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🥾 | Limited Express Azusa 55th Anniversary


Limited Express Azusa 55th Anniversary

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In addition, related events such as a stamp rally around the main stops of the limited express "Azusa" commemorating the 55th anniversary and the sale of special lunch boxes for a limited time are held.

A departure ceremony was held at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the limited express "Azusa".From Shinjuku station in Tokyo ... → Continue reading


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For a limited time

Stamp Rally

Stamp RallyIsRailway station,Road Station, Urban area(I.e.And so onThemeamongstampCollectPlanningThat is. There are also plans to give gifts and other benefits according to the stamps collected.

Has many stores in a wide areaChain store,Railway company,Travel clubOther than planningProvincial city OfTourism AssociationOften planned by. Also, there are no special plans and no benefits, but personalHobbiesThere are many people who go there.

Visiting temples and shrines nationwide, in specific areas, or on specific themes such as pilgrimage sitesred sealThe roots are the act of worship that goes around.

Main stamp rally

JR-Major private railway-subwayFor businesses and bus operators,spring vacation-Summer Vacation-Winter vacationA stamp rally may be held during the period. Stamp rallies with various contents are held, and some of them use animation, special effects, video games, etc.Road StationSome of them are done throughout the year.

Pokemon stamp rally

JR East Pokemon Stamp Rally

JR EastThen every year for elementary and junior high school studentsSummer VacationAccording to the period ofCapital AreaTo the main station ofAnime"PokemonA plan to set up stamps for the characters that appeared in1997/From every year[1]Is being done (2001/[2]-2002/[3]-2016/[4]-2020/[5]-2021/[6]except for).

1997 isWithin Tokyo30 stations,1998/FromYamanote LineIt was installed at more than 10 stations.2003/From "Holiday passExpanded to the range of 83 stations. Then gradually increase2005/At the event, 97 types were installed at 100 stations, and long lines were formed every day at stations where stamps of popular characters were installed. Or later2006/At 98 stations,2007/から2010/Was installed at 95 stations.2004/From now on, two of all stamps are from the JR East Group.Tokyo MonorailIt was installed at the station. In addition, it should be noted2011/ TheGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to[Source required]Titled "Can you say Pokemon? BW Stamp Rally", it was reduced to a simple method of collecting stamps from 2 stations by selecting one from 12 stations on the two courses on the Yamanote Line.2012/Returned the range to 12 stations up to the range in Tokyo.2013/From "Holiday outing passThe installation of the Tokyo Monorail at stations (one of all stamps) has been resumed, and in 1 there were 2013 stations.2014/Is 30 stations,2015/Will be 38 stations2017/Is 50 stations (2018/Until then, the installation of the Tokyo Monorail at stations was canceled), and in 2018 it was increased to 55 stations. But2019/Was reduced to 43 stations, but installation at Tokyo Monorail stations (one of all stamps) was resumed.

Participation method is advance application system from 1997 to 2000, and in 1997, a free ticket for the rally was issued.Green Window"View Plaza, Etc., and received a rally book as a stamp book at the start station on the specified participation day and participated. Since 1998, the date has been fixed to Saturday and Sunday, and the number of participants has been limited in order to deal with the popularity. In addition, after paying the participation fee after specifying the participation date and start station, the rally book and free ticket for the rally will be received at once at the start station specified on the day of participation. Since 2003, it has been a free participation system, and tickets to each station, free tickets,SuicaIs necessary. "Summer Vacation Timetable Pokemon Stamp Rally Special Issue" (Summer Vacation Timetable Pokemon Stamp Rally Special Issue), which features a map of all stations with stamps and specializes in rally purposes, effectively serving as an official guidebookKotsu Shimbun) Was also released from 2006 to 2010 and was commonly known as the "Pokemon Timetable". Until 2018, a special pamphlet for stamp mounts was distributed at each station in the installation area, but in 2019, stamp books will be distributed at stations where stamps are installed, where stamps from all stations can be collected.

