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👩‍🎤 | Voice actor Shunsuke Takeuchi and Masaharu Fukuyama won the "Monomane Grand Prix"! Thanks to "Master" Kannazuki


Voice actor Shunsuke Takeuchi and Masaharu Fukuyama imitate and win the "Monomane GP"! Thanks to "Master" Kannazuki

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When asked who would like to imitate in the future, he said, "I was so busy focusing on this story that I wasn't thinking about who I would like to challenge next time." When I showed it on the program, Mr. Fukuyama himself gave me a thankful word "similar", and Mr. Yamadera also said "I think I'll be taken a role.

Voice actor Shunsuke Takeuchi is the best in the "Monomane Grand Prix The Tournament" broadcast on Nippon Television on December 12st. → Continue reading

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