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👩‍🎤 | Top 5 popular voice actor articles!Hiro Shimono & Yuki Kaji's declaration is precious ... Takuya Eguchi and Yuichiro Umehara are too close!


Top 5 popular voice actor articles!Hiro Shimono & Yuki Kaji's declaration is precious ... Takuya Eguchi and Yuichiro Umehara are too close!

If you write the contents roughly
"VOICE Newtype No.058" (KADOKAWA / Kadokawa Shoten) In November, there was no shortage of topics such as "Shimokaji," "Egukota," and "Umekota."

What was the most popular voice actor-related article on numan in November?A voice actor who wants you to play a villain, a voice actor who thinks the picture is good ... → Continue reading


Another dimension space magazine "numan" for Kodawari girls.
Information for Kodawari girls who love manga, anime, games, 2D novels, and 2.5D stages and dramas will be posted at any time!

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Kadokawa Shoten

KADOKAWA > Kadokawa Shoten

Kadokawa Shoten(Kadokawa Shoten)Japan OfInfomation-KADOKAWA Ofbrandone of.TokyoChiyodaSet up a business office in.

In this section,Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd.(British: Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.) Is also explained.


1945/, Japanese scholarKazukawa MinayoshiFounded by.The first publication isSataro SatoSongbook"Sidewalk". 1949 "Kadokawa BunkoWas launched, and Satoru Hasegawa, who was the editor of the Iwanami Shoten library, was invited. In 1952, with the success of "Complete Works of Showa Literature", he established himself as a literary publishing company. April 1954, 4,Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd.(Currently: KADOKAWA Future Publishing) is established. 1956 Published "Kadokawa Japanese Dictionary" and "Kadokawa Kanwa Dictionary" and entered the dictionary field. 1957 Published "High School National Language Comprehensive"textbookEnter the field.

Entering the 1970sKadokawa BunkoFrom the literary lineYokomizo MasashiThe route was changed to the general public, including the above, and it was successful. In 1975Kadokawa HarukiAfter taking office as president, he advanced to film production the following year.Make a book into a movie and sell it in a big way using TV commercialsMedia mixSuccessful strategy to the Japanese film industryKadokawa movieIt caused a whirlwind.After that, he entered the video package production and music copyright business related to movie production.

1980 eraFrom "The televisionAnd 'Tokyo WalkerSuch asInformation magazineIn the latter half of the 80sCartoon magazine,Game information magazineFirst published in large numbers. In 1988Kadokawa sneaker libraryWas launched, and later affiliated companies (ASCII Media Works-Fujimi Shobo) IncludingLight novelIt became the largest domestic market.

2003/May 4ToHolding companyShift to the system,Kadokawa HoldingsWhile changing the company name to (currently KADOKAWA Future Publishing) and becoming a pure holding company, Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (second generation corporation) will be newly established as an operating company.

Kadokawa Shoten (second-generation corporation) was spun off as part of its business restructuring, and in January 2004, the entertainment division, which was in charge of film production, was transferred to Kadokawa Daiei Film (later) under the group.Kadokawa movie), And in October 2005, Fujimi DivisionFujimi ShoboSeparated as a (second-generation corporation), and in April 2006, started the TV information business.Kadokawa The TelevisionIn addition, the Walker Division and the Advertising Division were spun off into Kadokawa Cross Media. In 2007, the Book Division, Anime Comic Division, and Culture Content Division were newly established at Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (third generation corporation), and the Magazine Division (CD, DVD, Hanaji) was Kadokawa. The movie-related subsidiary was spun off into Magazines (the first corporation) and Kadokawa Herald Movie (later Kadokawa Movie), and Kadokawa Shoten (the second corporation) changed its trade name to Kadokawa Group Publishing Co., Ltd.

Kadokawa Shoten (third generation corporation) merged with Kadokawa Daiei Studio in January 2011 and inherited the company's movie business and video software business. Merged with KADOKAWA (currently KADOKAWA Future Publishing) on ​​October 1, 2013.Brand companyWill be. On April 2015, 4, KADOKAWA abolished the in-house company system, and "Kadokawa Shoten" became one of the brand names of literary books and disappeared from the company name.


