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🐈 | A dog stays with the victim for 13 hours to warm the body and save lives. "This dog is a miracle"


A dog stays with the victim for 13 hours, warming the body and saving lives. "This dog is a miracle"

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"It felt like a minute and a second before the mountain rescue arrived," Brukitsch told local media, "this little dog is a miracle," according to AFP.

In Croatia, a dog snuggled up to a victim who was injured in the mountains for 13 hours and saved his life.Total black ... → Continue reading

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Mountain rescue

Mountain rescue(Sangakukyujo,English : mountain rescue) IsClimbingIn the mountains for some reasonDistressWho didSearch and rescueIt is an activity to do.

In this paper, generallyJapanDescribe the matters in.

Normally, a rescue team is organized at the foot of the mountain and rescue is started from a safe route, but if the location of the target person is unknown, multiple search teams are formed.Mountain climbing reportSearch based on the location information of mobile phones and mobile phones.Helicopters are often used to search for rescuers from the sky and reduce the time it takes to transport them to medical institutions.If there is no space to land, the rescuer will descend with a hoist and place it on a stretcher to accommodate it in a helicopter.It is often difficult to hover due to the turbulence of airflow and weather.Police and firefighting helicopters are mobilized, but police are involved in police activities and criminal tracking.Firefighting disaster prevention helicopter TheFire extinguisher-Rescue operation-Emergency transportation・ There are few examples of specializing in mountain rescue, as they also have duties such as transferring images of disasters in disaster areas.

In mountains with many climbers, private companies may undertake rescue operations from local governments.国際的な団体としてAs an international organizationInternational Mountain Rescue Committee(ICAR).

In Japan,Policemen OfMountain guard,Fire OfMountain rescue team,Japan Air Self-Defense Force OfAir rescue teamRescue team, Familiar with geographyFire brigade,Mountain hutRescue activities are being carried out by the Mountain Climbing Accident Prevention Measures Association, which is composed of the Mountaineering Club and the Mountaineering Club.

The policePolice law, FirefightingFire Service Organization LawWe are conducting search and rescue activities for victims based on.SDFIt is,Self Defense Force ActBased onPrefectural governor OfDisaster dispatchParticipate in search and rescue activities in response to requests.Report of distress110Sometimes it depends on119The police do not move because the number 110 is called, and the fire department does not move because the number 119 is called.Considering the area of ​​occurrence, the weather, and the placement of troops, a dispatch order is given to the unit that seems more appropriate, and other units are preparing to dispatch in preparation for the next order as necessary.


Mountain guardIs the prefectural policeRegional DepartmentOr belong to the corresponding departmentPolice officerConsists of.Depending on the number of rescue requests and geographical circumstances, there are differences in the organization and operation method depending on each prefecture.

Metropolitan Police Department,Saitama Prefectural PoliceEtc. are multiple in mountainous villages far from the police station due to the spread of the populationOfficeAnd police boxes are usually assigned to the police box as normal police work, accepting police and mountain climbing notification forms, interacting with local residents, forming a mountain guard in cooperation with them, and dispatching when requested. I do.A representative who also serves as a member because it is necessary to handle a wide variety of cases with a small number of people, such as dealing with normal police operations such as criminal, traffic, and life safety cases, and dealing with troubles of leisure guests such as fireworks and barbecues. Does not work without a certain amount of experience and knowledge.Furthermore, as the front line headquarters for mountain accidents, we coordinate communication and coordination between local governments, fire departments, each station, the department in charge of the main office, and senior departments, and sometimes request rescue by helicopter based on the request from the site, sometimes incidental. We will judge the existence of the case, interview all the parties concerned, prepare and submit a report, and sometimes contact the family of the missing person, the organization to which they belong, and the bereaved family of the victim of the fatal accident, and there are multiple cases. If there is, it must be processed at the same time.It is said that the director of the Okutama police box of the Ome Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department must be a competent person who can withstand the hard work.

3,000m classHida MountainsHoldingToyama-Gifu-NaganoThe three prefectural police have specialized units mainly in the summer.

Metropolitan Police DepartmentTo the XNUMXth MTFMountain rescue ranger unitIs installed.

