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👩‍🎤 | Hiroki Yasumoto demonstrates his horse daughter “Gachi” !?


Hiroki Yasumoto demonstrates a lot of horse daughter "Gachi" !?

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Yasumoto, who is completely addicted to "Uma Musume", immediately appeals to Kondo.

On the XNUMXth, the new future TV "ABEMA" will be on the anime LIVE channel "Voice Actor and Night Play Moon [... → Continue reading

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby

"Uma Musume Pretty Derby』(Uma Musume Pretty Derby) isCygamesbySmartphoneGame app for[1]とPc games, And around itMedia mixcontent.AbbreviationIsHorse daughter』.The genre isFree to playIn a training simulation game,RacehorseThePersonification officialcharacterThe content is to train "Uma Musume" and aim to win the race called "Twinkle Series".[5].

Production background

Held on February 2016, 3, "AnimeJapan 2016 ”announced the start of the project[6]..Details of the project were announced at "Cygames NEXT 8" held on August 21st of the same year, and at this time, some voice actor changes were also announced.[7].

The game app will initially be released in the winter of 2018[8]However, the postponement of delivery was announced in December 2018[9], After an undecided period, distribution started on February 2021, 2[10].. In addition, diversified media such as comics, CDs, and TV animations are being developed prior to the distribution of games.[11], Various comics of CygamesWEB comicPosted on the site "Cycomics". TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2018, and this workSpin-offThe four-frame manga "Umayon" was also broadcast from July 4.[12][13][14].

At the beginning of the announcementBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAt “Idol Master seriesWas involved inAkihiro IshiharaWas the executive producer as a content producer[15], Ishihara left Cygames in April 2019, and he has also retired from the same position.[16].

August 2022, 2,Taiwan-Hong Kong-MacauThe traditional Chinese version of the game app for the game has been announced by Komoe Game, which is a proxy for Cygames.[17], Started accepting pre-registration on April 4th[18].

The names of horse girls (names of racehorses that serve as motifs) appearing in this work are all used when using them.Horse ownerIt is used after obtaining permission from.

Game system

Kind of horse daughter

First, I will describe the types of horse girls that appear in the text when explaining the game system from now on.

Raised horse daughter
Uma Musume that can be obtained from "Pretty Derby Gacha" and is the target of training.When we simply say "Uma Musume" in missions during the game, we mean this.
The rarity at the time of gacha discharge is 1 stages from 3 star to 3 stars, and it can be raised to a maximum of 5 stars by making talent bloom (described later).Game clothes are implemented for breeding horse girls with 3 stars or more.Nurturing Uma Musume of Star 1 and Star 2 is a common game at the time of discharge, but you can acquire it unique to the character by letting the talent bloom and raising it to Star 3.
No matter how many times you raise it, the breeding horse girl will not disappear.
Support horse daughter
Necessary to support the growth of the breeding horse daughter at the time of breedingSupport cardUma Musume to use as.However, there are also support cards for people other than Uma Musume, in which case they are called "support characters".There are 3 types of card rarity, R, SR, and SSR, and 7 types of classification: speed, stamina, power, guts, wisdom, friends, and groups.
Supports the breeding horse girl, and provides support specific to that card, such as increasing the amount of increase in status and acquiring hints for skill acquisition (skill points required for skill acquisition decrease).By further training together, the bond gauge set on the support card will rise, and when the gauge reaches a certain amount, the status will rise significantly.Friendship trainingMay occur.In addition, you cannot use more than one card of the same horse girl as the breeding horse girl or the card of the horse girl with the same name.
Inheritance horse daughter
A horse girl who selects two people at the start of training and is used in the inheritance event that occurs twice (three times in total) immediately after the start of training and during training.Basically, you have to use the Uma Musume in the Hall of Fame that you raised yourself, but you can also rent one Uma Musume raised by another player for each raising by paying Manny. As of the end of January 2, you can rent up to 2 times a day (3 of which is free).
Hall of Fame Uma Musume
Uma Musume who has finished training regardless of whether she has achieved all the goals.The numerical value of the status, the result of the race and the acquired skill are comprehensively judged and ranked, and the factors to be inherited are decided and become a horse girl in the Hall of Fame.
It will be possible to use it as a successor horse girl when raising a new horse girl, and to participate in various races such as team battles held at the team stadium, daily races, and legend races.Even if you use it as a successor horse girl, the horse girl in the Hall of Fame will not disappear.
Two people
Titles that can be obtained by satisfying certain conditions during training[Annotation 1]..At the end of training, one of the acquired items can be given to the Uma Musume in the Hall of Fame.In addition, two unique names are implemented for each breeding horse girl.
The status of Uma Musume in the Hall of Fame cannot be changed at all after the training is completed, but only two names can be changed arbitrarily as long as they are acquired during the training.


The basic flow of the game is for the player to become a trainer, train Uma Musume, run in the Twinkle series, win repeatedly, and acquire more fans.

First, the player selects a training scenario, then selects one horse daughter to train from among the breeding horse daughters possessed, two inherited horse girls who inherit their abilities, and six support cards to assist training (including friends). Select each frame).
Consume 30 TP at the start of training[Annotation 2][Annotation 3]do. TP recovers over time or by using items or jewels.
The training period is 2 years (4 turns in total) from junior level (equivalent to 3 years old) to senior level (equivalent to 72 years old), followed by race events for each scenario (6 turns, described later).
On the main screen of training, while selecting commands such as training and rest, increase each status of speed, stamina, power, guts, and wisdom, and strengthen the training horse daughter.
"Physical strength" and "motivation" are set for Uma Musume.Physical fitness decreases with training and racing[Annotation 4]do.Low physical fitness increases training failure rate[Annotation 5], Disadvantages such as a decrease in status if it fails[Annotation 6]Receive.Motivation also affects training growth and race performance.[Annotation 7]..Physical strength and motivation recover and increase mainly by taking a rest and going out, and also increase and decrease and increase and decrease depending on the event.
Various events occur during the training period, and the ability of the horse girl increases or decreases and the skill is acquired.The events that occur are common events that occur in any horse girl and those that are set for each breeding horse girl and support card.[Annotation 8]..Events corresponding to each Uma Musume and support card can be confirmed on the detail screen, but there are also hidden events that cannot be confirmed on the detail screen and do not occur unless special conditions are met.
In addition, Uma Musume may acquire "condition" during training.It is mainly acquired randomly at the event, but depending on the breeding horse daughter, it may acquire a definite and unique condition at a fixed event.There are both good conditions that are favorable for training and bad conditions that are disadvantageous for training.Bad conditions obtained at random events can be removed at the "Health Room".
Once registration is possible, the breeding horse girl can be run in any race.[Annotation 9]..The race composition isJapan Central Horse Racing As with the (JRA) program schedule, it is a grade system, and high-grade races such as GI cannot run unless the number of fans acquired meets the regulations.After the race, the number of fans (the higher the grade, the more fans tend to be acquired) will increase according to the ranking, but it will decrease as the ranking drops.[Annotation 10]..You can also increase your stats and earn skill points to acquire skills. In the case of 1st place, you may get hints of skills, but if you are in 6th place or less, you may get bad skills (described later).In addition, "Running for 2 turns or more in a row"StruggleHowever, there may be penalties such as motivation and loss of status.
During the race, live commentary and commentary can be given according to the development.The actual situation isJunichi Mogi(Male) orSatomi Akasaka(Woman), commentaryKeiichiro YasudaIs in charge.The player can choose whether to take charge of the live performance as a man or a woman.In addition, the explanation is given only in the training scenario "Make a new track !! ~ Climax opening ~".Junko HosoeIs in charge[19].
The training horse girl has multiple training goals such as "within ○ arrival by (race name)" and "acquiring XX fans", and if it cannot be achieved, the training will end at that point (the order of arrival is specified). In the races that have been held, if you do not reach the target, you can continue with items up to 1 times per training).Many of the goals set follow the trajectory of the model racehorse, and in some races, the frame number and weather are fixed according to the model.
If you have achieved all the training goals, you will advance to "URA Finals" or "Twinkle Star Climax" (6 turns) depending on the training scenario you have selected.For details on each race#gameSee.If you lose, you will have a normal ending, and if you win, you will have a good ending.
Training scenario
Multiple scenarios have been implemented.Each has a different system, and the status of the horse daughter that can be raised changes.
  • Newly established! URA Finals (initial implementation)
  • Youth Cup-Shining, Team Bonds- (Implemented in August 2021)
  • Make a new track !! ~ Climax opening ~ (implemented in February 2022)
Our Knowledge
A special effect that Uma Musume activates during the race.Most of them are for improving one's ability or lowering the ability of others to give the race an advantage, and can be earned by spending skill points.
Bad skill
When you lose a lot in a race, you may be forced to acquire bad skills that you are not good at racing under certain conditions.You can spend skill points to get rid of that bad skill, and in some cases you can acquire more skills.[Annotation 11].
Unique skills
It is a skill that Uma Musume has acquired from the beginning, and the effect varies.In addition, the skill level and effect will increase depending on the event being trained.
A cut-in is made at the time of activation, but that of the horse girl of the initial star 3 is more flashy than that of the horse girl of star 1 and star 2.
In addition, although it is possible for other horse girls to acquire it by inheritance, it will be treated the same as a normal skill (the concept of level disappears), and the effect will be slightly lower than the original unique skill.[Annotation 12].
A system that inherits factors using inherited horse daughters at the start of breeding and inheritance events during breeding.The same horse daughter as the breeding horse daughter cannot be inherited. Six people up to two generations ago are eligible.
It is given to Uma Musume in the Hall of Fame, and when inherited, it raises the status and aptitude, and gives hints of skills. There are from ★ ☆☆ to ★★★, and the effect becomes stronger as the number of stars increases.

Reinforcement formation

You can strengthen the breeding horse daughter and support card.Even if these enhancements are made, the horse daughters in the Hall of Fame who have been raised before that will not be enhanced.

Awakening Lv enhancement
Using items and manny that can be acquired during trainingAwakening LvYou can increase the skills that are unlocked by default during training.
At the time of discharge in the gacha, all are Lv1 and the maximum is Lv5. When it reaches Lv3 or higher, the icon of the Uma Musume who is inducted into the Hall of Fame will change to gold.
Talent flowering
It can be obtained when the horse girl is discharged in the gacha or in exchange for the goddess statue (described later).pieceYou can use to increase the number of stars of the breeding horse girl and strengthen the level of stats and unique skills before breeding.
As mentioned above, at the time of discharge in the gacha, it is divided into stars 1 to 3, and the maximum is 5 stars.When the number of stars is 3 or higher, the icon illustration of the Uma Musume who has been raised and entered the Hall of Fame will be dressed in a racing uniform.
Release of breeding horse daughter
If you collect 150 pieces of unobtained breeding horse girl, you can get the horse girl.
Peace storage room
Pieces can be exchanged for other itemsCloverCan be converted to.
Lv enhancement
Support card using Manny and SPLvIt is possible to enhance the support effect by raising the bond gauge.
Upper limit release
By synthesizing the same (overlapping) support cards, the upper limit of Lv can be raised up to 4 times.
Card storage room
You can exchange more than one of the two or more support cards for another item.HorseshoesCan be converted to.


A race where you can run your own Hall of Fame horse girl.

Daily race
Hall of Fame Uma Musume 1 times a day[Annotation 13]A race that can be run up to.There are two types: the Moonlight Award (Kyoto, turf 1600m) where you can earn manny, and the Jupiter Cup (Nakayama, turf 2000m) where you can earn support points.
Team stadium
Team with Uma Musume in the Hall of Fame[Annotation 14]And compete with other users in the race.The opponent is selected by the player from three users who match his team rank.
The race location, distance, weather, motivation of Uma Musume, and frame number are randomly determined, but you can use items that change the conditions up to two types per run.
RP is consumed at the start of the race. RP recovers over time or with the use of items or jewels.
Classes (1 levels) will be raised, maintained, and lowered on a weekly basis according to the maximum number of points earned in one race.
Event race
Races held irregularly.The results of an ongoing event race cannot be passed on to the next event race with a pause.
Legend race
An event that challenges the Hall of Fame Uma Musume to the Legend Uma Musume.
Legend Uma Musume is a horse girl who has won or is favored by the racehorse that became the model in the designated Central GI race.
Champions meeting
An event in which players compete against each other in the Hall of Fame Uma Musume. It will be held under the race name of "○○ Cup" (○○ is the Western name of the XNUMX constellations).
The runners are divided into "Open League", which is limited to B rank and below, and "Grade League", which is unlimited in rank.
A function that allows you to set your own conditions and hold a race.For the race, the conditions of the existing GI race can be used, and the "Trainers Cup" that can freely set the race track and distance can also be used.
Basically, you can let your Hall of Fame Uma Musume compete, but you can also let the Hall of Fame Uma Musume trained by the players you follow or registered as a practice partner participate.
Room match
Players create a race room where other players can join their Hall of Fame horse girls and enjoy the rails.If the number of participants is less than the number of participants, other Mobuuma daughters will be randomly replenished.You can also just watch the game.


Occasionally, an event will be held where you can collect points and get items etc. by training.To distinguish it from the above "event race", "Story eventIs sometimes written.

Training is carried out in the same way as in normal times, points are given according to the situation at the end of training, event original stories are released according to the points, event limited support cards, items, gacha tickets are distributed.


There are two types of gacha, the breeding horse daughter gacha and the support card gacha.Each gacha can be turned by consuming jewels.Jewels can be distributed free of charge or purchased for a fee.The former can get a breeding horse girl and its piece, and the latter can get a support card.

Pretty Derby Gacha
The motif is to start from the gate, and the color of the gate changes to silver (star 1), gold (star 2), and rainbow color (star 3) depending on the rarity of the discharged horse girl.If the horse girl you already own is ejected, you can replace it with a piece.Statue of GodIs converted to.
Support card gacha
It is a production that turns the album, and the color of the bookmark changes to silver (R), gold (SR), rainbow color (SSR) depending on the rarity of the ejected card.If the support card you already own is ejected, it will be moved to the "storage room" to improve the performance of the support card.Upper limit releaseCan be used for or exchanged for items available in the shop.


The story function in the game is mainly "Main Story" that depicts the trajectory of the team <Sirius>, "Uma Musume Story" that individually depicts the encounter and interaction between Uma Musume and the trainer, and "Extra" that includes stories of past events. There are three types.Basically, you get a jewel every time you finish watching a story.

Main story

Set in the team <Sirius>, spotlight one horse girl in each chapter.Also, if you browse the whole story, you can receive the support card of Uma Musume who became the leading role.

The horse girls featured in each chapter are as follows.

  • Chapter 1 "Fledgling First-class Stars"-Mejiro McQueen[20]
  • Chapter 2 "Small Ganbariya" --Rice Shower[20]
  • Chapter 3 "Limited Express Ticket to Grab a Dream" --Winning Ticket[20]
  • Chapter 4 "Crowding, Thirsty" -Narita Brian[21]
  • Chapter 5 "scenery"-Silence Suzuka[22]

Uma Musume Story

A 1-episode story that depicts the encounter between a horse girl and a trainer, the process leading up to the scout (episodes 4-5), and the interaction after the scout (episodes 7-7).Only the ones of the breeding horse daughters in possession can be viewed.[Annotation 15]So, by increasing the degree of friendship, it will be gradually released.


