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👩‍🎤 | Bakarhythm reveals the lie of his beloved disciple Nao Asahi "I'm trying to make a good story"


Bakarhythm reveals the lie of his beloved disciple Nao Asahi "I'm trying to make a good story"

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Asahi mentions Bakarhythm, a master who co-starred in a program during the idol era and taught variety shows.

[Nao Asahi, a master of the entertainment world who has been taking care of him since he was an idol, points out "the lie of Asahi" ... 1 ... → Continue reading


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Bakarism(1975 Showa50 years>May 11 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,narrator,chairperson,Writer,An actor,Lyricist[Note 1]..His real name is Hidetomo Masuno.[1].Maseki entertainment companyAffiliation.Wife is exDempagumi.inc OfDream sleep sleepy[2].

Once1995 から2005 Until then, it was a comedy duo by Hidetomo Masuno and Toshihiro Matsushita.After the duo disappeared, Masuno remained in the name of Bakarhythm.Pin entertainer"Bakarhythm" is now a stage name that represents Masuno's individual.

Members of the combination age

Hideno Masuno(Masuno Hidetomo,1975 (Showa50 years)May 11[1] -) (46 years old)
FukuokaTagawaI'm from In the cityYuru CharaDesigned "Sumio Ishigawa" and announced on March 2012, 3[3].
Toshihiro Matsushita(Matsushita Toshihiro,1974 (49)May 4 -) (48 years old)
ShizuokaI'm from.Height 172 cm, Weight 58 kg,Blood TypeA type.Her hobby is watching movies.
Withdrew on November 2005, 11. Retired from the entertainment world and worked in a general position. Past videos and photos have been mosaic-edited.
Big tree"Bruce LeeIt started to be called "blues" because it resembles "blues"Yuki Himura(Banana man),Akiyuki TsuchidaPenetrate into.In addition to being a member of Tsuchida's futsal teamEiji Shibata(Untouchable) Was a local friendship[4]..There was also a time when the stage names were constantly changed to "Matsushita Full Marathon," "Matsushita Long Interview," and "Matsushita Super Light."
Since the dissolution of the duo, he hasn't been on the front stage at all, and Masuno has declared that he hasn't met at all.Then in August 2019Ichiichi(Electric comics)ButJunji InagawaWhen I went to see the ghost story live, I revealed that I happened to meet Matsushita who had come to see it in the lobby of the venue after the performance and reunited for the first time in about 15 years.[5].


Combi era

1995 Japanese film schoolWhile attending school, formed a combination "Bakarhythm" by Masuno and Matsushita.Masuno thought of this combination name (later the stage name of Masuno alone)Coined wordSo, I dared to name it with a word that does not exist in the world because I thought that it would be confusing when searching with existing words.[6]..It should be noted that the two at school were not close friends by chance, and they happened to form a combination in a comic class and said that they have been business partners since then.[7].

From the late 1990s to the mid 2000sBakmaliya』(Fuji Television Network, Inc), "Life of a laughing puppy R"(Fuji Television Network, Inc·"Dog laughingParticipated in the main story as an extra), "Katsura Performing Arts Company』(TBS),Electric comicsThe crowned program "Soft Broadcasting Club Erebaka!" (BS Nippon Television), "Tiger Gate』(TV Asahi) Etc. regular appearance.In addition, there is a reputation for material from that time, "The god of entertainment』(Nippon TV) Or “Laughter gold medal』(Asahi Broadcasting) And other news programs[8].

He played an active part as a main cast in "Warau Inu no Seikatsu R", and was named "Special Edition" in the broadcast on August 2000, 8.Katsuhisa Namase-Akiyuki Tsuchida(at that timeU-turn) ・ Only three people, Masuno, perform the control "A little sweet life-Why is life halfway?Was broadcast[9].

Above all, he performed from 1999 to 2003.LOL on air battle』(NHK General, Commonly known as "Onbat"), he is often forced to struggle, and although he has achieved a maximum of 1KB in the 525st championship tournament "Radio Frustration No. 10", his overall record is 13 wins and XNUMX losses.In addition, the loser's comment when losing is usually a strong expression of regret due to the request from the staff, but Masuno said, "I have done my best."I will bring the same material againCommented. Even if the staff instructed me to retake the picture, I did not change the comment, and when I made the same comment with 5 retakes, the 5th time was eventually used.[10].

Masuno escaped from the stage because it was too slippery when he performed a concert at another office where he appeared as a guest during the duo era.And after Masuno returned to the dressing room, Matsushita eventually played two roles per person.[11].

I was also a junior at the officeStrong My Mize(Watanabe is currently a comedianTaro rice porridgeActive as),Kigurumi clown(Kobayashi is currently a comedianKenta KobayashiAlong with (active as), a joint control live "PS series" is also held regularly[12].

However, when he reached the turning point of 30 years old, Matsushita suddenly offered to retire, and Masuno approved the retirement without stopping it at all.Masuno later said, "It was closer to reporting than consultation (about retirement)."And at the end of November 2005, the combination was disbanded and Matsushita withdrew from bakarhythm.[13].

In the era of combi, Matsushita did all the chores while Masuno was writing material, and there was also kindness such as teaching all the destinations to the site to Masuno who is deafened by direction, so after the dissolution of the combimanagerI've talked about whether or not it will be. At that time, Matsushita replied, "It's not a matter of the amount of money, I'm confident that I will sell you", but in response to that reply Masuno refused because it was "unpleasant to imagine" Are[14].

The last job as a combination is2005 May 11Held at Nishimokita Space LibertyThe late Hiroshi HayashiGuest appearance of the supervised control event "Silk".この時点で解散発表はしていなかったものの、既に升野はピンでの単独ライブのフライヤーを客席に配布していたAlthough the dissolution was not announced at this point, Masuno had already distributed a flyer for a solo live at Pin to the audience.[15].

After pin conversion

After Matsushita's departure, Masuno said, "It's a waste to put what we have accumulated up to 0"BakarismContinue activities under the name (so-calledSolo unit).Immediately after the dissolution, "R-1 Grand Prix2006” first appearance, advance to the final in just two months from the start of activity at Pin.

Flip material at the first competition in 2006"Totsugino"The result was 4th.This triggered a rapid increase in work,LOL red carpet"Totsugino" is often shown on other news programs, and he also appears in commercials with this news.Goods were also released and became very popular.On the other hand, he was afraid that he would become a one-hit wonder, saying, "If nothing is done, he will become a person of Totsugino, not Bakarhythm." Masuno stopped showing Totsugino at all about a year later.[16].. Regarding this, Masuno later stated that "this strategy worked well".[17].

