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🐈 | Cute! !!What is the world's smallest horse "Falabella"?


pretty! !!What is the world's smallest horse "Falabella"?

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Horses are so nervous that some Falabella can be very stressed during transportation.

What is the size and life of Falabella?Do you know a horse called Falabella?It's smaller than a pony and looks pretty ... → Continue reading


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    Falabella(Falabella) Is(I.e.One of the varieties of.Known as the smallest horse species, as a petThe United States of AmericaIt is popular in such places.The country of origin isArgentine, The name of the variety is derived from the Farabella family in the country where the variety was established.

    The establishment is20st centuryfirst half,Andalusian horseIt was made based on.After breeding, it was gradually miniaturized, and today the standard height is 70 to 78 cm.The smaller ones are only 40 cm tall and are only about the size of a dog.Body shapeArabian horse,ThoroughbredIt is said to be similar to.

    In the United States, it is popular as a pet because of its lovely appearance, toughness, and ease of attachment to people.JapanThen.1970 OfOsaka ExpoFalabella given by Argentina at that timeCountry of childrenI was bred in (two were sent, but1992,2000Died).also1978Argentinean who came to JapanJorge Rafael VideraThe president at that timeCrown princeAkihitoThe two animals presented to the prince were bred in Kodomo no Kuni (2013,2014Both died of senility).[1]Since it is too small, it is not suitable as a riding horse.In addition to pets, training for guide horses has also been attempted because they have a lifespan several times that of dogs.


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