You can watch the story of the story event held in the pastStory eventLooking back on the anniversary eventAnniversaryThere is.Story events can basically only be viewed up to the story that could be released in the event, but only the first episode can be viewed for events that were not played or did not participate (jewels cannot be acquired).


The character classification in this section is based on the game version.Since there are many parts of the background setting that differ depending on the media, the unique ones are described separately.The original settings and original characters of the anime version are not described here, but "Umamusume Pretty Derby (Anime) #CharactersWill be explained in detail.

Horse daughter

Except for some in the gameDormitoryThere is a setting of "roommate" in, and it is easy to get better results if inheritance is performed between roommates.

The order of description is based on the in-game default settings (on the official website).characterBut you can check it).

Raised horse daughter

Uma Musume is implemented as a Nurturing Uma Musume who can play scenarios in the game "Nurturing".

Special week
sound - Aki Waki
Black deerThen, the bangs have a mesh.She wears a purple ribbon on her right ear, a white braid on her head, and a purple string on her back.Her nickname is "Spe".Her roommate is Silence Suzuka.
He has a friendly personality,HokkaidoI'm from the countryside and I didn't have anyone to talk to or race with (Uma Musume), so I tend to be nervous about Uma Musume of the same age.On the other hand, she is a very big eater, and the amount of horse girls around her is stunned by the fact that the cafeteria is free to refill.
He lost his birth mother shortly after birth and grew up receiving rigorous one-on-one training from his best friend and human-rearing mother.Both her birth mother and her upbringing mother love to call her "mother" and frequently exchange letters with her upbringing mother.
Main story
The main character of Part 1 and Chapter 6.Originally he wanted to join the same team as Silence Suzuka, but he made a fatal mistake of making a mistake in the goal position in the selection race and joined Sirius.Since then, with the help of team members, he has been competing in classic triple crown races with the same period such as Seiun Sky and King Halo, and in the senior class.Hanshin Grand PrizeClash with the previous year's champion Mejiro Bright.
Silence Suzuka
Voice- Marika Takano
BrightBrown hairShe has long hair and wears a green ear cover and a headband.Nickname is "Suzuka".Roommates are Special Week.
A quiet and mysterious person who prefers to run in scenic spots.He demonstrates his overwhelming ability with the so-called "great escape" tactic of running fast at the front without restrictions.On the other hand, he is vulnerable to pushing and is often swayed by the horse girls around him.He has a habit of "lie" when he is confused or upset.Her favorite isStrawberry daifuku.
Main story
The main character of Part 1 and Chapter 5.Originally he was expected to make his debut on another team, but as he pursued his winning run, he lost sight of his run and fell into a slump.At that time, even though I was on that team, I received advice from the trainer of <Sirius>, "If you want to run as you want without worrying about the result," and got the chance to demodulate. You may be able to see the scenery you wanted to see, "he decided to transfer to <Sirius>.
Boasting the fastest speed of his generation, he was said to be the earliest to make his debut, but he suffered from a slump due to an injury, and even after he was completely healed, he fell into the selection process, and he is still struggling to get out of the slump.There was a self-respecting part that didn't care about the surroundings at all until his personality fell into a slump, but changes have occurred, such as paying attention to the surroundings while spending time with Special Week.
Tokai Teio
Voice- Anju Inami → Machico[Annotation 16]
KageUma Musume has a mesh in her bangs.Blue ribbon on the right ear,ポ ニ ー テ ー ルA pink ribbon is attached to the base of the.Nickname is "Teio".My roommate is Mayano Top Gun.
The first person is "I" (sometimes called "Wagahai" or "Invincible Teio-sama" when intimidating), and has a lively and cheerful personality. It has the flexibility and agility symbolized by the splendid footsteps called "Teio Step", and is also good at singing and dancing.
We are proud to be undefeated and have a strong determination to win.She also admires and absolutely sees him as an undefeated Symboli Rudolf.
Voice- Lynn
Uma Musume with long bay hair and a trademark blue ribbon.Her back hair is curled up.Her nickname is "Maruzen".
He takes pride in being an "older sister" and is loved by many juniors.She puts comfort and happiness first, and while she doesn't always stick to winning, she also feels guilty about not having a clear goal.
Due to the influence of my mother, I can't keep up with the recent trends, such as the fact that I can't use smartphones in rapid succession, and my hobbies and tastes have the same tendency.
I go home and have a driver's license.My car is redsports car(Maruzensky calls it "Tatchan"), butTraffic rulesPassengers are all down due to dangerous driving at the last minute, and subsequent passengers are often refused.
Fuji Kiseki
Voice- Eriko Matsui
Uma Musume with bluish dark bay.There is a mesh in a part of her bangs.Her nickname is "Fuji".
Aiming to be an entertainer under the influence of her mother, who is a stage actor, her motto is to attract the audience in the race.Her popularity with Uma Musume is high because she is mild and kind to everyone, and there are many juniors around her (Fuji Kiseki calls her "pony-chan").
He is the dormitory manager of the Ritto dormitory, and he is demonstrating his skills by showing magic tricks to juniors who have spare time and fixing furniture in the room.
Oguri cap
Voice- Ayana Taketatsu → Tomoya Takayanagi[Annotation 16]
Uma Musume who has transferred from a rural area.She has long hair that is close to silver, and her crown is grayish.Her nickname is "Oguri".Her roommate is Tamamo Cross.
Quite at my own pacenatural..I am not accustomed to the urban scenery that is very different from my hometown and often get lost, but on the contrary, I do not get lost in nature such as forests.In addition, he is shy and has few words, and in "STARTING GATE!", It causes a rush with Special Week.
He is as big and fast-eating as Special Week, but he is not happy to get attention for it.
Main story
The former ace of the team <Sirius>.He entrusted Mejiro McQueen with the team's ace title on the occasion of the Arima Kinen victory, and retired with the player's predecessor trainer.
Cinderella Gray
main character.He is a big eater and has few words, and he always wears a dirty jersey and has ponytail hair without wearing a uniform.The trademark diamond-shaped hair ornament was worn by her mother when she was once an active race horse girl.When I was born, my knees were so bad that I couldn't walk, and after receiving a knee massage from my mother every day, I was finally able to walk and run.He loves to run, and because of the knees mentioned above, he always says, "For me, being able to stand and run is a miracle."I entered Kasamatsu Tresen Gakuen just because I wanted to run purely, but Fujima Summer March asked me if that was all right, and after that I became aware of the game.
I like to run, but I'm careless about everything else, and because I have little knowledge of racing horse girls and local series, I can run in races with broken shoes, and I do not know the specifications of winning live after winning the race. Instead, he danced the Kasamatsu Ondo and stunned the audience.The naturalness does not change, and harassment and sarcasm are often interpreted as favors, and literally received and replied, resulting in aggravation of the other party.Her parents' house was poor and lived with her mother in a rag apartment.
Gold ship
Voice- Ueda Hitomi
Close to silver hairGray horseA horse girl with long hair, a blue ribbon on her right ear, and a brown sailor cap with a chin strap.Her nickname is "Gold Ship" and she often calls herself.
A free person who always behaves freely.He has no hesitation towards other horse girls and trainers, and those around him are often swayed by their mysterious behavior.He tries to stand out in the race by making a daring drive.
Main story
A member of the team <Sirius>.Although he forcibly joined <Sirius> in the middle, he has been playing a role as a supporter exclusively, such as supporting Mejiro McQueen and Rice Shower.In addition, he declares that he will "hit him" to the audience who insults the rice shower (at this time, he is stopped by Mejiro McQueen), showing one side of his friendship.
Voice- Ayaka Ohashi
It has dark bay hair and is characterized by bangs with a mesh (the right eye is hidden) and a ring on the left ear.He also hangs ring-shaped accessories on the parts of human ears and ties his back hair.His roommate is Daiwa Scarlet.
The first person is "I".While he shows a sloppy behavior like a bad boy, he also has a naive side, such as being upset by a trivial color love. He values ​​"cool" things, and while he is good at cooking, he is also concerned about the divergence from his own image and does not reveal it.
Although he often argues with his classmate and roommate Daiwa Scarlet, he understands each other well and has a good rivalry.Narita Brian andTanino Gimlet(Voice- Misato Matsuoka) Has a strong admiration.
Daiwa Scarlet
Voice- Sumire Uesaka → Kimura Chisaki[Annotation 16]
Slightly reddish brown hair, up to knee length tied up with a light blue hair clipTwin tailとDouble toothUma Musume is characterized by.On the crowntiaraAnd wears a pink ribbon on the left ear side.Her nickname is "Scarlet".Her roommate is vodka.
Very victorious and strongly obsessed with "becoming number one".She often quarrels with vodka because of her rivalry, but she is also a close friend who often acts together and trusts each other.While she behaves as an honor student to horse girls other than trainers and vodka, she also has the side of being obedient to her mother.
Taiki Shuttle
Voice- Yuka Otsubo
Uma Musume from the United States.Her trademark is a bright brown ponytail and a green star-shaped hair ornament.Her nickname is "Taiki".Her roommate is Mejiro Dobel.
He has a cheerful and friendly personality and likes to interact with the horse girls around him.On the other hand, she is very lonely, and when she is alone, she may start crying with sadness, or she may become homesick when she remembers her parents in her hometown.
Speak in a unique tone that emphasizes the auxiliary verbs of polite language.English words are often mixed in conversations.
Glass wonder
Voice- Maeda Rena
It features a shield-like mesh around the forehead with brown hair.She is a returnee from the United States,Pro-dayUma Musume has the heart of Yamato Nadeshiko, who loves Japanese culture because of her parents' influence.She is a classmate with Special Week and others.Her roommate is El Condor Pasa.
The usual demeanor is gentle and mild, but the type that burns quietly with a fighting spirit inside (Seiun Sky says, "Don't make me angry").It also acts as a brake for El Condor Pasa, who tends to run out of control because of its cheerfulness.
Hishi Amazon
Voice- Yuko Tatsumi
Uma Musume who is the dormitory manager of Miho Dormitory.She features bluish dark bay and brown skin.She has a red scrunchie on her left ear.Her nickname is "Hishiama".
Returnee from the United States.She has a big sister and is victorious, but she is kind.She also has a homely side.
Although he has a rivalry with Narita Brian, he has a good relationship with her, such as making lunch boxes for her and taking care of children together at school festivals (called "Ama-san" by Narita Brian).She also often ties her to Fuji Kiseki with her dormitory managers.
White-eye McQueen
Voice- Saori Onishi
PurplishGray horseUma Musume with long hair and a green ribbon on her right ear.She is the daughter of the prestigious Mejiro family, and is highly regarded in her school because of her natural talent and her lady-like behavior.Her roommate is Ikuno Dictus.
According to him, he is "easy to get fat" and always pays attention to his diet.However, on the other hand, sweets are his favorite, which is also a source of his trouble.
My hobbies are watching movies and sports (exclusively)baseball) I watch the game, but the latter doesn't try to make it public because of the embarrassment of cheering loudly.She is often involved in Gold Ship and is often swayed by her absurd behavior.
Main story
The main character of Part 1 and Chapter 1.He is one of the members of the team <Sirius>.After retiring from Oguri Cap, a senior member of the team, he becomes the only member of <Sirius> due to the withdrawal of the registered members, but he struggles as a new ace to rebuild the team.He emphasizes the sweet tooth aspect, and often hides and eats cakes even though he is losing weight.
El Condor Passer
Voice- Minami Takahashi[Annotation 17]
Hair color close to dark bay and covering around the eyesMaskIs the trademark horse girl.AmericaFromreturnee children..Nickname is "El".His roommate is Grass Wonder.
Aiming to be a horse girl who is active in the world, she likes words such as "the strongest in the world" and "the number one."She is cheerful and cheerful and very close to her classmates Special Week Grass Wonder and others.
I am enthusiastic that "Language is necessary to run in the world"Spanish-English-JapaneseLearn (furtherFrenchHowever, because it is easy to speak in everyday conversation, he speaks in a unique way that emphasizes the auxiliary verb "desu" in Spanish (sometimes in standard language in serious situations).
Due to the influence of having a professional wrestler's father, he sometimes speaks and acts with an awareness of professional wrestling.The mask I always wear (the one I got from my father) has the meaning of a mindset, and when I remove it, it turns into a bearish one (it doesn't have a unique way of speaking).
TM Opera Oh
Voice- Tokui blue sky
With a short cut outside the brown hair,crownUma Musume is a trademark accessory that imitates.Her nicknames are "Ope" and "Opera O".Her roommate is Biwa Hayahide.
The first person is "I", who calls himself "the strongest, fastest, and most beautiful genius horse girl in the world".Narcissist..However, I have enough ability to call it,OperaI am working hard on rigorous training on the subject of[Annotation 18].. The goal is to be the "King of the End of the Century", and to give courage and hope to the audience by winning a big race.
He cares about the weak Meisho Doto and sometimes goes out with him.In addition, there is a depiction of Fuji Kiseki as a rival.
Narita Brian
Voice- Aisaka Yuka → Rika Kinugawa[Annotation 19]
Uma Musume, who is the Vice President of the Student Organization Inside School with Air Groove.She tied her back hair with dark bay hair with an orange and white string and put it on the tip of her nose.White bandageIs on.I love meat, but I'm not good at vegetables (except for carrots).
It's quiet, but it has a strong passion for running.She is strongly aware of her sister Biwa Hayahide as a rival.She's blunt and unfriendly, but Symboli Rudolf says she's good at taking care of her.
Main story
The main character of Part 1 and Chapter 4.He made his debut with another team, but he was sluggish with 5 races and 2 wins, and he left the team due to the difference in race starting policy between himself and the trainer.He caught the attention of the trainer when he participated in the team selection race and joined the team <Sirius>.
Voice- Azusa Tadokoro
Uma Musume, who is the chairman of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization, has a distinctive mesh of bay hair and bangs.Nickname is "Rudolph".
He is called the "emperor" because of his overwhelming dignity and ability, and he is respected and awe-inspired.While he is confident about it, he also finds it painful to be treated as a person who can't be casually involved because he unknowingly atrophies other horse girls.From the desire to get close to the other personpunI am studying, but the result is often cold.
Cinderella Gray
He began to see Oguri Cap's talent at Chukyo, and asked Kitahara to transfer Oguri Cap to Central Tressen Academy.I feel that Oguri Cap has the potential to become a star that transcends the boundaries of Uma Musume, who is comparable to herself.It is portrayed as a dignified character when compared to other media.
Air Groove
Voice- Aoki Ruriko
Uma Musume, Vice President of the Toresen Gakuen Student Organization and an aide to Symboli Rudolf.Hairstyle is dark bayOne lengthBob.My roommate is fine motion.
Under the influence of her mother, who used to be a race horse girl, she is aiming to be the ideal existence of other horse girls as an "empress", and she is very busy managing not only herself but also the training of her junior horse girls.
It is well known in the trainer area, and the trainer in charge was decided before the selection race.He always treats trainers rigorously on an equal footing and mercilessly terminates contracts with those who despise independence.
At the direction of Symboli Rudolf, he will compete in a simulated race against Silence Suzuka who wants to transfer to Miho Dormitory.
Agnes Digital
Voice- Suzuki Minori
An all-rounder who demonstrates high ability regardless of turf or dirt.His nickname is "digital," and he sometimes calls himself "digital-tan."His roommate is Agnes Tachyon.
Uma Musume other than herself was called "Uma Musume-chan", and she sent a call in the front row to the winning live of Uma Musume, and used Uma Musume as the theme.DoujinshiUma MusumeGeek..Speak in a unique tone that uses geeky terms and slang in the passages of the conversation.
I entered Tresen Gakuen because I wanted to see Uma Musume closest (by participating in the race), but I couldn't choose between turf and dirt, and I postponed my debut for a suitable reason. ..After that, he decided to run in both and became the player's trainer.
Sayung Sky
Voice- Akira Kitou
Uma Musume who uses light green hair close to gray horse as a shortcut.She has a green cover on her right ear.Her nicknames are "Sei-chan" and "Sky," and she sometimes calls herself the former.
I hate losing in the race, but other than that, I'm at my own pace and have a troublesome smell, and when I move for the race, I'm just thinking about free action.Classes are also calm and skipped, often a hobbyfishingI'm out to.I am on good terms with Nishino Flower.
Tamamo Cross
Voice- Naomi Ozora
Double toothUma Musume's trademark is a blue sphere-shaped hair ornament and a blue headband with a red check.She has long gray horses.Her nicknames are "Tama" and "Tamamo".
With a small physique, alwaysKansai dialectSpeak at.He is a rival, best friend and roommate with Oguri Cap.He is adored by his junior Oguri Cap and Super Creek, and is always enthusiastic about their natural'boke's.
As a substitute meal because my parents didn't have the money to buy meatHampanI'm so poor that I use it, and my parents work together, and I want to make my parents, younger brothers, and sisters feel comfortable with the prize money of the Twinkle series.Therefore, her obsession with victory is terrible, but her feelings are so strong that she has a bad influence on her running.Also, due to his small diet and small body shape, he couldn't strengthen his body, and he lost in the race before his debut, so he couldn't win easily.
Cinderella Gray
After the race, I happened to witness the Oguri Cap race when I got on the wrong train on the way back to Kasamatsu.She was shocked by her overwhelming strength at that time, and because she has the same gray horse, she has a strong rivalry.He won the Emperor's Award (Spring) of the year, won 6 consecutive victories including a heavy prize, and confronted Oguri Cap at the Emperor's Award (Autumn).
Fine motion
Voice- Chinami Hashimoto
The hair color is close to bronze, and a white mesh is placed in the center of the bangs.Also, hair ornaments[Annotation 20]And trefoil gloves on racing clothesShamrockThe design of is incorporated.Nickname is "Fine".My roommate is Air Groove.
IrelandRoyal family[Annotation 21]Uma Musume from.Always around herSPCorps[Annotation 22]Is treated as a very noble existence, such as being deployed.She was forbidden to even sprint while she was a horse girl to ensure her safety as a member of the royal family, but she wants to feel the joy of running deep inside her chest. I think.At the beginning, the trainer (player) took all responsibility for her and cleared the condition of "showing a shining daughter" that was given to her father, although it was initially treated as an exchange school at Tresen Gakuen. You will be able to participate in the race.She is on good terms with Air Shakur and often acts with her.
Biwa Hayahide
Voice- Kondo Yui
Uma Musume is characterized by her long, loosely wavy gray horse hair and under-rim glasses.Her nickname is "Hayahide".Her roommate is T M Opera O.
Narita Brian's older sister often feels inferior to her sister, who is always in the spotlight.Because of her theoretical and calm personality, her language tends to be a little stiff.Her classmate Narita Taishin Winning Ticket is a close friend, she often acts with three people, and she takes the initials of the three people and says "BNWIs collectively referred to as ".
I am concerned that the whiteness of the hair () and the amount of hair make the head look bigger, and even compliments such as "one head is outstanding" and "the face is wide" are "heads". It is so sensitive and overreacting that it sounds like "big".
Main story
He always cares about the Winning Ticket and Narita Brian who belong to the team <Sirius>, and has a great deal of trust in the trainer of <Sirius>.He is looking forward to playing against Brian at Arima Kinen.
Mayano Top Gun
Voice- Ayaka Imamura → Mio Hoshitani[Annotation 23]