In "R-1"2006 Since then, he has participated in 5 consecutive years and has advanced to the finals four times other than 2008.2009 To"Geography stupid teacher"Of the judgesMichiko ShimizuHe recorded a record, such as being able to score "100 points out of 2010" for the first time in the history of the tournament, but was unable to win the championship. After the 2010 tournament, announced the "R-1 Graduation" that the XNUMX tournament had decided to be the last participation before the final[18].

Oki decides the best in Japan "IPPON Grand Prix』, appeared from the first time in 2009, the most wins[19] Proud of the competition chairmanHitoshi MatsumotoHas received high praise from[20].

Also, after the break at Totsugino, he was selected as "Idling!!!MC has been on the show for 2006 years since 9.Nao Asahi,Ami KikuchiProduced[21].

Early 2010s

Broadcasted on May 2010, 11Top runner』(NHK General), when asked about future goals"Maintain the status quo"Answer[17].

On March 2011, 3, he fell at home and broke his right ring finger. Next day'sAmethyoke!"(TV Asahi) Was recorded with a bandage and explained the circumstances of the fracture.[22].

Released in April 2012RAM RIDER"HELLO starring from the album "AUDIO GALAXY-RAM RIDER vs STARS!!!-" ORANGE RANGE"ofMusic videoIn charge of screenplay and director of. Also, participated in the song "After school ★ Suspense" on the same album with lyrics.[Note 2].. The omnibus movie "Mostly" was directed, screenplayed, and starred on May 5, the same year.Bakarhythm THE MOVIEIs released.Cinemat RoppongiWill be screened in a single building for a total of 4 days, and will be released in theaters throughout the summer from the same summer. October 10th,OmnibusTV drama"A strange story in the world Special edition of Autumn 2012The three roles of the original, screenplay, and appearance in "Kyosei Real Estate"[Note 3] In charge.

In October 2013, a special program was broadcast over the past two times.Bakarhythm All Night Nippon GOLD"(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) Has become a regular. It was broadcast for two years after that, and the famous corner "The theory of eroticism" was made into a book in September 2.

December 2013th, 12 as MCIdling!!!Surprise appearance on the 13th live. It was the first time in three and a half years since the numbering live was not taking part due to the schedule after the 2010th held in May 5.

Drama "broadcast starting in October 2014"Nice selection TAXI] For the first time in charge of the screenplay of a serial drama, and also appeared as an actor. This triggered the single-shot drama "Possible actresses], 4 nights consecutive SP drama "A story near Sakurazaka』(All Fuji TV series), also expanded the range of activities as a scriptwriter[23].. From autumn 2016Ten Black Women], [Housing], [Fictitious OL diary』(Nippon TV series) and in charge of the script of the serial drama for 3 consecutive courses.In addition, he also appears (only voice appearance in "Ten Dark Women", starring in "Fictitious OL Nikki", and the role of himself in "Sumisumi")

Late 2010s

2015,Quick Japan] In the issue released on August 8"A person who thinks about foolishness"A 60-page special issue was created. Long interview and close document, "Me and Masuno-san" talked to by people who are close to him, and a composer who has been friends since his debut.OkuraIs composed of the "Theory of Great Bacarism" which spelled 20 years of baccarism.[24].

After becoming a pin,Publicity photoContinued to use the one taken immediately after the dissolution of the combination in 2005, but in 2016Youth foolishness』(Tele morning videos) Was renewed after 11 years.

While performing TV and radio work, live performances are held vigorously. Show off one person"Bakarhythm Live"And as an extra edition, "I will just announce the idea I have been thinking about in 2 to 3 weeks""Bakarhythm plan"It was held a couple of times a year together, but from 2, "Bakarhythm Live" is only held once a year.

Broadcasting from 2015Buzz rhythm』(Nippon TV) A unit that collaborates with various artists in the project"Bakarhythm"Was formed in 2017. First on August 2017, 8Motohiro Hata"Hatta Rhythm" was released by Masuno, who was in charge of songwriting and singing, and Hata was in charge of composition and chorus.Yoshiki Mizuno"Shiraga Popularity", which was collaborated as "Mizuno Rhythm" and composed and sung by Masuno and composed by Mizuno, started to be distributed from September 9 of the same year. And on November 30, 2019 as the third bulletFuji Fabric"Tie up" written by Masuno and composed by Soichiro Yamauchi was delivered in the collaboration "Fujifabrism".

November 2017, 11, select some control from past baccarism live and upload every month on 15thYouTubeOpen official channel[25][26].

Original drama by Masuno (blog "Fictional Masuno Diary"), script, and drama "Starring"Fictitious OL diary"ButGalaxy awardReceived the June 2017 Monthly Award[27].. Masuno as a screenwriter is the 36th in this dramaKuniko Mukai PrizeAward[28].. Furthermore, we received the 55th (2017) Galaxy Award special prize in the television category.[29].

From 2017 every yearFNS 27-hour TV"(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Is in charge of the main planning.

Broadcasted on September 2017, 12Quiz ☆ Correct answer is one year later"(TBS) In "Produce entertainer in the program" was in charge of devising a base character and stage name, and a pin entertainer wearing a robot headSK01-G] (Taking the initials of “The correct answer is a year later”) was born. Also,Kukki!(Wild bomb) And gave some advice.

Broadcasted on May 2018, 4Are you going through foolishness?(Fuji TV) won the Galaxy Award April 2018 Month Award[30].

2018,"Bakarhythm All Night Nippon GOLD"(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) There was a friendship in the jingle making etc.TOWA TEI"Sweet Robots Against The Machine"Yoshinori SunaharaJoined with. Released the album "7" in July of the same year.

Tokyo from June 2018th to July 6th, 6Ueno no Mori Art Museum"Miracle" held in Osaka, Fukuoka and Ehime starting with the exhibition at EscherAppointed as a navigator of "Exhibition". Also served as audio guide for this exhibition[31].

December 2019, 12, idol groupDempagumi.incIs a former member of, and is a businessman, character producer, video director, and artist.Dream sleep sleepyMarry[2] .

Early 2020s

2020 May 2, The aboveFictitious OL diaryIs made into a movie and is released in theaters.As with the drama version, Masuno played the three roles of the original, the script, and the lead role.Directed by Takashi Sumida[32].. Also ahead of thisJapanese movie channelThen.May 221: 00~May 221 hours past work at 00:24 ("Fictitious OL Nikki" full story, "Nice selection TAXI"(SP minutes are also broadcast),"Bakarhythm THE MOVIE, 2019 bakarhythm live "image" + original program "Bakarhythm specialty channel special edition") special project "24-hour professionalism channelCarried out[33].

2020 May 5~May 5Was scheduled to hold an annual "Bakarhythm Live" at Sogetsu Hall,New coronavirus infectionAnnounced the cancellation of the performance due to the spread of infection[34].

