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😀 | "Chainsaw Man" project PV lifted!Serialization starts from early summer of the second part of the manga!


"Chainsaw Man" project PV lifted!Serialization starts from early summer of the second part of the manga!

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TV animation is being produced by MAPPA, which handles "Dorohedoro" and "Jujutsu Kaisen".

"Chainsaw Man" (...) serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" (published by Shueisha) and has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 1,100 million copies. → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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"DorohedoroIsLin TianqiubyJapan OfComic.magicHead byreptilesWas changed toMemory lossDraws a man regaining his true face and memoryDark fantasythe work.For the author, "Maken X ANOTHER』It will be the second feature-length serialization following.

The serialization of this work2000/から2018/Up to 18 yearsShogakukanIt was held across four manga magazines.In addition, except for the 4th magazine, it was serialized from the first issue to the final issue.

  1. "Weekly Big Comic Spirits Special Edition IkkiNo. 1 (December 2000, 12 issue) --No. 30 (February 13, 2003 issue) "Big Comic SpiritsFirst published as a special edition magazine
  2. "Monthly IKKIApril 2003, 4 issue (first issue) --November 1 issue (suspended issue) 2014. Renewed and independently launched
  3. "HibanaApril 2015 issue (first issue) --September 4 issue (end of publication) Published as an extra edition of "Big Comic Spirits"
  4. "GessanDecember 2017 issue-October 12 issue


magicHead byreptilesWas changed toMemory lossDraws a man regaining his true face and memoryDark fantasythe work.

The author said that this work is "The lyrics are messy and ferocious, but the melody is a fun song that makes you want to danceWas born with inspiration from[1], A decadent and murderous worldview,grotesqueThe hardcore style is studded with light characters and black laughter to create a unique humor.

Most of the characters that appearSlip knotFor wearing a mask with a horror taste like, fashion, design of things, small stories, etc.Heavy metal(EspeciallyDeath MetalAnd modern metal) ・Hardcore punk(IncludingGrind coreIt is also characteristic that the strong influence of violent music such as) can be seen.


"WitchA man who lost his memory when his head was turned into a reptile by a wizard from "The World of"Caiman..And that friend,Nikaido..There is a mysterious man in Caiman's mouth.Caiman hunts wizards who come to the "Hall" with Nikaido to restore his head and regain his memory.Who is he, why he has no memory, and who is the man in his mouth?It's still ... in chaos.That is ... Dorohedoro!


The voice section is for the TV anime versionVoice actor.

People in the hall

Voice- Takagi Wataru[2]
The main character of this work.A man with a head that looks a lot like.Estimated 25 years old.Height 216 cm, weight 146 kg, foot size 38 cm.
gas maskとbayonet(I was using M7 at first, but laterM9To) is a trademark.Has a special constitution that magic does not work.He has superhuman strength and is good at handling knives.knifeIt is strong only if you have it. "
In the hall central hospital magic victim wardPart-time jobWhile doing so, he hunts and lives a witch who visits the hall in search of clues to the witch who cast a spell on his face in order to regain his true face and memory.
A strict big man with a reptile face, he has a straightforward and cheerful personality like a boy, and is not very good at ghosts.食事とWith mealsbeerI love, especiallyMacrophyllWithGyozaI love it so much that it is located in an important part of my heart.I think Nikaido is an important friend.
I don't remember before it was discovered in the alley of the hall, and my real name, fabric, age, etc. are completely unknown. The name "Caiman" was named by Nikaido who came to visit him, and Caiman himself likes the name.
Because he killed Matsumura, a member of the Smoke family, he was hit by the heart of a smoke family cleaner (hitman) in retaliation, but he was immortalized by the fact that even if he was hit, a new head would regenerate. It turned out to have a close body.
After the story progressed and I started living in the world of wizards, I gradually regained my memory, and I think that I was also a wizard who repeated hunting for wizards, I did not hurt any important friend in the past. I become suspicious and afraid.
While fighting smoke to protect Nikaido, the magic melts and finally regains his true face, but his whole body is pierced by mushrooms and he died.
Nikaido (Nikaido)
Voice- Rena Kondo[2]
A glamor woman who is a friend of Caiman.Blonde blue eyes. 20-year-old.Height 169 cm, weight 56 ​​kg.Foot size 25 cm.
A master of manual martial arts, he tears off the rope even if tied up, hits the wizard's hand or neck with a knife, kicks the smoke mushroom man in two, at an invisible speed.HandgunIt has a very high fighting ability, such as refraining from firing continuously.
He is helping his wizard hunt from the edge of finding a fallen Caiman in the alley.
Diner"Hungry bug(Hungry Bug) ”, but the store is located in an unsafe area where many wizards are infested in the hall, and Caiman does not pay the daily Gyoza fee, so it is hardly profitable.He describes Caiman as "the only important friend" and wants to help the store with him someday.
Actually, he is a witch, but he hides it from the surroundings and lives in the hall.
He is a wizard with a very rare "magic that manipulates time", but his magic is very dangerous because he killed his best friend due to an accident that occurred when the magic was activated for the first time in his childhood. I recognize that.
For this reason, he decided not to use magic again, and came to the hall to escape from those who aimed at his own magic.However, he is known to be a "witch who manipulates time" and is targeted by him.
When he was captured in the smoke mansion, he admitted that Aikawa, who came to help him with Kawajiri, had the appearance of Caiman, but Aikawa disappeared after saying "goodbye" to her.Nikaido chased Aikawa with Kawajiri and decided to use his magic to recover what he had lost.
After that, under the guidance and training of Kawajiri, he completed a "magic box" that controls his own magic using a lifetime of chemuri.However, due to the care of giant bats, the use of headgear for demon testing, and training similar to demon testing such as eating demon meat regularly, demonization progressed, and "words that do not wear clothes on teeth, positive & creative" He has a devilish personality, and his facial expression always smiles, and tsuno and shippo grow, and he physically approaches the devil.
Voice- Mitsuhiro Ichiki[2]
A leading researcher in wizard research.It is used as a practice table for wizards and looks like a child, but the actual age is 64 years old.Height 155 cm.Weight 42 kg.He has dark skin and has tattoos on his arms.
The laboratory is a witchSpecimenIt is full ofmad scientistJust like that.興味があるのはI'm interestedResearchJust "Always calmIs the motto and is caught in the smoketortureEven if he receives it, he is a reluctant optimist who refuses to speak at all and even tries to make this experience a book.
Although he has a bad taste, he is capable as a researcher, such as making a door that connects to the world of wizards with the corpse of a wizard, and building Frankenstein that can be operated by electric current to participate in baseball games.In addition, he has a high level of skill as a doctor, and he says, "I have no good intentions, but my skill is certain."
He is also a benefactor of the heart, and 10 years ago, he performed an operation on the heart that could not get rid of it, and made it possible to use magic.As a result, a large number of victims were dismembered by the magic of their hearts, so in a hurryMagic Victim WardWas established.
Later, he began to act with his hearts, but he was worried about Caiman's predicament.
The name "Kasukabe (Kasukabe)" is a pen name taken from the name of his wife who is a witch, and his real name is "Haze".When she was sick, I wondered if there was anything I could do, which was the reason I started researching wizards.
Voice- Ryohei Kimura[3]
It became huge due to the influence of rainwater in the hallcockroach.. 2 years old.Height 268 cm, weight 271 kg.
It was kept by a man who wanted to become a wizard, but after the owner disappeared, it was kept by Dr. Kasukabe.
The fighting ability is high, and the body is hard enough to break the knife,Insecticide,smokingSmoke is a weak point.
Contrary to its appearance, it has high intelligence, and it is possible to speak words, although it is only one word, "shocking!".
It's quite a master's feeling.
Voice- Egawa Hiroo[2]
A doctor at Hall Central Hospital.A fat middle-aged man.He found Caiman, who had lost his memory and had collapsed, and took care of him.
The skinhead has a tattoo of squares on the face.Although he is an employer, he seems to be licked by Caiman.
He has a younger brother, Susu, who together form a baseball team.
13 (Thirteen)
Voice- Kaji Yuki[3]
A regular of hungry bugs.A street punk-style kid with chara eyes. 25 years old.I often smoke.
There is a section that is aiming for Nikaido, but now that she knows she is a witch, she is about to give up.Occupation is a casino dealer.
I Coleman
A boy who appeared to Kasukabe 15 years ago.I wanted to be a witch because I couldn't find a reason to live in the hall.
I had been helping Kasukabe for about a year, but I jumped into the abandoned lake and suffered a fatal injury. I had a major surgery.The operation was miraculously successful, and after about 1 days of rehabilitation after regaining consciousness, he recovered to the point where he could walk.One day, he told Kasukabe, "I became a witch," but the next day he was found dead.
But the corpse has disappeared from the buried tomb and has not been recovered as a zombie, so Kasukabe speculates that he may be living in the world of wizards as a wizard.
The face is very similar to the wax figure of the boss of the cross, which Cascabe found in the hideout of the cross in the hydra forest.

