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👍 | "I couldn't write the expanded characters well with an unfamiliar brush pen." Hiroki Suzuki, a playful continuous throw in the marriage report


"I couldn't write the expanded characters well with an unfamiliar brush pen." Hiroki Suzuki, a playful continuous throw in the marriage report

If you write the contents roughly
Fans said, "Cute!"

Actor Hiroki Suzuki has married Kanako Nishikawa, who is also an actor, on Twitter on January 1th. → Continue reading

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Brush pen

Brush pen(Fude pen) has ink built into the shaft of the main body.Writing brushHas a shape that imitatesペ ンIs[1].


The tip of the brush is thick and flexible, and it can be used like a brush.It is easier to handle and care for than a brush.In addition, many brush tips are stronger than brushes.

The tip is softFelt penThere is a genuine brush type that uses hair such as synthetic fiber.Authentic brush type is thinSynthetic resinBuilt into the shaft in the brush tip made by bundlingイ ン クGenerally, it has a structure to supply, but for some luxury goodsWeaselThere is one that uses the hair of[2].

InkdyeとPigmentThere is.Some products are cartridge type and can be replaced.


To carry brushes and ink since the Middle AgesYatateWas used[3].Edo PeriodIn the second half, the inventorKunitomo FujibeiIs making something like a brush pen as a "mushroom brush"[4].

fountain penThe number of brushes decreased with the spread ofJunichiro TanizakiSome people dislike the writing taste of fountain pens, like1933/から1934/Essay,Yin and praise"If a fountain pen was invented by an old Japanese or Chinese, it would have been a brush without using a pen at the tip of the tip. And the ink was not a blue color, but an ink. I would have devised a liquid that was close to it so that it would seep out from the shaft toward the hair. "

The invention of the brush pen1972/ OfSailor fountain penAlthough it is due to "Fudepen", the company that achieved commercial success for the first time after repeated improvements and cultivated as a hit product is Kuretake Seishodou (currently:Kuretake(The Kuretake website also states that other companies had already developed products in 1972.)[5].1976/ToPentel ア ク リ ルReleased a full-scale brush type using the hair of[6].


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