Helicopter rescuePrefectural Police Air CorpsHowever, even if multiple aircraft are assigned, only the aircraft that can withstand mountain rescue is used.救助要請を受ける通信指令センター、地上から救助に入る山岳警備隊同様、航空隊もThe aviation corps as well as the communication command center that receives rescue requests and the mountain guards who enter rescue from the groundRegional DepartmentOr belong to the corresponding department.


FirefightingMountain rescue team TheSpecial rescue team(Rescue squad) often serves concurrently.In addition to performing normal rescue work, I usually go to a local mountaineering club class to understand the characteristics of the mountain, carry out wildfire prevention activities and rescue training in the corps, and prepare for a report of a mountain accident. ..活動する際はWhen workingFirefighting disaster prevention helicopterWork with the support of.

Tokyo Fire DepartmentMountain rescue team holds a mountainous area in western TokyoHachioji Fire Department(HachiojiSpecial rescue teamAlso serves as), Ome Fire Department(Ome special rescue team also serves),Akigawa Fire Station(Akikawa 2nd Platoon also serves),Okutama Fire StationIt is located in 1 fire departments (also served by Okutama 4st Platoon) and owns mountain rescue vehicles and mountain equipment.They usually carry out fire extinguishing activities and normal disaster relief activities, and when mountain rescue occurs, they are dispatched by mountain rescue vehicles.Kitakyushu City Fire Department,Saitama West Fire Department,Sagamihara City Fire Department,Sapporo City Fire DepartmentEtc. have a similar system.

Shizuoka City Fire Department,Himeji City Fire Department,Hadano City Fire DepartmentAnd so onSpecial rescue teamHe participates in fires and rescue cases, but when a mountain rescue case occurs, he is active as a dedicated team for mountain rescue.

The Tokyo Fire Department's mountain rescue team also supports Swift Water Rescue (torrent rescue).これはレジャー客が中州に取り残されたThis is a leisure guest left behind in NakasuGenkura River water accidentWe have the knowledge and skills to respond to torrent rescue, and we are equipped with specialized equipment[1].

Firefighting disaster prevention helicopterHa: Of the wildfireFire extinguisherAnd riversWater rescueRescue activities such as mountain accidents,Emergency transportationIt corresponds to.地上部隊の要請によりAt the request of ground troopsGovernment-designated city OfFire departmentFirefighting Air Corps installed in (Tokyo)Tokyo Fire Department Air Corps) Or the disaster prevention aviation corps set up in the prefecture (excluding the capital and prefecture).

  • Study group on the ideal way of mountain rescue by firefighting and disaster prevention helicopter

Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsFire departmentStudy group set up by[2]..In mountain rescue using firefighting and disaster prevention helicopters, how to ensure the safety of mountain rescue by firefighting and disaster prevention helicopters is an issue based on the fact that helicopter crashes occurred one after another.Therefore, in order to contribute to ensuring the safety of mountain rescue by firefighting and disaster prevention helicopters, while taking into account the performance and characteristics of helicopters and the difficulties peculiar to mountain rescue, we will hold a study group to consider the appropriate way of mountain rescue. There is.


Japan Air Self-Defense Force OfAir rescue teamMainly, rescue teams are set up all over the country to search and rescue pilots when fighters crash.所属するbelong toRescue workerHas been trained on a regular basis so that it can respond to any weather and situation, and has a track record of requesting dispatch in situations where rescue is difficult, such as fire fighting and police, since 1958 (Showa 33).Japan Air Self-Defense ForceAir rescue teamRescue teamJMSDFAir DetachmentOwns an all-weather rescue and rescue helicopter.

Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceWinter distress rescue teamAomori GarrisonMainly in the 5th Infantry RegimentMt. HakkodaIt corresponds to the distress rescue of.The Kamifurano camp has been formed since 2007, triggered by the 2008 Kamihorokametoku mountain avalanche accident.駐屯地から選抜された隊員150-180名程度が、警察等と連携して、冬季の山岳救難に対応するAbout XNUMX-XNUMX members selected from the garrison will work with the police to respond to mountain rescue in winter.[3][4]..other,Prefectural governor OfDisaster dispatchOrdinary departments may conduct search activities in response to requests.