Broadcasted on September 2021, 1Ryota Yamazato's Rainy Day Berserker F"(ABC Asahi Broadcasting Corporation), Broadcast on January 2021, 1Masanori HamadaMC "Rugged"(MBS daily broadcast) Guest appearance.Masuno, who usually has little activity in Osaka, appeared on a rare Kansai local program in quick succession.

From long time agoDoraemonAlthough he was professing a big fan of Doraemon, the 2020th anniversary movie of Doraemon released on November 11, 20 "STAND BY ME Doraemon 2Participated as a voice actor in the role of salesman Nakamegro of the future department store[35].

2021 May 5~May 5Bakarhythm live for the first time in 2 years〇〇Was scheduled to be held at Sogetsu Hall, and tickets were on sale, but it was announced on April 4.Emergency declarationHowever, due to the extension until the end of May, 5 out of 5 performances have been cancelled.The remaining 2 performances were held online only and without spectators.[36].

2021 The movie "May 5st release"Hell GardenIn charge of the script[37].. The directorKazuaki Seki, StarringMei NaganoWill serve[38].

In 2021, the public audition program of young actresses "TBS Star Development Project The day I become an actress _"(TBS) Participate. In addition to serving as a guest judge for the broadcast from June 6th to July 12th, he wrote the original script for the acting assignment for the broadcast on July 7th and July 10th.[39].

2022 May 3The movie to be released "Wedding highIn charge of the script.The director isAkiko Oku, StarringRyoko ShinoharaWill serve[40].

2022 May 2,New coronavirusAnnounced by the affiliated office that he was infected with.After a medical treatment period,May 2Return to work from.

2022 May 3BroadcastR-1 Grand Prix 2022In charge of the first judge. Since she graduated from R-1, she hasn't appeared on any related shows or specials like other finalists, so she's been on the show for 2010 years since her last appearance in 12. It will be the first time[41].


Combi era
After the combination dissolution (Masuno individual)
  • "R-1 Grand Prix2006''-4th place final (February 2006, 2, Fuji TelevisionKansai TV
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2007"-3rd place final (February 2007, 2, Fuji Television, Kansai Television)
  • "Toranomon "The Rocky Championship That Will Not Be There""-Champion (May 2007, TV Asahi)
  • "Toranomon Ijuin Hikaru "All-Night Toranomon""-Winner (June 2007, TV Asahi)
  • "Toranomon "The Rocky Championship That Will Not Be There""-Champion (May 2007, TV Asahi)
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2008"-advance to the semi-finals
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2009"-3rd place final (February 2009, 2, Fuji Television, Kansai Television)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 09-10 Opening Game"-Winner (December 2009, 12, Fuji Television Network)
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2010"-7rd place final (February 2010, 2, Fuji Television, Kansai Television)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 09-10 Autumn Team"-Winner (October 2010, 10, Fuji TV)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2011 Opening Round"-Runner-up (January 2011, 1, Fuji TV)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2011.6.11"-Winner (June 2011, 6, Fuji TV)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2012.4.7"-Runner-up (April 2012, 4, Fuji TV)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2014.11.8"-Runner-up (April 2014, 11, Fuji TV)
  • 3 timesIchikawa MoriichiScreenplay Award Encouragement AwardNice selection TAXI(August 2014, 10-September 14, 12,Kansai TV production, continuous drama on Tuesday night at 10 o'clock
  • "Hitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip story-MVS Award for "TV Station Guard" (January 2015, 1, Fuji TV)
  • "83stThe Television Drama Academy Award-Won the Screenplay Award (February 2015, 2,The television
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2016.11.19"-Runner-up (April 2016, 11, Fuji TV)
  • AbemaTV1st Anniversary Special Project "Toranomon Shiritori Ryuou Battle"-Winner (May 2017, 5,AbemaTV
  • 2017 JuneGalaxy awardMonthly Award Screenplay and starring work "Fictitious OL diary(Announced July 2017, 7)[43]
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2018.3.10"-Winner (June 2018, 3, Fuji TV)
  • 36 timesKuniko Mukai Prize"Fictitious OL Diary" (announced in April 2018,Tokyo News TsushinSponsor)[44]
  • 55 timesGalaxy awardTV section special award “Fictitious OL Diary” (announced on April 2018, 4)[45]
  • 2018 JuneGalaxy awardMonthly Award "Are you going through foolishness?(Announced July 2018, 5)
  • 2018 JuneGalaxy awardMonthly Award Screenplay and starring work "Ikuta's morning(Announced July 2019, 1)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2020.6.13"-Winner (June 2020, 6, Fuji TV)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 2021.5.22"-Runner-up (April 2021, 5, Fuji TV)
  • Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2021 "Kyoraku Pictures. PRESENTS New Wave Award Creator Division ”(announced on September 2021, 9)


Height 165 cm[1], Weight 60 kg[1],Blood TypeIs type A[1][46]..Ambidextrous.smoker.He has a younger sister.You can drink as long as you have a glass of sake, and you participate in the toast.His parents' house had been running a lunch box shop "Tagawa Lunch Center" since his grandfather's generation.[16], Closed when my father was 40 years old.After that, my father changed jobs and worked, but Masuno was in his second year of high school.1993 He died suddenly in February at the young age of 2.The next month my grandfather died, so after that my mother raised me with just one woman.[47].Iizuka High School,Nippon Film School (now Nippon Film College)Actor[1].

It was my favorite when I took the high school examPrefectural Nishitagawa High SchoolI took the exam but failed, and as a result I was taking it with non-slipBoys' schoolI attended Iizuka High School and belonged to the baseball club. Before the summer of the second year, I had a complicated leg fracture and was told to go behind the scorers, etc. I thought that I would not be able to play as a player at this rate, and as a result of strength training, the summer of my third year of high school ofKoshienFukuoka Prefecture QualifyingThen, although he was number 16, he played in the starting lineup.I thought that participating in Koshien was more of a goal than a goal, so I wrote "national conquest" on the back of the brim of my hat and studied how to make a prominent move at bat, and I was longing for it at that time.Takahiro Ikeyama(Yakult) Was imitating the form[48]..Since I lived in a bloody area, I often quarrel, and contrary to my mild appearance, I am an athletic club, so "Martial artsIs often called. In high school, MasunoBricksI was hit in the head withEiji Kotoge(By King) Was later discovered to be an acquaintance[49].. I longed for the Yankees and put on things that looked like shavings and wore slightly modified school uniforms.[50].

After graduating from high school, aspiring to be an entertainer was the mainstream at the timeNSCnotJapanese film schoolDecided to go on to. The reason is that "it seems that overwhelmingly talented if there is only one person who is aspiring to be an entertainer among people who are aspiring to be actors"[51].. Also, when I became an entertainer, I dropped all the muscles I had trained in the practice of the baseball club in high school because I didn't fit the style.[52].

