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😀 | [Cartoon] # 10 The need for "courage to rely on" that I noticed with a high fever "It's okay if even a mother can't do it" "Husband ...


[Cartoon] # 10 The need for "courage to rely on" that I noticed with a high fever "It's okay if even a mother can't do it" "Husband ...

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His writings include "#Kojirase Virgin's First Boyfriend" (Kobunsha) and "I want to abandon my husband.

My husband takes the initiative in housework and childcare, but the rough search and frustration do not stop and I get sharp.Wife's against husband ... → Continue reading

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A trouble-solving information site for working moms operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We deliver articles with the concept of "solving mom's worries." We provide reliable information that has been supervised by doctors, focusing on infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, which are often worried. In addition, we also publish seasonal articles such as money, human relations, fashion, recipes, etc. in a wide variety.

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Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.

Kobunsha Co., Ltd.(Kobunsha,British: Kobunsha Co., Ltd.) IsTokyoBunkyoOtowaHeadquartered inJapanComprehensiveInfomation.KodanshaCentered onOtowa GroupBelong to.


1945/10/1Founded.Otowa GroupBelong to.

First published in 1954, numerousbest sellerProducedKappa booksSuccessNew bookCreated a boom.

In the magazineOsamu Tezuka OfAstro boy"juvenile], But the postwar monthly publicationBoy cartoonMade the golden age of the magazine.Also the weekly magazine "Women themselves"Is"OLEstablished an era by establishing the word "", and in the men's magazine, "Weekly jewelry(Closed), and the weekly photo magazine "FLASH] Became popular.

Traditionally strong in women's magazines,JJAfter the first issue of "" for OLs in their 20sCLASSY., For married women in their thirtiesVERY, For women in their 40sSTORY] And other generations have been enhanced.

In recent years,Shinya YamadaBy "Why can't Saodaya be crushed?』(2005) became a million seller Kobunsha new book,Ikuo KameyamaTranslation "Brothers of Karamazov(2006) became an exceptional bestsellerKobunsha classic new translation libraryEtc. are also attracting attention.

primary school OftextbookEtc. are publishedKobunshoinIt has nothing to do with capital or human resources.


Background of establishment

1944/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,armyAt the request of the pressKodansha OfAffiliated CompanyEstablished as "Japan PressIs the origin.In addition to Kodansha, Kyogakusha, Army Art Association,Yaki BookstoreEstablished with the investment of Tokado, an army friend company, Army Pictorial Company, and Japan Times, Tadayoshi Fuchida became president and published the magazine "Seiban" and books related to the army.[2].

1945/,KodanshaWas hit by a tremor.Second World WarAfter that, there was a fierce voice in the publishing industry to pursue responsibility for the war cooperators.Has been active since before the warKodanshaBecame its biggest target.Management at the time organized a separate force in case of the worst.That is Kobunsha. It was November 1945.

However, the voice of pursuing responsibility gradually weakened, and Kodansha survived the pinch.As a result, Kobunsha was in a state where the ladder had been removed.However, it is Kodansha that owns most of the shares of Kobunsha, and it is Kodansha that actually holds the management rights of Kobunsha.

According to Kodansha's corporate history, "Kodansha's Fifty Years", Kobunsha was established on September 1945, 9 by changing the articles of incorporation of Japan Press.[3].. The company name of "Kobunsha" was originally proposed by Yoshinori Takagi, managing director of Kodansha.Seiji NomaThe company name that was warming up[4].

The rise of Haruo Kanki and the achievements of the first editor-in-chief, Kazuo Kato

It was that Kobunsha was able to jump to the forefront of the publishing world.KodanshaMoved to Kobunsha a little earlierHaruo KankiBy the hands of the legendary first editor-in-chief, Kazuo Kato.Shinkichi had a unique editorial theory called "creative publishing theory," and Kazuo Kato realized it one after another as an editor.By them, bestsellers will be released one after another. 1950Yukiko Hatano"ChildhoodIs the beginning, and in 1953Mr. and Mrs. RosenbergA translation of "Love is beyond death" was published.1957/ToTorahiko TamiyaPublished "Ai no Katami", a memorial to the death of his wife Chiyo and a round-trip letter.

On the other hand,1954/Haruo KankiSei Ito"Introduction to Literature"Takeshi NakamuraStarting with "Salaryman Mejiro Sanpei"Kappa booksIs launched.thisNew bookThe series swept the publishing world for a long time and created a "kappa whirlwind."

etc.Seishun Publisher,KK Best Sellers,ShodenshaAlong withNew bookPlayed a part in the boom.

In 1958Asahi ShimbunHit all five-tiered adsSeicho Matsumoto"Dots and lines''Eye wall, Which made Seicho Matsumoto a best-selling author.1959/IsKappa novelsIs launched.Also,"Dots and lines』(Seicho Matsumoto), "Japan sinking』(Sakyo Komatsu), "Devil's satiety』(Seiichi Morimura) Etc. have been sent out.

magazineEven in1958/The first issue of "Women themselves"soWomen's magazineCause a boom.1965/In the old "Jewelry", which was a detective novel magazine, the rights of the men's general magazine "Jewelry"jewelryWas launched.

Labor dispute

Kobunsha looked like a smooth sail, but1970/When it comes to, Shinkichi's management method (now calledResults-orientedAnd selected personnel)UnionRebelled againstLabor disputeBroke out.Shinkichi resigned from the president within the year and retired from management, but the dispute did not subside and1977/It finally calmed down.

Many human resources left Kobunsha because they hated this mud dispute.Among themShodenshaAndSesame bookstore(Currently Goma Shobo Shinsha) andKanki PublishingAlso includes those involved in the establishment of.

after that

From the latter half of the 1980s, sales of "Kappa Books" began to decline due to the boom in the library.Along with that, the mainstay shifted to a series of magazines starting with "Josei Jishin".And, "Kappa Books" will end the publication of the new book in the form of replacing the newly launched Kobunsha new book.

Current publishing status

Women's magazine

weekly magazine

Literary magazine

Book series

Magazines that were once published

best seller

Related organizations


  • "Kappa" such as "Kappa Books" was named after Shinkichi's desire to "do not give in to any authority and to do free activities with" what, a kappa ".
  • Writer'sNobuhiko KobayashiHas taken the Kobunsha exam and was dropped in an interview.

Well-known enrolled person


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