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👍 | Kendo Kobayashi's acclaimed "strongest snacks that can be made in 1 minute" is a hot topic on Twitter trend


Kendo Kobayashi's acclaimed "strongest snacks that can be made in 1 minute" is a hot topic on Twitter trend

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Masami Hisamoto, who is also from Osaka prefecture, also presses the taiko stamp, this exquisite snack.

[Kenkoba who appeared in "Secret Kenmin SHOW Goku".He praised Osaka's popular snack "Squid Tempura". … → Continue reading


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Masami Hisamoto

Masami Hisamoto(Masami Hisamoto,1958/〈Showa33 years>May 7 -) isJapan OfFemalecomedian,actress,Comedyenne,chairperson.. Same real name.NicknameIs Machami, Hisamoto.

OsakaOsakaoldHigashi Sumiyoshi Ward(Current:Hirano Ward)KamiI'm fromWAHAHA HonpoBelongs. The eldest daughter of three siblings, a younger brother under one year old (married) and a younger sister under six years old (married)Tomoko Hisamoto) Is there.



Art style

  • At the beginning of the activityLower news itemMaking full use of a lot of talk, it became a hot topic in the industry that "there is an interesting woman".Radio program"Masami Hisamoto's All Night Nippon』Also demonstrated a low-key art style, CM sponsor"FelissimoToBlowjobThe company has stepped down from the sponsor[8]..Hisamoto's radio program "ABC Radio City』(Asahi Broadcasting) Guest appearanceTakayuki OsawaWas angry at the unmanned topic from Hisamoto and left during the live broadcast.[9]..In this way, it can be said that the early stages of the activity were quite destructive.
  • maingagWith both handsNippleAllocate to and pull forward as it is "Chikubi"Lower abdomen"Strongly hit to express presence"Pon"and so on.
  • A beautiful man on his regular showentertainer(Twink) May appear as a guest, pretending to be pushed by the co-star and jumping into the chest or lower body of a man.There is also a pattern that jumps into the attractiveness of men as being "sucked".


  • For a long time after entering the entertainment world, "1960/"Born".But,2007/In May, the weekly photo magazine "FLASH』Reported a relationship with an office worker 10 years younger, and at the same time, he was 2 years oldMackerel readingDiscover what you were doing[10][11].Age misrepresentation"I thought it would be better to be 22 years old than 20 years old to join the theater company," he explained.[12]..The existence of a dating partner is denied.
  • Theater Tokyo Vaudville ShowI met inRie ShibataI was always thought to be two years younger than myself.About 2 years after meeting (1990 eraAt the beginning), he confessed that he was actually older than Shibata, but at that time he was angry with Shibata, who had a panicked head.Also, every time she returned to her parents' house in Osaka, her younger brother protested with tears, "How long am I older than my sister?"[13].


Private life

  • 1984/May 9ToSoka GakkaiAnd later became the Deputy Director of the Arts Department and the Chief Director of the Women's Division.[16]..Appeared in Soka Gakkai's public relations video and supported by Soka GakkaiKomeitoFrequently gives election support speeches to official candidates[17][18].
  • Fukuyama MasaharuIs an enthusiastic fan of.Named Fukuyama as the "ideal man" in all media2001/May 4Broadcast of "Tamori Club』(TV AsahiIn the series), he talked about the charm of Fukuyama with the title "Looking for my marriage partner in Machami".[19],TBS"Honeycombs in love!When Fukuyama appeared as a surprise guest in 』, he danced crazy.[20].
  • NHKof"Continuous tv novel』(Commonly known as morning drama) is recorded, and the hobby is to watch it all together while drinking alcohol at midnight on weekends.2013/XNUMXst halfAma-chan]Kino Hana,Shinta Furuta,Eri WatanabeI started watching it when a person with whom I had a close relationship appeared, and it was broadcast in the second half of the same year.It was a great mealI also liked it, so I became a fan of the morning drama itself.[21].

Starring program

Current appearance program

Regular program

Special program

Irregular appearance

Past appearance programs

TV drama

Delivery drama


Live-action movie

Anime movie


Radio program



original video


  • Guinea Pig 4 Peter's Devil Doctor(1986)-The role of congenital cardiac rupture
  • The Guinea Pig: Mermaid in the Manhole (1988)
  • Funky Monkey Teacher 4 High School Teacher (1993)


Soka GakkaiAppeared in the public relations video of.

  • Wonderful my lifePart2 (1993,Shinano Planning)
  • Wonderful My Life Part4 (1998, Shinano Project)
  • Human Talk 2 (1998, Shinano Project)
  • TOMORROW (1999, Shinano project)
  • Future-Toward an infinite future- (2000, Shinano project)
  • Future2 (2001, Shinano project)
  • Challenge Road (2002, Shinano Project)
  • Shine like yourself (2005, Shinano project)
  • A way of life that shines like you (2015, SOKA channel)


Music works


Guest participation

  • Tokoro George "Waltz with two people" (1996)
    A duet song recorded in Tokoro's album "My Dog".Alternate vocals of Tokoro and Hisamoto, but the chorus part is sung only in Tokoro.
  • Kamon Tatsuo "Bright future" (2003)


Single Author


Style book


注 釈

  1. ^ Until March 2016, he appeared under the name of the only "special regular" on the program.


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