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💪 | Surprising problems remain for a beautiful girl who can be mistaken for "the obese girl in the world" ...


A surprising problem remains for a beautiful girl who can be mistaken for "the obese girl in the world" ...

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He says he will continue to have to be patient with physical therapy five times a week.

[A girl who succeeded in losing weight.Cheering for the appearance of facing the problems that still remain, "For health, overcome your appetite with a strong will" ... → Continue reading


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理学 療法

理学 療法(Riga Kuriho,English: physiotherapy, physical therapy)ObstacleFor some people, therapeutic exercises and other activities, mainly to restore their basic movement ability.motionAnd letElectrotherapy,Massage, The addition of heat or other physical means.

Physical therapy can be broadly divided intoExercise therapyとPhysical therapy, There is movement training.

また能力ObstacleWhen remains, the basic operationActivities of daily livingSelection of welfare equipment, housing renovation, environmental adjustment, in order to reduce the disadvantageous factors in living a social life, and guidance for improvingHome careEtc. are also included.in recent years,Lifestyle-related diseasesIt can be said that the prevention, control, and disability prevention of physiotherapy are also the targets of physical therapy.


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5 times a week


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