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👩‍🎤 | Gravure is commonplace even at the age of 60 Toshihiko Tahara, Fumiya Fujii, Seiko Matsuda ... The way a XNUMXth birthday idol lives

Photo Toshihiko Tahara (C) Nikkan Gendai

Gravure is commonplace even at the age of 60 Toshihiko Tahara, Fumiya Fujii, Seiko Matsuda ... The way a XNUMXth birthday idol lives

If you write the contents roughly
Iyo Matsumoto (56), Yu Hayami (55) and others are also preparing for the 82nd year group of flowers.

It has been revealed that Toshihiko Tahara (60) will release a photo book commemorating the 1th birthday on January 28th next year. "FRIDAY ... → Continue reading

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Matsumoto Iyo

Matsumoto Iyo(I'm Matsumoto[3],1965/6/21[3] -) isJapan Ofsinger,talent..Real name: Iyo Kozono (Iyo Kozo, maiden name: Matsumoto)[1][5].TokyoOtaBackground[1].. Blood typeType B[3].. Bee Company[Annotation 1].

My husband is a talentHiromi[1], The eldest son is an actor and a talentRyo Kozono[7].. My sister is a dance instructorthe 1990sAround the first half, he also made his debut as a singer under the name of "Iyo Matsumoto."


When I was in the third year of middle school,HarajukuBe scouted with[1].. Next day1981/,The 5th Nagasaki Kayo FestivalWon the grand prix[8].. same year,TBSsystem"Tanokin's best pitch!"ofToshihiko TaharaPassed the auditiondebut[1][2][9].. same year10/21,sentimental journey"soIdolDebuted as a singer[1][2][3].. The catch phrase at that time was "My sister who doesn't distract the pupil" "Toshihiko Tahara's sister"[9][10].. Next day1982/12of"24th Japan Record Award"New face award[2]And received many music rookie awards in the same year[3][5].. As the catch phrase, many fans expanded as a sister existence[11].. Second year of debut1983/In the drama "I will not lose!"Theme song"Sometimes love』And hit[2], At the end of the same year25th Japan Record Award] Won the Golden Idol Award.

afterwards"All Night FujiAnd 'Sunset], also active in numerous variety programs[1][2][9].1986/FromKawamura Masumi-Tetsuji Hayashi-Motoki FunayamaReleased "Love Trilogy".

1993/11/12[12], The co-star on the program[9],B21 Special OfHiromiとmarriage[1][2][9]..After that, become the mother of two men[1].

2005/It was a synchronized debut in 1982Yu Hayami-Chiemi Horiと と も にMama dollarunit"Cutie MommyWas formed[2].

2009/Is a bonus track for the box set "SWEET 12 BOX" that includes 16 original albums from the idol era + bonus CDs and DVDs. Was released. Although it was limited to distribution, a single cut was also made.

2012/, Held a debut 30th anniversary concert at Stella Ball Shinagawa.

2017/January,Kyoto Prefectural PoliceUkyo police stationToYu HayamiWith "January 1thKyoto City内 のJR San'in Main LineWithout permission without permission"Railway business lawOn suspicion of violationDocument inspectionDone[13][14], Was suspended for prosecution on March 3.Kyoto District Public Prosecutor's OfficeSaid the reason for the disposal was "considering that they stayed just beside the passageway inside the railroad crossing, did not hinder traffic to the train, and were regretful."[15].

2021/7/22Announced that he had a compression fracture of his spine while exercising about 3 weeks ago and was undergoing medical treatment at home.[16].."Tuesday regular"Good Don!』(Kansai TV)7/6Absent from[16].


1982, when Matsumoto debuted[Annotation 2]Is a succession of many new and popular singers,Chiemi Hori,Kyoko Koizumi,Akina Nakamori,Hiroko Mita,Yu Hayami,Hidemi Ishikawa,ShibugakitaiTogether with82 years of flowersIs called one of the[1][2][9][18].. In 1980, before the debut, the 5thHoripro Talent Scout CaravanHave applied for but have been defeated[19][20][Annotation 3].

At All Night Fuji1984/12/29When I advertised "Iyo no Udaidai Marumoto Course" on my broadcast, I was asked about the contents of the book,I haven't read it yetI said "[21]I was thereTsurutaro KataokaI was struck by "What does it mean that I haven't read the book even though I wrote it myself?"[9][22].. About this matterGalleyI did the final check in the state of, but it was the first time I saw the state that the book was bound, so I said that I have not read (the bound book) yet. As for this justification, he confessed that it was a lie.Ghost writerbyWritingAdmit it was[9][22][23].