2005 is by day, 2015 is by period at some stations, for exampleSnorlaxとGombeThe type of stamp (Pokemon) may change.2009/・ In 2015, at some stations, two types of Pokemon were drawn on one stamp (2 was treated as a secret).

In 1998 and 1999, character stamps were installed, and in 2019, they were installed for the first time in 20 years.

From 2006 to 2010 and from 2012 to 2015, at some stations, it is a secret that you do not know which Pokemon it is until you stamp it. In 2015, the station where the stamp was installed was also a secret.

In 1997, the first year, all stamps from 30 stations in Tokyo were collected within two days, but from the following year, all stamp-installed stations were collected in one day. Since 2, it has become a format to collect several types (1 types) of Pokemon stamps of your favorite station from among those installed at many stations. Until 2003, redemption of prizes at the end of the stamp rallyTokyo Station,Shinjuku Station,Ikebukuro Station,Shinagawa Station,Ueno Station,Matsudo StationDone in.2004/~ 2010/2015/2017 ~ 2018 At that time, a stamp book will be distributed to collect stamps of the remaining stations. Until 2010, stamps from all stations were sent to the secretariat by the due date together with the stamp book and the pamphlets collected earlier, and a certificate and a souvenir were given. In 2013, souvenirs and goal achievement certificates were distributed, and after that, when stamps of the remaining stations were collected, goal achievement certificates of different designs were distributed every 6 stations. In 2015, the achievement certificate was distributed by collecting stamps of the remaining stations. In 2017, when the stamps of the remaining stations were collected, souvenirs for each area achievement were distributed, and when all stations were achieved, souvenirs that also served as achievement certificates were distributed. In 2018 and 2019, when the stamps of the remaining stations were collected, souvenirs that also served as achievement certificates were distributed. From 2011 to 2015, the prizes at the end of the event could only be redeemed at Shinjuku Station and Ueno Station. In 2017, only 12 stations were achieved at the designated 6 stations of Ekinaka stores in the area, and prizes were exchanged only at Ueno station (also 6 stations were achieved) when the area and all stations were achieved. From 2018 onwards, at designated stations in the area (2018 stations in 11, 2019 stations in 9)NewDaysOnly 6 stations were achieved at (in the case of stations with multiple stores, only designated stores), and prizes were exchanged only at Tokyo Station and Ikebukuro Station (6 stations were also achieved) when all stations were achieved.

In line with the stamp rally, the Yamanote Line put a Pokemon character sticker on the car body, and unified the advertisements in the car and the LCD advertisement screen to Pokemon related.Pokemon trainWas operated in 2000, 2002, 2005-2010. From 2011 to 2014, we will sell tie-up products with Pokemon "Sloppy"(Akagi dairy industry) Wrapping trains effectively acted for this. 2004Chuo/Sobu Line (stop at each station), 2006-2016 / 2019 will also be operated on the Tokyo Monorail.

Incidentally,SendaiIt is also held in the surrounding area from 1998/2012 (twice in spring and summer) to 2.

Pokemon stamp rally by other businesses

2007 isUrban networkConducted in the area and Hiroshima / Yamaguchi area
CurrentlyICOCANeed to be presented
2007 is three times in spring, June and summer2008/~ 2014 will be held twice in spring and summer
Convenience store
NEXCO Central Japan Ofservice areaとParking areaCarried out in

Tour style

In addition to the usual stamp rally, JR West also holds a set of travel products, in which case the stamp will be everywhere in a particular tourist destination, not at each station on a particular line. Currently"Detective ConanHas been appointed, and in the past, "NarutoAnd 'Kindaichi Shonen Case Files], [Detective school Q』Has been appointed. Travel products are travel agencies of the JR West GroupJapan TravelIn addition,JTB,Kinki Nippon Tourist,JR ShikokuIt will be released as "Warp".