An innocent and energetic horse girl with long orange hair.She longs for the glittering "adult woman".Her first person is "Maya" (occasionally "Atashi"), and her surroundings are mainly called "Mayano".Her roommate is Tokai Teio.
He is very dexterous and has a genius background such as "understanding" any running method and technique.He has a sweet temperament and is a mood maker, and is good at swinging around.
My father is a pilot, and I like airplanes because of that.When I'm depressed, I sometimes look at the plane at the airport. "I copy" or "you copy?"Radio termI also like to use it a lot.
Manhattan Cafe
Voice- Yui Ogura
Uma Musume with very long black hair.AhogeOnly is white.Nickname is "cafe".My roommate is Yukinobijin.
Longing for the spiritual existence of a "friend" horse girl, she is training in parallel at night to catch up with her.However, "friends" themselves can only be seen by the Manhattan Cafe himself.[Annotation 24]Therefore, the surroundings are eerie.
He has a gentle personality and is good at taking care of his juniors, but he always takes a strict attitude only toward Agnes Tachyon who uses himself as a laboratory table.
Voice- Ikumi Hasegawa
Uma Musume is characterized by her long brown hair and a headband with a hard white hair ornament.My roommate is Nishino Flower.
A genius who strives to handle an overwhelming amount of practice stoicly.It is rumored that it is a cyborg in the school because it behaves like a machine and practices lightly without changing its facial expression.Trainers are called "masters".
Originally suitable for sprint races, the goal is to have a classic triple crown ("set" according to him), and he is conducting stamina training for that purpose.His father is a former trainer, and the Classic Races are a dream he couldn't achieve in his active days, so he's inherited that will.
Mejiro Ryan
Voice- Ashi Haji
Uma Musume of the Mejiro family with very short hair.My roommate is Ines Fujin.
He loves unrivaled training and is enthusiastic about pumping up his muscles.She also likes cute clothes and shojo manga, but she often shrugs off as "she doesn't suit her."
He has been expected to win the classic race from an early age, and he himself is burning his tenacity as a goal.What is Mejiro McQueen?Childhood friendAnd I feel respect and closeness to McQueen who carries the White-eye family.
Voice- Matsuzaki
The tallest horse girl in the game, boasting a height of 180 cm in the middle school.When she activates her unique skill or wins the GI, she often emphasizes its size.
A gentle personality that always keeps smiling.I have a great attraction and interest in food, and I love collecting ingredients, cooking, and eating.The habit is "Bono".
I saw it when I was littleWrestlerI aimed to be a race horse girl because I was fascinated by the appearance of. "Tresen GakuenSumo room", And the first thing to think about is to collide with the other party with all his might.
Rice shower
Voice- Mika Iwami
A petite horse girl whose trademark is a small hat with a blue rose.She has dark bay outside bangs long hair, and her right eye is hidden by her bangs.Her first person is "Rice".Her roommate is Zenno Rob Roy.
Obedient and innocent, but very introverted.She is often unlucky and blames herself for the damage that often extends to others around her, which makes her unconfident and reluctant.But he always has a passion for victory and is enthusiastic about training.
In the training scenario, I liken my trainer to a character in a picture book that I love to read, and if the trainer is a man, I call him "brother", and if the trainer is a woman, I call him "sister".
Main story
The main character of Part 1 and Chapter 2.She is one of the horse girls scouted by the trainer of Team Sirius, and she works hard to practice by seeing the back of Mejiro McQueen who has grown into the ace of the team, and faces Mihono Bourbon on the classic front.
Agnes tachyon
Voice- Sumire Uesaka
Uma Musume with brown hair and short hair.She came to Tresen Academy to study her potential as a horse girl.Prioritizing her "experiments" such as her own body modification, she rarely appears in her classes and practice.Her roommate is Agnes Digital.
Treat the trainer as a "subject (guinea pig)".He likes tea and behaves well, but for some reason he has a fluorescent color.Test tubeBe wary because it is in.Because of his research, he is indifferent to his private life and leaves the care of meals to the trainer.
Main story
Interested in the running of Silence Suzuka, he questioned his ability by kidnapping the trainer of the team <Sirius> in the middle.At the same time, he feels the speed of Suzuka is in jeopardy and gives advice and advice to the trainer of <Sirius>.
Admire Vega
Voice- Hitomi Sasaki
Uma Musume with long hair tied together in the back.She has a blue cover on her right ear.Her nickname is "Ayabe".Her roommate is Curren Chan.
Originally it was supposed to be born as twins, but my sisterstillbirthBecause of that, I feel a strong mission and responsibility to win the race on her behalf.However, her feelings are so strong that she is inviting overwork and fouls during the race.
In many cases, he is alone by making a wall, such as refusing an invitation from the surroundings for some reason.However, she is shunned because she is often entangled in T.M. Opera O.
Observing the night sky is a relaxing time, and for events during trainingplanetariumThere is also a way to get a rest.I love fluffy things and have my own futon dryer.
Winning ticket
Voice- Yui Watanabe
Uma Musume of the outer honey short bob of dark bay.Cheerful, cheerful and sensitive personality, when nervoushivesI develop illness, and I am moved by a little bit and cry.His nickname is "Chikezo," and there are some depictions that ask him to call it that way.My roommate is Tosen Jordan.
Main story
The main character of Part 1 and Chapter 3.Japanese derbyHe has a very strong feeling for Sirius, and he is scouted by a trainer of <Sirius> who sympathizes with that feeling and enters <Sirius>, aiming to conquer the derby.
Aisin flash
Voice- Ayumi Fujino
A horse girl from Germany who has black hair as a bob cut.She is so serious and careful that she manages schedules in seconds, but she is vulnerable to unexpected troubles.Her roommate is a smart falcon.
Parents run a cake shop in GermanyMeisterSo, he also enjoys making sweets.My father's "(confectionery making) is only 1gThe teaching that "the error of the sword makes everything go crazy" is one of the factors that nurtured the present character.
Her mother is a former race horse girl, and she is also active in racing, and plans to take over the family business after retirement. As a "great senior"Mr C B(Voice- Yurina Amami).
Curren Chan
Voice- Yu Shinohara
Uma Musume with white hair that is close to beige as a shortcut.He has a whimsical personality and is weak when he is fooled.He goes on the internet under the name "Curren" and has 300 million followers on the SNS "Umastargram" that posts selfies.My roommate is Admire Vega.
We are pursuing "kawaii" and act on the basis of "kawaii" in all things.Trainers are called "brothers" for men and "sisters" for women.
Kawakami Princess
Voice- Takahashi flower forest
Uma Musume who is aiming for a princess from the common people.It features a symmetrical Fuji forehead.My roommate is Seeking the Pearl.
Although she was a tomboy and energetic girl, she aimed to become a princess based on the future image of "a princess who fights with a prince" obtained from the TV anime "Princess Fighters" (abbreviated as "Princess Fighters"). There is.However, due to her tomboyishness and her strength, she often destroys the facilities and equipment of Tressen Academy, bothering her Air Groove's head.She longs for King Halo.
Gold Shichi
Voice- Saki Kosaka
Uma Musume who has long blonde hair.She is one of the most beautiful horse girls, and she has such a beautiful appearance that she is described as "a beautiful girl in a hundred years."Her nickname is "Shchi".Her roommate is Bamboo Memory.
He also works as a model and a race horse girl, and has a manager (abbreviated as "maneji") in addition to the trainer.He has many fans in Tresen Gakuen, and he is especially admired for Yukinobijin who aims to be a "shchi girl".She also likes Gold City's Yukinobijin, which has a natural charm that is undressed.
He hates being evaluated only by his appearance as "treatment as a doll", and he hopes to be evaluated in terms of running and inside, and is also aiming for it.
Sakura Bakushin O
Voice- Sachika Misawa
Uma Musume who serves as the class president.It features eyes like cherry blossom petals.
He has a strong sense of justice, and if he thinks about it, he will "buckin" in a straight line.He has a very high sense of self-affirmation due to the influence of his parents who have a praise as a family lesson, and he does not doubt his own excellence, such as calling himself an "honor student".However, he is a little sloppy, often portraying his poor academic performance.
I am proud to be the class president, and I look around the campus every day.He is on good terms with Biko Pegasus and Kitasan Black, and often acts with Bamboo Memory, a disciplinary committee member.
Super creek
Voice- Kana Yuuki
A horse girl with a large and gentle older sister's skin.Oguri Cap, Tamamo Cross, and Inari One are friends and rivals.My roommate is Narita Taishin.
With a caring personality, anyone you know wants to spoil you.Her parents' housenurseryIt seems that he had a hassle-free personality to take care of the children around him from an early age.
Normally, the trainer scouts the horse girl in charge, but the trainer is nominated in reverse to form a duo.He wants to spoil not only other close horse girls but also trainers, and treats them with an attitude toward infants.
Cinderella Gray
Although it has a gentle personality in common with other media, it does not have a depiction of wanting to spoil the people around it, and it is a character that shows a strong desire for victory.He was not very noticeable in the class, and he had to forgo the Satsuki Sho and Derby races because he had leg anxiety. Let them show their spiritual performance.
Smart Falcon
Voice- Hitomi Owada
An idol-type horse girl who is passionate about winning live, she calls herself "Uma Musume" (Uma Musume Idol).Nickname is "Falcon".My roommate is Eishin Flash.
The goal is to stand in the center, attracting the attention of many people.Originally, it was suitable for dirt roads, but at the beginning, it was not possible to get good results because it focused on attracting the attention of many people and ran a turf race that did not suit his own aptitude.After being taught the goodness of dirt races by trainers, I started thinking about enlivening dirt races themselves so that they would be noticed like turf even on dirt roads.
Silence Suzuka and Mihono Bourbon form the unit "Escape Sisters".Ines Fujin and Maruzensky will join as additional members in the anime version "Umayon".
Tohsen Jordan
Voice- Suzuki Eri
Volumetric pigtails and flashyNailA gal-type horse girl who is characterized by.Due to her fragile natural nails, her limbs and nails should be cared for daily and carefully.She is competing in the race to become a big horse girl anyway.Her roommate is a winning ticket.
Although he has some qualities, he is not good at thinking, and his academic performance is poor, and he is a regular in supplementary lessons and remedial exams.However, his personality is serious, and he goes straight to the goals he has set.
He is also on good terms with the gal Daitaku Helios Mejiro Palmer and Gold City, who are dating each other.In addition, Gold Ship recognizes each other as "bad guys" and competes with each other every time.
Narita Taishin
Voice- Keiko Watanabe
A small-sized horse girl with a short cut of bay.Her roommate is Super Creek.
There is a strong complex for one's physique, and because of the quality of Kamayanagi, who is naturally ill and easily suffers from breakdowns, he tends to build walls around him.I often take any attitude, I am not good at group action and emotional expression,Smartphone,handheld game consoleI often play alone in Japan.Also, there is a lot of gluttony[Annotation 25]It is also an exceptionally small meal among Uma Musume.
He hints that he was being ridiculed by those around him, and is aiming to win the race in order to "look back".
Nishino Flower
Voice- Haruna Kawai
A petite horse girl with a bob head.Her roommate is Mihono Bourbon.
Excellent academic performanceJumping gradeI am enrolled in the school and often impress my senior horse daughter.She also posted images of her own bento boxes on social media and has a lot of followers.She is close to Seiun Sky and occasionally acts with her.
Haru Urara
Voice- Shina Shuto
Uma Musume with pink hair and eyes reminiscent of cherry blossom petals.She is often referred to as "Urara" by herself and others.Her roommate is King Halo.
He has an innocent personality, and although his ability before his debut is not as good as that of the horse girls around him, he has a positive attitude that he will not be depressed no matter how much he loses.Popular with her surroundings because of her good-natured personality, she met people in the shopping district near Tressen Academy.
Haru Urara Good luck!
Serve as the main character.Compared to other media, he has a childish, capricious and selfish personality, but he is a trainer.Dai MuneishiThe figure that is loved by the people of Kochi is emphasized.I didn't train for the mood, and although I'm doing my best in the race, I haven't won even at the 100th race because I don't stick to the result, but I keep running without retiring due to the love of the owners. There is.Although sensitive to weight gain and loss, carrots and ice cream after the bath can never be stopped.
Machikane Fukukita
Voice- Hiyori Nitta
Uma Musume is characterized by her chestnut-colored outer hair and eyes with cross-shaped pupils.She is pouring her heart and soul into fortune-telling and spells to improve her fortune.The names from around her are "Fuku" and "Fukukitaru".Her roommate is Matikane Tannhoiza.
Restless and in good health.My parents' house is a shrine.Good luck goods[Annotation 26]Is collected in large quantities every day and may be distributed to other horse girls.If you feel that you are not lucky, you will immediately become bearish, so to maintain your motivation, good luck goodsShopping addictionHowever, it is corrected by the player in the Uma Musume story.
"I tell myself every day"ShiraokiMr[Annotation 27]I believe in it and encourage people around me to worship it.
May Shodo Tou
Voice- Misaki Watada
Uma Musume with brown short hair and a white accent in the center.She always has her ears dripping and stooping.Her nickname is "Doto".Her roommate is Air Shakur.
Although he has the ability, he is shy and withdraws.She is distracted and clumsy, and tends to lose confidence in something that doesn't work.Therefore, he always sees the confident T M Opera O as an object of respect.
Megiro Dobel
Voice- Hikari Kubota
Uma Musume with purplish black hair and long hair.She uses polite language like other horse daughters of the Mejiro family, but she sometimes uses tame mouths for trainers and people of the same or lower rank.Her roommate is the Taiki Shuttle.
I am not very good at appearing in public because I fell down in the early stages of the race when I was young and lost a lot, and even if I can run powerfully in practice, I lack concentration in the actual performance with spectators.In some conversations, men are not particularly good at it, and their attitude changes greatly depending on the gender setting of the player.
He has been away from Mejiro Ryan, who has always been in the spotlight since the above experience, and often works with Mejiro Bright.
Nice nature
Voice- Maeda Kaori
Uma Musume features red and green ear covers with reddish and voluminous bays in a twin tail.Her nickname is "Nice Nature", and she sometimes calls herself "Nice Nature".Her roommate is Marvelous Sunday.
His motto is "moderate everything" and he doesn't like excessive expectations and praise.While she has a strong desire to win, she is often content with second and third, so even if she shows confidence once, she has a sneaky side to take precautions to insure immediately.
My parents' house is in the shopping districtsnackSo, adults in the shopping district call it "Nei-chan" and are familiar with it.
He often acts with Twin Turbo, Matikane Tannh Hoiza, and Ikuno Dictus, and is also close to Gal-type horse girls such as Daitaku Helios.
King halo
Voice- Iori Saeki
Uma Musume with long curled bay hair, featuring blue covers on both ears and green earrings.Her nickname is "King" and she sometimes calls herself.She laughs when she feels she's top notch when she wins a race or when she's in great shape.Her roommate is Haru Urara.
Originally from a noble family known as the "Lady of the Super Good Family," her mother was also a race horse girl.She has a young lady's temperament and pride, and she always has a strong commitment to being first-class.However, there is also a reckless aspect of that commitment, and she sometimes tries to proceed with her things by disregarding her own abilities and rules.She is also not happy that she will be compared to her mother because of her origin.
He has a caring personality and takes good care of Haru Urara and Kawakami Princess.She is a close friend and rival to Special Week and Seiun Sky, and sometimes praises their actions.
Machikanetan Hoiza
Voice- Tono Hikaru
A horse girl with brown hair.Her blue hat is a trademark, with a hole in it to expose her right ear.Her nicknames are "Machi (Tan)" and "Tan Hoiza".Her roommate is Matikanefukukita.
Although he admits that he is an ordinary horse girl who has nothing to do with him, he has a positive personality and feels almost no pressure or stress.She is also a hard worker, she trains hard and is enthusiastic about learning.On the other hand, she is easy to step on, especially in accidents that collide with something or have nosebleeds.
Satono diamond
Voice- Tachibana Hina
A boxed horse girl born as a daughter of a wealthy man.She has light brown hair and a diamond-shaped mesh in the center of her bangs.
He has a pure, pretty and unfussy personality, and although he has many naive words and deeds, he also shows a strong side.She aims to break the jinx for her family's dreams, and as soon as she senses the jinx, she tries to challenge her.Her nickname is "Diamond-chan".
Kitasan Black, a childhood friend, is a close friend and rival from elementary school students.
Kitasan Black
Voice- Princess Yano Naki
Uma Musume with wavy black hair and white accents.Her nickname is "Kita-chan".
Famous enka singerTo my father.She is cheerful, lively and humane, and has a friendly personality that cannot be left alone when she sees a troubled person.The whole family loves festivals, and sometimes she has a dialect.He has a sturdy body that can withstand any hard training.
My childhood friend, Satono Diamond, is a close friend and rival from elementary school.She longs for Tokai Teio and aims to be a horse girl like her.
Megiro Ardan
Voice- Saya Aizawa
Uma Musume of the Mejiro family with long light blue hair.She has a gentle personality and she speaks the words of a young lady.Her roommate is Sakura Chiyono O.
My parents are opposed to running in the race because my body (especially my legs) is weak by nature and I have been hospitalized and discharged many times due to a breakdown during training.He makes a detailed plan to prevent breakdowns, but he is not ridiculous.
Sister'sMejiro Ramone[Annotation 28]He used to be similarly weak, but since he has been very active in racing since then, he is aiming for it.
He is curious and practices the gal-like behavior of Daitaku Helios and the health methods found in library books.She is also on good terms with her roommate Sakura Chiyono O and is always training with her.
Sakura Chiyono O
Voice- Ruriko Noguchi
Uma Musume with cherry blossom hair ornament on her left ear.Her reddish-brown bob hair grows in four directions.Her nicknames are "Chiyo" and "Chiyono O".Her roommate is Mejiro Ardan.
Longing for Maruzensky, he enrolled in Tresen Gakuen and is trying to catch up.He has a quiet personality that always speaks humbly and tends to be bearish.
I always carry a "Chiyo Note" that describes my life knowledge and sayings, and I like the sayings because of that influence.
Cinderella Gray
4 wins in 3 races at the time of first appearance.Maybe because I'm shy, I'm nervous when I see the Oguri Cap on the first day of moving in.Like the game, he has a longing for Maruzensky.
A horse girl with a windmill hair accessory on her left ear and a mesh on her bangs.She is also known as "martial arts girl".
He has a serious personality and has a strange way of putting in heat, and sometimes he reveals a different sensibility, such as yelling out the important parts of the conversation.She likes cute things, and when she is impressed, she becomes fragile.
When he was a child, he was a rampage who couldn't handle his own power, but under the guidance of his grandfather, who is the master of the "Kongo Yaegaki style," he became able to suppress his rough power.He wants to show his power in the race to give back to his grandfather.
Cinderella Gray
Dodge the handshake on the first day of Oguri Cap's transfer and declare that he will fight openly.He is always honorific and has an honorific temperament, and he is serious about his daily school life and racing, but he has an old-fashioned side, such as writing an autograph when he challenges Oguri Cap.His trainer is the master of his grandfather's best friend, the Kongo Yaegaki style.
Mejiro Bright
Voice- Ayaka Onishi
Uma Musume of the Mejiro family, characterized by voluminous brown hair.She has a relaxed personality and relaxed behavior, but she is also a hard worker, and she also has a boldness that does not move even in trivial matters.She is Mejiro Dobel's best friend, and she admires Mejiro Ryan as "Ryan's sister."