I was not good at exercise in general, and there were also episodes where I could not throw the ball well[24].

At the time of debut, we were only 156 cm tall and weighed only 38 kg[25]I was too light at that timeAutomatic doorSometimes did not open[26][Annotation 4].

Bon curryThere is a scene where I laugh at the shooting of the commercial "Even though it rolls", but I could not laugh because I was nervous, so a stylist entered under the table tickled the soles of the feet and made me laugh. There was a story behind the shooting[28].

It has a distinctive low voice quality, but at the beginning of debut the staff of an overseas female group who became popular in the 60s from the staffRonetsHe told me that he was given a tape and asked him to listen carefully and study. alsoRonetsFront ofRonnie SpectorIs a unique low husky vocal.fatherMatsumoto IyoIt seems that the staff thought that it would be helpful because the song at the time of their debut was in the 60s[29].. During a few songs from their debut,Backing vocalsWas dancing ascaptain(Kiyoko Kitazawa, Keiko Yamamoto) laterMamiko AsoWith womenIdolDebuted as a group[30].

Of a singer known for his "My Luxury Night" hitShibata Hatsumi TheHatokoAnd hit the far end[31].



#Release dateA/B sidetitleLyricsCompositionArrangerStandard product number
Victorian music industry
Side Asentimental journeyYukawa ReikoKyohei TsutsumiShiro SagisuSV-7160
Side BMy brotherKyohei Tsutsumi
Side ALove Me TenderKyohei TsutsumiShiro SagisuSV-7190
Side BIridescent fantasy
Side AGlitter from the country of TVItoi ShigesatoSV-7214
Side AI'm not an adultSV-7242
Side BLove is BAN BANYukawa Reiko
Side AHoldKochinizationToshio KameiSV-7261
Side BKiss In The Dream
Side AChinese kissSV-7282
Side BElliottKyoko Endoh
Side AFull of sunMayumi ShinozukaKenji HasamaSV-7306
Side BHandkerchief of tearsKochinizationToshio Kamei
Side ABiorhythm of loveEtsuko after birthTakuro YoshidaMitsuo HagitaSV-7327
Side BThe lie is good
Side ASometimes loveAmi OzakiShiro SagisuSV-7355
Side BPearl earrings
Side AKNOW-HOW of loveShingo KobayashiSV-7370
Side AI like shooting starsSV-7389
Side BSUGAR RAIN (Version II)
Side AShines BoySV-7426
Side BInvitation to an adventure boy
Side ABelieveMasanoKyohei TsutsumiMitsuo HagitaSV-7442
Side BDon't lose to loneliness
Side AI want to go back to youSatoshi NakamuraSV-7478
Side BYou Don't Know WhyMitsuo Hagita
Side ADancin'In The Heart
Atsushi OnozawaSJX-7002
Side BBelieve
Side APonytail does not tieMitsuo HagitaSV-9030
Side BDeclaration of independenceMayumi ShinozukaYoichi TakizawaShiro Sagisu
Side ABeautiful womanTakashi MatsumotoHaruomi HosonoSV-9062
Side BI'm looking forward to ...SHOWYamakawa Etsuko
Side ALast Kiss on the cheekTakashi MatsumotoMakoto SekiguchiHiroshi ShinkawaSV-9103
Side BLove is naive ...Hideki Watanabe
Side ATell me how to believeKawamura MasumiTetsuji HayashiMotoki FunayamaSV-9155
Side BBeautiful tearsNozawa Tozawa
Side AGoodbye for meKawamura MasumiSV-9198
Side BSingle aid
Side ADon't clean your memoriesSV-9222
Side B(Mini Soundtrack Version)-
Side ANice jealousyKawamura MasumiMasayuki KishiSV-9294
Side BKazenomiyaTetsuji Hayashi
Side AOne if you are lonelyMasanoYoshimasa InoueSatoshi TakebeSV-9364
Side BOccupations not suitable for menKawamura MasumiShuichi TakanoShohei Narabe
Side ASonatineSenri OeHiroshi ShinkawaSV-9395
Side BDon't cry GatsbyNozawa TozawaYoshinori Kobayashi
01Sad and unable to finish[Annotation 5]Sato HachiroKazuhiko KatoYoshiyuki SahashiVDRS-10002
02SoleilKawamura MasumiYoshiyuki Sahashi
01I'm sure I'll forgetMegumi AyukawaSachiko KumagaiHiroshi ShinkawaVIDL-10086
02La PrimeurYume Kaoru
Limited distribution
-Listen to my voiceAmi Ozaki-
-sentimental journey
Still 50 years old ver.
NagahisaKyohei TsutsumiAvec Avec


Original album

  • All original albums2009/It was released on CD on September 9rd.