Seibu Railway Stamp Rally

Seibu Railway is dotted with animation production companies along the railway line, and has conducted stamp rallies for many anime and special effects works. Especially in 2014, the popularity soared.Yokai watch], The prize cards became scarce, and there was a line at the station where the stamps of popular characters were installed, making it one of the biggest hits of the company's stamp rally.[10].

Successive tie-up works

Stamp rally at all stations on all Sotetsu lines

Sagami RailwayStamps are installed at all 25 stations on the Sotetsu Line. All 25 stations have different designs, and there are more than other stamp rallies.

Successive designs

  • 2008/2010 --Successive vehicles that ran on the Sotetsu Line
  • 2009- Yokohama Zoo ZoorasiaWith animals inSeed
  • 2011/2012 --Sotetsu Line and Tohoku Local Line
  • 2013 --Local characters along the Sotetsu line
  • 2014- Ultra hero
  • 2015-Sonyan and Sotetsu Line vehicles
  • 2016-Sonyan and Sotetsu Line trains (reduced installation stations)
  • 2017 --Sonyan and Sotetsu Line successive vehicles (reduced installation stations)

Roadside station stamp rally

At roadside stations all over Japan, the area (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfRegional Development BureauA stamp rally is held for each jurisdiction.

Hobby similar to stamp rally

Although it was not planned as a stamp rally, it uses services such as financial institutions, chain stores, and government offices that are spread over a wide area, and collects proof of use to commemorate it.

Travel savings

Each placepost officeIt is a memorial to receive the seal of the post office by making deposits and refunds.

Financial institution

Resona Tour

Resona TourAndTravelAboutHobbiesFormer Asahi Bank (formerly Asahi Bank)Resona Bank,Saitama Resona Bank), And have the bank head office / branch head office / branch name printed on the “living passbook”.

Abbreviation:Risomegu.. It is often called "Asahi Tour" using the old name of the bank.

At the former Asahi Bank storeAutomatic teller machineWhen depositing withpassbookThe name of the main branch is漢字(However, when using an ATM at an account store, the store name is not listed and is blank), so some people collect it.

In the past, the name of the branch office of the ATM outside the store was displayed accurately, so some enthusiasts went there, but now the main store under their jurisdiction is displayed. Also, if the branch code of the ATM in "Resona Personal Station" is the same as the main store, it will be displayed as the main store. In addition, it should be notedBankTimeAt the time of use, instead of the branch name, it will be "RBT-XXXXXXX" with a 7-digit number corresponding to the unique code of the base of use added.

The former Yamato store has also moved to a system based on the former Asahi Bank, so it is now possible as with the former Asahi branch. The branch name is also printed at the former Daiwa Bank, and some will be described later.Michinoku BankAs wellKatakanaIt was displayed. In 2008, the system of Kinki Osaka Bank was integrated into the same system as Resona Bank, so "Kinki Osaka Tour" became possible.In addition, it has been decided that Kinki Osaka Bank will merge with Kansai Urban Banking Corporation in 2019, but since the system of Kinki Osaka Bank will continue to be used after this merger, the former Kansai Urban Banking Corporation will also carry out `` Kansai Mirai Meguri''. Is now available.

The name of the branch office of the ATM outside the store is not printed, but the name of the mother store is printed. When other banks are taken in and out, the bank name is printed or the financial institution code-branch code is printed (described later).

For branches that cannot be used or require permission to useHouse of RepresentativesBranch officeHouse of CouncilorsThere is a branch office, Osaka Sales Department, JR West branch office.

  • The House of Councilors branch is located in the Members' Office Building and can be visited from the general customer service, but it may not be available due to security reasons.
    • National Diet LibraryThere is also an ATM under the jurisdiction of the House of Councilors branch. (Available to general customers)
  • The House of Representatives branch is located in the First Annex of the House of Representatives and cannot be used unless there is a legitimate or special reason due to security reasons at the reception.West Japan Railway Company(JR West) The same applies to the JR West branch office in the head office.