People in the world of wizards

Smoke family

It is a huge organization in the world of wizards whose boss is smoke, and is developing a wide range of businesses from the brand of brooms (vehicles in the world of wizards) to ramen shops.It is working to eliminate the existence that interferes with the organization, the organization that is developing a terrible business using magic and wizards, and the person.The members of the organization have mushrooms that are large enough to fit in the palm of their hand but have great magical power, which proves that they are members of the family.

Voice- Horiuchi Keno[2]
Smoke family boss. 43 years old.Height 183 cm, weight 86 kg.Foot size 30 cm.It has a unique hairstyle with long reddish purple hair turned upside down.
Wear a mask with an opening and closing gimmick to spit out chemuri, with a design that looks like exposed gums.This mouth design is also a symbol of the smoke family, and the masks of those who belong to the family often have the same mouth.
A man who boasts tremendous power in the world of wizards.何もかもをEverythingmushroomCharisma that is loved and feared by the surroundings as a leader of the organization, using extremely powerful magic.He lives with a family of thousands in a vast mansion, also known as a castle.
If you hit the magic directly, you can instantly turn the target into a mushroom and neutralize it, regardless of whether it is a living thing or a non-living thing.Once the opponent has grown mushrooms, it can be captured at any time, and mushrooms can be grown from the opponent no matter where they are.It is also possible to generate a mushroom man, which is a mushroom robot that can be moved remotely, from the grown mushrooms.Just by generating a mushroom man, the opponent is deprived of nutrients and suffers great damage, and the mushroom man can fight, talk, scout, spread spores, etc. by remote control.Furthermore, it is possible to shoot fine spores without applying magic directly, generate mushrooms from the spores that have entered the opponent's body, and destroy the opponent from the inside.
It has a remarkably high ability to generate horsetail, can release a large amount of horsetail that can cover the entire city and turn it into a mushroom, and can continue to spit out horsetail for more than 24 hours.The downside is that you forget yourself when you go upside down, and you may continue to spit out chemuri until all the surroundings are mushroomed with your allies involved.
His hobby is growing and collecting mushrooms. 「キノコしか食べない」と発言しているが、ジロール茸のHe said, "I only eat mushrooms," but Girolles mushroomspieIf the food contains mushrooms, I eat it and drink alcohol.
Once upon a time, a cross-eyed boss killed a large number of family members.When confronting the boss of the cross, he released a chemri that would destroy one city, but he could not be sure that he had killed the boss of the cross, and to confirm his life and death, he said, "The wizard who manipulates time." I'm looking for.Knowing that Nikaido is a "time-manipulating wizard," he relentlessly aims to make her his partner.However, she seems to be respected as a witch and did not try to force her to use magic.She was angry when she learned that her partner, Caiman, who was not a contractor, was cherished.
It also shows a side that is not like a boss, such as acting as a monitor for new products.He is basically a ruthless man who kills his opponents without hesitation, but he opens his mansion to many subordinates and takes care of food, clothing and shelter, and also listens directly to Fujita, who is the lower end of the organization. He is a person who takes good care of his subordinates, such as rushing to protect his heart and Noi when he is in danger, and has enough equipment as the head of the organization.
NarcissistThere is a slight place, and many of his statues and portraits are displayed in the mansion.In addition, he has made a movie of his own half-life by directing and starring, but Noi says that it has been considerably adapted.The movie also talks about the incident six years ago, and although it is depicted in the movie as if it fought evenly with the cross-eyed boss, it is actually inferior to the cross-eyed boss from beginning to end. It is said that the boss of the cross eyes suddenly began to suffer when he was about to be killed, and he escaped the difficulty.
He is fond of wood ear mushrooms, and even takes care of them and makes them make matching suits.When talking to a wood ear, it becomes a baby word such as "Shune with XX".
Gradually, he began to suffer from nightmares when confronting the cross-eyed boss, and decided to force Nikaido to use magic, but immediately after that, the cross-eyed boss "Break" suddenly appeared in the mansion, " Suffering from the power of destruction, such as "the rain in the hall," he was killed instantly shortly after spitting a cross.
However, it will be revived by the efforts of the family such as Fujita, Torita, and Turkey.After that, he realized that the family members saved themselves from the body of Fujita and others who became the material of the turkey doll that the magic was solved and the explanation of Ebisu, and the reconstruction of the destroyed family. Determined to overthrow the destruction.
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya,Junya Enoki(Boyhood)[2]
Smoke subordinate cleaner (killer). 28 years old.Height 196 cm, weight 116 kg.Foot size 33 cm.Blond blue-eyed big man.
心 臓It features a mask that imitates a mask and arms that are full of seams.I usually wear a mask backwards.I wear glasses when I'm not wearing a mask.He is dressed in a black suit and sneakers.釘抜き付きのWith nail pullerhammerIn addition to manipulating the blunt instrument, it uses magic to cut everything into pieces.If you use magic in a safe, you can destroy it with a single blow, and if you use it against humans and wizards, you can break up the body while keeping it alive.目の前で銃弾が連射されてからハンマーや魔法によって防御する、遠距離からのFrom a long distance, defend with a hammer or magic after bullets are fired in front of yourifleIt has a high fighting ability such as destroying all the shootings of syringes by Caiman, and the strength of life without magic is also different from what Caiman calls "weak guys who just rely on magic".
He has the belief that "the one who wastes his precious life will die", and he does not like fighting weak opponents, but he does not forgive those who attack.Although he shows a fiercely excited fighting madness in fighting the strong man, he does not recognize the dignity of the opponent.Aiming for Caiman's life with smoke orders.Although he once overwhelmed Caiman and bounced off his neck, he escaped and is aiming for a chance to rematch.
Have a human father and a witch motherhalfSo, when he was a boy, he lived quietly in the hall with his father, but by chance he was revealed to be a witch and was chased by the neighborhood association.After revenge on a neighborhood association member who killed his father because he was a traitor who married a wizard, with the help of Dr. Kasukabe, 46 neighborhood association members were separated and moved to the world of wizards, as a smoke cleaner. hired.
He is blunt but has a strong personality and is trusted by smoke.There is also a naive side, such as being shy when seeing Noh's nakedness.
Noi has been a partner for several years, and the combination is powerful.Perhaps because his partner Noi is a restoration magic and he is fighting on the front line, he is almost undefeated, but he is dying every time he fights.Because of that, it doesn't move even if the internal organs pop out or pierce the heart.
Voice- Yuu Kobayashi[2]
A cousin of smoke and a subordinate cleaner (killer). 24-years-old.Height 209 cm, weight 124 kg.Foot size 30 cm.Bust size 104 cm.He has silver hair and red eyes.
He is a partner of the heart and calls him "senior".愛用の革ツナギとごついマスクを着けた姿では男性の巨漢にしか見えないが、実は女子Wearing his favorite leather jumpsuit and a rugged mask, he looks like a male giant, but in reality, he is a girl.bodybuilderA beautiful woman with silver hair and red eyes who has a physique like this.He has a masculine personality and loves fights.He is a battle enthusiast and has a great deal of pride in fighting, such as reluctant to take measures against opponents who have lost once.He has superhuman strength, and has the strength to chop the brain and split the witch's body in half, or to grab the opponent's head and hit it against a concrete wall to dig it into it.Since magic itself has no offensive power, it mainly fights with a blow that makes use of its strength.