Kadokawa Shoten

Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (first corporation)

  • 1954/ -December 4th,Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd.Reorganized into.CapitalIs 385 million yen.The head office is 7-XNUMX Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
  • 1956/ ――Published "Kadokawa Japanese Dictionary" in April and "Kadokawa Kanwa Dictionary" in September, and entered the dictionary field.
  • 1957/ --In the high school textbook "Kokugo (Comprehensive)"textbookEnter the field.
  • 1958/ --A Tsurukawa branch office was set up in Machida, Tokyo for the purpose of remodeling paperbacks and books and managing inventory.
  • 1965/ - Kadokawa HarukiJoined the company.
  • 1966/ - Kazukawa KunihikoJoined the company.
  • 1967/ --Established Osaka Sales Office in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.Published "Color Edition World Poetry Collection" with a flexi disc containing read-aloud audio.
  • 1969/ --Established Kyushu Sales Office in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka.
  • 1970/ - movies"A poem of lovePublished the original novel "Love Story".
  • 1971/ --Published Seishi Yokomizo's work from Kadokawa Bunko.Start of entertainment routes. Published "Exploring Japanese History", which was published as an NHK program.
  • 1972/ -Co., Ltd.Fujimi ShoboEstablished and started publishing and selling self-study books for textbooks published by Kadokawa Shoten.
  • 1974/ --Literary magazine "Wild ageFirst issue.Established Kadokawa Bunko Distribution Center in Miyoshi Town, Iruma District, Saitama Prefecture.
  • 1975/ - Kazukawa MinayoshiThe president dies.Of the editorial directorKadokawa HarukiBecame the president.
  • 1976/ --Haruki is a corporationKadokawa Haruki OfficeEstablished.Established Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation.Kadokawa movie first work "Inugamike no Ichizoku"Release.Linking movie production and publishing creates the Kadokawa movie boom.
  • 1977/ --Seiichi Morimura "Human proofIs made into a movie.
  • 1979/ - movies"The devil comes and blows the whistle""Gold Wolf revives""Sengoku Self-Defense ForceOther public release.
  • 1981/ --The movies "The Aimed School," "Evil Spirit Island," "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun," etc. are released.
  • 1982/ --TV information magazine "The television] First issue.
  • 1983/ --November Game software information magazine "Comptiq』Launched,Pc games,ComicFor enthusiasts such asMedia mixIt will be a stepping stone for.The first Kadokawa anime movie "Genma Taisen, The movie "The Girl Who Takes Time", "Detective Story", and "Satomi Hakkenden" are released.
  • 1984/November-Moved the head office to 11 Agebacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
  • 1985/ --Anime information magazine "Monthly new type』Launched, JuneShojo manga magazine"Monthly Asuka』LaunchedCartoon magazineAdvance to.
  • 1987/ -"Video (currently DVD & video distribution)" "CDFirst issue.
  • 1988/ --The head office was relocated to 24-5-XNUMX Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. "Sneaker libraryFirst issue.
  • 1989/ -Co., Ltd.Kadokawa Haruki OfficeMerged.Media mix manga magazine "Monthly Comic CompWas launched as a special edition of "Comptiq".
  • 1990/March --City information magazine "Tokyo Walker] Is published.
  • 1991/ -Co., Ltd.Fujimi ShoboWas absorbed and merged, and the Fujimi Division was established.Published the Daikan-Wa Dictionary "Kadokawa Daijigen".
  • 1992/ --Merged with Kadokawa Kosan Co., Ltd. "Ruby BunkoFirst issue.
  • September 1992-Vice President Tsuguhiko resigns.
  • 1993/March --The Television Co., Ltd., Kadokawa Haruki Office (second generation corporation) and Kadokawa Media Office Co., Ltd. were merged, and the Magazine Division (Shinjuku Ward), Software Division (Bunkyo Ward), Magazine Editing Established a department (Chiyoda Ward). In August, the Osaka branch office was relocated to Nishi-ku, Osaka City and promoted to the Kansai branch office.
  • August 1993, 8-President Haruki KadokawacocaineOn suspicion of smugglingChiba Prefectural PoliceAre arrested.
  • September 1993-At the Board of DirectorsKadokawa HarukiThe resignation of the president was approved, and Kunimitsu Oto, managing director, became president.Tsuguhiko returns to Kadokawa Shoten as an advisor.
  • October 1993-Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders HeldKazukawa KunihikoIs appointed as President and Representative Director, and Masatoshi Sano is appointed as Managing Director.
  • 1994/ --March "ASUKA CIELFirst issue. June"Kansai WalkerFirst issue. October Boys' comic magazine "Monthly Shonen AceFirst issue.
  • December 1994 --Merged with Kadokawa Shoten Distribution Center Co., Ltd.
  • 1995/ --The head office was relocated to 13-3-10 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. October"Book TravelerFirst issue. December Established Tokai branch office in Higashi-ku, Nagoya.Acquired Herald Ace Co., Ltd. and changed the company name to Ace Pictures Co., Ltd.
  • 1996/July-First issue of "Tokai Walker".
  • 1997/ --Shinkadokawa movie "Paradise","Neon Genesis EVANGELIONIs a big hit. June Launch of "Kyushu Walker". November Established Yokohama branch office in Chuo-ku, Yokohama.
