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👍 | Aya Omasa marries One Ok Toru Kyoko Hasegawa and Mariko Shinoda also say "Congratulations" Aya Omasa is ONE O ...


Aya Omasa marries One Ok Toru Kyoko Hasegawa and Mariko Shinoda also "Congratulations" Aya Omasa is ONE O ...

If you write the contents roughly
A rock band guitarist who is active not only in Japan but also in the world, and Mr. Omasa who is popular not only as a model but also as an actress and a talent as an orthodox cool beauty.

[Model and actress Aya Omasa updates her official Instagram.Rock band "ONE OK ROC ... → Continue reading


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Band (music)

Band(British: band) OrOrchestra(Gakudan) isSongThePerformanceA group that does.


If you just say "band"jazz,Lockな どPopular musicOften refers to, but in a broader senseGenreIt doesn't matter. However,OrchestraIs often distinguished from a band.The difference isElectronic musical instrument,Electric guitar,drum setSeems to be whether or not you are using[By whom?].

As a translationOrchestraThere is (Gakudan). However, when it is called an orchestra, it also includes an orchestra (orchestra), especially an orchestra.Brass bandOften refers to a group.In this case, an electronic musical instrumentGuitar, The drum set has not joined the part.

Usually mostlyMusical instrumentIt refers to a group of performers, but very rarely,vocalSometimes used for groups. For words that can be used not only by musical instrument playersunit,グループThere is.

The English word "band" means not only a music band but also a group (""Band of Brothers"Such).


By genre

rock band

mainlyLockA band whose purpose is to play. Generally, it is composed of 3 to 5 members or more (sometimes 2 members), and the composition of musical instruments is also diverse, but it is generally classified as follows. In the absence of full-time vocals, it is often the case that some or some of the members also serve as vocals.[Note 1].

3 person formation
Guitar trio
ギ タ リ ス ト+bassist+drummerThe composition of.
The basic organization of rock bands.Three-pieceSometimes called.
Keyboard trio
KeyboardistComposition of + bassist + drummer.
A three-piece that holds a keyboard instead of a guitar. Of course, it’s no longer a guitar rock band[Note 2].
4 person formation
Guitar trio + vocals
A 4-person type with individual three-piece and vocals. Another basic type of rock band that can be dedicated to the part in charge individually.
Guitar trio + guitar
A type that can hold two guitars. Compared to the three-piece type, the vocals are harder to stage flashy, but the two guitars add thickness to the sound.
Guitar trio + keyboard
A type to insert a keyboard. Similarly, the sound is thicker than the three-piece.
5 person formation
Guitar trio + vocal + guitar
There are two guitars, and a five-member group dedicated to vocals. Since there are many parts and vocals are also dedicated, the performance itself is relatively easy although there are many people.
Guitar trio + vocals + keyboard
The guitar trio will have more dedicated vocals and keyboards.Everyone is in charge of another part and is dedicated, so there is a high degree of freedom in sound.
Guitar trio + guitar + guitar
A type with three guitars. In this format, there are few bands where all three guitars are in charge of guitar at face value, and most of the time there is a "multiplayer that handles guitar".
Guitar trio + piano + synthesizer
A piano and synthesizer are included in the guitar trio.
Guitar and other multiplayer + drums
DuounitSo, the smallest organization as a rock band that can make a strong beat sound. Although it is the simplest organization, there are many bands that take this organization with relatively new bands.
Guitar trio + keyboard + percussion
5 people.Basically this organization, but in some cases percussionTrumpetIt is also anomalous.In addition to the current organization, the old organization is guitar + guitar (or guitar +Bruce Harp) Was a 7-member organization.
Guitar trio + guitar + guitar etc + vocals
6 people. There are few rock band types that exceed this number.
Guitar trio + guitar + drums (percussion), keyboard, etc.
A type with 6 drums and 2 drums. The sound pressure increases and the performance is high due to the drumming of two people, but the combination of drums is strongly required.
Guitar trio + saxophone + vocals + 2 side vocals
A very rare 7-person formation. The Checkers are the first in Japan. After the dissolution, it did not appear until JAYWALK.
Guitar trio + guitar + drums + keyboard + vocals
7 people. Very rare group with 2 drums, 2 guitars and all parts. Currently, only JAYWALK has been confirmed.

Jazz band

mainlyjazzA band whose purpose is to play.

Jazz combo
A band composed of a small number of people. The structure of the band has much in common with the rock band, but since there are many cases where brass / horn is added, there are more types of formation than rock. In addition, conventional jazz bands were basically organized by live musical instruments,Miles DavisSince then, the introduction of electric / electronic musical instruments is not uncommon (Weather Report,Chick corea,Herbie HancockSuch).
Big band
A large band.
Swing jazz band
Swing jazzA band mainly for playing.


Orchestra,Symphony orchestraAlso called. mainlyClassical musicAnd an orchestra aimed at playing non-popular music. However, "Boston Symphony Orchestra"When"Boston Pops OrchestraIn some cases, multiple genres are played in the form of ".Vienna Philharmonic,Berlin PhilharmonicIn many cases, the name of the activity base is used.

In addition, it is a song for an orchestra, and a small ensemble may be performed at the same time as a separate corps in a place away from the orchestra on the stage, and this small organization is called banda in Italian.Banda (orchestra)See.

Popular orchestra

Popular band,Pops orchestraAlso called. It is an orchestra mainly aimed at playing popular music, and the conductor himself is often the leader.

Brass band

Depending on the number of people


Female vocal band
Female vocalThe band in charge of.Rebecca,LINDBERG,JUDY AND MARY,DREAMS COME TRUEAnd many more.
Girl band
As a general rule, a band composed only of women[1].
Back band
In principleaccompanimentBand responsible for.
Jam band
On stageImprovisationA band whose main purpose is to do.
Copy band
Or "cloneband". A band that plays like any famous band. Not only the performance content,ClothingAnd stage actions are also copied. There are various reasons for existence, such as respect by fans and alternatives when the original band cannot be called due to various reasons.
Comic band
As the name of the band suggests, a band that plays with the content of the situation, relatives, current affairs, etc. As a main concrete exampleCrazy cats,The Drifters[Note 4],Zuotobi,Potato Kin Trio,in factSolo bandTreated guitarist王 様,Busy forThere is.
A term used mainly for small groups of classical music groups of several to a dozen people. SometimesjazzIt is also used for groups that play.
Sound system
reggaeBand. The origin of the name is speaker etc.Audio equipmentBecause it was provided including.Now[When?]Is called a sound system even if you don't have audio equipment.
Indie band
MajorRecord companyNot belonging to (major label)IndiesA band that is active mainly on labels.
Amateur band
amateurBand by.


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注 釈

  1. ^ However, vocals are not mandatory for rock bands,Ventures,focus,Steve Morse・ There are also instrumental rock bands such as bands.
  2. ^ However, there are cases where the keyboard player is in charge of the bass part of the performance with one hand and the bassist is in charge of the guitar in the part of Tarkus by Emerson Lake & Palmer and the first impression of the evil scripture # 9.
  3. ^ From formationJeff BeckUntil withdrawal.
  4. ^ Although his activities as a comedian group are famous, he is originally a band.


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