Using rare repair magic, heals all wounds and regenerates defective parts.Due to the magical effect, its own resilience is also very high, and even if the half body disappears or the head is shot through, it will regenerate immediately.You can't stop the movement just by sticking a knife in your neck.However, for that reason, he usually has a habit of not avoiding enemy attacks at all, and he often falls into a predicament when magic is blocked.
As a child, he was tested to become a demon, and he lived in 150 kg of armor and was a demon.batI was practicing such as feeding.The final test was that he shouldn't use magic for a year, but when he was hit by a bomb, he used magic to protect Noi and heal his fatally injured heart.Although the test failed, he became a heart partner as a longing cleaner.When I became a partner, I was a beautiful girl with a small body.
Smoke seems to care for her as one of the few relatives, but she unilaterally hates smoke.He is the only person in the family who is allowed to speak ill-manneredly to the boss.
Voice- Kengo Takanashi[2]
The young man at the bottom of the smoke family. 18-year-old.Height 170 cm.Weight 55 kg.Foot size 26.5 cm.She has short hair and a unique color scheme like a zebra.
He wears a mask with a long nose that covers his eyes, but unlike that of his heart and Noi, it does not seem to be a devil-made mask.
His partner, Matsumura, was killed by Caiman, and he burned to overthrow Caiman in an attempt to take his place.It uses the magic of flying a chemri like a bullet, but it is not very useful because the amount of chemuri that can be produced is small.He may act cowardly because of his powerlessness.He always wears funeral shoes in memory of his friends.
He often takes care of Ebisu and is almost like a guardian.When Ebisu, whose memory has returned, is murdered by a fake, he breaks the contraindications of the family, sucks in "black powder", and destroys the fake with enhanced magic.After that, I struggled to bring her back to life.
Magic is poor and has low physical fighting ability, and it is quite a small item such as giving the name of smoke as soon as it is attacked by a wizard other than the family, or using Ebisu or the heart as a shield if you are in a difficult situation. , Growing as the story progresses.He has a serious personality, and even if he is treated carelessly, he longs for smoke and other members of the family, and was praised as "I value the family more than anyone else."
Voice- Miyu Tomita[2]
A punk girl from a wealthy family.Has purple hair and eyes. 13 years old.Height 142 cm, weight 33 kg.Foot size 20 cm.The man in Caiman's mouth said, "You did my jam."skullI'm wearing a mask.
Fujita rescued him from being killed by Caiman, but at that time his face peeled off, his brain was damaged, and he became self-defeated.Although he recovered with Noi's magic, he became a zombie before his memory was clear.Although he was cured by Noi again, his memory and personality did not return to normal, probably because Noi had no experience of repairing zombies, and his words and deeds became a little strange.Later, his memory revived and he returned to his self-proclaimed "calm and quiet wizard", but when he returned to his parents' house, he was killed by a fake Ebisu purchased by his parents who were saddened by the disappearance of Ebisu.With Fujita's efforts, Noi repaired the corpse and brought it back to life, but when Noi repaired the wound, he received a "hair clip to protect him from the devil who can always smile". Was in the wound of his head, so he became emotionally unstable and laughing.
It uses reptile change magic, but under normal conditions, the amount of chemuri is insufficient and only incomplete transformation is possible. When using "black powder", when using "a high nutritional supplement that makes lizards come out often", and when "amulet hair clip that can always smile" is in my head, I receive some assistance If it is in a state of being, it can be transformed into a perfect large lizard with high killing ability.
Since he has been using "black powder" since childhood, the nature of the magic has changed, and only Ebisu himself can control the magic, and when others use the bottled Ebisu lizard, it becomes ferocious. It becomes a lizard.
It seems that he is interested in Fujita, such as saying that he will become a partner of Fujita.Blue Night ended while I was hungry while eating the medicine made into a pie by Fukuyama's magic, and eventually the partner contract with Fujita failed.
F cupbraWear or on your chestpadI'm worried that my chest is small.
Voice- Toru Nara
Fujita's former partner man. 20-year-old.Fat.He wears a mask that covers his eyes, similar to Fujita's.
He was heading to the hall with Fujita to practice magic, but was found and killed by Caiman and others.
It seems that he had a good relationship with Fujita as a partner because he saved Fujita by making a door appear just before he died.
The body was later recovered by Dr. KasukabeFrankensteinWas regenerated as an android like.
Fujita, who discovered this, brought him back to the world of wizards, but because of the rampage, Ebisu, who was transformed by magic, dismembered it so much that it could not be revived.Fujita hardens the pieces of meat that have fallen apart with resin and carries them around.
I like hot dogs.
Voice- Mayu Udono[4]
A goat-like creature like a cat like a dog. 3 years old.Height 70 cm, weight 8 kg.
Uses extremely rare magic that gives life to the dead.Magical chemuri is generally black, but that of wood ear is white.
It's not a smoke pet, it's just a member of the family.
It has both tubular arms and the cry is "Nyannya".Speak politely in the monologue.I don't understand human language very well.I am on good terms with Ebisu.
The collar doubles as a security device, and when the wood ear feels dangerous, it shoots a blade around it.
Voice- Anri Katsu[4]
A witch man who "solves magic".She wears a black, bristle bird chick mask.Height 194 cm, weight 91 kg.Foot size 32 cm.
He is a man with a muscular body and often wears shirtless fashion, but his language is a little feminine.He loved smoke, and even when he was touched by the wrath of smoke and his head was made into a mushroom, he said, "I smell smoke."He is a self-proclaimed smoke partner, but he has never been dealt with by smoke.However, when the smoke faced the boss of the cross, he was told that "you can leave the wood ear with confidence" and was entrusted with the life of the wood ear.
According to himself, "I like solving mysteries because I use magic to solve magic," he makes a wonderful deduction when there is a murder in the smoke field.
Nikaido who became a smoke partner, such as dropping a bowling ball on Nikaido's head, drinking poisoned tea, making bad rumors about Nikaido, giving tribute to the Devil King and wishing for Nikaido's death. I'm not happy with it.
After the death of Smoke, he broke his limbs and was dying in the woods, and he was found in a cross and was about to be killed. Be done.
Voice- Shinichiro Miki[4]
A witch who creates "living dolls" based on photographs and human memories.Wearing a roast chicken mask.The wizard basically has a kanji name, but he is called by his nickname.
His doll, made by baking duck meat and pizza dough, has the property of going to the place where the original is, where the corpse is if dead, or where the dead is not.
A petite wizard who uses a chemri that can make anything transparent.The appearance of the entire head wrapped in a bandage.He has been a member of the family since its formation and used to work as an assassin by taking advantage of his abilities.Currently, he is an executive of the family, but his presence is so weak that he is often forgotten by his peers.During the attack by the cross-eyed boss, many of the members were rescued by the magic.
He has a gentle and gentle personality that is not like a gangster, and he has eyes to see people.Bring together the members after the death of smoke and seek ways to revive smoke and restore the family.