Toho AirlinesWas carrying out rescue activities for the victims as well as transporting supplies to mountain lodges, but withdrew from the mountain rescue business after Mr. Akihiko Shinohara's fall accident in February 2002.

Mountain hutAnd the mountaineering club has formed a rescue unit limited to the local area, and is conducting rescue activities jointly with the police and fire department.

Familiar with local geography for relatively low mountainsFirefighterMay be mobilized.また熊の出現が予想される山ではAlso in the mountains where bears are expected to appearHunting PartyMay be requested for support.


Mountain rescue by public institutions is an activity within the normal budget, and it is said that no cost will be charged for the rescued one.

However, due to the spread of mobile phones that can be connected even in mountainous areas, the development of transportation means to access mountainous areas, the boom of middle-aged and elderly mountaineers, and the increase in unplanned and lightly equipped mountaineers, minor injuries and physical strength that can be treated by themselves Because I was tired without managing the mountain, I felt easy to get rescued by helicopter, and those who called the rescue team by calling 110 and 119, and walking on the path without checking the mountain trail without studying geography As the existence of people who do not have the common sense and manners of mountain climbing is reported, such as the mass mobilization of rescue teams, the opinion that rescued people should be charged.ambulanceThere is an opinion that it is a part of administrative activities as well.


Rescue activities are basically carried out by the police, fire department, and military,AlpsIn mountainous areas such as public rescue agenciesSwiss army, Local government, mountaineering association, etc.AirlinesIs conducting rescue operations.

Operation isDonationIt is covered by the supporting membership fee, and 1/3 of the people are members as members, and the rescue fee is free for the members.Non-members such as foreigners are charged and are mainly paid from various types of insurance.

Secondary disaster

  • On January 2002, 1, Toho Air Rescue representative fell from a helicopter in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture, and one person died.[5]
  • 2009 year 1 month,HokkaidoShakotandakeAtノ ノ ー ボ ーHeaded to rescue a man in distressHokkaido policeWhile the mountain rescue team was transporting the victim, a stretcher carrying a man slipped off a tree attached to it, killing the victim.The bereaved family filed a lawsuit for damages for negligence in mountain rescue, and it was partially found to be negligent and the compensation was confirmed (Sapporo District Court-Sapporo High Court-Supreme Court)[6].
  • On September 2009, 9, a helicopter of the Gifu Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps crashed during a mountain rescue operation, killing three aviation crew members.[7].
  • August 2010, 7,Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air CorpsHelicopter crashed during mountain rescue operation with aviation crewChichibu Fire Department5 rescue workers died[8].. Detail isSaitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps # "Arakawa 1" crash (Saitama Prefecture firefighting disaster prevention helicopter crash)See.
  • August 2012, 1,Gifu Prefectural PoliceHelicopter soared during rescue operations, and a man who came into contact with a mountain guard slipped 100 meters and suffered a minor bruise.[9].
  • 2013 year 12 month,Mount FujiAtShizuoka City Fire DepartmentWhen a disaster rescue helicopter tried to lift and rescue a man in distress near the 9.5th station of Mt. Fuji (altitude of about 3,500 m), due to bad weather, a life-saving device was installed just before the crew accommodated the man in the helicopter. The man fell off and fell to the ground from a height of about 1 meters.Due to bad weather, he abandoned the expropriation on the same day, and the next day he was expropriated again and was found dead.The bereaved family filed a lawsuit for damages as a negligence in mountain rescue, but the claim was dismissed (Kyoto District Court-Osaka High Court).事件後一時期Temporary after the incidentShizuoka CityAlso announced the decision to "do not carry out rescue activities at altitudes above 3,200 m."
  • August 2014, 9,Ehime Prefectural PoliceThe chief police officer of a mountain guard in Japan slipped down a cliff and died shortly after descending from a helicopter to rescue the victim.[10].
  • August 2017, 5,Yamanashi Prefectural PoliceThere was an accident in which a man died while helicopter rescued a man in distress.ホバリング中に落石か樹木が当たったとみられ、男性のそばにいた救助隊員2人もけがをしたTwo rescue workers near the man were also injured when a rockfall or tree appeared to have hit them while hovering.[11].


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