  • 1998/ - movies"ring""SpiralIs a big hit. March Launch of "Yokohama Walker". April Asmik Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, and Ace Pictures Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kakugawa Shoten, merged.Asmik Ace EntertainmentEstablished a corporation.
  • November 1998-Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1999/ --April Established Taiwan International Kadokawa Bookstore Co., Ltd. (currently Taiwan Kadokawa Co., Ltd.). MayToshibaIn a joint venture withTV program OfProduction ProductionEstablished "Tosca Domain".
  • 1999-November Established Character and Anime.com Co., Ltd. December Established Kadokawa Interactive Media Co., Ltd.
  • 2000/ --February Established Walker Plus.com Co., Ltd. March Co., Ltd. in Chuo-ku, SapporoKakugawa Bookstore HokkaidoEstablished.
  • 2001/ - SeiyuからSS Communications Co., Ltd.Acquired shares of the company and made it a subsidiary. "Beans BunkoFirst issue. "Gundam AceFirst issue.
  • 2002/June-Tsuguhiko becomes Chairman and CEOMineo FukudaIs appointed President and Representative Director Akio Homma is appointed Managing Director.
  • October 2002-Co., Ltd. through share exchangeMedia WorksBecame a subsidiary.
  • November 2002-New subsidiaryKadokawa Daiei Film Co., Ltd.But,Daiei Co., Ltd.Takes over all of the business related to the movie business from.
  • 2003/May 4 ――By splitting the company into a new company, the business was transferred to Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (second generation corporation), and from Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd.Kadokawa Holdings Co., Ltd.Changed the company name to a holding company.Tsuguhiko Kadokawa becomes President and CEO.
  • 2004/March 3-Kadokawa Holdings Co., Ltd.Media LeavesMade a tender offer for the stock companyMedia LeavesAnd its subsidiaries, Inc.Enterbrainas well as the ASCII CorporationBecame a subsidiary.
  • March 2004-Acquired shares of Nippon Herald Film Co., Ltd. April, USA "DreamworksBusiness tie-up with.
  • September 2004-Transferred to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • February 2005- Japan Herald Movie Co., Ltd.And its subsidiariesHerald Enterprise Co., Ltd.,Glow visionMade Cineplex Asia Co., Ltd. a subsidiary based on influence standards.
  • April 2005-Fumihiko becomes Chairman and CEO, and Akio Homma becomes President and COO.
  • November 2005 --Made China "InterContinental Group Holdings" and 11 of its subsidiaries into subsidiaries.Business tie-up with Korea "CJ Entertainment".
  • 2006/February --Merged with Kadokawa Overseas Co., Ltd.
  • 2006/July 7-From Kadokawa Holdings Co., Ltd. to show inside and outside the group that we have a responsibility to strongly promote consolidated management of the group as a whole.Kadokawa Group Holdings Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to (Kadokawa GHD).
  • January 2007 --The management business of Kadokawa SS Communications Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kadokawa GHD, was newly established and split, and the holding company "Kadokawa Co., Ltd." of Kadokawa SS Communications Co., Ltd. and Kadokawa Magazines Co., Ltd. (first generation) Established "Magazine Group".
  • October 2008, 4- Tatsuo SatoIs appointed President and COO.
  • April 2009-Co., Ltd.Chukei PublishingAcquired shares of the company and made it a subsidiary.
  • June 2010-Tsuguhiko Kadokawa becomes Chairman of the Board and Tatsuo Sato becomes President and Representative Director.
  • February 2011- RecruitmentFrom corporationmedia FactoryAcquired the stock of and made it a subsidiary.
  • 2013/April 4-Merged with Kadokawa Group Publishing Co., Ltd. (1nd generation Kadokawa Shoten)[1]..To be managing directorShinichiro InoueIs appointed.
  • 2013/November 6-Ltd.Kadokawa Group HoldingsからKADOKAWA CorporationChange the trade name to[2].
  • 2013/October 10-Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (third generation corporation), ASCII Media Works Co., Ltd. (former Media Works), Kadokawa Magazines Co., Ltd. (former Kadokawa Magazine Group), Media Factory Co., Ltd. (former Recruit Publishing), Merged with Enter Brain Co., Ltd. (formerly Bestron Movie), Chukei Publishing Co., Ltd., Fujimi Shobo Co., Ltd., Kadokawa Gakugei Publishing Co., Ltd. (formerly Asuka Planning), and Kadokawa Production Co., Ltd.
  • March 2014, 3 --Split the new Internet service operation business and Co., Ltd.Walker47Established.
  • October 2014, 4- Masaki MatsubaraBecame president.
  • 2015/March --Merged with Walker3 Co., Ltd.
  • April 2019, 4-Representative Director, Vice President and Executive OfficerShinichiro InoueIs appointed.
  • 2019/July 7-Kadokawa Co., Ltd. (KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.) took over all businesses except the business related to the holding of shares of the Building Book Center and KADOKAWA KEY-PROCESS, and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. manufactured publications. An intermediate holding company that bundles distribution subsidiariesKADOKAWA Future Publishing Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.Koichi SekiyaBecame president.

Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (2nd generation corporation)

  • 2003/May 4 ――Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (the first corporation) became an operating company due to a spin-off type new company splitKadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (2nd generation corporation)Established.Tsuguhiko Kadokawa becomes Chairman and CEOMineo FukudaAppointed President and Representative Director Akio Homma Appointed Managing Director[3].
  • September 2003 --Launch of stock-type free paper "Tokyo Index".
  • November 2003-Literary magazine "Wild ageNewly launched.Launched the flow-type free magazine "Kado Navi" in Nagoya and Fukuoka areas.
  • 2004/1 --The Entertainment Division was split andKadokawa Daiei MovieTransferred to.
  • 2005/May 10 --Co., Ltd. due to the company split of Fujimi DivisionFujimi ShoboEstablished.
  • 2006/3 month - Taiichi InoueBecame president.
  • 2006/May 4 --Due to the personnel split of Kadokawa Shoten (the second generation corporation), the shares of Walker Division and Advertising Division, Walker Plus Co., Ltd. and Kadokawa Shoten Hokkaido Co., Ltd. will be transferred to the newly established company "Kadokawa Cross Media Co., Ltd." The shares of the television information business (The Television) and Kadokawa Interactive Media Co., Ltd. were transferred to the newly established company "Kadokawa The Television Co., Ltd."
  • February 2006- Shinichiro InoueIs appointed as managing director.
  • 2007/January --Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (1rd generation corporation) will be newly established as a publishing division and culture content division due to the company split of Kadokawa Shoten (2nd generation corporation). ) ”, Video-related subsidiaries and their managementKadokawa Herald MovieIn addition, the business management and control departments were succeeded to Kadokawa GHD.Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (2nd generation corporation)Kadokawa Group Publishing Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to, and became a company responsible for sales, logistics, sales, promotion, and production in the Kadokawa Group publishing business.
  • February 2007- Koichi SekiyaBecame president.
  • 2012/July 7-Merged with Kadokawa Publishing Sales Co., Ltd.Kadokawa CineplexMake a corporation a subsidiary[4].
  • March 2013, 3 --Sold subsidiary Kakugawa Cineplex Co., Ltd. to United Entertainment Holdings Co., Ltd.[5].
  • 2013/April 4-Kadokawa Group Holdings Co., Ltd. merged and dissolved[1].

Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (3nd generation corporation)

  • January 2007-Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. (1nd generation corporation) Publishing Division and Culture Content DivisionCompany splitAs a specialized publisher focusing on story content of novels and comics and cultural content including video software, books, mooks, and magazines.Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd.Established (third generation corporation)[7].Shinichiro InoueBecame president.
  • April 2008-Kadokawa Shoten's cross-media business affiliates Kadokawa Digix Co., Ltd., Kadokawa J-Com Media Co., Ltd., Co., Ltd.Kids netCo., Ltd. regarding the rights and obligations related to the management ofKadokawa MarketingTransfer to[8].
  • February 2011- Kadokawa Movie Co., Ltd.Merged. The name "Kadokawa Daiei" will continue as a brand of the video business[9].Yasushi ShiinaIs appointed as managing director.
  • April 2011, 4 --Kadokawa Shoten and other group companies' home video game publishing businessKadokawa GamesIntegrated into.
  • 2011/May 6 --Moved the head office to the Kadokawa No. 3 head office building.Prior to this, the management station and Kioicho office (former Kadokawa movie headquarters) were relocated to the same location on May 5, the same year, and the integration of the headquarters was completed.
  • November 2011-Launch of "Nico Nico Ace", a WEB comic magazine provided to Nico Nico Douga members in collaboration with Nico Nico Douga.[10].
  • February 2012- NTT DoCoMoCo., Ltd., a joint venture that jointly conducts animation distribution business for smartphonesDocomo Anime StoreEstablished.
  • July 2012-Transferred the management business of subsidiary Kadokawa Cineplex Co., Ltd. to Kadokawa Group Publishing Co., Ltd.[4].
  • February 2013- Kadokawa Cineplex Co., Ltd.Will become a subsidiary of United Entertainment Holdings, and Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku and Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho will be directly managed by Kadokawa Shoten.
  • April 2013 --Co., Ltd., which newly established the studio business division through a company splitKadokawa Daiei StudioInherited to.
  • October 2013, 10 --Merged and dissolved by KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.[2].

KADOKAWA Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd.

  • October 2013, 10 --Merged with KADOKAWABrand companyBecame[6].
  • April 2015, 4 --KADOKAWA abolishes the in-house company system, "Kadokawa Shoten" disappears from the organization name[11].
  • August 2021, 8 --The brand page of Kadokawa Shoten on the KADOKAWA official website is closed.[12].



