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👩‍🎤 | Former HKT48 / Madoka Moriyasu Completely molted from an idol in her first photobook after graduation "I won't regret it!"


Former HKT48 / Madoka Moriyasu Completely molted from an idol in her first photobook after graduation "I won't regret it!"

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Appeared in various costumes such as body suits, yukatas, and dresses in scenes such as saunas, live houses, and maid cafes.

Madoka Moriyasu (48), who graduated from HKT6 in June last year, is the first photobook after graduating from the group "Madoka Moriyasu Photobook ..." → Continue reading


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maid Cafe

maid Cafe(Maid Kissa), ormaid Cafe(English: Maid cafe) IsMaidIt is a coffee shop where a clerk who has become a clerk provides services such as serving by treating the customer as a "master".[1] ,mainlyJapanExpand to exist restaurantIs a kind of.


In the maid cafe store,Maid clothesOf the figureMaidDressed aswaitressHowever, the store is likened to a mansion,Domestic servantThe customer is treated as the owner / family member.Maid cafes are especially popular with men, and the familiar "Moe Moe"Kyun Kyun”, Etc., depending on the customer[2].

As of 2019, "cafe" and "maid" have been separated and their respective markets are expanding.[3]..In addition, as a derivative of the maid cafe, a cafe with a concept different from the maid was born, and "Concept cafeCame to be called[4]..As for the concept cafe, which is a cafe with its own concept, the number of stores that mainly serve alcohol such as "concept cafe & bar" is increasing, and as of 2021, "concept cafe & bar" is a general term for stores of various genres.ConcafeIs used[5].


Maid cafes have a long historyMeijiAt the endTokyo-GinzaAtUeno SeiyokenEstablished by "Café LionIs the prototype[6][3]..The good-looking waiter was wearing a kimono uniform and an apron.

世界The first permanent maid cafe "Cure Maid Coffee"But,2001/3ToAkihabaraOpened in[7]As it became known to the public, stores of similar format opened one after another in various places other than Akihabara.

January 2005U-Can Buzzword AwardIn Akihabara's "@home cafeThe waitress unit,Complete maid declarationBut"Moe ~Has been nominated for[8][9].

As of the end of 2011, there are 132 maid stores and services in Akihabara, but so far there are a total of 282 maid stores that have opened in Akihabara, of which 150 have closed and opened in about 10 years. More than half are closed[10].

With the spread of maid cafes in JapanTaiwan,Chugoku, South Korea,Thailand,フィリピン,Cambodia,Czechoslovakia,Mexico,Canada,AmericaIn other countries, similar stores are open.[11].

Making it a restaurant at night

Due to intensifying competition among stores, some stores offer their own services in order to acquire customers.[12]..Mixed with existing maid cafes, we dared to emphasize communication as positioningCabaret clubThere are also some popular stores[13].

Not only maids but also cosplay stores have appeared.in this caseConcept cafe or ConcafeIs called[14], Sometimes called a maid cafe, the meaning of the words has become more fluid with the times.Because of this, the number of cafe-style stores called maid cafes is decreasing, while the number of stores called maid cafes is increasing, and the recognition that concept cafes (including maid cafes) = night restaurants is spreading. There is.

Regulations on the Fuei Law have become stronger, and some stores have expanded from Shinjuku and the Ueno area to Akihabara, which is less regulated.Maid cafe styleCabaret club,Sex shopIs crowded, and the area around Kanda 1-chome is full of Akiba-kei cabaret clubs.[3]..It is said that not only otaku but also general customers are flowing in from Shinjuku and Ginza.

Costume and appearance

MaidThe costumes worn by (waitresses) vary from store to store, but in most cases FrenchMaid clothesIs the prototype.in shortEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, Petticoat,Pinafore(Apron), hair accessories (Frill,ribbon),stockings(Knee socks) Is a costume.Further with themRabbit,catEars (commonly known asCat ear.Animal ears(See) may be installed.At a type of store that creates a Japanese atmosphereMeiji-TaishoLike the actual waitress of the periodKimonoIt is a figure.In addition, as a costumeMaid clothes The19st centuryThe end of theUnited KingdomReal things in movies, anime,GameThere is also a theory that it was taken in and deformed.


The food and drink offered at the maid cafe isBlack tea,coffeeDrinks such asDessertSuch asLight mealIt is the same as a normal coffee shop.However, waitresses (maids) wear maid clothes and provide unique customer service in the audience.Comes with a mealsyrup,チ ョ コ レ ー トソ ー スEtc. are used to decorate desserts,Omelette riceThe drawing atketchupIt is decorated using.

In addition, the maid ordered by the customercoffeeTosugar,creamOr put[10], Draw your favorite picture on omelet rice with ketchup, or have a mealspoonIt may be eaten by customers.In addition, with a maid for an additional feeCheckShooting at (finished)写真The maid will give you messages and decorations with your own hands) and you can play games.Options,furtherEarpickAnd legs and backMassageThere are also stores that offer services[15].