He is from a Japanese film school and has made a debut as a film director, but since he entered the school as an aspiring entertainer, he is not so interested in movies that he should watch once a year.[53].. He has made his debut as a novelist with a short story "Eiji Real Estate" by Hidetomo Masuno (from Shogakukan "East and West 2").Only looks like a figureI rarely read books for this reason[54].

We are focusing on holding live shows on a regular basis,Quick Japan"I feel like I will end if I stop making material," said an interview. Also, "IOkiri,StoryHave muscles,HinadanIs confident in Ogiri and the story, as he said.[55].

Basically, one person writes a script on a computerStyleIs taking. Since 2014, we have set up a workshop for working intensively apart from home, and basically do all the preparation for live performances and the writing and writing of dramas and serials there.[56]..Even after getting married, he is often in the workplace, and he advises single male entertainers, "If you rent a separate house, you should be single."

At the health checkMRIWhen I received the result, it turned out that "the brain has changed due to over-thinking super-logical thinking, and the left brain has come to the part of the right brain a little".[57].

For the reason that "it's embarrassing the gradation from talking in honorific to the time when I first talk"[58], I often use honorifics for junior entertainers in the same office and other offices.

Art style

Mainly performs one-person control, flip material, video material. "LOL red carpet"(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Is the catchphrase "Comedy four-dimensional pocket". In addition, "Theater sold out"(TV Asahi) The catchphrase in the event "Tokyo Volvulus" is "Revolutionary amusement park. "

Although he often shows flip toppings such as "Totsugino" and "Geography idiot teacher", he says that he doesn't like flip toppings because he has "someone can do it." Initially, "Totsugino" was originally made as a live performance with chopstick rests.[59].. Note that2004 The DVD "Fruit" from the Combi era, which was released on March XNUMX, XNUMX, contains the pinneta "Kaerino" of Masuno, which can be said to be the predecessor of Totsugino.[60].

In the past, he had set up a blog "Fictitious Masuno Diary" that spoofed as a fictitious OL and spelled out everyday life (at first, he did not reveal his true identity as bakarhythm, but later revealed his true identity).[Note 4].2008 Into a book (2013 To paperback),2017 IsFictitious OL diary"(Yomiuri Television-Nippon TVDrama), and2020 Has been decided to make a movie.


SeniorBanana manWhat is "La Mama rookie contestSince I got to know each other, I have been friends for over 20 years. For the first time banana manOkuraAfter going to eat yakiniku with 5 peopleShitara・Three people, Okura and Masuno, went to a public bath and first became friends with Shitara and then became friends.Yuki HimuraAnd lived together for about 2 years[61]..What is Himura?Amethyoke!"(TV Asahi)'s" Tokiwa-so entertainer "and" Kushire-en entertainer "co-starred in the episode of the era of living togetherUnnan Ultimate Neta Battle! The Iromonea If you make me laugh 100 million yen”(TBS) as a unit.

Besides, as a hanging entertainer of the same generationEiji Shibata(Untouchable) And東京 03,Yutti, Juniors have exchanges since school daysTaro rice porridge,Lucifer YoshiokaThere is[62].

As a good entertainer, he is a member of the line group called Tokyo 03 and Yami 3 of the same generation.Wakabayashi Masayasu(オ ー ド リ ー),Ryota Yamazato(Nankai Candies) And so on.However, there are cases where there is no good entertainer for reasons such as "the other person does not give out his name as a good entertainer" or "I skip myself and go out to eat".[63].

Ito SeikoSaid that he had been attracted to Masuno since the duo era, and his regular program "Tiger Gate』(TV Asahi) And the stage, and from 2007Bit World』(NHK E Tele). I respect Masuo Moshino as a teacher[64].

Former idling !!! member'sNao AsahiSaid that he was greatly influenced by Masuno and called himself "bred up in Masuno".[65]..Masuno also talks about Asahi as "Mr. Asahi is like a younger brother."[66].

Basically, it is called "Bakarism" or "Bakari",Utchan Nanchan,LOL problem,Yoko, Tokyo 03,Electric comics,Hitoshi Katagiri(Rahmen's),FluffyPeople who have interacted with each other since the duo era, Audrey Wakabayashi,Hidetaka Kano,KnightsI was a junior at Maseki Entertainment Inc. and served as a program MCIdling!!!From the members of, the real name "Kun, San", Bananaman and Hidetsugu Shibata (Untouchable),YuttiIt is called "Hide" from the real name "Hideto" by Okura[61].

Still moreChihara JuniorFrom "Rhythm-chan"[67],Deputy managerCalled "Omasu"[68].

Fuji Television Network, Inc"VS ArashiAnd Nippon Television "Arashi ni shiyagareWhen I made a guest appearance instorm OfNinomiya KazuyaIt is called "Rhythm-kun" from.

Electric Comic and "Erebakaka" in Combi Era[69],Be scared-Ants to grasshopperAnd "Ari to Bibirism"[70],AlfalfaAnd "First Shibuya Onihime"[71],ShakaWhen"Katsura Performing Arts Company』(TBS) In "Shaka Rhythm", Bananaman, Electric Comic, Alfalfa,Ogi and Hagi-One theater company-Speed ​​wagonWhen"Hikarigaoka Circus, Etc., and from 2009 when they were already active as a pin from the combination eraKentaro KobayashiTogether with (Ramens)Great monkey'[72] As a live activity and writing activity.

I have been interacting with my first year senior, Fuwawaryo, since my debut.1998 Masuno is in charge of the illustration of Fuwakawa's book "Mitsuba Gakuen Secondary School Entrance Guide" released in.

Oka, the writer, said, "Baccalism was doing "the laughing of the system" that was already completed at the age of 19 or 20", and it started to break after a difficult combi era where it did not come out easily. The foolishness from around 2007 is described as "Bakemono".[73].

Koji ImadaIsLOL red carpet』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) And "Talking 007』(Nippon TV) And Imada had the opportunity to make a name for Masuno as the most interesting junior entertainer.

Is the same countryHakata Hanamaru/DaikichiIn addition to co-starring on the program, as a guest appearance at the annual event of Kamaru Daikichi, which is held in Fukuoka every year since 2017 Since Bakarhythm Live is only held in Tokyo, it is the only place where Masuno shows off in the rural areas.[74].

IPPON Grand PrixFrom the beginning, Chihara Junia, who has the experience of competing in the final, praises each other's great joy.[75][76].