Cassette album

Best album

  1. Believe (December 1984, 12 / SJX-16)
  2. REVIEW SUPER VEST (November 1988, 11 / VDR-21)
  3. Single Collection (March 1986, 3 / VDR-5)
  4. Commit Single Collection (November 1986, 11 / VDR-21)
  5. CD FILE VOL.1 (December 1987, 12 / VDR-16)
  6. CD FILE VOL.2 (December 1987, 12 / VDR-16)
  7. CD FILE VOL.3 (December 1987, 12 / VDR-16)
  8. The Best REFILL (November 1989, 11 / VDRY-21)
  9. CD FILE VOL.4 (June 1990, 6 / VICL-21)
  10. SIESTA-The Best- (November 1991, 11 / VICL-7)
  11. Complete song collection (December 1993, 12 / VICL-1)
  12. BEST of BEST (October 1994, 10 / VICT-26)
  13. NEW BEST ONE (August 1999, 8 / VICL-4)
  14. Iyo Matsumoto Best Selection (March 2005, 3 / VICL-24)
  15. Golden Best (September 2009, 9 / VICL-16)
  16. Always I ・ Y ・ O [30th Anniversary BEST ALBUM] (September 2012, 9 / VICL-26)
  17. Golden Best (April 2015, 4 / VICL-22) * High-quality SHM-CD version.
  18. YAPPARI I ・ Y ・ O'16 [DELUXE PACK <35th Anniversary Special>] (September 2016, 9 / VIZL-28)

Live album

  • Iyo IN Budokan (January 1983, 1 / SJX-1)


  • Iyo Matsumoto BOX (March 2004, 3 / VIZL-24) * 109 CDs + 4 DVDs.
  • Suite 16BOX ~ Original Album Collection ~ (September 2009, 9 / VIZL-23) * 346 CDs + 15 DVDs.

Participating album

  • Beautiful Katamari Original Soundtrack "Katamari Damacy" (November 2007, 11 / COCX-21)
    • Includes "BOYFRIEND A GO GO".

Tie-up song

1981/sentimental journeyLotte"Ghana ChocolateCM song
1983/Sometimes loveTBSTV drama "I won't lose! Girl fighting cancerTheme song
1984/BelieveTBS TV drama "Transfer girl YTheme song
1987/Don't clean your memoriesNHKTheme song for the TV drama "Grandpa's Gift"
2007/BOYFRIEND A GOGOXbox 360Game software forBeautiful Katamari"Insert song
2015/Sentimental Journey Still 50 years old ver.Face mask "Lululun Precious" CM song



TV drama

Web drama

Information/variety programs

Current appearance program

  • It's a nice lifestyle!(October 2008 -,Kansai TV) * Tuesday regular
  • Nonstop!"Iimono Premium" (April 2012-, Fuji TV) * Appeared on live broadcasts of affiliated stations such as Kansai "Yoi Don" on Tuesday and Tokai TV "Switch!" On Thursday.So you can see that it is a recorded broadcast.
  • switch!(2013 -,Tokai TV) * Thursday regular (every other week) → Friday regular (every other week)
  • Momm !!(2016 -,TBS TV) Regular appearance as a supporter.

Past appearance programs

And many others

Special number

Television Animation


  • Musical "Heroine" (February-March 2011)
  • Musical "NEW Heroine" (February-March 2012)



  • "Heart Friend-When the chest is awful" (Crocodile books) January 1982
  • "Touch Me Please-Photo Essay" (Rippu Shobo) January 1984
  • "Iyo Women's University Student (Mote) Course", 1985. When Matsumoto was asked about the contents of the book while appearing on the TV program, he said "I have not read it", and laterGhost writerbyWritingAdmitted that[36]
  • "Fashion Club" (CBS Sony Publishing) January 1987
  • "Mariage-I'm no longer young" (Fusosha) January 1991
  • "I can't remember it" Fusosha 1992



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注 釈

  1. ^ Production no titleHas management cooperation[6]
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  3. ^ The winner at this time isNorie Hayashiwas.
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