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👩‍🎤 | Hiro Shimono, Hiroshi Kamiya etc. I tried to shout out my love for pushing! 2021-2022 [Voice actor edition] "I love you" ...


Hiro Shimono, Hiroshi Kamiya etc. I tried to shout out my love for pushing! 2021-2022 [Voice actor edition] "I love you" ...

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Mario Kuroba, Masanari Wada etc. I tried to shout out my love for pushing!

The editorial department of numan said, "Look back on 2021 and shout out your love and message for the" push "that you have taken care of ...! → Continue reading


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Mario Kurobane

Kurobane Mario(Mario Kuroba,1993/[3]May 7[3] -) isJapan OfAn actor.

MiyagiSendai city[2]From,TRUSTARAffiliation[6]..Wife is an actressYuki Sakurai[4].


The 2rd time that I was recommended by a friend when I was in the second grade of high schoolJunon Superboy ContestApply for[7].. Semi-Grand Prix at the same contest in 2010[8]He won the AGF Award and became an opportunity to enter the entertainment world.

2012 years,Musical "The Prince of Tennis" 2nd SeasonDebuted as an actor in the role of Eiji Kikumaru (7th generation). Appeared in the same work until November 2014[9].. After that, he plays an active part in the actor industry mainly on the stage.

Published the first photobook in 2015[10].

Opened the Official Site in September 2016.

In October 2018, he was appointed as Miyagi Kizuna Ambassador.Term: January 10, 2019-December 1, 1[11].

August 2020, 11,New coronavirusAnnounced infection[12]And receive hospitalization treatment[12].. Discharged on November 11[13].

June 2022, 1, actressYuki SakuraiAnnounced that he was married[4].


  • Shoe size 27.5cm
  • left handed.
  • Both first and last names are real names, given by the father from the chef's name.One of the origins is that it is easy for foreigners to pronounce[14].
  • Fumio UmezawaThere is a relationship between houses, and the children born to the Kurobane family have inherited the custom of wearing costumes handed over by the Umezawa family when visiting the temples for generations.[15].. Co-starred with Umezawa for the first time in March 2019[15].
  • Even among professional baseball fansRakuten EaglesProfessed to be a fan of. Local MiyagiKHB East Japan BroadcastingSports programsMoe Sports"I'm a self-proclaimed 20th young actor No. 1 Rakuten fan," he said in an interview at.
  • Model and actorTomanAnd Sendai's high school are the same classmates, and they profess when they were men.
  • I like carbs and baseball.


■TaiziIs the leading character



TV drama


Delivery drama

  • Dense Fetish (May 2012, 5 -,Bee TV)
  • Bambi's Alice (March 2016,Smart boys)
  • Megan "Megane Detective Chris Asagawa" (July 2017, 7,GYAO!)
  • I ran slowly in Japan ~ Around Japan for that girl ~ Episode 7 (November 2017, 11,Amazon Prime Video)
  • Do you not sleep? Oyamauchi's three brothers (January 2019, TV camera)-Oyamauchi's only role
  • Daddy, I started (September 2019, 9-November 2,Yahoo! Japan)-Kotaro Naruse
  • I'm still in love(July 2020, 1-September 14, 3,Paravi)- Nekoda Role[48]
  • Love evolution Episode 1 (December 2020, 11,Hulu) --As Shuto Oda
  • Rico High !!(April 2021, 4 --June 16, 2021, Paravi) --Kenta Kagaya[49]


Television Animation


  • I travel. (Tomeisaka Net 6)
    • Season 4 (January 2018)
    • Season 5 (January 2019)
  • (July 2019, 1-September 22, 6,Saitama-niconico) * Irregular
  • Hillnandez!(February 2020, 2-March 7, Nippon TV)-Friday Season Regular
  • (August 2020, 8, NHK General)-Senior Pella


  • Let's do the stage! "Mario Kuroba's Words" (April 2016-March 4,USEN C-43)
  • 2.5D Men's Broadcasting Club (April 2017,TS ONE)
  • Weekly "BUZZ Ru" Editorial Bureau-Secret story meeting (June 2018,Japan FM Network)


  • Kao"Prettier Men's Bubble Color" Main Character
  • Quality First "All in One Sheet Mask" CM (2018)
  • Kanebo DEW Brightening Whitening "Pre-Bride" Campaign Supporter (March 2019-)
  • Nissin Traveling ethnic CM "Here it is" (April 2019-) --Tom Yum Kung's fairy role
  • TOYOTA Connected Kyushu Channel "Sales Staff Mario Kuroba Thoroughly Explains!" (July 2020-)

Internet distribution video

  • Sumachare first installment Mao Kurobane vs Ikkei Yamamoto Sweets confrontation (February 2015)[50]
  • Eyebrows Collection-Handsome Biffe-(April 2016, Fuji TV on demand)[51]
  • Come to Mario Kuroba's private house (February 2018, 2-May 2, 2019, 5 times in total, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting)
  • My AI Prince 3-4 episode (May 2018,GYAO!)
  • If you're a cool guy, Asoba Night (March 2019, 3-November 19, 2019,AbemaTV)
  • Werewolf game x 2.5-dimensional actor-If you lose, hug each other!- (August 2019, 8 -,Paravi)
  • Mario Kuroba will do everything he wants to do (January 2021, 1)[52] -, ABEMA)
  • "The villain's daughter is loved by the crown prince of the neighboring country" Live-action short movie (July 2021, 7, YouTube / KADOKAWA official channel[53])

TV (sports)

  • BS12 professional baseball relay "Saitama Seibu x Tohoku Rakuten" (August 2020, 8,BS12) --Deputy voice guest
  • Moe Sports(December 2020, 8,KHB East Japan Broadcasting) --Corner narration, interview appearance

TV (cultural program)

  • Beauty jar File 511 "Touken Ranbu" (September 2020, 9, NHK BS Premium, etc.)-"Touken Ranbu" as Mikazuki Munechika[54]



  • Mario Kurobane First Photo Album "MARIO" (Self F, on sale June 2015, 6)
  • "Mario Kurobane Photo Album Open" (Shufu to Seikatsusha, released March 2018, 3)


  • Musical "Prince of Tennis"[55]
    • "WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER" (on sale April 2013, 4)
  • Musical Touken Ranbu[56]
    • 1st single "Touken Ranbu" (released January 2016, 1)
    • 2nd single "Kimi no Uta" (released on July 2016, 7)
    • 1st album "Musical Touken Ranbu ~Atsuga Shiyama Ibun~" (released on August 2016, 8)
    • 5th single "BE IN SIGHT" (released May 2018, 5)
    • 8th single "Lost The Memory" (to be released on January 2020, 1)
  • Drama "Five" Men's 5 with T.M.
    • "Gakuen Heaven" (released on August 2017, 8)
  • Voice of a nursery rhyme (released on November 2018, 11)
  • Under the name of "ACTORS ☆ LEAGUE"
    • "ACTORS ☆ LEAGUE 2021" (released December 2021, 12)[57]


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注 釈

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