Some maid coffee shops have abolished the excessive "Akiba-kei Moe service" and are selling food menus and the same commitment as specialty stores for tea and coffee.Before the opening of "e-maid," which succeeded in attracting a wide range of customers by changing the industry from existing cafes and restaurants in Osaka and Nipponbashi.Western foodThere is a store called "Love Charm" where a maid who went to the store for training and honed her cooking skills in earnest was enrolled and the maid himself worked on the interior design, and not only Moe but also moderate price setting There are also stores that have the idea of ​​enhancing both quality and quantity of food and food menus.秋葉原ではフードメニューに力を入れていた「ショコラッテ」(2005年"Chocolate" (XNUMX), which focused on food menus in Akihabara8/3The store opened) closed on March 2007, 3, and in Akihabara, the importance of the quality of the staff, the service content, and the world view of the store was reaffirmed.

At the "concept cafe", which is an area adjacent to the maid cafe,Girls barThere are more and more formats that are close to the maid cast, and there may be original cocktails from the maid cast as a menu, or there may be a system where customers can have a drink with the maid cast.[4]..Rules such as setting a time limit to increase the turnover rate of customers, setting a lower limit of the order amount, setting a charge fee, etc. were born at each store[10].


In some cases, the store itself is used as an event space for talk shows and mini-lives.その代表的な店舗は2005年The representative store is XNUMX11/8"Meido in Japan" (2007)9/9Closed)[16].. Drama"train man”Iori Nomizu,[16], Later make a major debutAkiba idol OfSakuragawa HimekoWere enrolled[16].

Maid cafe that opens for a limited time ("Moe Cafe in" in January 2006Roppongi HillsThere are also maid cafes themselves, such as "Akihabara Live Cafe" in collaboration with live events, and "Kunjakutei", a mobile store style that rents out existing maid cafes.

Courtesy and manners of customers

When you come to a maid cafe, a simple master-slave relationship is created in which the customer becomes the master and the young girl in the maid dress serves.[3]..Customers (many)Male) When entering the store, the maid said "Welcome back, master"oflinesMeet with[3][17][18].FemaleIn the case of customers, the "master" part isButler cafeBut also used "PrincessIt changes to.For older male customers, "HusbandThere is also a store that becomes.

The "Welcome" part in the normal customer service format is likened to the composition of "visiting the store = the housekeeper of the house you are serving returns home".Welcome, home, And the part of "Thank you very much" is likened to the composition of "leaving the store = going out".WelcomeIs said.

Payment is not "accounting"Donation(OrDonation)” and “Waiting feeSome stores use names such as ".

Trademark registration of "Maid Cafe"

In the past, several companies applied for trademark registration of the word "maid cafe", but in 2006, a game makerAtlasGroup company,pachinko-PachislotMachine maker "Atom" acquired the trademark right (June 2006, No. 6, designated products are earplugs and other 4965354th class, ski wax and other 9th class, food and beverage provision (28rd class), etc. Is not included[19]).

Japan Maid Association and Japan Maid Cafe Cooperative

"CANDY FRUIT" played a central role on April 2007, 4 as the first industry group for maid cafes and maid-related industries that are in a state of turmoil.Japan Maid AssociationWas established[20]..We plan to exchange information between members of the association, educate employees, hold seminars, and hold "maid certification exams".[21]..The main purpose is to popularize maids and improve their status, and we are calling for voluntary membership regardless of whether they are corporations or individuals. 200710/13The first maid test was conducted by the Japan Maid Association, and about 1 examinees took the written test.[22]..However, the content of this test is an interpretation unique to Candy Fruit, and it cannot be said that the universality and public nature of the test have been established.The Japan Maid Association is conducting a fund-raising activity called "Healing Nippon" to support the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake.[23].

Also, in June 2007, the "Mia Group" took the lead in "Japan Maid Cafe CooperativeWas established[24]..Although it reminds us of a large organization that straddles the stores, most of the subscribers of each organization are limited to their own company and related parties.

Business trips other than maids and coffee shops

There is also a business format called "business trip maid service".Fukuoka's "maid ear" (Maidia, currently closed) was the beginning, and female staff wearing maid costumes were dispatched to clean and wash the client's room, and then the cosplay costume production company "Candy Fruit". Started a similar service in Tokyo.Since it was taken up by the mass media, it became a hot topic and the number of peers is increasing rapidly.This service is used not only by nerds but also by ordinary housewives.

In 2005, an accommodation facility called "Made Hotel" appeared, and although it became a hot topic on the mass media and the Internet, there were cases where it was closed in about a month because it was not profitable.

In 2007IshikawaKanazawaIn addition, a welfare taxi called "Maid Takushi" has appeared, which helps maids to go out for shopping and sightseeing.[25]..It was used only by healthy people disguised as disabled people, and it was out of the welfare limited permit set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and it was closed in one month because it might violate the Road Transport Law.