Magazines that were once published and sold

  • (I.e.[13]
  • Performance[14]
  • 俳 句(1952-) * Transferred to Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan.
  • Tanka (1954-) * Transferred to Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan.
  • Japanese language communication[15]
  • Social studies communication[16]
  • Wild age(1974-1996) * There is a new Mook with the same name in 2003.
  • variety(1977-1986[17])
  • The television(1982-) * Transferred to Kadokawa The Television.
  • Monthly Kadokawa(1983-1998[18])
  • Novel king[19][20]
  • Marukatsu Famicom→ Marukatsu Super Famicom → Marukatsu Game Boy
  • TV cosmos[21]
  • wheelie[22] * Motorcycle magazine
  • Video-> Video & DVD-> DVD & Video-> DVD- * Transferred to Kakugawa Magazines (the first corporation)
  • CD * Transferred to Kadokawa Magazines (the first corporation)
  • Monthly Comic Comp(1988-1994)
  • Peach[23]
  • Marukatsu PC engine
  • Tokyo Walker(1990-) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Young Rose(1990-1997[24])
  • Comp RPG * Comptiq special edition
  • Mystery DX(1992-2003[25])
  • History Romance DX * Mystery DX special edition
  • Marukatsu Mega Drive * Special magazine
  • Puzzle kingdom[26]
  • Chou Chou (1993-2009)[27]) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • The Sneaker(1993-2011[28])
  • Kansai Walker(1994-) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Game Walker(1994-2000[29])
  • ASUKA CIEL →SKY(Ciel) (1994-2016)
  • Monthly ASUKA Fantasy DX→ Fandera
  • Novel Asuka * Monthly Asuka special edition
  • Monthly The Television (1995-) * Transferred to Kadokawa The Television.
  • Book Traveler(1995-2019)
  • Monthly Walker (1995-1996)[30])
  • Comic Newtype * Newtype separate volume
  • Tokai Walker (1996-) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • MEN'S WALKER(1996-2000[31])
  • Kyushu Walker (1997-) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • strange(1997-2018) * Mook
  • Yokohama Walker (1998-) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Kansai Walker Chou Chou → Monthly Scrunchie Kansai * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • feature (1998-2000[32])
  • The Horror(1998-2000[33])
  • Flower time * Obtained from Dohosha.Transferred to Kadokawa Magazines (the first corporation).
  • Monthly Ace Next(1999-2000)
  • Do you know Mrs. The Television? [National version, Tokyo metropolitan area version, Kansai version, Chubu version] (1999-2002)
  • Marie Claire(1999-2003[34])
  • KADOKAWA Mystery (1999-2003) * Mook
  • Chiba Walker(1999-2009) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Kobe Walker (2000-2008) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Sports yeah! (2000-2006[35])
  • On the site (2000-2002)
  • Newtype.com (2000-2002)[36])
  • LycosMagazine (2000-2001)
  • Newtype THE LIVE Tokusatsu Newtype (2001-2013)[37])
  • BS The Television (2001-2002)
  • Girl Empire (2001[38])
  • Monthly Tokyo Walker THE Tag (2001)
  • BS & CS The Television (2002-2006)[39] * Transferred to Kadokawa The Television.
  • CIEL Tre Tre * ASUKA CIEL special edition
  • Special effects ace * Special effects new type special edition
  • Ace Tokuno * Shonen Ace special edition
  • Family Walker [Tokyo, Kansai, Tokai, Kyushu] * Special edition of each walker, transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Adult Walker [Tokyo[40], Kansai, Tokai, Kyushu] (2004-2009) * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Rimina (2004-2006)[41]) * Scrunchie special edition, transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Adult Walker * Transferred to Kadokawa Cross Media.
  • Keroro Land * Shonen Ace, Kerokero Ace special edition
  • .hack //: The World * Special magazine 
  • .hack // GU: The World * Special magazine
  • Newtype Romance * Newtype special edition
  • Comp H's * Comptiq special edition
  • Comic charge(2007-2009[42])
  • Ace assault * Shonen Ace special edition
  • Kero Kero Ace(2007-2013[43])
  • Comic mystery * Treated as comics
  • Tales of Magazine * Comp Ace special edition
  • Daughter TYPE(2009-2017)
  • Macross Ace(2009-2011) * Gundam Ace special edition
  • 4-frame nano ace(2011-2013) * Shonen Ace special edition
  • Newtype Ace(2011-2013[44])
  • Ultima Ace * Young Ace special edition
  • Samurai Ace * Young Ace special edition
  • Ghost ■media FactoryTransferred from[45], Mook after the transfer.



  • Novel shop sari-sari (suspended)


  • High school national language one comprehensive
  • High school national language two synthesis
  • High school national language three synthesis
  • High school comprehensive national language 1
  • High school comprehensive national language 2
  • High school selected national language 1
  • High school selected national language 2
  • High school national language 1
  • High school national language 2
  • High school new language 1
  • High school new language 2
  • High school student's national language 1
  • High school student's national language 2
  • High school modern Japanese language
  • High school modern Japanese language XNUMX
  • High school modern Japanese language three
  • High school modern language
  • High school national language expression
  • High school modern writing
  • Modern writing of high school students
  • High school classic comprehensive one
  • High school classic synthesis two
  • High school classic synthesis three
  • High school classic 1
  • High school classic 2
  • Classic reading (The Tale of Genji, Okagami)
  • Classic reading Tsurezuregusa, The Pillow Book, Criticism
  • High school classic one
  • High school classic two
  • High school classic three
  • High School Classic Otsu 1 Ancient Writing 1
  • High School Classic Otsu 1 Ancient Writing 2
  • High School Classic Otsu 2 Ancient Writing
  • Japanese classical literature
  • High school ancient writing
  • High school ancient writing
  • Pillow grass extract
  • The Tale of Genji Yugiri no Kimi
  • Tsurezuregusa
  • Basho
  • The Tale of Genji, The Pillow Book, The Pillow Book
  • Classical literature selection Sarashina Nikki, The Tale of Genji, Okagami
  • High School Chinese Bunichi
  • High school Chinese writing
  • High school Chinese writing
  • Chinese poetry and sentences
  • Tang Poetry The Analects History Extract
  • calligraphy
  • High school ethics / society
  • High school politics and economy

Dictionary / dictionary

Imaging business

Movie brand "Kadokawa movieAnd the anime brand "Kadokawa Anime"have.In addition, the theater animation distribution label "Kadokawa Daiei" launchedKadokawa ANIMATIONThere is.