Cross eye tissue

An organization made up of wizards whose members cannot use magic.Many of the members have a background of losing their place in society after being ridiculed by talented wizards as "useless".As a proof, the members carve an elaborate cross tattoo that runs vertically and horizontally on both eyelids.As mentioned above, most of the organizations cannot use magic, so all the members are good at handling knives and knives.

It was the only organization to handle "black powder," which is a drug that temporarily increases the amount of chemuri of users but is also addictive, and its main source of funding was the sale of black powder.It is the number one target of the smoke family because it systematically kills many elite wizards.In order to fight the elite wizards with poor magic, many executives are familiar with what part of the wizard's body should be cut to prevent the magic from being used.

The organization is declining as the only boss who now knows how to make black powder is missing and has failed to make black powder.The members have in common an elaborate cross tattoo that runs vertically and horizontally on both eyelids as a proof of a member of the organization, but only the boss is not a tattoo but a bruise, and has a distorted shape like blood coating. ing.

Cross-eyed boss.Most of them, such as their upbringing, are shrouded in mystery.Like Aikawa, he looks just like a magical Caiman (except for the bruise on the cross).A big eater.Black short hair and black eyes.Height 208 cm, weight 138 kg.
According to a member of the Cross, he aims to use the bodies of elite wizards to become the strongest wizards.In the process, he killed a large number of smoke subordinates and was targeted by smoke.
Manipulate with two knives as weapons.He is a master of knives, and even if attacked by a large number of wizards, he is skillful enough to defeat everyone in a short time without taking a single blow. I was overwhelmed when I fought against Mind, Noi, and Smoke six years ago.At his own will, he can give the wizards strange discomfort (headaches and pain throughout the body) that distorts the space.This discomfort is such that you cannot stand upright, making it difficult for a wizard to use magic.Noi described it as "poisonous gas," but this feeling seems to be close to the weakness of the wizard, "rain in the hall."It is unclear whether this phenomenon is a kind of magic like "rain".Unlike other magic, there is no description of this discomfort using Kemuri.
It had disappeared for a long time, so the cross-eyed organization had declined, but suddenly appeared in the smoke mansion, killing the smoke with overwhelming fighting ability, taking away the smoke head and disappearing.After that, he used the magic of smoke to revenge the heart and Noi that appeared to fulfill the enemy of smoke and the revenge of 6 years ago.
Voice- Songdo[4]
A man with the same face as the man in Caiman's mouth.Often described as a big man.Mottled gray hair with blue-gray eyes. 24-years-old.Height 210 cm, weight 105 kg.
He had already died at the beginning of the story, but was restored from the neck he found in his apartment and revived.Later, he escapes from the smoke and begins to search for the criminal who killed himself.
A rare "curse" wizard in the world of wizards.Fight with a large stake-shaped weapon.
After taking the black powder, he didn't get any sickness, so he started attending Zagan Magic Training School using the rewards he got from the cross-eye organization.
He became acquainted with Aikawa because he had rebelled against the school's unscrupulous teacher, became close friends, and began to consider each other as partners, but he did not know anything personal, such as his address.
Later, he will be assimilated with the curse and will be able to control its power.The poison moth finds out that he knows the criminal's information and attacks the cross eye, but Natsuki returns and is rescued by Nikaido and others.
Poisonous moth (Dokuga)
A man wearing a mask that imitates the head of a moth.The real face is a pretty young man, and even if she dresses as a woman, she doesn't feel uncomfortable.Black hair and eye color is amber. 23 years old.Height 177 cm, weight 72 kg.
You can fly by attaching a device to your back.It is also possible to carry friends.
Although he was an aide to the boss, the organization has declined, so now five people, Tetsujo, Pig, Saji, and Ushijimada, are living finely while working in the office or working part-time, avoiding being found in the smoke. Among the five, he is a representative.Although he can hardly use magic, he is capable as a warrior and has good intuition and crisis detection ability, and was described by Fujita as "cheeky despite the habit of scraps (cross eyes)".
ToxicsalivaAnd fight with a knife.It was more powerful than it seemed, and supported the large corpse carried by the pig and Ushijimada alone.彼の唾液はHis salivaEyeIf you touch it, you will temporarily lose your eyesight, and if even a small amount enters your body, you will die.食事に混入させる等によって大人数をIncrease the number of people by mixing them in the dietassassinationIt is possible to do it, but it is dangerous for friends in daily life, so I can not laugh out loud, the kitchen is off limits, and only one person eats on the floor away from everyone.
You have to take a bath by yourself, but after the cross eyes rob the smoke house, five cross eyes executives are dedicated to smoke.saunaI am using.
He keeps the knife directly from the boss before he goes missing, and has a strong commitment to returning it with his own hands.
Although he is confused by the attitude of not ignoring the lives of his fellow bosses, he is showing an attitude of obeying.
I know the criminal who killed the squirrel, the magic of the squirrel, and the secret of the squirrel.
A man wearing an iron helmet.Black hair, short hair, and brown eyes. 23 years old.Use a Japanese sword.He is good at taking behind the enemy and is so quick that even Caiman cannot detect it.
When he was once stolen and caught, he covered a poisonous moth and lost his right eye.
Often acts with poisonous moths.
A blonde green-eyed man wearing a pig mask.A master of knife throwing. 24-years-old.
I often smile.As the name suggests, he has a slightly greedy personality and is muscular but slightly obese.
A man wearing a silver rugged mask with cheekbones.It has a unique hairstyle with a beard and black hair turned upside down like a comb. 26 years old.
Armed with aikuchi. Of the five, he is big and dignified, but he is actually worried that he has an old face.It also manages the finances of five people.Good at embroidery.
A bald-headed man wearing a six-eyed cow mask.He is a little obese and has a long beard. Petite among the five. 5 years old.
I am in love with the landlord of the house where five people live.There is a picture of Ushijimada in the landlord's house.
Iron barHe has the strength to push open and hit the wall to open an escape exit.
A man who settled in Hull's house.He lives with boss fanatics at the Institute of Cross-Eye Organization in the Hydra Forest.
Although it is a remnant of the cross, he took a different action from the poisonous moths and was conducting research to create black powder and use magic.
He has had many surgeries on his body to use magic, but has not succeeded.It looks ugly like an old man because of unreasonable surgery.
The creation of black powder was also unsuccessful, and everyone seemed to be neurotic, calming down by making and worshiping the wax figure and altar of the boss.
A young woman with cross eyes in the town of Mastema.The long black hair is braided.Thread. 16 years old.
I am using a hook as a weapon.The tattoo of the cross is still only in the right eye because it is a short time since joining the cross.
He noticed Caiman's cross and touched him, and fell in love with his strength in defeating Maki who was trying to handle fake black powder. After that, he accompanied him to the town of Belis, which he admired as "Aniki".After that, he joined the poisonous moths and lived with six people while working part-time.
In a cross-shaped organization, most of which joined for money, he stubbornly believes in the ideal of saving the weak.
Ebisu, who has transformed into a large lizard, has his arm amputated, which brings out the magic of protecting himself from all attacks.
Former regular of "Restaurant Tamba".
He was sentenced to death for "blasphemy of the devil."I got acquainted with a squirrel.
A man selling black powder with Natsuki in the town of Mastema.
He himself seems to have joined the Cross-Cross organization for money, and was defeated by Caiman in trouble with Natsuki trying to sell a fake because the supply of black powder was exhausted.


A superior existence of wizards with overwhelming power that is said to be omnipotent and omnipotent.An immortal being, with an invincible body that most physical and magical attacks cannot pass through, and a wide variety of magical abilities, also known as all-purpose, it is an object of worship and admiration for all wizards.

There is a distinction between men and women, but they all look like large bipedal beasts that are separated from humans, so they cannot be distinguished from their appearance.

Many have one or two horns, some with human-like legs and some with hoofed beast-like legs.

Everyone is cheerful and has an optimistic personality that never forgets to play, and the only standard of action is whether they can laugh or not.His only job is to punish the dead in hell, and apart from that, he is always playing and living.

Many of the demons are elite wizards who originally passed the demon test and became demons, and their invincible body actually has a structure like a costume, and the original wizard is naked inside as it was. Exists in.

If you break the rules of the devil set by Chidarma, all the devil's body except the original witch's part may be cut off and returned to the witch.At this time, the skin of the whole body is thinly peeled off from the original part, which causes great damage.

