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👆 | Horai Elementary School / Sugano won the lower grades of elementary school students Minyu Cup Elementary / Junior High School Shogi

Photo: Mr. Kanno (center) who won the lower grades of elementary school, Mr. Utsujo (left) who was runner-up, and Mr. Watanabe who was 3rd.

Horai Elementary School and Kosugano won the lower grades of elementary school. Minyu Cup Elementary and Junior High School Shogi

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A brute force exchange game was also held for beginners, with Keisuke Yoshida (5th year Kagamiishi) in the elementary school section and Tomoya Sato (2nd year in Hokushin) in the junior high school section.

The Fukushima Minyu Shimbun Cup Elementary and Junior High School Shogi Tournament was held in Fukushima City on the 26th. → Continue reading

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Brave Man

Brave ManIt is,Yoshimoto Creative AgencyBelonged to JapanComedy combination.Tele morning videosOriginal program entertainer cohabitation 3rd season (2014/) Formed.The godfather of the duo name isTakashi Imoto(license).

Both were based in Osaka, but moved to Tokyo with the formation of Braveman.

December 2016, 12 Ito announced the dissolution within 26 with the live "Rank Up Up LIVE", which was launched for the first time in Tokyo, as the dissolution live.


Born in the 30rd term of NSC Osaka school.
GifuOgakiI'm from
Blood type is B type.
My father is Hideaki Ito, a lyricist.
Called pacifier glassesUstreamDelivery is irregular.
When I'm active in Osaka, it's true of synchronization (Double art), Ryohei Tsujii (Iron head), But since I came to Tokyo, I have lived with my partner, Yoshida.
There is a cat named Ell.
After the dissolution, a duo with Toshiharu Ishibashi (former Melbourne)Kyubei』Formed.
Born in the 31rd term of NSC Osaka school.
KyotoKyoto CityI'm from
Blood type is A type.
Kengo Osuka (Synchronous when working in Osaka)Cell Light Spa), And lived together.
After the dissolution, Yohei Kio (former)Sync lock) And the combination "Upper], And later retired.

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