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📚 | Miffy's pencil case and ballpoint pen.The appendix of the linen special edition is again ...!


Miffy's pencil case and ballpoint pen.The appendix of the linen special edition is again ...!

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The February issue of Linen, which includes this item that makes you want to struggle with Miffy for both work and private life in 2022, is limited to Treasure Island Channel, Seven Net Shopping, and Seven-Eleven.

This is an appendix! ??"Miffy (Miffy) embossed leather-like pen case of amazing quality ... → Continue reading

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Seven net shopping

Seven & i Holdings > Seven & i Net Media > Seven net shopping

Seven net shoppingIt is,Seven & i HoldingsGroup (initiallySeven-Eleven Japan)WhenYahoo! JAPANJointlyインターネットbyBook-CD-DVD-BD Ofmail orderサイトIs. The operating companyLtd.Seven & i Net MediaSo until February 2014Seven Net Shopping Co., Ltd.It was operated by (former name, Seven & Wy Co., Ltd.).


1999/May 8ToSoftbank,Seven-Eleven Japan,Tohan,Yahoo OfJoint VentureAsE-Shopping Books Co., Ltd.Established. same yearMay 11, A book online shopping site "esbooksIt started as ". afterwards,2001/May 12Became a Yahoo subsidiary.

2004/May 12In addition, we expanded the service range to sell CDs, DVDs and BDs, and changed the service name to "Seven and Y"(7 & Y). afterwards,2005/May 1The operating company name is from e-Shopping Books Co., Ltd.Seven and Y Co., Ltd.change to.

2006/May 2In addition, Seven-Eleven Japan increased its investment ratio, from a subsidiary of Yahoo to a subsidiary of Seven-Eleven Japan,Seven & i HoldingsJoin the group.

2008/May 7In addition, Seven & i Holdings aims to supervise IT-related businesses.Seven & i Net MediaEstablished. same yearMay 9In addition, the shares owned by Seven-Eleven Japan will be transferred to Seven & i Net Media to become a subsidiary of Seven & i Net Media.

2009/May 12From Seven and Y Co., Ltd.Seven Net Shopping Co., Ltd.The trade name is changed again. Next dayMay 12The name of the service (site) is "XNUMXSeven net shoppingIn addition, the online shopping sites operated by Seven & i Holdings Group companies such as "Ito-Yokado Net Mail Order" have been integrated.Distribution envisioned as a groupク ラ ウ ドPlans to use as a foothold for the portal.

2013/May 10, The personal information including card information may have been leaked at Seven Net Shopping. In addition, from around June of the same year, despite the fact that the card company has pointed out that "the information of the site user has been leaked", he refused to acknowledge the fact and announced the same day on the same day Concealed personal information leakage through methods such as deleting from press release[2][3]

On March 2014, 3, the parent company Seven & i Net Media absorbed Seven Net Shopping, and Seven Net Shopping will be directly managed by Seven & i Net Media.

On November 2015, 11, Seven & i Holdings' comprehensive shopping site "Omni 7(OMNI7) ”Was renewed to coincide with the grand opening, and became one shop in“ Omni7 ”.At that time, in addition to abolishing some functions of My Page such as "Everyone's word-of-mouth", we also handle toys / hobbies, cosmetics & healthcare, household goods / pet supplies, fashion & miscellaneous goods, food / order in the same year. It will end on October 1st, and "Omni 10" in "Omni 31"Ito-Yokado It was transferred to "Internet mail order".


  • Books, CDs, DVDs, and BDs will be shipped free of charge when picked up at a Seven-Eleven store (regardless of price, shipping is free at a Seven-Eleven store). Also for home delivery, free shipping is available for orders of 1,500 yen or more (free for partial delivery). With the transition to "Omni 7", in addition to Seven-Eleven, Ito-YokadoSeibu-SOGO-Akachan Hongpo-York-Benimaru-York mart-loftIt is now possible to pick up at stores at Seven & i Group stores such as.
  • If you receive it at the store, will you pay by cash?nanacoCan be selected.
  • You can accumulate nanaco points by registering for points in advance. However, points are granted not for the total amount excluding tax, but for the amount excluding tax for each product. After the renewal in November 1, nanaco points can be used even if you do not own nanaco or mobile nanaco.
  • With almost no exception, DVDs have discounts (up to 70%).
  • Of "DVD"CategoryIsNintendo DS,WiiThe main body and game software were included, but after the renewal in November 2015, "DS3DS, "WiiWii U,” and individual categories are set.
  • You can apply for a magazine subscription.
  • We have opened a store on Yahoo! Shopping,Yahoo! JAPAN ID can be used. Yahoo! points will be given according to the purchase amount at sites that open on Yahoo! Shopping.
  • Within 60 minutes after orderingCancelCan.
  • At everyone's bookstore, registered people can open the store and introduce products to compete in the ranking.
  • There is a "maker store" in which companies related to the categories handled by "Seven Net Shopping" open, and publishers, record companies, game software companies, entertainment offices, etc. are participating. In addition to the company name store, there are some specialty stores that specialize in specific categories.


  • Seven Net Personal Information Leakage Concealment Case On October 2013, 10, about 23 personal information including name, address, credit card information (card number and expiration date) could be leaked at Seven Net Shopping due to unauthorized access by spoofing. Announced that there is a nature.[4].

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