubhouse of S-Pulse.Matsubara of Miho"including"Mount Fuji"ButWorld cultural heritage registrationIn commemoration of being registered in, "Mt. Fuji pattern" is adopted.
  • Title-winning club, but doesn't have a star in its uniform[Note 4].


Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarksYouth[37]
Sponsor name
chestSuzuyosuzuyo2006-Mid-2003-2004 sleevesJapan AirlinesJAL
clavicleTaikaTaicaMarch 2018 [38] -Written on the left
July 2017-Pants for 7
I-techITECMarch 2018[39] -Written on the right
April 2018-4 is "ITEC
Upper backIAIIAI2016-Ezaki GlicoGlyco
Lower backS TrustS TRUST2018-
sleeveJapan AirlinesJAL2006-2010
1992-2005 is chest
2011-2012 pants
Front of pantsTaikaCambodia
Kingdom of Wonder
Back of pantsSuruga GikenSuruga Giken2022-

The history of uniform supply

  • 1992-1996: League matchesMizunoThe cup gamePuma
  • 1997-Present: Puma

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1993 - 1996
1997 - 1998
1999 - 2001
2002 - 2004
2005 - 2006
2022 -
FP 2nd
1994 - 1996
1997 - 1998
1999 - 2001
2002 - 2004
2005 - 2006
2021 -
2022 -
FP Other
1992 - 1996
CUP 1st
1992 - 1996
CUP 2nd
Super de S
Super de S
Shimizu Port opened
120 anniversary
2022 3rd-

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992JALBefore banglicoBefore banHONEN-Before banPUMA
1993Mizuno /
2002Good year
2003Good year /
2005star ☆THE 3RD
2015- /
Seikousha Printing
2017- /
Energetic to live, rehabilitation.
R & O Rehabilitation Hospital Group
- /
2018- /
- /
Kingdom of Wonder
2022ITECSuruga Giken

Advertising by JAL

By Japan Airlines (JAL)Advertising on the chest of the uniformThe posting (number sponsor) was a pioneer of other clubs, but there is the following anecdote.

When the 10 clubs participating in the J-League's first year were announced, an employee of the European football club, who was in the Japan Airlines Advertising Department, thought about the following.

“For European football, a number sponsor has started in the 80s. Among professional football that started in Japan, there is a club called Shimizu FC. Since the other 9 clubs are corporate clubs, the company name and product name of the parent company will be put in the chest. What about Shimizu? Maybe it's vacant. If it's vacant, it would be interesting to go buy..."

In May 1991, he agreed with Shimizu FC representative and met with the club sales representative. At the beginning, the sales staff at the club side was frustrated that "Japan Airlines came to buy it without even selling it," but was interested in "was there such business," and the story went under the surface. ..

However, on September 1991, 9, the headline "Assisting JAL Shimizu S-Pulse" was overtaken by the Nikkan Sports newspaper.My direct boss advised me to withdraw, saying, "I don't know where the leak came from, but don't talk about it leaking. Give up."In addition, a large company that realized the appeal of the advertisement called "number sponsor" by this scoop started negotiations with each club.

A JAL advertising staff member who thought of "Japan's first bib sponsor" became a neurose, saying, "If nothing is done, the idea will be stolen by another company." It was.

In fact, since the scoop of the Nikkan Sports newspaper, Shimizu S-Pulse has been marketed by companies other than Japan Airlines.However, the Shizubata side paid tribute to Japan Airlines and its staff who first approached the number sponsor, and continued to decline the number sponsor's offer from other companies.

In February 1992, JAL's advertising staff submitted a proposal to his boss again, which was as large as five B2 sizes.In addition to the purpose of sponsorship, such as returning corporate profits to society and continuous exposure, the proposal also states, "Measures for ANA, a rival company (for the teams participating in the first year).AS Yokohama FlugelsAs a parent company), it can block the image monopoly of ANA in the J League. "The cost is less than or equal to one", and the names of Superstar Kaz and Kitazawa are included as players who may be transferred.

After avoiding many obstacles, Shimizu S-Pulse signed a sponsorship agreement with Japan Airlines on May 1992, 5. Japan AirlinesThe video of S-Pulse's brave figure was displayed on board,In-flight magazineEach issue has a special page introducing players, a poster of "Go for it![40].

2010/May 1To JALCorporate rehabilitation lawIt became difficult to continue sponsoring the application, but in honor of the continued sponsorship since the team was founded, the club side provided JAL with free advertising space after that.


Shimizu S-Pulse Youth

YearsTakamado Palace U-18 LeagueJ League Youth ChampionshipClub youth championship
1993-Lost qualifying-
1994-Lost qualifying-
1995-Lost qualifying-
1996-Best 8Best 8
1997-WinGroup league lost
1998-3 bitGroup league lost
19993 bitBest 83 bit
2000-second placeGroup league lost
2001Best 8Eliminated the second round5 bit
2002Eliminated the second roundBest 8Win
2003Best 83 bit3 bit
2004Lost one roundEliminated the second round-
20056 bitWinGroup league lost
20064th (Tokai)Lost the qualifying leagueGroup league lost
2007-Lost the qualifying league-
2008XNUMXnd place (Tokai)Final T Round 1Group league lost
20096th (Tokai)Lost qualifyingGroup league lost
20108th BestFinal T Round 2Group league lost
20113rd place (east)3 bit-
20125rd place (east)Final T 1st round lost-
20132rd place (east)Final T 2st round lost3 bit
20142rd place (east)3 bitEliminated in round 16
20156rd place (east)Final T 2st round lostEliminated in round 16
20166rd place (east)second place
20172rd place (east)

Shimizu S-Pulse Junior Youth

YearsTakamado Palace U-15 LeagueClub youth championshipJFA Premier Cup
19953 bitWin
1997Best 8Win
1998Winsecond placeWin
1999second placesecond place
2000WinBest 16second place
2001-Best 16
2002-Best 16second place
20033 bit3 bit
2005Lost one roundLost the qualifying league
2006Best 8second place3 bit
2007Lost the quarterfinalsBest 8
2008Lost one roundGroup league lost
2009Lost one roundGroup league lost3 bit
2010Lost the quarterfinalsWin
2011Lost the quarterfinalsWin3 bit
201216th Best3 bit
2013Eliminated the second roundBest 8
2014Eliminated the second roundsecond place
2015Eliminated the second roundEliminated in round 16
2017Eliminated the semi-finals3 bit Win

Investing company

Related facilities

Futsal facility

  • S-PULSE DREAM FIELD (Futsal facility)
    • S-PULSE DREAM FIELD Shizuoka


  • S-PULSE STORE (formerly S-PULSE Dream House Shimizu)
  • S-PULSE STORE Stadium store (open only on home game dates)


The financial results of Shimizu S-Pulse are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度leagueincomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度leagueRevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016




July 2019th and 7th, 14Tokyo Big SiteHeld in "eJ League Winning Eleven 2019In the "season"FC TokyoAnd became the first champion. The winning Shimizu was presented with the eJ League Cup and a prize money of 500 million yen[42].. Shimizu revealed that the use of the winning prize will be "enhancement of academy activities"[43].

注 釈

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注 釈
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  4. ^ At other clubsFC TokyoIs mentioned.Shonan BellmareDidn't put stars until 2012


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