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👍 | "King of Exit" S. Ramos is still alive in France ... The exit drama early in his debut is a hot topic on SNS "He is back"


"King of exit" S. Ramos is still alive in France ... The exit drama early in his debut is a hot topic on SNS "He is back"

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"He's regaining his lost time," "a new team, Ramos as usual," "Ramos and a red card, there's no better combination," the user posted.

Paris Saint-Germain supporters were looking forward to seeing Sergio Ramos on the pitch, but France ... → Continue reading


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Red card

Red card(Red card) is especially malicious in sports gamesFoulFor the player who performedUmpire ExitPresent when handing down the disposition"Red"Therecard.

サ ッ カ ー

サ ッ カ ーIn the case of, especially maliciousFoulFor the player who performedReferee ExitPresent your red card when handing down the disposition.


The rules for presenting a red card areInternational Football Council "(IFAB) rules for soccer"Soccer law'' (Law of the Game) of"Article 12 Fouls and cheating'(Fouls and Misconduct) In "3. Disciplinary Measures" of "The red card is used to inform that (the person who committed the offense to be sent off) has been sent off."[1].

In the same item, the following acts are listed as "fouls to be sent off" of athletes, substitutes or athletes who have been sent off by substitution, and it is stipulated that if they commit these fouls, they will be ordered to leave.

  1. Commit a hand foul and prevent the opponent team from scoring or decisive scoring opportunities (own team)Penalty areaBe insideGoalkeeperexcept for).
  2. Free kick(Penalty kickCommits a foul that is punished by (including) and blocks the scoring or decisive scoring opportunity of the opponent who is moving towards the goal of the player who committed the foul as a whole.
  3. Commit a significantly fraudulent play.
  4. Biting a person or to a personSpitVomiting.
  5. Commit a violent act.
  6. Make offensive, insulting, or vulgar statements or gestures.
  7. Warning during the same matchyellow card) Twice (that is, it becomes a yellow = red card again) In this case, the cumulative warning is not added including the first yellow card of the game.
  8. Enter the video operation room (VOR).
  • The scene corresponding to "blocking a decisive scoring opportunity" in 1 and 2 above is an acronym for "Denying Obviously Goal Scoring Opportunity" in English.DOGSOSometimes called "(Dogso)"[2].. Whether or not it corresponds to DOGSO depends on "the distance between the foul point and the goal", "the possibility of keeping or controlling the ball (if there is no foul)", "direction of play", and "position of the defending player". Number "is considered[3].
  • Due to the 2016 revision of the Laws of the Game, a penalty kick (PK) resulting from an offense in the penalty area that denies an obvious goal-scoring opportunity is not sent off if it was done in an attempt to play the ball. A warning was given.This amendment was made to prevent a single foul from incurring triple penalties (penalty penalty, ejection, suspension for the next game).However, if he holds, pulls or pushes an opponent, or if he commits a foul in situations where there is no possibility of playing the ball, he will be sent off.
  • Regarding 1. above, if the goalkeeper is in his own penalty area, even if he touches the back-passed ball with his hand or arm to prevent the goal, it will only be an indirect free kick for the opponent and a red card will not be given.However, on April 2022, 4,J2 leagueYamagataversusOkayamaIn the match, a back pass issued by a Yamagata player in the 10th minute of the first half was about to enter the goal, and when the GK prevented it with his hand, a red card was presented and he was sent off.Regarding this, it was decided to rematch because there was a mistake in applying the rules of the game.[4]. In the revision of 2022, the relevant matters of the competition rules are clarified and the rules are thoroughly known again.[5].
  • Athletes who are presented with a red card (= sent off) are said to have "must leave the area around the field and technical area of ​​the competition". That is,locker roomYou must leave the field promptly, such as by turning back to (no benching is allowed).
  • A team that is presented with a maximum of 5 red cards to the participating players in total will be treated as a defeat (Confiscation game). This is because it falls below the minimum number of competitors (7 or more).
  • The target of the red card is "only athletes, substitutes, athletes who have been sent off, or team officers", and in rare cases, they will be sent off after the match, or they have not participated in the match or have been replaced. In some cases, completed players will also be sent off.In the former, April 2008, 4Kawasaki FrontaleversusKashiwa ReysolIn battleKobayashi YuzoとLee Tadung[6], April 2013, 6Avispa FukuokaversusRoasso KumamotoIn battleOsmar[7], April 2017, 6The Spa Kusatsu GunmaversusMasaru Matsumoto FCIn battleYuya Yamagishi[8] For example, in the latter, September 2007, 9Sagan TosuAgainst Avispa FukuokaTomokazu Yanagaku[9] And April 2011, 4UEFA Champions League,FC Barcelonaversusreal MadridIn battleJose Manuel Pinto ColoradoAnd so on.
  • "Rough acts" include not only acts against opponents but also acts against stadium visitors.April 2022, 4 for players sent off for this actKashima AntlersversusShimizu S-PulseIn battleDiego PitucaThere is.Pituca also corresponds to the exit case of the "player who completed the substitution" in the previous section.[10].
  • A brawl broke out after the match between Argentina's 5th division Crypole and Victoriano Arinas, and a total of 1 red cards were issued to all registered members of both teams and one equipment clerk.
  • Due to the revision of the international rules in 2019-20, coaches and other coaches will be presented with red and yellow cards, which will be the same as for athletes.[11][12].