Equivalent at a local bank

In addition, Michinoku Bank,Ogaki Kyoritsu BankIn some cases, local banks can do the same.

In the case of Michinoku Bank, it is also displayed at the account store. In particular, in the case of Michinoku Bank, it is also called "Michinoku Meguri" or "Michimegu". At local banksAerial storeATMs may not be installed at branches in Tokyo, as represented by, so in this case it will be printed only at the counter.

on the other hand,Kagawa BankThen in January 2007,Aozora BankThen in January 2016,Fourth bankThen in January 2017, eachAccount systemThe branch name printing was abolished at the time of renewal. In this way, there are cases where it was possible before, but now it is not possible.


Although it depends on each financial institution, there are cases where the store number of the branch where the deposit / withdrawal was made is printed.Mizuho BankThis also applies to the case, but in the case of the bank, the Shibuya Central Branch Broadcasting Center branch office (store number 165) cannot be used.NHK Broadcast CenterIt is within the restricted area of, and cannot be used for security reasons).Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,Bank of ChinaIn rare cases, the store number of the store recorded is printed regardless of the transaction type.

Depending on the financial institution, there are cases where there is a dedicated column for printing the branch code, and there are cases where it is described in the description column and the deposit amount / payment amount column, but for the latter, there are cases where printing is abolished when the accounting system is replaced. Be done.

Mister Donut Tour

Mister Donut TourAlso about travelHobbiesOne of theMister Donut・ Purchase 300 yen or more of products and collect Mister Donut cards (formerly lucky cards) with store names.

Travel savingsThere are many examples of people who have a hobby.

In the details, different enthusiasts have different ideas.

  • Whether to consider before and after the shop name change as a separate store
  • Whether to consider before and after the store relocation as a separate store
  • Whether to consider before and after changing the store number as a separate store
  • Whether or not to allow satellite shops

2006/May 11The "Mister Donut Campaign" has ended and the distribution of Mister Donuts has ended. same yearMay 12"Mister Donut" started nationwide and shifted to the point card system. I started to collect misted club cards (point cards) with store numbers, receipts, advertisements with coupons, etc.

However, the "Mister Donut reward card" also ended on September 2013, 9 (complete termination is the following year after one year of validity).[11]). Since then, depending on the campaign, card distribution has been revived and the issuing shop name has been added, so this tour can be done again in the same way as in the past.

Lawson tour

convenience storeIs a major chain storeLawsonSome people go around.

Lawson is one of the first convenience stores in Japan to expand into all prefectures, so there are many opportunities to see it at travel destinations, and it goes around while procuring groceries for travel. Also of the former affiliated companyOMC cardIf you settle in, the branch name will be clearly stated on the monthly bill, so it is easy to manage visits.

The stores that are difficult to visit are shown below.

  • University Stores-May be in areas that are off limits to non-university personnel.
  • Stores in the highway parking area-With exceptions, it is difficult to visit from outside the highway, so in most cases you can only use the highway. However, now that the number of places that can be used from outside the highway is increasing, the difficulty level is decreasing compared to the past.
  • Narita AirportStore-For more informationNarita International Airport #Airport FunctionPlease refer to.
  • Kanku Cargo BuildingStore-For more informationKIXPlease refer to.
  • Stores in corporate facilities-often only available to corporate personnel. For example, Maihama bfsTokyo Disney ResortOn the backstage ofcastIt is a dedicated store, and it is almost impossible for general customers to visit.
  • Stores on the SDF premises-Usually only SDF personnel can use it, and due to confidential matters, it is almost impossible for general customers to visit. It can be used on open days to the general public like the stores in the Itami General Manager, but it is difficult for people far away to aim because it is at most several times a year.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya Tour

curryThe largest chain store of cookingCurry House CoCo IchibanyaSome people go around. Abbreviation "Kokoichi Tour".