2010/3/21,Ibaraki OfHitachinaka Seaside RailwayとKashima coastal railwayOperated a maid cafe "Maid Train" using a train at[26]..On the Hitachinaka beachthe 1960sTaking advantage of the fact that there are many old vehicles[27], Of the same ageDining carA waitress-style maid with the image of7000 typeEach of the Moe-type maids, who imagined Akihabara's maid cafe, served.

Similar trains on December 2010, 12Seibu RailwayBut it was operated[28][29][30]..The average age of the participants was 34.5 years, with males accounting for 94%.[31].. July 2011, 1[32], August 2012, 1[33]It was also operated.

Manners and troubles

In Akihabara, the "Crime Prevention Liaison Conference for Maid Cafes in Akihabara District" was established in June 2007 for the purpose of exchanging information on crime prevention between stores, and is cooperating with local shops and Manseibashi police station.Since the male staff does not appear in the front of the maid cafe, it is sometimes pointed out that the security measures are not good, and it is also discussed at the "Akihabara District Maid Cafe, etc. Security Liaison Conference".

2006/In January, after the closing of "CAFE & DIMENSION" in Akihabara, a man entered the store and threatened the maid who was closing the store with a knife and forced him out of the store.[34]..The criminal was arrested by a police officer immediately after leaving the store for the current offense such as power disruption.

Also, in Osaka and Nipponbashi, maid shops that carry out excessive bargaining have become rampant in the 2010s, which has become a problem.[35].

So-calledRip-offThere are also stores called."Meidorimu" in Nipponbashi, Osaka, will perform a "rip-off act"Asahi BroadcastingTV information program "cast』Broadcast in.It is said that a large amount of money was charged for talking with the clerk, drinking fee, service fee, etc.The management said, "We are explaining the charges and there is no problem with the business itself," but Tadaoki Urata, a lawyer, said, "It has passed through the gaps in the legal system, and new legislation is in place to crack down on it." Is necessary. "[36]..また同店の経営者は2012年9月別の不正行為(15歳未満を雇ったとして労基法違反)で逮捕されているIn September XNUMX, the owner of the store was arrested for another fraudulent act (a violation of the Labor Standards Act for hiring under XNUMX years old).[37][38][39].. 2013年4月には同店の経営者は風俗営業の許可が無いにもかかわらず従業員に客の接待をさせたとして風営法違反で再度逮捕されIn April XNUMX, the owner of the store was arrested again for violating the Fudosan Law for having employees entertain customers despite not having permission to do customs business.[40], The store closed[41]..In addition, in Nihonbashi, the number of stores that pull in otaku and charge high fees is increasing, which is a problem locally.[35].

Regulations of the Fuei Law

Maid cafeWind management lawBecause we do not do business that conflicts withCabaret clubUnlike etc., it can be used even under the age of 18, but customer service such as a clerk talking one-on-one with the customer is under the Fudosan Law.ReceptionIn some cases, police guidance was given by pointing out that this might be the case.

In October 2005, the Fukuoka Prefectural Police said that the content of customer service for maids would be "entertainment (business to entertain customers and let them entertain or eat and drink)" as stipulated by the Fuei Law.Fukuoka CityInstructed two maid cafes in the store to report the customs business, and the two stores applied for permission to do the customs business.There are restrictions on the customs business, such as restrictions on the area of ​​business and business hours, and the inability to hire employees under the age of 2.Ehime Prefectural PoliceMatsuyama CityThe same guidance is given to the maid cafe in the house, and the shop that received the guidance did not report that "it will continue to operate as a'coffee shop'" and has canceled the service pointed out. In November 2005, the store in the Nihonbashi area of ​​Osaka was also instructed by the Naniwa Police Station, which is the competent authority, to entertain customers when playing games with customers. I submitted a pledge stating, "We will not do business that corresponds to this," and terminated the applicable service.

Metropolitan Police DepartmentSaid that as of October 2005, it did not provide similar guidance to stores in Tokyo, but in November 10ShibuyaThe store in Tokyo received administrative guidance for the first time in Tokyo, and the store was closed. 2007年8月にはIn August XNUMXShizuoka CityThe Shizuoka Central Office winds the owner of the store, saying that the store, which was open as a pub at night and as a maid cafe during the daytime on Saturdays and Sundays, allowed a female clerk to entertain the pub without obtaining legal permission. He was arrested on suspicion of violating the law, and is investigating whether there was entertainment business during the maid cafe business.


2020 years,New coronavirusDue to a request for self-restraint from sales by the government, a request for a "night town" to curb population flow was issued, and as a result, the expansion of girl's bars such as Shinjuku, Ginza, and Shimbashi into Akihabara, where profits were no longer available, accelerated, and sales did not comply with the self-restraint request. There are also stores that do[42].

Girls barUnauthorized sales and forcible bargaining have become a problem for "restaurants with entertainment" to pretend to be "maid cafes without entertainment".[43]..In the Akihabara area, malicious bargaining has become a problem, and the number 110 such as complaints reached about 2000 in the year 1.[44].

Works on the theme of maid cafes

A work with a maid cafe / maid cafe as the theme of the story or the main stage.

Manga anime



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