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😀 | Popular manga artist Chihiro Yuki, the first fan site based on the work "Beastman and Hana-chan Official Fan Club ..."


Popular manga artist Chihiro Yuki, the first fan site based on the work "Beastman and Hana-chan Official Fan Club ..."

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Chihiro Yuki's representative works include "Beastman and Flower" (Kasakura Publishing Co., Ltd.) and "Carnivorous Gentleman in Love with Otaku" (Shogakukan).

Asahi Communication Co., Ltd. in the TL comic label "Love Chucola" published by Kasakura Publishing Co., Ltd. → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Infomation(Shuppansha) isBook,magazineIssue etc.Company.


Its main purpose is to publicize information with a commercial exchange value such as novelty in society. Depending on the management policy of the founder and manager,Literary book,Academic books,General magazine,ComicThere are various specialties.Japanese publisherMany ofTokyo extreme concentrationOther than that because it tends toRegionA publisher based inLocal publisherSometimes called. As a regional publisher,Mumeisha Publishing(Akita) And so on.Publishers and new publicationsbookstore-Secondhand bookstoreWhen a lot of people gather in TokyoKanda JimbochoWill sell books published by small publishers and local publishers until 2007Regional / Small Publishing Distribution CenterWas open.

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Printing company Build-to-order manufacturingIn contrast, publishers are, in principle, make-to-stock (Self-publishedExcept for contracts etc.).Start a privately run "single publisher"EditorThere is also.Management risk is high, but there is also the advantage of being able to plan your favorite book[1].

Kadokawa ShotenWhen a publisher expands into another industry likeMedia mixDeployment etc.)NHK,Softbank,ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エIn some cases, such as from other industries. On the other hand,Newspaper companyIs often also a publishing business.Japanese standard industry classificationAt, once the publisherManufacturing industryIt was classified as, but now (since the 2002 revision)Information and communication industryCorresponds to.

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