The questionnaire postcard on the table is stamped with the store name rubber stamp and the store number, and in a narrow sense, these are collected and used as proof of the visit. Also, when the new store opens, various souvenirs are distributed, and some people run around the country to collect them. It used to be a yellow mug, but recently it has become more diverse, such as socks. For example, 2005May 11Opened inJR Musashi-Urawa Station East ExitThen it was a strap with a whistle.

Municipal office tour (Juki net tour)

A hobby similar to the stamp rally.

Basic Resident Register NetworkLocal public organizations (municipalities) participating in each otherResident cardIt is possible to take.

Using this system, as a hobby, visit municipal offices and branch offices nationwide to obtain your own resident card.コ レ ク シ ョ ンThere are people who do. Resident's card paper is unique to each local government (it may be plain), and some people collect various things, saying that the difference in design and the typeface of the municipal seal (official seal) are good memorials.

Merger of municipalitiesThe last day of the municipality whose name changes with, or the first day of the merged new municipality,Government-designated citySome people are particular about special dates, such as the last day of issuing a resident card in the name of the mayor before the transition to. However, on the first day, it is difficult to get it because the Juki Net may not be available for several days after the establishment of the new municipality.

It is a very special case, but the mayor of the municipality is in officeArrest・ If the seat is vacant due to sudden death or resignation, the name of the chief issuer at the end may be deleted on the two lines and changed to a "duty agent" (generally represented by the deputy mayor).

At the same time, we may collect public relations papers.

An example of a specially designed resident card is shown below. All fees are as of January 2008.

  • TokyoTama City TheSanrio PurolandBecause of your kneesHello KittyIssue a resident's card with the illustration of. However, if you do not request it when you apply, it will be issued on a general form. The fee is 400 yen, which is twice as much as the general pattern.
  • TottoriSakaiminatoThen,Gegege no Kitaro] Issue a resident card with the character's tint block. Unlike Tama City, this is a general pattern because it is a watermark rather than an illustration. The fee is 300 yen.
  • TottoriTohaku-gunHokuei TownThen, we will issue a resident card using a paper with an illustration of the character of "Detective Conan" as a general pattern. Even with a watermark, the main character is large in the center of the paper.Conan EdogawaIs coming to the fore, and it is appealing mainly to the government office. The fee is 300 yen.

Collecting immigration records

passport(passport), While the immigration stamps are collected, the purpose is to collect stamps. There are many hidden lovers. Some people try to collect many types, and some people try to collect many types even if the same stamps overlap. The stamp itself is free.

Also,"Narita,KansaiIs already used, so this time the barrier (Shimonoseki) From ... ”, some people decide to leave Japan from a place different from the previous one as much as possible. However, when using an automatic immigration terminal, the stamp is not stamped. (For more informationImmigration control(See)

Collecting commemorative medals

Many famous tourist spots are equipped with commemorative medal vending machines and stamping machines. Some people buy it and use a stamping machine to set the date of visit and save it.

Game center tour

Amusement facilities nationwideArcadeSome people go around. Above allKONAMIMusic game "beatmania IIDX』Is called the pilgrimage king, the number of prefectures and stores that played when walking across the installed game center stores, and if there are multiple chassis in the store, the number of play chassis is recorded on the net as" pilgrimage history ", and it There is a related event. Hidden elements are also affected by the progress of the event. There are many players in this game who have a hobby of visiting arcades called "pilgrimage er". Since the expedition history is reset when the series is finished (about one year), some people visit arcades nationwide every time a new game is launched.

Local card collection

Commonly known

ManyCompanyTo each otherAgreementWhen exchangingcontractCreated by each companyPrintMust be pressed. At this time, it is commonly called a stamp rally that the person in charge of contract affairs goes around each company to have the company seal stamped. If it becomes terrible, the same in-house approval documents may be accompanied by a long journey, such as going around with the chief of the section chief in charge of the application source, the chief of the related section, the chief of the procurement department, and the chief of the section chief in charge of the accounting department to get a stamp.

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