As (Kawajiri)
Voice- Hozumi Gouda[4]
A male devil who has had a close relationship with Nikaido for a long time. 32 years old.Height 244 cm.Weight 260 kg.Hoof feet.One corner.
He was not a natural demon, but a male wizard named "Kawajiri".
When he was Kawajiri, he was an excellent wizard with clairvoyant power and the ability to move freely anywhere. Later, he was expected to be talented by the devil, and at the age of 16, he passed the devil test and passed the devil "Ass". "Became.
Raised in an orphanage, she is helping her because she met Nikaido during the devil test and was helped by the crisis.
Due to the fact that he was hiding Nikaido, he was returned to the wizard Kawajiri by Chidarma and the store due to "a sin with a secret to his friends".After that, he rescues Nikaido from the smoke mansion and acts together.The actual age is 32 years old, but since he was not old while he was demonized, his appearance and body are still 16 years old.
Voice- Chiba Shigeru[5]
Pure and strongest born demon.Height 260 cm, weight 545 kg.Hoof feet.Double horn.
It's close to smoke.Although he is the strongest in the magical world, he always plays and lives with mischief.He also appeared at the Nikaido store to capture the Gyoza man.
In order to cherish the rules of the demons above all else, he executed the ass who had a secret to his friends as a wizard who manipulated time, and returned him to the wizard.
There was a time when I was addicted to fried shrimp, and at that time I was eating only fried shrimp.It has also created the wizard "The Fly".
A female devil with two branch-like horns and a muffler.Height 2 cm, weight 240 kg.Hoof feet.Double horn.
When she was a witch, she was a beautiful black-haired woman who was married to Dr. Kasukabe.Now he has passed the devil test and has become a devil that has been a dream for a long time.The doctor is called his real name "Haze".
When I was a witch, I was helped by a doctor when I was suffering from the rain in the hall, and I got married.
It seems that his personality has changed a little since he became a devil, such as improvising what he felt and trying to show his proud performance to the doctor.
Gourmet man devil.
It doesn't look like a devil at first glance because it stands with a coat, a hat, a muffler and pants.Human-like feet.Double horn.
A regular at the Shueron store, he visited the Snow Dragon Hall every day.When the store was destroyed, he invited Shueron to work in his mansion.
He was the first witness to the Gyoza man and has since come to capture him with Chidarma.
The devil who has a habit of adding "Nya" to the end of the word. 407 years old.Human-like feet.One corner.
I will never forget the playfulness, such as going out with the play of buying a CD jacket even when my heart is about to be killed.He oversees Noh's demon test and is still a friend of mine.He is also a friend of Hull.
A female devil called "Rumored Alice".I usually live in a different space.Human-like feet.There are no horns.A stick pierces the head and has three long tongues.
My hobby is killing my favorite wizard and making it an accessory such as a shrunken head.He liked the appearance of his heart and was aiming for murder, but he was murdered by a kitchen knife in the store when he was deceived by Haru who had a grudge against Alice.
A dog-headed demon whose whole body is black. 358 years old.Human-like feet.There are no horns.
As a hobby, he is masquerading as a large black dog named Wobble.He enjoys pretending to be a fool while being omnipotent, such as becoming a dog, spilling dog food, and barking at an empty wall with all his might.Chidarma calls this act a "dog trip."


Voice- Kimura Subaru
gas maskA witch wearing a mask like this.A squirrel companion, not a cross, but a master of knives.I am suffering from intermittent headaches.Height 205 cm, weight 138 kg.
He was a student at Zagan Magic Training School, where he met a squirrel and became a close friend.However, I am not happy that the squirrel belongs to the cross.
When he was a student, he was a big eater who loved to eat, such as stealing ingredients for school lunches and speaking quickly during class. He was a violent person, but he had a good personality, so he was loved by other students.
He was missing for a long time, but suddenly appeared in front of Kawajiri.Like the cross-eyed boss, it looks just like a Caiman whose magic has been solved.He also has a voice reminiscent of Caiman.Kawajiri asks about that, but insists that he doesn't know about Nikaido or the lizard's head.
Kawajiri's magic tries to teleport to the Smoke Castle to help Nikaido, and he moves with him.At the smoke mansion, he supported Kawajiri while showing an unpleasant gesture.
Voice- Tohru Inada[4]
A witch who runs "Restaurant Tamba", a restaurant specializing in meat pies in the world of witches.Middle-aged and muscular man.
She wears a panda-like mask with sharp fangs and a fur-like costume that matches the mask.A man in good faith and kind.I'm scared when I get angry.
The taste of the pie is excellent, and Noi liked it and ate a lot, and it was also endorsed by the smoke.
Voice- Takushima Terashima
"Restaurant Tamba" clerk.A beautiful young man with black hair.
Although it looks weak, it has a vicious magic of "making a meat pie that hits a chemri".According to the destruction, the magic is enough to stand up to the smoke.
Ebisu who ate the meat pie got angry.
A female clerk at "Restaurant Tamba".Sober, reticent, unfriendly.
She wears a mask and costume similar to Tamba.