Uma Musume with only support card installed

Uma Musume with only a support card.In addition to individual scenarios being developed at support card events, they may also participate in races wearing their own unique racing clothes.

Voice- Yamamoto hope
IwateA horse girl from Japan, she has a dialect.She has a strong admiration for Gold City and she aims to be a "Shchi Girl", which has influenced her to have a strong interest in urban culture.Her roommate is Manhattan Cafe.
Ines Fujin
Voice- Tomomi Mineuchi
A horse girl who always wears a sun visor.She has the eldest daughter's temperament, probably because she has two younger sisters, and she is depicted as taking the initiative to go shopping.She likes exercise as well as Mejiro Ryan.Her roommate is Mejiro Ryan.
Voice- Inoue Haruno
EdokkoA petite and cheerful horse girl who calls herself.She has a fox face on her right ear side.She is a friend of Oguri Cap and Super Creek, and she often quarrels with Tamamo Cross.Her roommate is Twin Turbo.
Air Shakur
Voice- Minami Tsuda
Uma Musume is characterized by her black hair.Her first person is "I".She has a seal piercing on her left eyebrow.She is her brains who value data analysis and puts her learning and research first.She has a strong and sloppy mouth to everyone, but she is hated and has a good side to take care of.Her roommate is Meisho Doto.
Seeking the pearl
Voice- Ayaka Fukuhara
A long-haired horse girl with sunglasses on her head.There is a crying mole on her right eye.She has progressive thinking and she always states her ideals for the future.She grows up traveling abroad, and although she speaks little English, she covers her by gesturing and communicating.Her roommate is Kawakami Princess.
Shinko Windy
Voice- Yuuki Takada
A horse girl with mane-like hair standing from the top of her head.She is a high school but childish personality, and she is a mischievous person who speaks in a dashing tone such as "It's XX".She is often watched by the Hishi Amazon because she is lonely and bites when she doesn't care.
Sweep Tosho
Voice- Shiori Sugiura
Uma Musume with her back hair tied up in a ring.She may also be wearing a witch hat.She calls herself a magical girl, "Sweepy," and she's been mischievous around her in the name of practicing magic, which has been a source of trouble for her dormitory director, Fuji Kiseki.She is not good at vegetables.She's selfish and crying, but she's a friend, and she works hard to encourage her to have a depressed friend, Uma Musume.
Zenno Rob Roy
Voice- Terui Haruka
A horse girl with pigtails and semi-circular glasses.She is a reader and library committee member, and she is often portrayed as recommending her books to other horse girls (although she is endless once spoken).She likes to immerse herself in heroes and fantasy worldviews, and she aims to be a part of it.Her roommate is a rice shower.
Nakayama Festa
Voice- Shimoji Shimono
AlwaysKnit hatUma Musume wearing.She takes pride in being a matchmaker, and she prefers a thrilling life, such as going out without an umbrella without looking at the weather forecast.She often hangs with Gold Ship.Her roommate is Sirius Shimbori.
Bamboo memory
Voice- Aihara Kotomi
A horse girl with brown hair wrapped in a headband with the word "dream" written on it.She sometimes carries a bamboo sword.The feature is to add "~ ssu" to the end of her word.She works as a disciplinary committee member with Sakura Bakushin O to purge Tsunaki, but her activities are extremely excessive, such as rebuking her just for eating.Her roommate is Gold City.
Biko Pegasus
Voice- Aimi Tanaka
A petite horse girl with a star-shaped hair accessory.She longs for the squadron hero "Carrotman", and she aims to become a hero like Carrotman and defeat strong opponents in the race.She, in contrast to herself, often acts with the tall Hishiakebono.
Marvelous Sunday
Voice- Marie Miyake
A black-haired twin-tailed horse girl with a big hair clip.Like Matikanefukukita, she has a cross-shaped pupil.Her roommate Nice Nature describes her as a "good alarm clock" because she shouts "Marvelous ☆" on something.She is on good terms with Mayano Top Gun and often acts with her.
Voice- Tazawa Mayumi
Chestnut with a part of the back hair braidedBob cutとRound glassesUma Musume is characteristic.She has a well-organized and well-organized personality.She pays the utmost attention to not breaking down, and she cannot be ignored when she sees her being crazy, even if she is someone else.Her roommate is Mejiro McQueen.
Megiro Palmer
Voice- Noguchi Yuri
A horse girl with a popular and friendly personality.She has brown hair and has a mesh on a part of her bangs.She is the only Uma Musume of the Mejiro family to appear, she does not speak politely and always uses a tame mouth.In her race, her running form is characterized by raising her head high without taking her forward leaning posture.She likes a gal-like way of life, and she begs for Daitaku Helios to teach.
Daitaku Helios
Voice- Aya Yamane
Live brightly with glue at any timeParipiUma Musume of the system.She is dark bay, has blue mesh, and has white covers on her ears.She often speaks with Gal.She is Mejiro Palmer and her escape friend.
Twin turbo
Voice- Miharu Hanai
A runaway horse girl who puts all her energy into everything and even starts practice at full speed.She has blue hair in pigtails.Her first and nickname is "Turbo".Although she is kind and easy to understand, her words and actions are childish, and she tends to say what she thinks.Her roommate is Inari One.
Main story
He showed an overwhelming escape at Arima Kinen, but stalled at the end of the course.He was overtaken by other horse girls such as Narita Brian all at once, and even from the actual situation, he was told that "the beginning of Twin Turbo ends here!".
Sirius Shimbori
Voice- Files love
A horse girl with a distinctive back hair divided into two.She is aiming for world domination and she is quite confident.On the other hand, she is devoted to helping other horse girls train, and there are many horse girls who yearn for her because of her dislike of bending.She is a childhood friend of Symboli Rudolf, but she has poor grades and she is in conflict over the treatment of a fallen horse girl at the school.
Cinderella Gray
He went on an expedition to France before the start of the main story, and after returning to Japan, he will play against Oguri Cap with the crown every day.
Narita Top Road
Voice- Kanna Nakamura
Uma Musume who divided her blonde hair into centers.She always speaks politely and has an honorable temperament, and she chairs the class president.She is humble but versatile.She has a rivalry with Admire Vega and is trying to find her abilities that she lacks.