Commercially available red cards are 10.5 cm long and 7.5 cm wide.PlasticMostly made. The red color on the surface is for visibility.Solid colornotFluorescent colorIt has become. On the back side, there is a sticker with a column for entering the player's uniform number, reason for presentation, and time when the card was presented.

Other sports

Red cardyellow cardBesides soccerrugby,volleyballUsed in a wide range of sports competitions.


handballThen "DisqualificationIt is the heaviest penalty in the competition. Acts that cause harm to the other party, acts that are significantly contrary to sportsmanship, third exit (3 minutes exit)[Annotation 1] Given to.

A disqualified player must also leave the bench, but the team can bring another player back in two minutes.[13].

Ice hockey

Ice hockeyIn, when rough play occurs, there are 6 major penalties, and there are "game misconduct penalty" and "match penalty" as the ones that are sent off for the entire remaining time, which is equivalent to a red card. Athletes sent off must wait in a "penalty box" outside the bench[14].

  1. Game Misconduct Penalty The target player is the first player to commit a serious offense or rough play such as a brawl, in which case a player who replaces the player can immediately participate.
  2. Match Penalty This is also a serious offense, and the player who first commits a rough play such as a brawl is sent off, but in this case the sent off will be sent off until the disposition is confirmed by the federation's examination. You will not be able to participate at all. In addition, the player who replaces the sent off can participate 5 minutes after the sent off enters the penalty box.


Rugby unionDescribed in Article 9-30 of the Laws of the Game[15], "The referee will show a red card to the player who has been sent off, and that player will not be able to participate in the rest of the match. The player who has been sent off cannot be replaced or replaced," as in soccer. It is shown to be treated as.

As for the specific cases of being sent off, there are several cases in addition to "when the same player subsequently commits a foul equivalent to another yellow card". If you commit a foul equivalent to a yellow card (obstruction, unfair play, repeated foul play, dangerous play, misconduct, etc.), you will be temporarily withdrawn for 10 minutes during the match.Penalty box).


If the referee gives a red card, add 1 point to the opponent team[16][17], Serve right also transferred[18].. In addition, there are also penalty judgments such as leaving, "Issue the yellow card and the red card together" and "Issu the yellow card and the red card separately".


It is also used mainly in track events in athletics,2011 World Championships in Athletics DaeguThen, when a player with the Beijing Olympics gold medal was disqualified in the women's 400m qualifying, the referee picked up a red card and presented it to the player in an international video.

RacewalkThen, if three or more referees issue red cards to the same competitor, the competitor will be disqualified.[19].

Fighting sports

PancrasSo, if you are presented with a red card,Deduction 3Will not be disqualified[20].

Figurative expression

In turn, prohibited acts, sent off,No entry/exitThe metaphor of "red card" is also used for disposal, suspension of business, etc.

In addition, Saitama Prefectural PoliceMade a minor violationBicycleA "bicycle red card" is issued to the driver as guidance and warning.[21].


注 釈

  1. ^ The penalty called "exit" in handball refers to a two-minute exit. "Expulsion" was a penalty that players could not replenish until the end of the match, such as leaving soccer or rugby, but it is now abolished.


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