The mask was stripped off when the boss attacked the store, and the real face turned out to be a boyish short-haired woman with glasses.
For some reason, the rain that makes the wizard feel unwell and incapacitated, and the ability of the cross-eyed boss, which has the same effect as "rain in the hall," have no effect on Kirion.
Voice- Kanemitsu
A witch whose right arm is tubular.Use the magic of firing a chemri from a cylinder to blow up the target.A big man.
In the past, he attacked his heart and Noi with medicine and tried to make him a partner, but he was counterattacked and his head was crushed by Noi with rubble.
He was thought to have died at that time, but he was alive and attacked Noi again at the current Blue Night and abducted him.
Although he succeeded in securing Noi, he quarreled with Caiman and others, and at the end his arm was amputated with a kitchen knife and Kemuri exploded and died.
Voice- Takehiro Hasu
A witch with a surgical gown and a mask.I use a variety of syringes, but it's unclear if the syringes are magical.
In the past, it struck the heart and Noi with an explosion, but it was broken apart by the magic of the heart.
Living like a bomb, he assaulted his heart with the current Blue Knight, injecting drugs to put him to sleep and abducting him to become his partner.
Although he was successfully abducted, he was quarreled with Caiman and others, and was killed by the magic of Fukuyama.
Voice- Maeda Rena
A witch who used to work at "Restaurant Tamba".Use a magic that can captivate any man by putting out a monster called an angel.
At the smoke house with Tamba and others, they competed for pie sales over the opening of a store.He captivated male customers with magic and made an overwhelming difference to the Tamba store, but the magic ran out before the end and he eventually lost.
He fell in love with Tamba and was forced to be captivated by his magic, but he was dismissed from the store because he became resistant to the abuse of magic.
I wasn't very good at cooking, and the store sold only frozen apple pies with magic.
A girl who lived with Nikaido when she was young.Use the magic of flying.He is also a master of Nikaido's body art.
When I was a baby, I was helped by my uncle and aunt, who were Nikaido's adoptive parents.Therefore, I think I am very lucky.
The magic of manipulating the time used by Nikaido when he was young modifies the past saved by the river and drowns him.
So nowUnrelated BuddhaHowever, the past was changed again by Nikaido, who became able to master his own magic, and he was safely picked up by his uncle and aunt and raised.
Ebisu fake
Ebisu's parents, who were sad because their daughter went missing, made a witch who made a copy by paying too much mourning.
His appearance is Ebisu itself, but his personality is ferocious, and he was furious and rampaged by trivial matters.When it becomes ferocious, its appearance is distorted and it becomes like a monster.
When Ebisu returned home, he became violent and killed her.After that, he attacked Fujita who rushed in, but was killed by the magic of using black powder and his head was destroyed.
A mysterious existence that is neither a human being nor a witch nor a devil.It was in Caiman's mouth, but when he was killed by smoke, he returned to the squirrel and now controls the squirrel's body, aiming for the cross-eyed boss who killed himself. There is.Height 210 cm, weight 200 kg.
Initially, it looked exactly like a squirrel, but later changed to a variant with a lizard's skull-like head.
It has the ability to return the received attack to the opponent as it is.It also reacts to hostility, according to the poison moth.
The wounds made by that power do not heal naturally, and it is difficult to heal without A-rank repair magic.
The owner of "SYUERON-KAN", the predecessor of the Nikaido store.Appeared in bonus manga.
He ran a dim sum shop, but the tea he made seemed to fit the witch's mouth, and the witch came and went frequently.As a result, he was harassed by the magic victim, and he asked Nikaido, who happened to be there, to be a bouncer for the store.
Later his shop was handed over to Nikaido and became a hungry bug.
The fly
A wizard created from scratch by Chidarma.The mask is a fried shrimp type.Appeared in bonus manga.
Use the magic to fly anything.However, his intelligence is low, and he can see the smoke because he flies everything including the town.He fought against the Noi combination and made a good fight, but died.
The real face is quite strong.
Gyoza man
Voice- Cho[6]
A fairy who lives in "hungry insects".Appeared in bonus manga.
It's tough for those who don't eat gyoza properly, but he also expressed anger at Caiman who eats too much gyoza.
In such a case, throw a toothpick at the opponent like a throwing knife and drop the heaven.
It looks like Gyoza has deformed limbs.The laughter is "Gyo ~ Zazza Zazza".
A butcher who sells devil meat to devil candidates.He is also an executioner who executes the devil who has sinned.Its appearance can only be seen by the devil.Height 330 cm, weight 1000 kg.
It has a black bird-like head.Without holding his arms, he manipulates the bladed wings that extend from the back to chop up the demon who has sinned and return it to the wizard.The store sells the meat.
The store's feather, the "store knife," is the strongest weapon in the world and the only way to kill the devil.
Only speaks "Nana Nana".An existence that is neither a devil nor a witch, nor good or evil.

