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🥾 | Gachi Survival in Winter Mountain! ??Tokai TV's "Sabaidoru Kahonan Solo Camper Training School" You ...


Gachi survival in winter mountains! ??Tokai TV's "Sabaidoru Kahonan Solo Camper Training School" You ...

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Kahonan style camps are basically "bushcraft" where you can enjoy using things that are as natural as possible.

Distribution content produced by Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), Survival x Idol = "Saba ... → Continue reading


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Bushcraft(English: Bushcraft)森林In the natural environment such as "Life Ofwisdom], And that act or technique is called so.survivalSurvival can be distinguished from "state" and bushcraft can be distinguished from "means".In addition, when distinguished by purpose, survival is "return purpose" and bushcraft is "LifeIt can also be divided into "purpose".People who actually live in bushcraft, who have a hobby, who make a living, and who continue to do bushcraft as a hobby are called bushcrafters.[Original research?]


Bushcraft is becoming established as one of the outdoor styles as a technique, wisdom, and action to make nature feel closer.Bushcraft, which is now generally recognized, is thought to follow the wisdom and technology of the times when people and the natural environment were deeply involved in their lives.It seems that the word bushcraft was confirmed at least in the 1800s, and the equipment that existed from that time (knives, flint stones, etc.) is still a necessity, and the shortage of supplies is locally procured and made on the spot. Take a retro approach.

The origin of bushcraft

In particularNordicIs considered to be a mecca, and is considered to be the birthplace of bushcraft, which is popular and generally recognized in modern times, but the origin of the word is traced to the lives of the indigenous people of South Africa.However, the same acts and techniques as Bushcraft are indispensable for humankind to build a civilization, and wisdom and techniques suitable for the land have been established all over the world.

The reason why the Nordic countries are regarded as a mecca in modern bushcraft is that forestry and woodworking culture have been flourishing for some time.In addition, since there are many cold regions, a lot of wisdom and technology related to fire starters and bonfires are accumulated and transmitted.Even today, a lot of nature is open to the public, and you can enjoy the outdoors with a high degree of freedom.The relatively flat terrain makes it easy to enter the forest even with heavy and bulky old-fashioned equipment.It is easy to hunt and gather and fish, and it is easy to secure food locally, which can be said to be a very good environment for learning and disseminating bushcraft.

For example, in an era when there is no excellent outdoor bedding as in the present age, we devised a bonfire that keeps burning all night even if you sleep in the frigid mountains, and effectively warm your own shelter (hut) and stay overnight.カ ッ プ,dish,fork,spoonThis is the technique of hand-carving such items.

Most of the clothes and accessories are handmade,sweater,leatherThe product is typical.

Wisdom and technology suitable for the Japanese environment have existed in Japan since ancient times, but they are gradually being lost with the development of civilization.

Bushcraft definition

Relative difference from the modern outdoors

There is no clear definition of what is bushcraft.It is recognized as "relatively a bushcrafter" depending on its actions, tastes, and equipment.

Nowadays, it is mainly done as a part of the outdoors, so the difference in such a scene is described as a characteristic tendency.

Three typical features

  • Gas stove,WriterNot likeflintAnd set withMetal matchEtc. as an ignition toolIt is standard to cook and warm up with a bonfire.[Original research?]
  • solidknifeIs a must-have item.
  • Procure materials locally and make your own necessary supplies.The mainstream is to process tree branches with a knife, and the more skilled you are, the wider the range.[Original research?]

Other trends

Bushcraft basic skills


Experts tend to use more difficult (that is, archaic) methods to start and bonfire, and use lighters and matches less frequently.[Original research?]

Common points for bushcrafters in general

There is a tendency to start a fire without using an ignition agent or a lighter as much as possible.Beginners may have a lighter, match, or ignition agent as a backup in case of failure.Without a backup, the success rate of a fire starter is not 100%.[Original research?]

Orthodox flow from ignition to bonfire in bushcraft

One of the most popular ignition tools for bushcraftersMetal match(Fire steel) can be mentioned.

The sparks generated from the metal match ignite the crater, ignite it, and grow and transfer the fire to firewood.

  • First, secure sufficient fuel.BonfireEnough to stabilize the flamefirewoodAnd, the crater (Hokuchi / English: Tinder) necessary for ignition is required.
  • For the crater, dry vegetable fiber (eg, loosened hemp string / cattail ears / pampas grass ears / dead grass, etc.) is preferred. Can be used as a substitute.
  • In preparation for the bonfire, prepare a crater, a bonfire, and finally a large firewood that stabilizes the flame.
  • For cooking, collect thin pieces such as dead twigs that are easy to ignite in their natural state, or process thick firewood with a knife to secure it.A typical example is a feather stick.
  • It ignites the crater, transfers the fire to a fire, and finally burns a large amount of firewood in a stable manner.
  • Depending on the purpose, use a bonfire by making a pot hook.


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