Some entertainers (which are considered to be the mainstays of the comedy world)Akashi family,TunnelsThere is almost no co-starring with media such as TV or radio or the stage[77].. Note thatTamoriIsYou can laugh!] (Fuji TV)ShofuiteiIsSuginashi』(CBC TV) Or “The Best One”(TBS), etc.FNS 27-hour TV』(Fuji TV) realized crosstalk co-starring.Furthermore, on January 2022, 1, "pacific saury no Manma』(Kansai TV) guest appearance, played almost the first full-scale co-starring[78][79]. AlsoNoritake KinashiWhat is (Tunnels)? "Tunnels" broadcast on October 2020, 10.Buzz Rhythm 02』(Nippon TV) for the first time.

Kenji OzawaSince 02, he has been planning a dialogue with Ozawa's new song release on "Buzz Rhythm 2017".In addition, Masuno reveals that all the successive girlfriends were fans of Ozawa.[80].

Keisuke Kuwata The2013 In the attached book of his own live tour DVD released inFukuokaI envy many geniuses ..., Tamori,Yosui, Bakarhythm "[81].

He has good relations with celebrities other than comedians and will be enrolled later.Dream sleep sleepyOn the birthday ofYusuke Koide,Asako Toki,Hama Okamoto,Akiko FukuokaWhen they gathered together, they enthusiastically collaborated, and since then they have formed the "Masuno Corps".[82].. Koide is in charge of composing Masuno's original song "You can count the number of people who have seen the AV as an experienced person" (CD not yet released) (written by Masuno).[83].. On the other hand, I did not give the contact information to the members because "I want to treat everyone equally".[84].

BOSE(Schauda Lapar) Is "Bakarhythm Man vs. Phantom Bose』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Etc., and in 2011, BOSE sang the opening song for "Bakarhythm Live "SPORTS"".


TV program

Current regular
Semi-regular/irregular appearance
Special program
Past regular

Radio program

Personality charge
Past regular

TV drama



  • Kohei Dojima"I wa Yuku" Music Video-Starring (Album "Fiction" released on March 2014, 3)
  • Yu Takahashi"Tomorrow will surely be a good day" Music video (released June 2015, 6)


Appearance in the combination era

tv set

Regular program
  • P-STOCK (Fuji TV, April-June 1996)
  • Assault! Comedy Furuin Volcano(Fuji Television, May-September 1997)
  • Dog laughing(Fuji Television, 1998-2003)
  • Break things!(Fuji TV, 1998)
  • LOL on air battle(NHK General TV, April 1999, 4-October 17, 2003) 10 wins and 17 losses, maximum 10KB
    • It has won all the rankings from 1st to 10th. Besides, I experienced all the rankingsInstant johnson,Hallelujah,Choplinonly.
    • 13th off-air, 4th worst[94] It is a record of.
    • October 2003th, 10 Broadcasting is the last participation and program graduation. However, like other entertainers Masuno has never participated in this program after the dissolution of the combination, and no commentary or past news footage has been broadcast in subsequent SP programs.
    • 1999 (4 win, 4 loss)
      • 1st Champion Tournament loses 5th place
    • 2000 (3 win, 2 loss)
      • Showed "Radio Frustration Daiichi" on August 2000, 8, and won the best 26KB
    • 2001 (2 win, 2 loss)
    • 2002 (1 win, 2 loss)
      • Showed "Radio Frustration No. 2002" on September 9, 7, and won 501KB
    • 2003 (0 win, 3 loss)
    • Summer special guest appearance (July 2004, 7)
  • Bakmaliya(Fuji Television, April 1999-September 4)
  • The life of a laughing puppy(Fuji Television, April 1999-September 10)
  • Katsura Performing Arts Company(TBS, April 2000-September 4)
  • Life of a laughing puppy R(Fuji TV, August 2000-April 8, 2001)
  • Super VIP(Fuji TV, April 2001, 9-September 26, 2002)
  • Erebaka! (BS Nippon Television, April 2003-March 4)
  • Piro Piro Michi's Space Quiz!(Science channel, September 2003)-Only Masuno.
  • U-CDTV(TBS, November 2003, 11-September 7, 2004) Appeared in the "O-CDTV" section.
  • Tiger Gate(TV Asahi, April 2004, 4-November 9, 2005) --Only Masuno will appear after the combination is disbanded.
Single-shot/special program appearance[95]