the term

World view / setting


The name of the town that is connected to the world of wizards by a "door". The damage caused by the wizards appearing through the "door" using the inhabitants of the hall as a magical laboratory table or practice table is endless, and the landscape and space of the hall itself are distorted by "Kemuri".またホールに降るFall into the hall again(I.e.Is mixed with black sand-like "Kemuri" dregs produced by a wizard, which is also harmful to the human body because it is a type of magic.In addition, this black rain or a liquid containing "Kemuri" may cause abnormal phenomena or disasters.
Residents usually dislike wizards, and once there was a large-scale "witch hunt" led by the neighborhood association.In many cases, magical damage mainly alters the body, and it is not uncommon for people like Caiman to have animal heads.The currency is the yen.

World of wizards

The world where "witches" live.Like the hall, it is lightly soiled and is generally unsafe.Another major feature is(I.e.Will not fall.It seems that there is almost no law because the mafia "Smoke Family" led by Smoke is virtually dominated, and the demons who are higher than the Smoke Family are all ephemeral.In addition, the devil is worshiped like a so-called god, and there are many strange cultures and rituals derived from them.
The names of the people in the hall are katakana names, while the names of the wizards are kanji names.The currency is nick and is often abbreviated as N.



In this work, a human who can use a mysterious power called magic is called a "witch".Although the wizard looks the same as the people in the hall, it usually says that "there is a small devil that is a symbol of life in the brain" and "there is an organ that produces" chemuri "in the body and a tube that carries it". It is portrayed as a subhuman-like race that is different from humans.On the other hand, it is extremely vulnerable to rain, and in places where it rains, even if it does not hit the raindrops, it becomes extremely ill and may die if it is hit directly by the rain.
Basically, one type of magic can be handled by each person.In addition, there are large individual differences in the amount of medium "Kemuri" that can be released when exercising magic, the thickness and number of tubes, the firing position, etc., all of which are determined innately.
In particular, the magical action has been determined from the time of birth, and does not change until death except when using the black powder described below.
For this reason, the strength and standing position of wizards are very different, and some wizards cannot handle magic, such as being unable to use magic because they are not satisfied with "Kemuri" and the magic they can have is of no use. Not a few.
In the world of wizards, such people and humans in the hall, etc. "humans who cannot handle magic" are basically treated as socially vulnerable and downgraded, and behaviors that ignore their human rights, including the above-mentioned practice table, are becoming commonplace. ..
However, it can be corrected to some extent by surgery to increase the amount of ejection and doping with "black powder" described later.In addition, you may be able to use magic by being seriously injured and exposing the tube.The reality is the descendants of life forms created by the devil, Chidarma, in ancient times.


An existence whose job is to manage hell in the world of wizards.There is a distinction between men and women, but they all look like large bipedal beasts that are separated from humans, so they cannot be distinguished from their appearance.With overwhelming power that is said to be omnipotent and omnipotent, it has an invincible body that most physical and magical attacks do not work, and a wide variety of magical abilities that are also called all-purpose, worship and admiration for all wizards. It is a target.Also, being a demon and having a friendship with a demon is a great status for a wizard.
There are two types of demons: those who were born demons and those who were promoted to demons through special training.
The majority of them are "former wizards" who passed the demon test and became demons, and the original wizards exist in their bodies naked in their original form in the manner of costumes.
They can become demons by being solicited by the devil, living in 150 kg of armor, and passing exams such as not using magic for a year, but they take the same actions as the exam content. In some cases, it becomes a demon without the approval of the devil.
In addition, both types are cheerful and have an optimistic personality that never forgets to play, and the only standard of action is whether they can laugh or not.His only job is to punish the dead in hell, and apart from that, he is always playing and living.The existence of the devil itself seems to have such a property, and in the work, it becomes unnaturally bright and active as the demonization progresses, it becomes a magnificent talk, it loses fear, it suddenly becomes unique Phenomena such as starting to dress have been confirmed.If you break the rules of the devil set by Chidarma, all the devil's body except the original witch's part may be cut off and returned to the witch.At this time, the skin of the whole body is thinly peeled off from the original part, which causes great damage.



