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🐈 | Cat ♡ LOVE things and cute cat-shaped bread Buono

Photo "Nekopan" (XNUMX yen).It is also popular for gifts and gifts.In addition to the shops, it is also sold at Marukan Building XNUMXF, Road Station Hanamaki Southwest, Hanamaki General Hospital, Prefectural Chubu Hospital, and Kitakami Saiseikai Hospital.Limited quantity, so make sure to book up to XNUMX days in advance

Cat ♡ LOVE things and tokoro Nyan and cute cat-shaped bread Buono

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It has a slightly sweet and soft texture, and contains 1 loaves.

"Nekopan" from "Buono", which is the cutest in shape.In response to the enthusiastic demands of cat lovers, last summer ... → Continue reading

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