Original horse girl

Many original Uma Musume have appeared during the race, but in this item, only the characters that are greatly related to the scenario are listed.Neither the breeding horse daughter nor the support card is implemented at all.In addition, racehorses with the same names as the following characters are registered.[25][26][27]However, it is not related to them.

Happy Meek
Voice- Miyu Yoshisaki
Appeared in the training scenario "New! URA Finals".White hairShe has silver hair close to that of her, and has floral hair ornaments.She is quiet but passionate about winning the race, making it difficult to tell her disagreement with her trainer, Aoi Kiryuin.
Bitter glasse
Voice- Shimada Aino
Appeared in the training scenario "Aoharu Cup-Shining, Team Bonds-". She is a horse girl who loves "games" and is proud of her strength.She loves hard training so much that she is shunned by her surroundings[28]..The trainer in charge is Riko Kashimoto.
Little Con
Voice- Saho Shirasu
Appeared in the training scenario "Aoharu Cup-Shining, Team Bonds-".A cool, poisonous and stoic horse girl.I hate bending myself and I'm not good at collective action[28]..The trainer in charge is Riko Kashimoto.

Other characters

Trainer [Player]
The player of this work who is in charge of management of Uma Musume.Gender reflects the profile settings in the game.The background setting differs depending on the story of the horse girl to be trained, and in some cases it is said that the horse girl has already been trained, and in other cases the horse girl is the first new trainer to be trained.
While dealing with Frank without using honorifics for Uma Musume, she is portrayed as a polite person who speaks politely to other trainers and school officials.Uma Musume is often called by name or nickname for men and "you" for women.She is devoted to thinking about everything from the training menu to the mental aspect of her horse girl, and when she is worried, she reads books from herself and tries to find out.As a result, she is trusted by many horse girls and is sometimes invited to play personally.
The trainers themselves exist in addition to the players, and there will be multiple new trainers such as senior trainers who give advice and Aoi Kiryuin (described later).
Tazuna Suragawa (Tazuna Hayakawa)
Voice- Yukiyo Fujii
Secretary of the President of Tressen Academy.Serves as a navigator in the game.She is a young woman wearing a green hat and a green uniform.She is calm, but she has enough leg strength to chase after her horse daughter without losing sight of her.
Maruzensky is a good friend and drinking friend, but she is not good at driving.
Yayoi Akigawa (Yayoi Akigawa)
Voice- Mizuhashi Kaori
He is the director of Tresen Gakuen that appears in the game, and has just taken over the position of director from his predecessor.A young-looking female with bright brown hair and a mesh of bangs[Annotation 29]..It features a dynamic tone that makes heavy use of two-character idioms (such as "superb!").He has a cat on his hat and may squeal when he starts talking.
He has a very strong desire to support Uma Musume, and sometimes he supports him even if he uses his private fortune, but he is often punished because he has passed his own discretion.
Kiryuin Aoi
Voice- Miho Okazaki
A female trainer who appears in the training scenario "New! URA Finals" and is a newcomer who made her debut at about the same time as the player's trainer. She is from the Kiryuin family, who is said to be a "prestigious trainer", and because of her serious personality as a trainer, she lacks consideration for the psychological aspects of her horse daughter.She is also inexperienced in areas such as her hobbies and play and often seeks advice from players, while there are depictions of her high physical fitness.[Annotation 30]..I am in charge of Happy Meek.
Riko Kashimoto
Voice- Park Lumei
A tall and thin woman who is an important person in the game training scenario "Aoharu Cup-Shining, Team Bonds-" and serves as a URA executive.She was dispatched by the URA Headquarters on behalf of Akikawa, who had been on a long-term overseas business trip for a long time, and she was dispatched by the URA Headquarters as the acting director of Tresen Gakuen.She is also a former trainer, has a wealth of knowledge about her horse daughter and racing, and sometimes advises trainer players.She is versatile and knowledgeable, but she is not good at exercising.[Annotation 31].
He criticized the free-spirited school spirit of Tressen Gakuen as "slimy" and launched the "educational education program", deciding to abolish the newly revived Aoharu Cup.Many students are disappointed with the radical policy, and eventually they will play a training game with the trainers of the players, betting on the abolition of the Aoharu Cup and the implementation of the management education program.Depending on the progress of her game, her team members will also question her guiding policy, but she nevertheless refuses to change her guiding policy because she thinks "because of her poor management".
These extreme words and deeds came from the bitter experience of failure due to the extreme difference in ability between horse girls during the former trainer era, and since then I have been enthusiastic about thoroughly controlling training and race entry. There is.
I am in charge of Bitter Glasse and Little Con, but except during the Aoharu Cup, I do not form a team and make menus individually.
In another training scenario "Make a new track !! ~ Climax opening ~", he maintains a good relationship with his horse daughter.
Anshinzawa Sasami
Voice- Kikuko Inoue
A mysterious teacher who appears in the infirmary of Tresen Gakuen in the game training mode.His blonde hair has a red vantage and a white mask that covers his eyes.He claims to be a fan of the horse girl he is raising and recommends bamboo acupuncture treatment with confidence by saying "I came to help", but he is totally unconfident in his ability and skill from every word and action. Let me see.
Because of the illegal intruder who has entered the Tressen Academy without permission, he is found and runs away when he continues to worry about whether to receive treatment.It is up to her to hit the bamboo needles, and it is completely up to her whether the result of the hit is good or bad.
Beauty Anshinzawa (described later), a racing clothing designer, is a real sister.
Fumi Otonashi Etsuko Otonashi
Voice- Eri Suyama
Reporter of "Monthly Twinkle", a magazine dealing with the Twinkle series races and Uma Musume.He helps players to develop the racing world.He has a definite eye for Uma Musume and a wealth of knowledge comparable to that of a trainer, but his feelings for Uma Musume are so strong that his delusions swell and he runs out of control (such as wielding a fever). "It's wonderful!" Is a habit.
He is an important person in the game development scenario "Make a new track !! ~ Climax opening ~" and devotes himself to holding the new race "Twinkle Star Climax".
Even before the game, it appeared in the official glossary section called "Twinkle web".
Beauty Anshinzawa
Famous brand racing clothing designer who appeared in the story event "June Pride of the Flower Blooming Maiden" in June 2021 in the game[29]..Originally active in Paris, she is "inspired by a letter from her sister in Japan" and travels to Japan.
At the time of its first appearance, the relationship with Anshinzawa Sashimi was not revealed, but it is clearly stated in the one-frame manga that it is a real sister.She was also revealed at her support card event that she was named Isami.
Misato Akasaka
Voice- Satomi Akasaka
A talented announcer who is in charge of the live performance of the Twinkle series.
The anime version is the first to appear, and it also appears in the manga "Cinderella Gray".Only the voice appears in the game, but after May 2022, the visuals have been posted on the official website.
Junko Hosoe
Voice- Junko Hosoe(Person)
A person who has a deep knowledge of horse girls and races.He is in charge of commentary on large-scale races such as the training scenario "Make a new track !! ~ Climax opening ~".[19].
A character with the motif of Junko Hosoe, a real horse-race critic and horse-race commentator (horse collaborator).She only appears in the game as a voice, but since May 2022, the visuals have been posted on the official website.

Cinderella Gray's original character

Horse girl (Cinderella Gray)

All are original characters without the original racehorse.

Voice- Kyori Nemoto(Volume 1 PV[30])
Uma Musume who entered the Casamatsu Tresen Academy at the same time as Oguri Cap and was scouted by Joe to become the same team as Oguri Cap.Nickname is "Berno".The physique is petite, with a short bob of brown hair, a white mesh, and a "B" -shaped hair accessory.The earrings are on the right.At first, he is afraid of Oguri Cap's strong appetite and the atmosphere of not knowing what he is thinking, but gradually he gets along well.There is nothing remarkable about his running ability, but his parents' house is a sporting goods store specializing in horse girls, and he is familiar with shoes and horseshoes.At the same time as Oguri Cap's transfer to Central Tressen Academy, he passed the transfer exam for support trainees and supported Oguri Cap as a student at Central Tressen Academy. Unusual among the major Uma Musume appearing in the "Uma Musume" works, she chooses a path other than competition.
Fujima Summer March
A rival of the Oguri Cap stone pine era.She has red eyes on her straight hair with a light green color.With a cool and unattractive impression, he has a strong obsession with victory.From an early age, he continued to run stoicly and achieved excellent grades, and entered the Kasamatsu Tresen Academy as a scholarship student.After enrolling, he was scouted by Shibasaki and challenged the new battle with the goal of conquering the Tokai Derby, but he was surprised at Oguri Cap who chased himself to the next step, and after that he became hostile to her as a rival.Hair ornament is on the left.Good at running away.
Norn Ace
Oguri Cap's roommate.A gal-style horse girl who wears her uniform and manipulates her smartphone.I often hang out with my teammates Rudy Lemono and Minnie the Lady.At first, he relentlessly bullies the ugly Oguri Cap, drives her to the storage room despite being a roommate, and colludes with Rudy Lemono and Miniza Lady to interfere with the Oguri Cap (but is bullied by the Oguri Cap). (I don't realize that I'm being disturbed at all), but in the race I ran with, I realized the difference in my ability and converted, and I started to teach and support Oguri Cap's winning live dance.My parents' house is a dance class.
Rudy Lemono
Voice- Mai Nishikawa(Volume 1 PV[30])
A bad friend from an elementary school student in Norn Ace. Long hair with palomino, which is rare for horse girls. A yankee girl with bad eyesight and a bad mouth.
Minnie the Lady
A bad friend from an elementary school student in Norn Ace.It features a brown-brown bob head and Menko.He is also swearing at the short Vernolite, but he is shorter.With wisdom, she has a plan to block Oguri Cap.
Blacky ale
A bad horse girl with a rough tone and aggressive eyes.At the time of the first appearance, he has won 9 consecutive wins with 5 wins in 4 races.On the first day of transfer, the stone pine race was ridiculed as "sand play" against Oguri Cap.[31]Oguri Cap is called a small fish, but he ran for 5 consecutive victories.Pegasus stakesLost to Oguri Cap in the first match of the central transfer.Contrary to his rough appearance, he is kind to children and fans, and responds sincerely when spoken to.
Dictus striker
A bad horse girl with brown hair wearing a hoodie in her eyes.Also known as "Chestnut Bullet".
Makeup Tsukasa
A horse girl who belongs to Roppei's team, her bangs are pinned.He is an honor student and treats seniors and juniors in a friendly manner.
Craft Univa
A shy horse girl who belongs to Roppei's team and has freckles on her face and one eye hidden by her hair.I often carry candy with me.
God Hannibal
Uma Musume, who belongs to Roppei's team, has earmuffs and piercings on her right ear, creating a mysterious atmosphere.However, it's just a knack for its appearance, and it can get stuck in a stump or mistake a jersey for ice cream.
Akitsu Teio
A powerful horse girl who specializes in short and medium distance running and is called the "Emperor of Miles".At Takarazuka Kinen, he will play against Tamamo Cross but lose.
Road Royal
A horse girl who is good at running away.In the Mainichi Okan, Sirius Shimbori, who was dancing in the paddock, hit his face and bleeds his nose, causing him to be excluded from running.
Dynam Heroine
A horse girl called "Lady on the stage".In the paddock of the crown every day, he is involved in the disaster of being kicked by Sirius Shimbori.In the race, he is wary of Oguri Cap but loses.

Other characters (Cinderella Gray)

Akira Kitahara
Voice- Nakamura Shogo(Volume 1 PV[30])
Oguri Cap and Vernolite trainer.Nickname is Joe.A man who looks like a tall man.I am a trainer at Kasamatsu Tresen Gakuen, but I did not have a shining rough horse girl, and I was a trainer by inertia because the horse girl was not motivated, but I witnessed Oguri Cap in the gate test and together ToTokai DerbyIf it is a talented person who can aim for, shine his eyes and scout.After hearing the story of the scout to the center of Oguri Cap, he crawls around, but at the end he sends her to the center saying "You can make an era" and decides to take the central trainer examination himself.Roppei is his uncle.In the past, he lived a rough life in pachinko all day long because of his uncle's closeness.
Koichi Shibasaki
Voice- Tetsushi Shibasaki(Volume 1 PV[30])
Fujima summer march trainer.An all-back good young man.Although he often advises March, he is troubled by March, who has an irreverent attitude for some reason.
Roppei Ginjiro (Musaka Ginjiro)
Kitahara's uncle and trainer at Chuo Toresen Academy.Advise Kitahara to stop going to Oguri Cap for Chukyo.Called "Uncle Roppei" by Kitahara, he is also a benefactor who invited him to the world of trainers.Oguri Cap and Vernolite, who have transferred to Central Tressen Academy, will join their team on the condition that "until Kitahara obtains a central trainer license."
Izumi Fujii
A newspaper reporter covering the Twinkle series.Witnessing the victory at the Pegasus Stakes, which was the first match of Oguri Cap, I fell in love with Oguri Cap, and in order to manage to run Oguri Cap, which has not been registered as a classic, to Japan Derby, I signed a signature in my article Gather and ask Symboli Rudolf for help.
Speaks fluent English and can talk with English-speaking horse girls.
Fumino Nase (Fumino Nase)
The trainer in charge of the team to which Super Creek belongs.A second-generation trainer whose father is an excellent trainer who once fought a fierce battle with Roppei with the results of his horse daughter. Known as a "genius", he has many female fans.
Pay attention to the physical condition of the horse girl in charge, and give the first guidance to the horse girl.Discovering the inconspicuous talent of Super Creek as a stayer, he carefully trains him and fulfills a miracle together at the Kikuka Award.