CM, serialization, online program

DVD / music / books

Combi era
  • "Neta de lol dictionary live VOL.3" (Columbia Music Entertainment, May 1998, 5)-VHS only.
  • "Laughter! Bakarhythm ~ Fruit ~" (TDK core, December 2004, 7)
  • Bakarhythm Live Special Edition "PS7" (Bop, January 2006, 1) *Bakarhythm ×Kigurumi clown×Strong My MizeJoint control by
  • "Tokyo Volvulus IN Hibiya Noon ~ 20th Anniversary !! Super Summer Festival SPECIAL !! ~" (Pony canyon, December 2006, 4)
Bakarhythm Live (Masuno only)
  • "Space Age" Extra Large (Content league, December 2007, 11)
  • "Mystery of Life" (Content League, June 2008, 6)
  • "Advances in Science" (Content League, November 2008, 11)
  • "The Adventures of the Brave" (Content League, June 2009, 6)
  • "kick off! (Content League, December 2009, 12)
  • "Quiz" (Content League, September 2010, 9)
  • "Pinch!" (Content League, April 2011, 4)[Note 5]
  • "Suspense" (Content League, April 2011, 4)[Note 5]
  • "SPORTS" (Content League, March 2012, 3)
  • "Fate" (Content League, November 2012, 11)
  • "COLOR" (Content League, December 2013, 12)
  • "Something and Something" (Content League, November 2014, 11)
  • "? ! (Content League, December 2015, 12)
  • "Classes" (Content League, November 2016, 11)
  • "Gi" (Content League, November 2017, 11)
  • "Dramatic" (Content League, November 2018, 11)
  • "Image" (Content League, November 2019, 11)
  • "○○" (Content League, November 2021, 11)
Bakarhythm live extra edition "Bakarhythm plan" (Masuno only)
  • "Bakarism Proposal" (Content League, March 2010, 3)
  • "Bakarism Proposal 2" (Content League, December 2010, 12)
  • "Vocalist Proposal 3" (Content League, April 2011, 4)[Note 5]
  • "Bakarism Proposal 4" (Content League, December 2011, 12)
  • "Bakarism Proposal 5" (Content League, December 2012, 6)
  • "Bakarism Proposal 6" (Content League, December 2013, 4)
  • "Bakarism Proposal 7" (Content League, December 2013, 7)
  • "Bakarism Proposal 8" (Content League, December 2021, 7)
  • "Idling!!!] Related DVD
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2006" (R and C Ltd., July 2006, 7)
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2007" (R and C Ltd., July 2007, 7)
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2009" (R and C Ltd., July 2010, 2)
  • "R-1 Grand Prix 2010 DVD Original Selection: An Unexpected Bombshell Collection!" (Yoshimoto R&C, October 2010, 10)
  • "A cool addition "A" + "B" DVD" (Sony Pictures Entertainment, April 2009, 4)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 01" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2012, 3)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 03" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2012, 3)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 04" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2013, 5)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 05" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2013, 5)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 06" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2013, 5)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 07" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2014, 5)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 08" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2014, 5)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 09" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2014, 11)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 10" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2014, 11)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 12" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2015, 11)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 13" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2016, 6)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 14" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2016, 6)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 15" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2016, 11)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 16" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2017, 11)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 17" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2017, 11)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 18" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2019, 12)
  • "IPPON Grand Prix 19" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2019, 12)
  • "Uchimura-sama Vol.20" (Content League, July 2010, 7)
  • "Urero ☆ Unconfirmed Girl DVD Extra Edition" (Urero ☆ Unconfirmed Girl Production Committee, December 2011, 12)-Hereafter "God Tan: Entertainer Maji Song Championship Rising"Lawson-HMV・Limited sale only for TV Tokyo.
  • "Urero☆Unconfirmed Girl DVD-BOX" (Urero☆Unconfirmed Girl Production Committee, February 2012, 2)
  • "Urero☆Unfinished Girl DVD-BOX/Blu-ray BOX" (Urero☆Unfinished Girl Production Committee, December 2012, 12)
  • "Stage/Urero☆Unreleased Girl" (Urero☆Unreleased Girl Production Committee, June 2013, 6)
  • "Urero☆Unexperienced Girl DVD BOX/Blu-ray BOX" (Urero☆Unfinished Girl Production Committee, July 2014, 7)
  • "Godtan 7th: Impulsive Monster Masterpiece Selection-Group Arts Summit & Kire Jukujo & Stoic Memorandum King-" (TV Tokyo, March 2011, 3)
  • "God Tan Performer Serious Song Championship Rising" (TV Tokyo, March 2013, 3)
  • "Godtan entertainer VS idol crying & moving 9th game" (TV TOKYO, April 2016, 4)
  • "God Tan Performer Serious Song Championship Anniversary" (TV Tokyo, March 2017, 3)
  • "Ele Piece OMOSHIRO DVD" (Pony Canyon, August 2006, 8)
  • "Omokuri Director Bakarhythm Director's Works" (Content League, September 2015, 9)
  • "Unforgettable story of the original ancestor Matsumoto" (Yoshimoto R&C, March 2010, 3)
  • "Silly Man DVD 1" (Pony Canyon, December 2014, 12)
  • "Silly Man DVD 2" (Pony Canyon, December 2016, 3)
  • "Silly Man DVD 3" (Pony Canyon, December 2016, 3)
  • "Chihara Talk #8" (Yoshimoto R&C, January 2013, 1)
  • "Sunday x Entertainer VOL.1" (Amuse Soft Entertainment, February 2013, 2)
  • "Sunday x Entertainer VOL.2" (Amuse Soft Entertainment, February 2013, 2)
  • "Sunday x Entertainer VOL.3" (Amuse Soft Entertainment, February 2013, 2)
  • "Sunday x Entertainer VOL.4" (Amuse Soft Entertainment, February 2014, 3)
  • "Sunday x Entertainer VOL.5" (Amuse Soft Entertainment, February 2014, 3)
  • "Sunday x Entertainer VOL.6" (Amuse Soft Entertainment, February 2014, 3)
  • "Bakarhythm Man vs. Phantom Bose" (Geneon Entertainment, July 2009, 7)
  • "Bakusho Red Carpet-Flowers and Storms Katsumi Takahashi-" (Content League, March 2010, 3)
  • "Program Bakarhythm" (NHK Enterprise, April 2014, 4)
  • "Program Bakarhythm 2" (NHK Enterprise, July 2015, 7)
  • "Program Bakarhythm 3" (NHK Enterprise, July 2015, 11)
  • "Hitoshi Matsumoto's XX Story Birth Edition-First Half-" (Yoshimoto R & C, March 2011, 3)
  • "Hitoshi Matsumoto's Non-Slip Story Holy Night Special" (Yoshimoto R&C, June 2012, 6)
  • "Nishijin Matsumoto's non-slip story 333 million pieces commemorative 3 tournament limited production limited box" (Yoshimoto R&C, November 2012, 11)
  • "Hitoshi Matsumoto's Non-Slip Story 2012 Year-end Great Thanksgiving Day Complete Edition!" (Yoshimoto R&C, June 2013, 6)
  • "Hitoshi Matsumoto's Non-Slip Story 10th Anniversary Complete Edition" (Yoshimoto R&C, February 2015, 2)
  • "Higashino-Okamura's Trip Monkey 5 -I'm Sorry in Private-Hakone One-day Hot Spring-Shimomachi Trip Premium Complete Edition" (Yoshimoto R&C, November 2014, 11)
  • "Premier Stage 2009" (Yoshimoto R&C, April 2010, 4)
  • "A non-slip story of Hosshan" (Yoshimoto R&C, February 2009, 2)
  • "The suspects are eight popular entertainers" (Pony Canyon, September 8, 2015)
  • "Ikemen Shin Sobaya Detective ~ Good! ~ VOL.3" (Amuse Soft Entertainment, December 2009, 12)
  • "Otomen DVD-BOX" (Pony Canyon, February 2010, 2)
  • "Old Man's Back DVD-BOX" (TC Entertainment, August 2015, 8)
  • "The movie "Rabbit Lope" Is it really summer vacation Rasichi!?" (Toho, December 2012, 11)
  • "Movie Yamikin Ushijima-kun Part 2" (Toho, October 2014, 10)
  • "Fictitious OL Diary DVD-BOX" (Pony Canyon, October 2017, 10)
  • "Black Ten Women DVD-BOX" (Yomiuri Television Enterprise, March 2017, 3)
  • "Going My Home" (Pony Canyon, March 2013, 3)
  • "Shitamachi Rocket DVD-BOX" (TC Entertainment, March 2016, 3)
  • "Portrait of Team Batista FINAL Cerberus" (Toho, October 2014, 10)
  • "Hana no Zubora-han" (Content League, March 2013, 3)-Voice-only appearance.
  • "A Strange Story in the World-Autumn 2012 Special Edition-" (Pony Canyon, August 2013, 8)
  • "Mystery Solving is Special After Dinner-The Casebook of the Wind Festival Police Department-" (Pony Canyon, February 2014, 2)
  • "Lovely selection TAXI DVD-BOX" (Pony Canyon, March 2015, 3)
  • "WOWOW original drama murderous journey DVD-BOX" (Culture Publishers, December 2021, 6)