In 1976, Kadokawa Haruki Office (currently KADOKAWA) announced thatInugamike no Ichizoku』Entered the movie production and founded the movie brand" Kadokawa Daiei ". In 1983, the first "Kadokawa Anime" movie "Genma Taisen] Was released, and Kadokawa will be producing animation after that. In 1984, in partnership with Toei Video, VHS "KADOKAWA VIDEO" labelShonen Kenya] Was released and entered the production of video packages.After that, we started selling packages through the publishing route, and in 1988, VHS "Kadokawa Anime"World Masterpiece TheaterThe omnibus series is on sale. November 2002DaieiAcquired the business right of, and inherited the video IP and shooting studio. In 2003, the anime moved to the "KADOKAWA Anime" label. In 2004Kadokawa Entertainment(Currently KADOKAWA) was established and became responsible for video package sales (cell rental) within the Kadokawa Group. March 2005Japanese herald moviesAcquired Western-style film distribution, movie entertainment business, and Japanese version production business. November 2011media FactoryIs made a subsidiary, and the video business of Media Factory joins the Kadokawa Group.

As of 2018, KADOKAWA is a GS4997766 operator of former Kadokawa Shoten (458219484), former Kadokawa Entertainment (4988132), former Japanese Herald Movie (4988111), former Daiei (4541993), former Enterbrain (4935228), and former Media Factory (1). It owns the code, and the video software uses the GS1 operator code of the former Daiei, the former Media Factory, and the former Enterbrain.

2009/May 1AttachedSankei ShimbunIn the online versionKadokawa Group Holdings CopyrightIllegal upload of anime withYouTubeDepending on the work, "official badge" will be given and advertisements will be allowed on the condition that it is included in the video.GoogleAnd distributed in Kadokawa, excellentMADIt was reported that part of the advertising revenue for the work would be returned to the video creator.In addition, what was shown as these preconditions was "a feeling of love for the target anime work".[46] But,2011/May 10AttachedJ-CAST NewsAccording to Kadokawa,ShareI accused a person who illegally shared Kadokawa animation in, but the reason is "I do not allow the use of the main video such as animation, but only MAD video. I introduced it as a comment from the Legal Department of Kadokawa Shoten.[47]

Kadokawa Anime Works List

KADOKAWA (formerly Kadokawa Shoten, formerly Kadokawa Shoten)Kadokawa movie, Former Kadokawa Haruki Office), Kadokawa VIDEO label, KADOKAWA Anime label or KADOKAWA (former Kadokawa Shoten, former Kadokawa Shoten)Kadokawa movie, OldKadokawa Entertainment) To list the anime works that were released and distributed. KADOKAWA (formerlymedia Factory) The production work isMedia Factory #AnimeSee.


Other production participation works

  • Old man Z * Produced by The Television Co., Ltd.

Movie box office

Was a subsidiary on March 2013, 3Kadokawa CineplexHowever, because it was transferred to United Entertainment Holdings, Kadokawa Cinema became directly managed by Kadokawa Shoten.

  • EJ Anime Theater Shinjuku (Tokyo)Shinjuku, Shinjuku Cultural Building) <2 screens, 300 seats / 56 seats>

On the site of the former "Shinjuku Cultural Cinema" December 2006, 12 "Shinjuku Garden CinemaOpened as. On June 2008, 6, "Kadokawa Cinema ShinjukuRenamed to. Renamed to the current building name as a theater specializing in animation on December 2018, 12.

  • Kadokawa Cinema Yurakucho (Tokyo)ChiyodaYurakucho, Yomiuri Kaikan) <1 screen, 257 seats>

Old "Cine canonOpened on February 1, 2011 on the site of "Yurakucho 2-chome".All seats are reserved and a replacement system is introduced each time.