the term


Horse daughter
Different world[Annotation 32]A creature that only women exist, born by inheriting the name and soul of a racehorse.
Basically in the pastJRAorLocal horse racingThe name of the actual racehorse that was enrolled in is given, and the birthday is also the same.Hair and tail are often similar in color to real horse fur[Annotation 33]And on the faceStars and meteorsA horse girl modeled on a horse with a horse has a part of her bangsmeshEnters. Also, MenkoShadow rollSuch asharnessWith some exceptions, it inherits the appearance characteristics of the actual horse of the model, such as expressing it with accessories such as ear covers, ribbons, and masks.If the model is a stallion, it is on the right ear side, and if it is a mare, it is on the left ear side.[32]..Her personality and hobbies, relationships with other horse girls, and childhood episodes often reflect that of the model racehorse.
A horse-like tail grows near the waist, and horse-like ears are near the crown.[Annotation 34]..Except for the ears and tail, it looks like a normal human female, but it looks good all over the place.[33]Because of this, it has gained popularity as an idol.
The running speed of Uma Musume, who runs at full speed, reaches about 50 to 70 kilometers per hour, and is a lane dedicated to Uma Musume on public roads.[Annotation 35]There is also a place where is laid.There are many people who are active as athletes by making use of their overwhelming physical ability, especially Uma Musume who is enrolled in Tresen Gakuen and is working hard to participate in the "Twinkle Series" which is a national sports entertainment. Occupies the majority.However, in each event, it is a separate frame from general athletes due to differences in physical ability.[33]..In addition, there are horse girls who do not participate in sports and live in the same occupation as ordinary people.
In terms of intelligence, there is no difference from humans, private life is similar to humans, there are male relatives of humans, and there are horse daughters all over the world, etc.TraitsIt is described that it can be interpreted as.In the setting, a race called "Uma Musume"[Annotation 36]Is[33], Pointing to a person who is not a horse girl, "Human capitalThere is also a depiction that distinguishes between them.In addition, count horse daughtersnumeral"People" are used for.The biological classification is unknown, and detailed settings for pregnancy, childbirth, and heredity are not described.In each media mix work, the mothers of multiple major horse daughters are depicted as horse daughters, and there are scenes where multiple horse daughters refer to their fathers and siblings for relatives other than their mothers, and the horse daughters get married. Sometimes I choose a human male as my partner[33]It seems, but the details are unknown.
In the world of this work, as a large quadrupedal animalA horseDoes not exist, and the word "horse" refers to a horse girl.Therefore, when writing "horse" in Chinese characters, use a font that excludes the two points near the center from the four points of "horse".[Annotation 37][Annotation 38]However, in many cases, it is written in katakana as "horse" and "ba" without using Chinese characters (example: ○ horse body → ○ ba body).The Chinese character notation is "Arima Memorial"" And "" and "racetrack" on the side of the course of some racetracks can be confirmed.
Toresen Gakuen
An educational institution responsible for fostering competitive horse daughters.The official name is "Japan Uma Musume Training Center Gakuen'[34].TokyoFuchu-shi[Annotation 39]Exists in.Uma Musume nationwideTraining facilityThe most advanced and largest of all, the student cafeteria, library, and indoor pool (diving board(With) ・ Facilities such as the purchasing department are also substantial.
High school consistent schoolTherefore, there are both those who enter from the middle school and those who enter from the high school.Even in the character setting, there are horse girls belonging to the middle school and high school, but there are few depictions that make them aware of it in each media.
一般 的 なSecondary educationIn addition, classroom lectures, regular academic ability tests, and dance exercises and singing training for winning live performances will also be held.As a school motto, both Bunbu and Budo are listed, and there are additional exams and supplementary lessons for Uma Musume who have poor grades in the regular academic ability test.
The school-designated uniforms are purple-based sailor suits with purple pleated skirts for winter clothes, and light purple and white-based sailor suits with white pleated skirts for summer clothes.The feature is that there is a tail hole with a ribbon on the skirt, and the knot of the ribbon and the tail hole,loafersFor decoration etc.HorseshoesThe design is given.
In anime, the classes are roughly divided into "senior class" and "junior class".[34]..The junior class is further divided into groups A, B, and C, which are allowed to participate in the senior open class, and the races that can be entered in each class will change.
In the game, the distinction as an educational institution is not drawn, and the divisions in the race are divided into "junior grade", "classic grade" and "senior grade", and they are treated as junior grade from the time of debut in the race regardless of age. , In January, it will be promoted from classic class to senior class.In addition, it may be suggested that there is a course to train trainers, but the details are unknown.
In the dormitory systemMiho DormitoryとRitto DormitoryThere are two buildings[34]..The lesson is "Eclipse first, the rest nowhere. (Only outstanding, no one in line). "
In the manga "Cinderella Gray", it is also called "Central Tressen Academy" or simply "Central" to distinguish it from the Tressen Academy that exists in the region.In addition to the competitive horse daughter training course, there is also a "support trainee" course.
The official name is Uma-musume Racing Association (literally translated as "Uma Musume Racing Association").An organization involved in race registration, race rule formulation, and winning live management for Uma Musume.It is also the management body of Toresen Gakuen.There is also a design department and a music department, and URA creates all the winning live songs and game clothes for Uma Musume.
Three goddessesimage
An ancient Uma Musume, which is said to be the origin of Uma Musume.It sits as a stone statue in the fountain in the garden of Tresen Gakuen, and is also a place for students to relax.In the game version, it is the stage of inheritance.
Twinkle series
It is an athletics competition in which Uma Musume belonging to Chuo Toresen Gakuen competes for competition time at the race track.gamblingIt has become established as a national entertainment without elements.Most of the mechanismHorse racingAccording to the above, the racetrack is the same facility as the actual racetrack.
Program organization・ The schedule isCentral horse racingIn 2020JRARecorded in a deformed form of the racing program,Grade system(Based on the rating as of 2020) is adopted.The rating isNew horse battle"Make debut" equivalent to "Make debut", "Unwinned battle" equivalent to unwinned race, "Pre-OP (pre-open)" equivalent to 2-year-old special race, equivalent to open special race and Listed race (L)[Annotation 40]"OP (Open)", and GI / GII / GIII[Annotation 41]It is classified as a grade race.Also, in the game, in addition to the 10 races of the Japan Racing Association,Local horse racingからOi RacecourseIs also implemented,JBC3 races (JBC Classic,JBC Sprint,JBC Ladies Classic)[Annotation 42],Teio Sho,Japan Dirt Derby,andTokyo Grand PrizeWill be held.
In the game, the 3-year-old classic race is called the classic race, the 3-year-old female horse classic race is called the tiara race, andNiigata 2 year old stakes"2 years old" becomes "junior",Hanshin Mare Stakes"Mare" such as "Uma Musume" has been replaced with "Uma Musume" respectively.[Annotation 43][Annotation 44]..In addition, the "Yayoi Sho" will be awarded in 2020.Yayoi Award Deep Impact Memorial", But it is recorded as the old name.Other than that, the name of the company / organization (NHK-Tokyo Sports-MeitetsuAlthough it has not been replaced, some races have different conditions and ratings.
In order to participate, it is a prerequisite to receive a scout from the trainer and join the team, and selection races and simulated races for trainers to find excellent horse girls are frequently held at Tresen Gakuen.Also, in the animation, there is a description that only 5 or more team members can participate, and in the main story of the game, there is a description that the team will be disbanded if a certain number of people are not prepared, although there is temporary flexibility. ..
In races below GII, with gym clothesNumber(Colors and notations are similar to those of Central Horse Racing), Uma Musume with the name of a stallion wears shorts, and Uma Musume with the name of a mare wears bloomers.
At the end of the race, a "Winning Live" will be held in which all the horse girls who have run will perform on stage (described later).
Match clothes
Race clothing worn by Uma Musume only in GI or similar races.The design is exclusively for each horse girl, and the owner's match clothes and the color of the menko when the actual racehorse that became the model was active[Annotation 45]Has been incorporated.At first glance, there are many designs that are not suitable for racing, but it is said that wearing racing clothes exerts a "mysterious power" and makes it easier to demonstrate their abilities than gym clothes.
A profession that receives approval from URA and provides race guidance and physical condition management for Uma Musume.It is different from the teacher in charge of classroom lectures.Basically, they belong to Tresen Gakuen, but there are some who do not.It is said that the passing rate of the license examination is extremely low because it requires a high degree of specialized knowledge about Uma Musume.The license is separate between the central Tressen Academy and the local one, and the difficulty of the central license examination is even higher.Since the "power of mysterious bond" between humans and Uma Musume is believed, humans often act as trainers, but Uma Musume can also be a trainer.
Uma Musume joins the trainer's team and receives guidance. Two or more trainers may belong to one team, and they are divided into "chief trainer" and "sub-trainer" positions.In the game, there are teams like other media in terms of settings, but basically the description in units of teams is not done except for the main story.Especially for the player, it is described as one-on-one with the horse daughter in charge.
A trainer who does not have his own team and belongs to Tresen Gakuen as a staff member.Guidance is given to horse girls who have not been scouted yet or who have not joined the team.
Winning live
A live stage after the race. Uma Musume who entered the third place goes up to the stage, and the winning Uma Musume acts as the center (others are each)Good / bad on stageDivided into.Also, in the game, all 4 or less horse girls act as back dancers).
Former producer Ishihara said that the reason for introducing this was "I wanted to have a world view that does not leave a grudge after the game."[35].
Spring Fan Thanksgiving / Autumn Fan Thanksgiving (Hoof Festival)
A school event equivalent to the sports festival and school festival of Tresen Gakuen.It is open to the general public and has been well received by fans because it is possible to meet famous horse girls.
Triple crown horse daughter
A real-world classic raceSatsuki Award-Tokyo Yushun(Japan Derby) ・ChrysanthemumThe title given to Uma Musume who won all three races[Annotation 46]..The title equivalent to the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Horses in the real world is "Triple Tiara" (described later).
Annual representative horse daughter
A stage where URA commends the horse girl who shined this year at the end of the year.Elections are based on a voting system by reporters, and there are junior, classic, senior, dirt, and sprint, respectively.Based on these, the representative horse daughter of this year will be elected.
In the anime version, the right to design individual clothing is given as a supplementary prize.


Leg quality(tactics)
The tactics that Uma Musume takes in the race.There are four types, escape, lead, insert, and drive, and the run that is good at depends on the horse girl.In the game, inheritance can correct the leg quality that you are good at.
The distance that Uma Musume is good at racing.Short range, miles, medium range, long range[Annotation 47]The more you are good at, the more Uma Musume can fully demonstrate her abilities.However, if the distance does not match (for example, a horse girl with a short-distance aptitude will run for the long-distance Emperor's Award (Spring)), the probability of losing will increase.In the game, it is possible to make the distance that you are not good at by inheritance.
Our Courses
A race course where Uma Musume runs.There are two types, turf and dirt, and some horse girls are good and bad (with some exceptions).In the game, it is possible to correct the course that you are not good at by inheritance.
Baba state
The situation of the course that changes depending on the amount of water contained in the baba.A state without water is called a good baba, and the race develops faster.On the other hand, a state where the water content is high due to rain or snow is called a heavy baba, and it is easy for the legs to get caught and the race development is likely to be delayed.In addition, the state in which the heavy batting is restored is called the heavy batting, and the state in which the heavy batting is further deteriorated is called the bad batting.
URA Finals
A race to be held in the training scenarios "New! URA Finals" and "Aoharu Cup-Shining, Team Bonds-".When all the goals set for the breeding horse daughter are achieved, the senior class will start after the end of the second half of December.We will proceed in the order of qualifying → semi-final → final, and we will not be able to proceed to the next unless we finish in the first place.Because Akikawa, the chairman of the board, proposed a race that "I want to prepare a stage where any horse girl can shine," the baba and distance zone are automatically selected according to the races that the breeding horse girl has run so far.The grade is "EX".
Aoharu Cup
A race held in the training scenario "Aoharu Cup-Shining, Team Bonds-".It was once abolished due to the increased burden on Uma Musume in the team competition race unique to Tresen Gakuen, which was held in parallel with the Twinkle series, but Akikawa revived it at the request of many students.Aoharu held in the latter half of December of the senior class, where the teams will be ranked higher by fighting a total of four pre-season games from the latter half of December of the junior class to the latter half of June of the senior class, and finally the two teams with the highest grades will compete. Aim to win the cup main race.Similar to the team competition, there are 12 races: short-distance, mile, medium-distance, long-distance, and dirt.In the game, in addition to the breeding horse daughter, up to 6 horse daughters selected as support cards before the start of training, 4 people of the scenario link character Taiki Shuttle, Rice Shower, Matikanefukukita, Haru Urara, horses that join randomly during the scenario progress Up to 2 of the daughters can run.However, the breeding horse girl must run as an ace in any of the races.
Twinkle Star Climax
A race that was conceived and planned under the initiative of Fumi Otsuna, a race held in the training scenario "Make a new track !! ~ Climax opening ~". As with the URA Finals, you can start the race if you reach all the training goals as of the second half of December.The concept is "the race that decides the strongest", adopting a point system to eliminate accidental elements as much as possible, the same race field, distance zone, baba, and the same running horse girl (frame order is changed for each race) ) Will be raced 12 times, and the final ranking will be decided in descending order of the total points earned in the 3 races.
Triple tiara
A real-world mare classic raceSakura Flower Award-Oaks-Autumn Flower AwardThe title given to Uma Musume who won all three races.Uma Musume with a stallion motif can also run, and can run in either Satsuki Sho, Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby), or Kikuka Sho.[Annotation 48].
Dream Trophy League
A racing program that is located at the top of the Twinkle Series and can only be run by Uma Musume who has achieved good results in the Twinkle Series.All-star game by fan votingTakarazuka Memorial,Arima MemorialIt will be held separately.
Although no detailed description of the race is given, he will participate in the form of a transfer from the Twinkle Series, and once transferred, he will not be able to return to the Twinkle Series again.


Local series
Like the Twinkle series, the Uma Musume race that appears in the manga "Uma Musume Cinderella Gray" (hereinafter referred to as "Cinderella Gray") is held at local race tracks all over the country.Real worldLocal horse racingIt will be held at 15 racetracks in the same location as the racetrack.
Stone pineToresen Gakuen
One of the training center schools that trains horse girls who will participate in 15 local series nationwide at the school institution where Oguri Cap that appears in "Cinderella Gray" is enrolled.The official name is "Gifu Uma Musume Kasamatsu Training Center Gakuen".The uniform design and equipment are different from the central Tressen Academy, but they are the same in that they are boarding girls' schools and teams with human trainers.In rare cases, the best performers in the local series may be scouted to the Central Tressen Academy.