A mysterious phenomenon that a witch can cause through a black smoke-like substance called "Kemuri".
A witch has an organ that purifies chemuri in the body and a tube that carries it, and in many cases, witches are used by injecting chemuri from the fingertips or mouth.
The amount of chemuri released differs depending on the finger[7]..The detailed ratio is unknown, but if you don't put out a lot of chemuri, you often put it out from your index finger.Some magic requires special procedures and tools to exercise, but in principle, Kemuri is always used somewhere.
For this reason, there are cases where magic chemuri is packed in spray cans or bottles and carried, or used for buying and selling.If it's a convenient magic, you can buy and sell it to make a living.
The magical action is canceled by the magic of "release" like Tota, where the person who cast the magic solves it and the person dies.To put it the other way around, it is almost impossible to solve it by any other method, and it is difficult to correct the aftereffects caused by magic damage by surgery.
Wizards who deal with "restoration," "life," and "time" are particularly rare, and many humans, including smoke, seek their power.
Other than that, the majority of magic is "changing an object into something" as a whole.Humans exposed to such magic cannot tolerate the sudden changes caused by magic, and most people die suddenly even after treatment.
Although it is extremely rare, it is said that if multiple spells are applied at the same time, the body will become ineffective.
Black powder
Substances that are bought and sold by the organization of the cross.
When taken, it becomes possible to instantly release Kemuri beyond the usual ability.It is mainly used by those who are wizards but have a small amount of chemuri.
When Fujita took it, he felt "like a volcano erupting in his body."
In order to use magic continuously, it must be used regularly, and the powder itself has side effects such as dependence and violence.
The magical nature may change if you continue to take it from childhood, but there are not many good examples.一例として「動物に変化させる魔法」は、相手をその動物の性質を持ったAs an example, "magic that transforms an animal" has the characteristics of that animal.MonsterIt was changed to, and it was runaway due to side effects.Only the wizard who possesses this magic can control this magic.
The use of powder is said to be against the pride of wizards, and its use within the smoke family is illegal.
In the world of wizards, there is a custom of deciding a pair of partners, and in everyday life, they often act with their own partners.
It is not only based on oral promises and mutual common consciousness, but also a clear system for (sometimes forcibly) signing contracts at Blue Night, which will be described later.
Popular in the world of wizardsbikeVehicles like.Operates using the wizard Kemuri as fuel.一応For the time beingBroomIt also has a function as.
A magical victim who revives from the grave only once a year due to the influence of the wizard Kemuri who has accumulated in the hall.
The main features are the same as stereotyped zombies, such as attacking a living human and the attacked human also becomes a zombie.
It exists only during the night and dies with the rising sun.Not only can it be attacked directly, but it can also be killed by poison.
Living dead day
The day when zombies revive in the hall.Since zombies occur on the same day every year, humans in the hall are hunting zombies on this day as a countermeasure.
Zombie hunting is carried out jointly by the extermination person and the shaven, and after the extermination person has killed the zombies, the shaven sprinkles salt to make the Buddhahood completely.
On the day of the event, shops are lined up in the graveyard, and prizes are given to exterminations according to the number of zombies hunted.
Blue Night
A ritual to sign a contract with a partner, which is held once every four years in the world of wizards.The period is 4 days.The Smoke Family is hosting an opening party.
There are various attractions at the venue and it feels like a festival, but there are some dead people because it doesn't matter what means you use to contract with your partner.
The senior wizard signs a contract in the black house above the venue in the presence of the devil.Contracts are signed by signing and exchanging contracts inside each other, and this contract also has the power to control the other party, and it is possible to conclude a contract that is not agreed upon.

Bibliographic information

Television Animation

From January to March 2020TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[2].

ス タ ッ フ

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Theme song

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List of stories

Number of storiessubtitleShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorAirdate
Episode 1CaimanYuichiro Hayashi-Sayaka Koiso2020/
May 1
Episode 2In the bag
Be quiet during meals
Wizard of the neighboring town
Nobuyoshi Arai
  • Minami Seki
  • Anri Yamazaki
-May 1
Episode 3Night of the Dead-Duel!In front of the central department storeHidekazu HaraMasayuki KatoMay 1
Episode 4Roast duck with wizard
Please dress up for the ball.
Old Year, New Year in "Hall"
Tokuchi DaisukeSayaka KoisoMay 2
Episode 5Caiman in the magical landNobuyoshi AraiMasayuki KatoMay 2
Episode 6The pile of mushrooms is full of food
The first chemri
Kenji TakahashiShinya Ito
  • Minami Seki
  • Yoshida Komami
May 2
Episode 7All-Star ☆ Dream Ball FeastHiroko Komatsu
  • Hiroko Komatsu
  • Yoshida Komami
  • Anri Yamazaki
-May 2
Episode 8Good day, departure
Lalala Phantom
Good day, departure 2
Gorgeous & Morimori
Welcome to Blue Night Land
Sekino Sekiju
  • Yoshihide Ideue
  • Saki Hasegawa
May 3
Episode 9"Flower smoke"
Nice meat pie
A rare mushroom appears !!
  • Parako Shinohara
  • Cao Yi
  • Yoshida Komami
  • Akiko Kumada
  • Anri Yamazaki
  • Takako Shimizu
  • Satoshi Ikeda
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May 3
Episode 10Lonely Caiman
Nightmare Before
Manju Kowai
Cao Yi
  • Yoshihide Ideue
  • Reimi Eda
Sayaka KoisoMay 3
Episode 11The Boss
Let's meet at the stall
Nobuyoshi Arai
  • Hiroko Komatsu
  • Yoshida Komami
  • Anri Yamazaki
-May 3
Episode 12Memories School Days
Boy Meets Girl = Battle!
Pinky promise
Yuichiro Hayashi
  • Takeo Oda
  • Yoshihide Ideue
Sayaka KoisoMay 3


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[32]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [33] Remarks
2020/May 1 - May 3 Monday 0:00-0:30 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
BS11 All over Japan Production participation / BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
2020/May 1 - May 4 Wednesday 3:00-3:30 (Tuesday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area Production participation /Anime Special Zone] Part 2

On the internetNetflixAdvance delivery at[32].


rollRelease date[34]Recording storyStandard product number
上2020/5/20Episode 1-Episode 6TBR-29397D
under2020/6/17Episode 7-Episode 12, OVATBR-29398D


Dorohedoro three-dimensional plan "Dododo"
Figures such as Caiman, Smoke, Nikaido, As, and Torita are published in "IKKI" every month.
Some of the character figures produced by Dododo are on display at the flag shop "Hz", which sells official Hayashida goods.
Donation towel
As a charity project to support disaster recovery from the XNUMX off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, charity goods that do not include sales or design costs were produced.[35].
Face towels with the motif of the signboard logo of the Chinese restaurant "Hungry Bug" run by Nikaido are on sale.[35].


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