Game software

Pc games,In particularAdult gameTheHome game consoleMany of them are sold for use.2003/New brand "WellMADEWas established, but it is now absorbed by Kadokawa Shoten itself.2009/,HobiboxCo-brand with "Kadokawa Shoten x HOBIBOX”(Kadokawa Hobibox) was established. In April 2011, the home video game publishing businessKadokawa GamesSince then, Kadokawa Shoten is in charge of planning and production, and Kadokawa Games is in charge of sales. In 1997ESPIt was established jointly by investing in, but it has been acquired since 2002 and is now merged with other companies.

Super Nintendo

  • Youkai Buster Luka's Adventure
  • Rhodes Senki


Gameboy color

Gameboy Advance

  • Frog B back

Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

Sega Saturn

Dream cast


PlayStation 2

Well MADE brand work

PlayStation Portable


Wonder Swan
  • Ring ∞
iPhone / iPod touch

Past sales business alliance

  • Hachette Phillipakki Japan →Hachette Women's Pictorial --Outsourced sales to Kadokawa Shoten from 1997 to December 2001.
  • Dohosha-Outsourced sales to Kadokawa Shoten from 1998 to 2002.The flower magazine "Hana Time" was acquired from the company.
  • Media Works --Since January 1999, we have outsourced sales operations to Kadokawa Shoten.
  • SHUFUNOTOMO --Outsourced sales to Kadokawa Shoten from May 1999 to March 5.
  • Locus (Publisher)

A company associated with Kadokawa Shoten

The following companies have no capital relationship with the Kadokawa Group mentioned above.

  • Kadokawa Haruki Office --Former presidentKadokawa HarukiA publisher founded by.Haruki is the president.
  • Gengi Shobo --The daughter of Genyoshi Kadokawa and the writerJun HemiA small publisher founded by.Haruki Kadokawa is the chairman and works on literary books in collaboration with the Haruki Kadokawa office.
  • Gentosha --In 1993, he was a leading editor of Kadokawa Shoten.Tohru Mishiro, Keita Kodama, Masayasu Ishihara, Haruhiko Tateno, Kazuho Yonehara, Junichi Saito left the company and established it.
  • Tea O Entertainment --Established independently by Takeichi Honda and Yui Shibata, who were employees.

Some editors change jobs between Kadokawa Shoten, Gentosha, and Haruki Kadokawa offices.

Media Works problem (house turmoil)

1992/In September, the president at that timeKadokawa HarukiHaruki's younger brother who was the vice president underKazukawa KunihikoHowever, he suddenly resigned due to a line conflict with Haruki, and in October of the same year, Co., Ltd.Media WorksEstablished.Along with this, a large number of employees of Kadokawa Media Office, of which Tsuguhiko was the president, left the company and transferred to Media Works.


1993/In February, Shukan Bunshun reported the alleged homosexual harassment of Kadokawa Shoten employees by Haruki's eldest son, who was the director of the international department and president's office, and Haruki's eldest son retired after being demoted.

July 1993 Kadokawa Shoten Photo Studio Chief was arrested at Narita Airport for the current crime of cocaine smuggling, August 7 Kadokawa Shoten affiliated company officer was arrested, KADOKAWA PRODUCTIONS US INC in Los Angeles on August 8 and Kadokawa on August 11 Kadokawa Shoten Labor Union requested the dismissal of President Haruki, all Kadokawa Shoten officers except Haruki requested the dismissal of President Haruki, and President Haruki requested the dismissal of President Haruki on the 12th of the same month.cocaineArrested on suspicion of smuggling. Haruki's resignation as president was approved at the board of directors meeting held on September 9, and Kunimitsu Oto was appointed as president.On the 2th of the same month, over "Unmanned Police" recorded in the high school textbook "Kokugo I" published by Kadokawa ShotenYasutaka TsutsuiDeclares a break.Tsuguhiko returned as an advisor on the 15th of the same month.24th of the same monthSeiichi MorimuraとOsamu MatsubaraEstablished a group to think about the future of Kadokawa Shoten. After the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders held on October 10, Tsuguhiko became president of Kadokawa Shoten, concurrently serving as president of MediaWorks.Eventually, we saw the conclusion by making MediaWorks a subsidiary of Kadokawa Shoten.


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