Comic version

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Haru Urara Do your best!
Web comic distribution service operated by Cygames "PsychologyWas serialized from May 2016, 5 to September 8, 9.All 11 episodes.The original plan isKatsumi Nakayama, The person in charge of drawingEmperor (ZECO).
A comedy-touch story about Haru Urara's life based on a true story, with Haru Urara as the main character.Martha Farm, where the real Haru Urara is living the rest of her life,Kochi Horse Racing AssociationAnd are cooperating in the production.
In the latter half of 2016, the extra edition "Motto Haru Urara Do your best!" Was also serialized in Cycomics.Nakayama is in charge of drawing directly.
As of 2022, the distribution has ended and it has not been made into a book, so it is a work that can not be read except during the temporary distribution period.
STARTING GATE! -Uma Musume Pretty Derby-
It was serialized in "Cycomics" from March 2017, 3 to November 25, 2019.All 11 episodes.The person in charge of drawing is S. Too dark.The main character is Special Week like the anime, but a story different from the anime unfolds.
The book was published by Kodansha, and later a new edition was published by Shogakukan.
  1. 2017 year 7month 28 Date released[36],ISBN +978-4-06-509201-9
  2. 2018 year 1month 28 Date released[37],ISBN +978-4-06-509247-7
  3. 2018 year 5month 30 Date released[38],ISBN +978-4-06-509267-5
  4. 2019 year 3month 29 Date released[39],ISBN +978-4-06-515533-2
New Edition
  1. 2021 year 11month 18 Date released[41],ISBN +978-4-09-850710-8
  2. 2021 year 11month 18 Date released[42],ISBN +978-4-09-850711-5
  3. 2022 year 1month 19 Date released[43],ISBN +978-4-09-850712-2
  4. 2022 year 1month 19 Date released[44],ISBN +978-4-09-850713-9
  5. 2022 year 3month 18 Date released[45],ISBN +978-4-09-850714-6
  6. 2022 year 3month 18 Date released[46],ISBN +978-4-09-850715-3
It was serialized in "Cycomics" from March 2018, 3 to January 30, 2021.The bear jet is in charge of drawing.
A four-frame manga that comically depicts the daily lives of horse girls. In July 4AnimeChemical[14].
The book has not been released to the general public and is included in the anime Blu-ray BOX.
Uma Musume Cinderella Gray[14]
"Weekly Young Jump, Which will be serialized from the 2020th issue of 28.[47]..The person in charge of drawing is Taiyo Kuzumi. As of June 2022, the cumulative circulation including the electronic version has exceeded 2 million.[48].. May 2021,"Next Manga Award 2021Won the second prize in the comics category[49].
A story with Oguri Cap as the main character is unfolded, and not only central horse racing but also local horse racing is incorporated in the description.[50]..It emphasizes the athlete's side of Uma Musume, and has a serious style.
Preface Stone pine
Gifu Uma Musume Kasamatsu Training Center Academy, commonly known asStone pine pine school..The Kasamatsu Racecourse, which is one of the venues for the local series, is quiet, and the facilities and personnel are different from those of the Japan Uma Musume Training Center Academy (Tresen Academy) and the Twinkle Series (commonly known as the center).The race horse girl was also racing by inertia without motivation, and there was no horse girl heading from Kasamatsu to the Twinkle series.
Trainer of Kasamatsu Tresen AcademyMinoru KitaharaI was hoping that one day, a horse girl who could superimpose herself on the stone pine and support her from the bottom of her heart would appear.At that time, Kitahara entered the Kasamatsu Tresen Academy.Oguri capShe is fascinated by her running and scouts her.After joining teammate Vernolite and a fierce battle with rival Fujima Summerch, Oguri Cap wins the Chukyo Cup, which raises the story of Oguri Cap's transfer to the Twinkle Series (center).Kitahara and Oguri Cap crawl around, but "If you win, you will be transferred to the center, if you lose, you will be transferred to the center.Tokai DerbyI ran on the condition thatGold JuniorOguri Cap, who regained himself with the voice of Kitahara's "Run", decided to transfer from Kasamatsu to the center by winning the championship.
Chapter XNUMX Central Transfer
Oguri Cap, who moved to Central Tressen Academy, is Kitahara's uncle and trainer with Vernolite.Rokuhei GinjiroJoined the team ofPegasus stakesBlackie Ale, who has won 4 consecutive victories inMainichi HaiIs said to be a leading candidate for classical musicYaenomutekiShows overwhelming ability to the surroundings who have doubts about moving in from stone pine.However, Oguri Cap, who has not registered as a classic, cannot run in Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby). Voices such as "Give Oguri to Derby" and "It is strange that the strongest horse girl of the generation does not appear in Derby" are increasing day by day, and that voice becomes even stronger as Yaenomuteki, who lost to Oguri Cap, won the Satsuki Sho. ..The voice also moved Symboli Rudolf, who directly appealed to URA for Oguri Cap's derby run.However, the race in which Oguri Cap actually ran ...
Chapter XNUMX White Lightning
The derby turmoil is over and we watch the Takarazuka Kinen.So the "strongest" white lightning boltTamamo CrossTo know.Both Tokai Derby and Japan Derby have lost their dreams and lost her goal, but she is energized by Fujima Summerch over the phone saying, "Become the best horse girl in Japan."Takamatsu Palace Cup,Mainichi crownContinued to win consecutive wins, and finally the first G1 and the first match with Tamamo CrossEmperor Award/AutumnBegins.Oguri Cap approached Tamamo Cross, who rarely advances the race in advance, and Tamamo Cross felt the limit, but he entered the "zone" with a vow to his family and teacher.
  1. 2021 year 1month 19 Date released[51],ISBN +978-4-08-891705-4
  2. 2021 year 2month 19 Date released[52],ISBN +978-4-08-891795-5
  3. 2021 year 5month 19 Date released[53],ISBN +978-4-08-891896-9
  4. 2021 year 8month 18 Date released[54],ISBN +978-4-08-892050-4
  5. 2021 year 12month 17 Date released[55],ISBN +978-4-08-892077-1
  6. 2022 year 2month 18 Date released[48],ISBN +978-4-08-892223-2
Uma Musume Pretty Derby Anthology Comic STAR
As an anthology comic, from the first volume on May 2021, 5SeikaishaIt is on sale from the book of.
A "limited edition" with a poster made of oil-resistant paper has also been released.
  1. 2021 year 5month 19 Date released[56],ISBN +978-4-06-523922-3
  2. Released on July 2021, 9,ISBN +978-4-06-525049-5

In addition to the above, on October 2018, 10, Seiun Sky will play the leading role in the manga ``Uma Musume Pretty Derby BLUE SKY(Manga: Yoshihiko Watanabe) was announced to be serialized in "Cycomics".[57], It has not started even in 2022.Also, on March 2022, 3, a manga featuring Sakura Laurel was announced.[58], Web comic distribution service "Boy jump +""Yang Jiang!""My Neighbor Young JumpIt has been announced that it will be published simultaneously in three media.[59]



Picking up three Uma Musume, three solo songs and unit songs, the theme song common to Uma Musume "Umapyoi LegendA mini-album containing the participating horse girl version and CD drama.

Release date[60]titleParticipating horse daughterStandard product number
2016/11/30STARTING GATE 01Special week
Silence Suzuka
Tokai Teio
2017/1/11STARTING GATE 02Maruzensky
Fuji Kiseki
Oguri cap
2017/1/25STARTING GATE 03Vodka
Gold ship
Daiwa Scarlet
2017/2/22STARTING GATE 04Taiki Shuttle
Glass wonder
Hishi Amazon
2017/4/5STARTING GATE 05White-eye McQueen
El Condor Passer
TM Opera Oh
2017/5/3STARTING GATE 06Narita Brian
Air Groove
2018/1/17STARTING GATE 07Super creek
Machikane Fukukita
Haru Urara
2018/2/14STARTING GATE 08Gold Shichi
Sayung Sky
2018/3/14STARTING GATE 09Fine motion
Mejiro Ryan
Smart Falcon
2018/4/18STARTING GATE 10Tamamo Cross
Sakura Bakushin O
Biko Pegasus
2018/5/16STARTING GATE 11Winning ticket
Narita Taishin
Biwa Hayahide
2018/6/13STARTING GATE 12Manhattan Cafe
Air Shakur
Nice nature


Contains songs related to the game.

Release datetitleStandard product number
2021/3/17WINNING LIVE 01LACA-15859
2021/9/22WINNING LIVE 02LACA-15879
2022/2/9WINNING LIVE 03LACA-15930
2022/3/16WINNING LIVE 04LACA-15938
2022/4/27WINNING LIVE 05LACM-24249
2022/4/27WINNING LIVE 06LACA-9885 / 6

Other CDs

Release date[60]titleStandard product numberRemarks
2021/6/16Anime "Umayon" mini albumLACA-15873Includes the ED song of the anime "Umayon".

Television Animation

The first period is from July to September 1Kansai TV-TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[61].

Second stage"Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2Was announced in September 2020, and was broadcast on Kansai TV, TOKYO MX, etc. from January to March 9.[62][63].

In addition, on May 2022, 5, the production of a new anime series with different contents and distribution format from the previous TV anime series was announced.[64].

Short animation

Umayon (short animation)

Short animation "UmayonWas broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from July to September 2020.[14]..It will be an original story different from the original manga.In addition, a new short animation that animated all 12 episodes carefully selected from the original was recorded on the Blu-ray BOX.[65].

Staff (Umayon)

  • Original / Music / Production --Cygames[14]
  • Manga-Bear Jet, Hitoshi Ito[14]
  • Director / Character Design / Animation Director --Seiya Miyajima[66]
  • Storyboards-Hitoshi Ito, Seiya Miyajima[66]
  • Art Director-Masanori Yamaguchi[66]
  • Cinematographer-Masahiro Hayashi[66]
  • Sound Director-Yuichi Morita[66]
  • Music Producer-Tetsuya Uchida[66]
  • Animation production - DMM.futureworks/Dove Toon Studio[14]

Theme song (Umayon)

The ending theme changes every month.

"Pyoito ♪ Haruya!"[14]
The first ending theme by Special Week (Azumi Waki), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), King Halo (Iori Saeki), El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), and Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda). The lyrics are corochi, and the composition and arrangement are Tetsuya Uchida.
"Ring Ring Diary"
The second ending theme by Tokai Teio (Machico), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Fuji Kiseki (Eriko Matsui), and Hishi Amazon (Yuiko Tatsumi). The lyrics are written by Kaon Kokudo, the composition is by Shiro Sakurai, and the arrangement is by Satoshi Sasaki.
"Run away! Fallin'Love"
The third ending theme by Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Smart Falcon (Hitomi Owada), Mihonoburubon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Maruzensky (Lynn), and Ines Fujin (Tomomi Mineuchi). Lyrics, composition and arrangement are lull.

Each story list (Umayon)

In the same work, three episodes of the next notice are described, but it is expressed as "one of them is broadcast" (official Twitter was conducting a prediction quiz using the questionnaire function).

Number of storiessubtitleAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
Episode 140 points down!Toresen Gakuen Supplementary Examination SpecialLeisure tree Kei2020/
May 7
Episode 2Freshly made!Toresen Gakuen Guide VTRSeiya MiyajimaMay 7
Episode 3The world of longing is here
  • Seiya Miyajima
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 7
Episode 4Opera Theater ・ "It's my destiny"Leisure tree KeiMay 7
Episode 5Fierce battle !? Ramen Cup (GII)May 8
Episode 6Elegant lunch of young ladiesMay 8
Episode 7It's a beetle! BNW
  • Seiya Miyajima
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 8
Episode 8Hero Theater Horse SoldierV(Five)!!Leisure tree KeiMay 8
Episode 9Make your dreams come true! Escape Sisters ☆May 9
Episode 10If you get scared, you lose! Liver test showdown!May 9
Episode 11Umayon Suspense TheaterKinutani SoshiMay 9
Episode 12Today's main race!Gold Ship Obstacle (GI)
  • Kinutani Soshi
  • Leisure tree Kei
May 9
New short animation
Episode 1It's more elegant than eating!Leisure tree Kei 
Episode 2I want to be an adult woman
Episode 3Empress without a gap
Episode 4Don't you care about the back?
Episode 5Let's eat more!Tama!
Episode 6You can't grow up ~?
Episode 7Aim for the first prize grand strategy!
Episode 8Qualification to challenge the emperor
Episode 9Uniforms and bandages with torn sleeves
Episode 10An enemy that upsets my plan
Episode 11Miho Dormitory Kaidan Tournament!
Episode 12D on the beach?

Broadcasting station (Umayon)

Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[67]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [68] Remarks
May 2020-June 7, 7 Tuesday 21:54-22:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo
BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting / "ANIME+" frame
AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[67]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2020/7/7 Updated Tuesday 21:54
  • U-NEXT
  • All-you-can-eat anime
2020/May 7 Updated Friday 21:54
  • Ah
  • Crank in! video
  • DMM.com
  • FOD
  • GYAO! Store
  • music.jp
  • Nico Nico Channel
  • Rakuten TV
  • Video market
Updated Friday 22:00
  • d anime store
  • Bandai channel
  • Play store
  • Hikari TV
Friday 22:30-22:35 ABEMA
2020/May 7 Sunday 0:00 update
Sunday 12:00 update HAPPY! video

BD (Umayon)

Release dateRecording storyStandard product number
2021/12/8Episode 1-Episode 12, New Short AnimeCYGX-8


Short animation "UmayuruWill be released in the fall of 2022[69].

Appearance program by voice actor members


Web radio

"Paka Raji! ~ Uma Musume Public Relations Department ~From November 2016, 11HiBiKi Radio StationDistribution started at, and the update ended with the 2019th update on April 4, 26. Personalities are Azumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week), Marika Kouno (role of Silence Suzuka), Machico (role of Tokai Teio)[70].. Along with the TV anime broadcast, from April 2018, 4 (the week after the 6st regular version) to January 71, 2019, it was called the "animation version" and was broadcast 1 times in a special organization.[71].. Returning to normal organization from January 2019, 1 (25nd)[72].. Past broadcasts can be viewed on Nico Nico Douga "Uma Musume Channel".

normal version
Anime version
  • 1st - Koji Okino(As a trainer)
  • 2nd --Akari Kito (role of Seiun Sky)
  • 3th --Sina Shuto (role of Haru Urara)
  • 4th-Yuka Otsubo (Taiki Shuttle)
  • 5st --Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap)
  • 6th-Koji Okino (role of trainer)
  • 7st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 8th --Ruriko Aoki (role of Air Groove), Rena Maeda (role of Grass Wonder)
  • 9th --Chisa Kimura (role of Daiwa Scarlet)
  • 10th-Yui Kondo (role of Biwa Hayahide)
  • 11st - Yu Saito(As mom)
  • 12th-Koji Okino (role of trainer)
  • 13th-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship), Chisa Kimura (Daiwa Scarlet), Koji Okino (Trainer) * Public recording
  • 14th --Minami Takahashi (role of El Condor Pasa)
  • 15st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 16th-Sora Tokui (role of T.M. Opera O)
  • 17th-Yuka Otsubo (Taiki Shuttle)
  • 18st - Satomi Akasaka(As Misato Akasaka)
  • 19th-Keiko Watanabe (role of Narita Taishin)
  • 20st - Iori Saeki(King Halo)
  • 21st-Hitomi Ueda (Gold Ship)
  • 22nd-Rena Maeda (as Grass Wonder)
  • 23rd-Chisa Kimura (role of Daiwa Scarlet),Megumi Toyoguchi(Role of Hana Tojo)
  • 25st - Maeda Kaori(As Nice Nature)
  • 27st - Haruna Ikezawa(As Broyer)
  • 28th-Yukiyo Fujii (role of Tazuna Suragawa)
  • 29th --Sina Shuto (role of Haru Urara)
  • 30th-Akari Kito (role of Seiun Sky), Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap)
  • 31st-Sora Tokui (role of T.M. Opera O),Yui Watanabe(Winning ticket role)
  • 32th-Keiko Watanabe (role of Narita Taishin)
  • 33th-Yui Kondo (role of Biwa Hayahide)
  • 34th --Chinami Hashimoto (Fine Motion)
  • 35st - Mio Hoshitani(Mayano Top Gun role <second generation>)
  • 36st - Sachika Misawa(As Sakura Bakushin O)
  • 37th --Saki Kosaka (role of Gold Shichi)
  • 38th-Yui Watanabe (Winning Ticket)
  • 39st - Aimi Tanaka(As Biko Pegasus)
  • 42nd-Yuiko Tatsumi (role of Hishi Amazon)

Web video

"Paca tube!From March 2018, 3 with the titleYouTubeIt is delivered at. Uploaded every Monday and Wednesday. Uma Musume Advertising Officer (self-proclaimed) Gold ShipVirtual youtuberHas appeared as.