Other works

Live alone

Combi era
  • Bakarhythm solo live "electronic brain vol.1" (Shinjuku Fu-, August 1996)[99]
  • Bakarhythm solo live "electronic brain vol.2"(Ikebukuro Le Pierre, November 1996)
  • Bakarhythm solo live "electronic brain vol.3" (Theater D, May 1997)
  • Bakarhythm solo live "electronic brain vol.4"(Theater D, November 1997th and 11th, 16)
  • Bakarhythm solo live "NG"(Theater Moliere, August 2001-8, 20)[100]
    • jumbo
    • 訪問者
    • Mole
    • TAXI
    • Spider thread
    • Soap bubble
    • mound
    • Quiz Million Roulette
    • President Sun
  • Bakarhythm Best Live(Theater D, November 2002th and 7th, 5)[101]
    • Shadow work
    • rooftop
    • Koraiken
    • Dresses
    • TAXI
    • Phantom short control collection
    • Surgery and home runs
    • Sound tennis
    • Rain of hatred
    • Radio frustration first
  • Bakarhythm solo live "Z"(Theater Moliere, August 2002-8, 27)
    • Z Man and Death Demon Space
    • Wolf boy
    • Cat book
    • Radio setback second
    • (I.e.
    • ~ Weak people
    • Death penalty
    • Waltz of the past
    • Julie
    • Mambo!
  • Bakarhythm live additional performance "Z -Remix-"(Theater D, October 2002, 10)[102]
    • Z Man and Death Demon Space
    • Wolf boy
    • Cat book
    • Radio setback second
    • (I.e.
    • ~ Weak people
    • quick
    • friend
    • Julie
    • Mambo!
  • Bakarhythm solo live "Ribbon"(Shinjuku Theater Bratz, May 2004, 5)
    • A person who has pubic hair scattered in the room of a man living alone
    • Hitomi
    • Time loss of life
    • 3rd year group B
    • Earth Rondo
    • Bluntly
    • Throw it
    • Hitomi
    • Dorian
    • Beautiful
    • 別 れ
  • Bakarhythm solo live "piercing"(Ebisu Echo Theater, October 2005th, 10th, 15)[103]
    • investigation
    • ± XNUMX
    • Rule-chan
    • Last slippers
    • Astringent method
    • Stick MEETS GIRL
    • イ ン ス タ ン ト
    • Kuru Kuru
    • Rule-chan
    • Yesterday
  • Masuno Hidetomo Solo Live "Q"(Theater D, November 2001, 11)-Solo live at Masuno Solo during the duo.
  • Hidetoshi Masuno solo live "Space Age"(Woody Theater Nakameguro, January 2006-1, 21)-First solo live after the dissolution of the combination. Only this time, I went under the name of "Echi Masuno" instead of "Bakarism".
    • Space sensuality novel
    • I can't hold you ...
    • Uncle of beach sushi diagonally opposite
    • Derailed boy
    • I didn't miss it ...
    • Totsugino
    • Not cool ...
    • Baseball erotic novel
    • Winter Johnson
    • Intermission video: Space dictionary
  • Vocalist independent live "Air Age"(Woody Theater Nakameguro, August 2006-8, 4)
    • Recruitment of astronauts
    • Wrestling erotic novel
    • Crying man crying
    • Time loss of life
    • Shaking Japan
    • NHSNJG
    • Laughing man laughing
    • Fashionable judo club
    • Bank robbery
  • Bakarhythm solo live "Space Age" Sapporo performance(Small theater dedicated to theater BLOCH, August 2006-8, 12)-At this time, only local performances were performed.
  • Bakarhythm solo live "Dinosaur era"(Zamza Asaya, December 2006-12, 15)
    • Makou era
    • Historical erotic novel
    • Yamazaki
    • Body to be 
    • Betrayal woman betrayal
    • Quiz man quiz
    • Kowloon Fist
    • Recollection trophy
    • Pa line era
    • Intermission video: Dinosaur dictionary
  • Baccariism Best Live "Cosmic Age"(Ebisu Echo Theater, February 2007-2, 3)
    • Makou era
    • I didn't miss it ...
    • Winter Johnson
    • NHSNJG
    • Baseball erotic novel
    • Crying man crying
    • Totsugino
    • Wrestling erotic novel
    • Kowloon Fist
    • Not cool ...
    • Intermission video: Space dictionary
  • Bakarhythm Live "Mystery of Life"(Ebisu Echo Theater, June 2007-July 6, 30)[104]
    • I can't stop ...
    • Bad sensual novel (not included on DVD)
    • General detective
    • Exhilarating old tale
    • Oldness
    • Mr. Kumagai
    • Liar man tell a lie (DVD not included)
    • Tachibana Zankuro
    • Non-Hollywood
    • Intermission video: Life Dictionary ~ THE LIFE DICTIONARY ~
  • Bakarhythm Live "Progress of Science"(Shinjuku SPACE107, March 2008-3, 1)[105]
    • Prologue "Advancement of Science"
    • Prey of FW's high-flying defender
    • General doctor
    • If you climb that slope
    • Words that are not enough to give
    • Brad Pitt with me and you
    • New
    • For whom
    • Intermission video: Science Poem
  • Bakarhythm Live "Adventure of the Hero"(Ebisu Echo Theater, February 2008-9, 22)
    • Tips and notes
    • Prologue "Proof of Hero"
    • Middle-aged and button
    • Pou
    • American erotic novel
    • Future class (DVD not included)
    • Youth and speakers
    • The fun of the root
    • Japanese number story (not recorded on DVD)
    • Quay DE Climax
    • Intermission video: Brave Poem
  • Bakarhythm Live "Kick Off!"(Roppongi Actor Theater, January 2009-February 1, 30)[106]
    • Prologue "First FIFA"
    • Weak middle-aged
    • 1st grade D group Geography stupid teacher
    • Things to bow (DVD not included)
    • Nothing during this time
    • Let's say it like a corner
    • Somehow
    • Shoplifting G Mentalation
    • What to whistle
    • Intermission video: My soccer bean knowledge
  • Bakarhythm Live "Quiz"(Roppongi Actor Theater, January 2009-February 9, 18)[107]
    • Prologue "Quiz Hell"
    • Kurenazumu Town
    • If you plan
    • Japan In short, old tales (1)
    • Kubo family marriage
    • 3.14
    • Japan In short, old tales (2)
    • Justice
    • Honest village and liar village
    • Intermission video: Insane quiz / Headache quiz / Prejudice quiz
  • Bakarhythm Live "Pinch!"(Roppongi Actor Theater, January 2010-February 5, 28)[108]
    • Prologue "Small Pinch"
    • Desperate Warrior Pinchman
    • Brandnew attraction
    • No two
    • Big pinch
    • 家族
    • Run Neros
    • Tell
    • Epilogue "Great Chance"
    • Intermission video: Pinch idiom / Pinch Karuta
  • Bakarhythm Live "Suspense"(Roppongi Actor Theater, November 2010-11, 5)[109]
    • Prologue "Everyone's Suspense"
    • Sharp curve
    • Adventure of brave man Akihiko
    • Reading reflection
    • Giooooon! !!
    • USSON (not included on DVD)
    • LOL!Comedy circuit # 86
    • Sunday Suspense Wide Reminiscence Killing-Part XNUMX-
    • Epilogue "After Suspense"
    • Intermission video: Detective manga Suspense-kun / Self-serving places and so on / Best 5 things that are not like blunt instruments popular with women / Suspense sensual novel
  • Bakarhythm Live "SPORTS"(Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall, November 2011-11, 18)
    • Player oath
    • Rules
    • People who know
    • Is the NBA
    • Change
    • Dirty
    • Behold, the brave will not return
    • Shoot into the future!
    • Intermission video: Bakarhythm read in manga / Bakarhythm holiday (DVD not included)
  • Bakarhythm Live "Fate"(Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall, November 2012-7, 20)[110]
    • Prologue "The Story of Destiny"
    • A battle that can never be defeated
    • Go for it!ベートーくんBeeto
    • Magical ☆ Middle-aged
    • Demon
    • Man who was too fast
    • TABETA!
    • Destiny schedule
    • Intermission video: Fateful encounters / Today's ○○ fortune-telling countdown / Bakarhythm read in manga / Fateful red things / Sumo sensuality novel
  • Bakarhythm Live "COLOR"(Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall, November 2013-8, 16)
    • prologue
    • Red confession
    • Blue prejudice
    • White complaints
    • Midorikawa caster
    • The impact of twilight
    • COLORFUL desire (not included on DVD)
    • Black reason
    • Intermission video: Real folk tales / Prejudice mask theme / Erasing song / Atsushi Midorikawa's fun pronunciation course / Writing song
  • Baccalism Live "Something"(Sogetsu Hall, July 2014-August 7, 31)
    • prologue
    • Wisdom and strategy
    • Folding screen and tiger
    • Reason and instinct
    • Almost mother star and mother sound
    • Witnesses and testimony
    • Girls and girls
    • Copper and silver
    • Intermission video: Rabbit and something, something Taro / writing song, Photoshop song red and white / scary and informative story Customer and doctor / monkey something
  • Bakarhythm Live "?!"(Sogetsu Hall, June 2015-6, 25)
    • prologue? !!
    • Hot blood!
    • Betrayal woman betrayal!
    • My ax!
    • By chance? !!
    • My beloved Komori Osteopathic Institute (?)
  • Bakarhythm Live "Class"(Sogetsu Hall, June 2016-6, 23)
    • prologue
    • Kind of friends
    • Kind of teacher
    • Magic tricks
    • Kind of boss
    • Kind of justice
    • Kind of immorality
    • Kind of rebellion
    • 40LOVE ~ Kind of happiness ~
    • Intermission video: Teachers / stories / what kind of ball is who / stories / memories
  • Bakarhythm Live "Gi"(Sogetsu Hall, June 2017-5, 11)[111]
    • prologue
    • In the passing time
    • Difficulty and discipline
    • Mysterious
    • of?
    • Queen of Roppongi
    • Aspiring game
    • Doubt, righteousness, ritual
    • epilogue
    • Intermission Video: Giga / Silver / Graduation / Law / Spiral of Suspicion / Suspicious Man Suspicion
  • Bakarhythm Live "Dramatic"(Sogetsu Hall, May 2018-5, 17)-May 20 Night performances at 5 movie theaters nationwideLive viewingImplement[112]
    • prologue
    • Man to say
    • Bank robbery
    • I'll give you music
    • Remember Glory
    • Dramatic Bakarhythm
    • Intermission video: Private detective Shinichiro Hasebe series "Malice aforethought disappeared in the snow" / Fairy dramatic story / Stick Meets Girl / TA-LA ATSUME TA-LA (No. 2) / Confession of the full moon
  • Bakarhythm Live "image"(Sogetsu Hall, May 2019-5, 9)-May 12th, night live performances at 5 movie theaters nationwide[113]
    • prologue
    • Already!
    • Devil's contract
    • Cappuccino
    • Shoot!
    • The life of Shozo Matsunuma
    • Intermission video: 2050 / Zombie diary / 2100 / That's right
  • Bakarhythm live "○○"(Sogetsu Hall, May 2021-5, 14) --Initially, 15 performances were scheduled for 5 days from May 13th to 16th.Emergency declarationDue to the influence of, it was a non-audience delivery performance with only 2 performances for 3 days.
    • prologue
    • Mr. 〇〇
    • 〇〇 on the sea
    • Palm to 〇〇
    • 10 ounces of 〇〇
    • 〇〇 man
    • 1 〇 〇
    • Intermission video: Brave Crest / NAINAINAI! / Menya Katsuragi / Brave Crest II / Marumaru Shopping
  • Bakarhythm Live "Credit"(Sogetsu Hall, June 2021-4, 21)

Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition

"Bakarhythm plan" is not a control live, but a live that announces various plans.The title is the same every time, but the content is all new material. In February 2011, "Bakarhythm V" was held for the first time as an extra edition of Bakarhythm Live other than "Bakarhythm Proposal".

Since 2014, the contest live has been held once a year, so there was no live called the extra edition, but in 1, a new extra edition series "Bakarhythm Story" will start.

In 2020, the contest live that was scheduled to be held as usual will be canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus.Instead, it was decided to hold a "Bakarhythm Proposal" for the first time in 7 years and 10 months with a paid online live with no audience.

Baccarism proposal
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Baccarism proposal(Shinjuku Meiji Yasuda Life Hall, June 2009, 6)
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Baccalism plan ②(Shinjuku SPACE107, February 2010-2, 8)
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Baccalism plan ③(Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall, August 2010-8, 14)[114]
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Bakarhythm plan ④(Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall, August 2011-5, 27)[115]
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Baccalism plan ⑤(Shinjuku Meiji Yasuda Life Hall, March 2012-3, 24)[116]
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Bakarhythm plan ⑥(Hakuhinkan Theater, November 2012-11, 17)[117]
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Baccalism plan ⑦(Shinjuku Theater Sun Mall, February 2013-2, 16)[118]
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Bakarhythm plan ⑧(December 2020, 12) --Paid online live on the online distribution services "ZAIKO" and "PIA LIVE STREAM"
Vocalist V
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Vocalist V(Shinjuku Meiji Yasuda Life Hall, March 2011-2, 12)
Talk of foolishness
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Talk of foolishness(Sogetsu Hall, October 2019, 10)
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Talk of foolishness(Kitazawa Town Hall, January 2020, 1)
  • Bakarhythm Live Extra Edition "Talk of foolishness(Kinokuniya Hall, December 2020, 12)


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注 釈

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