It is also one of the participating stations of the TV animation production committee.Kansai TV broadcasting(Kantele) Horse Racing Related Programs[Annotation 49]On the official YouTube channel "Kantele Horse Racing", he has been involved in horse racing for many years in collaboration with this work on March 2021, 3.Kiyoshi Sugimoto(Former Kansai TV announcer)Yoshihara-Yuyo Hattori(Kansai TV announcer),Ueda Hitomi(Gold Ship role) ・Maeda KaoriWe have released a dialogue video by (Nice Nature)[73][74]..In addition, the dialogue isNew coronavirusTo prevent the spread of infection, 3 Kansai TV groups from Osaka and 2 voice actors from Tokyo.Web conferenceIt was done using the system.

"Famitsu presents Uma Musume Study Group!From 2021 with the titleYouTubeIt is delivered at.Personality is the role of T.M. Opera OTokui blue sky[75].

Guest appearance

TV program

Broadcast yearAirdateProgram nameBroadcasterCast membersRemarks
2021/May 7Shibuya Nooto[76]NHK GeneralRuriko Aoki (role of Air Groove), Ayaka Ohashi (role of Wokka), Hina Tachibana (role of Satono Diamond), Azusa Tadokoro (role of Symboli Rudolf), Kaori Maeda (role of Nice Nature), Machico (role of Tokai Teio), Hinaki Yano (As Kitasan Black)Song: "Umapyoi Densetsu". Appeared under the name of "Uma Musume".This will be the first performance in television broadcasting.
May 102021 FNS Kayosai Autumn-Masterpieces and performances you want to see again-[77]Fuji Television Network, IncAzumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week), Marika Kouno (role of Silence Suzuka), Machico (role of Tokai Teio), Ayaka Ohashi (role of Wokka), Minami Takahashi (role of El Condor Passer), Azusa Tadokoro (role of Symboli Rudolf), Miharu Hanai (Twin Turbo) Role)Song: "Umapyoi Densetsu". Appeared as "Uma Musume Pretty Derby".It will be the first commercial broadcaster performance.
May 10Shibuya Note and more FES.2021[78]NHK GeneralAyaka Ohashi (role of Wokka), Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguricap), Marika Kouno (role of Silence Suzuka), Azusa Tadokoro (role of Symboli Rudolf), Azumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week), Aozora Tokui (role of TM Operao), Machico (role of Tokai Teio) ), Lynn (role of Maruzensky)Song: "GIRLS'LEGEND U". Appeared under the name of "Uma Musume".
May 11SONGS OF TOKYO Festival 2021[79]NHK World TVAzumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week), Machico (role of Tokai Teio), Ayaka Ohashi (role of Wokka), Yui Ogura (role of Manhattan Cafe), Azusa Tadokoro (role of Symboli Rudolf), Kaori Maeda (role of Nice Nature), Lynn (role of Maruzensky) , Yui Watanabe (Winning Ticket)Performances: "GIRLS'LEGEND U", "Yumewo Kakeru", "Umapyoi Densetsu". Appeared under the name of "Uma Musume".
Only "Umapyoi Densetsu" was broadcast on NHK General TV on January 2022, 1 (the broadcast started on the 4rd of the same month, and the cast members appeared on the 3th of the same month).
May 122021 FNS Song Festival
1 night
Fuji Television Network, IncMarika Kouno (role of Silence Suzuka), Machico (role of Tokai Teio), Azusa Tadokoro (role of Symboli Rudolf), Yui Ogura (role of Manhattan Cafe), Aozora Tokui (role of Tem Opera O), Ruriko Aoki (role of Air Groove), Miharu Hanai (role of Twin Turbo) )Performance song: "Yumewo Kakeru".
In the name of "Uma Musume"Oi RacecourseAppear from.
May 125rd Momoiro Uta GassenBS Nippon TelevisionOtherAzumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week) ", Machico (role of Tokai Teio), Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap), Hitomi Ueda (role of Gold Ship), Ayaka Ohashi (role of Wokka), Minami Takahashi (role of El Condor Passer), Azusa Tadokoro (Symboli Rudolf), Yui Ogura (Manhattan Cafe), Iori Saeki (King Halo), Hikaru Tono (Machikanetan Hoiza)Song: "Umapyoi Densetsu". Under the name of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby feat. Reni Takagi",Momoiro Clover Z OfTo TakagiAnd collaboration.
2022/May 1CDTV live!live!New Year's Eve SpecialTBSSong: "Umapyoi Densetsu".
May 3Anison! Premium! Uma Musume ×Horse racingSPNHK GeneralAzumi Waki ​​(role of Special Week), Machico (role of Tokai Teio), Tomoyo Takayanagi (role of Oguri Cap), Minami Takahashi (role of El Condor Passer), Azusa Tadokoro (role of Symboli Rudolf), Naomi Ohzora (role of Tamamo Cross), Iori Saeki (role of Tamamo Cross) King Halo (role), Ruriko Noguchi (role of Sakura Chiyonoo)Songs: "Make debut!", "Umapyoi Densetsu", "We are DREAMERS !!".
May 5(165th Emperor Award (Spring) Rebroadcast on the date).

Live event

Live alone

Performance yeartitlePerformance date/venuePerformerSource
2017/Umamusume 1st EVENT "Special Weekend!"All 1 performance: October 7
Maihama Amphitheater
Aki Waki,Marika Takano,Machico,Aisaka Yuka,Aoki Ruriko,Ueda Hitomi,Yuka Otsubo,Saori Onishi,Ayaka Ohashi,Kimura Chisaki,Takahashi Minami,Tomoya Takayanagi,Yuko Tatsumi,Maeda Rena,Eriko Matsui,special guest:Akira Kitou,Sachika Misawa,Keiko Watanabe[81]
2018/Uma Musume 2nd EVENT "Sound Fanfare!"All 1 performance: October 10
Makuhari Messe・ Event hall
Azumi Waki, Marika Kouno, Machico, Ruriko Aoki, Hitomi Ueda, Yuka Otsubo, Saori Onishi, Ayaka Ohashi, Akari Kito, Chisa Kimura,Shina Shuto, Minami Takahashi, Tomoyo Takayanagi, Yuiko Tatsumi, Minami Takahashi,Azusa Tadokoro,Tokui blue sky, Rena Maeda,Lynn,Navigator:Yukiyo Fujii, Live:Satomi Akasaka[82]
2021/Uma Musume 3rd EVENT "WINNING DREAM STAGE"All 2 performances: August 8th and 28th
Tokyo Garden Theater
Appearance on both days: Azumi Waki, Marika Kouno, Machico, Hitomi Ueda, Chisa Kimura, Ruriko Aoki,Kondo Yui,Yui Watanabe, Keiko Watanabe, Shina Shuto,The real condition: Satomi Akesaka
28th only: Tomoyo Takayanagi, Rena Maeda, Yuka Otsubo, Minami Takahashi, Sora Tokui,Rika Kinugawa, Aoki Ruriko,Mio Hoshitani, Sachika Misawa, Shina Shuto,Hiyori Nitta,Navigator: Yukiyo Fujii
29th only: Saori Onishi, Azusa Tadokoro,Ikumi Hasegawa,Mika Iwami,Maeda Kaori,Iori Saeki,Tazawa Mayumi,Noguchi Yuri,Miharu Hanai,Tachibana Hina,Princess Yano Naki,Guest: Ayaka Ohashi, Navigator:Koji Okino
2022/Umamusume 4th EVENT "SPECIAL DREAMERS !!"Tokyo performance (2 performances): March 3th and 6th
Musashino no Mori Comprehensive Sports Plaza・ Main arena
Appearances on both days: Azumi Waki, Marika Kouno, Machico, Lynn, Tomoyo Takayanagi, Hitomi Ueda, Ayaka Ohashi, Chisa Kimura, Hiyori Nitta, Kaori Maeda, Iori Saeki,Tono Hikaru,The real condition: Satomi Akesaka
6th only:Chinami Hashimoto, Yui Kondo, Yui Watanabe,Ayumi Fujino,Saki Kosaka,Kana Yuuki,Suzuki Eri,Hikari Kubota,Saya Aizawa,,,Navigator:Eri Suyama
7th only: Eriko Matsui, Rena Maeda, Minami Takahashi, Azusa Tadokoro,Hitomi Owada,Misaki Watada, Hina Tachibana, Hinaki Yano,Ruriko Noguchi,Kanna Nakamura,Guest: Akari Kito, Navigator: Yukiyo Fujii
Yokohama performance (2 performances): May 5th and 4th
Pia Arena MM
Appearance on both days: Yuka Otsubo, Sora Tokui, Rika Kinugawa, Mio Hoshitani, Hitomi Owada, Hinaki Yano,The real condition: Satomi Akesaka
4th only: Machico,Suzuki Minori, Chinami Hashimoto,Ashi Haji,Hitomi Sasaki,Yu Shinohara, Kana Yuuki,Haruna Kawai, Yukina Shuto, Misaki Watada, Hikari Kubota, Kaori Maeda, Masumi Tazawa, Ayaka Onishi, Kanna Nakamura, Miyu Yoshisaki,Shimada Aino,Saho Shirasu,Guest: Hina Tachibana, Navigator:Miho Okazaki
5th only: Azumi Waki, Tomoyo Takayanagi, Hitomi Ueda, Ayaka Ohashi, Chisa Kimura, Rena Maeda, Minami Takahashi, Yui Kondo, Yui Watanabe, Saki Kosaka, Eri Suzuki, Keiko Watanabe, Hiyori Nitta, Iori Saeki, Hikaru Tono, Ruriko Noguchi, Ayumi Hinohara,The guests:Yui Ogura, Navigator:Junko Hosoe

Joint live

Performance yeartitlePerformance date/venuePerformerSource
2018/Animelo Summer Live 2018 "OK!"May 8
Saitama Super Arena
Aki Waki,Marika Takano,Machico,Ayaka Ohashi,Takahashi Minami,Tomoya Takayanagi,Maeda Rena,Ueda Hitomi,Yuka Otsubo,Kimura Chisaki,Tokui blue sky,Yuko Tatsumi,Eriko Matsui,Saori Onishi,Akira Kitou
Osaka Castle Hall
Machico, Ayaka Ohashi, Chisa Kimura,Shina Shuto, Tomoyo Takayanagi, Rena Maeda[Annotation 50]
2021/ANIMAX MUSIX 2021May 11
Yokohama Arena
Machico, Hitomi Ueda,Tazawa Mayumi,Tono Hikaru,Noguchi Yuri,Miharu Hanai,Aya Yamane,Yui Ogura[Annotation 51]
2022/VTuber Fes Japan 2022May 4
Makuhari Messe
Gold ship[89]
Animelo Summer Live 2022 -Sparkle-May 8
Saitama Super Arena
Lynn, Ayaka Ohashi, Sora Tokui, Yui Ogura,Hitomi Sasaki, Hikaru Tono, Yuri Noguchi, Aya Yamane, Miharu Hanai,Tachibana Hina,Princess Yano Naki,Kanna Nakamura[90]

GI race support illustration

From the 2018 NHK Mile Cup, the illustration of the horse girl of the racehorse who won the race in the past is the official work of this workTwitterIt is published in.Some horse daughters who have not entered or won the race, and horse girls who won the race in the old name era or when the rating was GII or less may be included. After the 2020 Emperor's Award (Spring), the illustration has been changed to a deformed character like the one that appeared in "Umayon".


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 5NHK Mile CupEl Condor Passer(1998)
May 5Victoria MileVodka(2009)
May 5Yujun Mare(Oaks)Air Groove(1996)
May 5Tokyo Yushun(Japan Derby)Special week(1998)
May 6Yasuda MemorialOguri cap(1990)
May 6Takarazuka MemorialGold ship(2013/2014)
May 9Sprinters stakesTaiki Shuttle(1997)
May 10Autumn Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet(2007)
May 10ChrysanthemumWhite-eye McQueen(1990)
May 10Emperor Award (Autumn)TM Opera Oh(2000)
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupHishi Amazon(1994)
May 11Mile ChampionshipAgnes Digital(2000)
May 11Japan CupSymbolyldorf(1985)
May 12Champions cupHaru Urara(Not run)
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesMegiro Dobel(1996[Annotation 52])
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesMaruzensky(1976[Annotation 53])
May 12Arima MemorialTokai Teio(1993)
May 12Hopeful stakesAgnes tachyon(2000[Annotation 54])


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 2February StakesShinko Windy(1997)
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialKing halo(2000)
May 3Osaka CupMarvelous Sunday(1997[Annotation 55])
May 4Sakura Flower AwardNishino Flower(1992)
May 4Satsuki AwardNarita Taishin(1993)
May 4Emperor Award (Spring)Super creek(1990)
May 5NHK Mile CupSeeking the pearl(1997)
May 5Victoria MileFuji Kiseki(Not run)
May 5Yushun Himba (Oaks)Kawakami Princess(2006)
May 5Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby)Winning ticket(1993)
May 6Yasuda MemorialBamboo memory(1989)
May 6Takarazuka MemorialSilence Suzuka(1998)
May 9Sprinters stakesSakura Bakushin O(1993/1994)
May 10Autumn Flower AwardSweep Tosho(2004)
May 10ChrysanthemumBiwa Hayahide(1993)
May 10Emperor Award (Autumn)Tamamo Cross(1988)
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupFine motion(2002)
May 11Mile ChampionshipHishikebono(3 races, no win)
May 11Japan CupZenno Rob Roy(2004)
May 12Champions cupSmart Falcon(Not run)
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesGold Shichi(1986[Annotation 56])
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesGlass wonder(1997[Annotation 53])
May 12Arima MemorialNice nature(5 races, no win)
May 12Hopeful stakesAdmire Vega(1998[Annotation 54])


Horse daughter version

Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
(Historical championship year)
May 2February StakesBiko Pegasus(1997th in 4)
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialCurren Chan(2012)
May 4Osaka CupMachikane Fukukita(1999th in 2)
May 4Sakura Flower AwardYukinobijin(1993th in 2)
May 4Satsuki AwardSayung Sky(1998)

Umayon version

Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
May 5Emperor Award (Spring)Special Week, Silence Suzuka, Tokai Teio
May 5NHK Mile CupEl Condor Pasa, Seeking the Pearl
May 5Victoria MileVodka, Sweep Tosho, Kawakami Princess, Daiwa Scarlet
May 5Yushun Himba (Oaks)Megiro Dobel, Air Groove, Kawakami Princess
May 5Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby)Ines Fujin, Admire Vega
(Symboli Rudolf, Tokai Teio, Special Week, Mihonoburubon, Narita Brian)
May 6Yasuda MemorialTaiki Shuttle, Agnes Digital
May 6Takarazuka MemorialT M Opera O, Meishodoto, Nakayama Festa, Marvelous Sunday
May 10Sprinters stakesHisia Kebono, Biko Pegasus
May 10Autumn Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet, Sweep Tosho
May 10ChrysanthemumRice shower, Manhattan Cafe
May 11Emperor Award (Autumn)Tosen Jordan, Eishin Flash
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupFine motion, mejiro dobel
May 11Mile ChampionshipOguri Cap, Bamboo Memory
May 11Japan CupSymboli Rudolf, Tokai Teio
May 12Champions cupInariwan, Smart Falcon, Haru Urara
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesHishi Amazon, Nishino Flower
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesMihonoburubon, Ines Fujin, Maruzensky
May 12Hopeful stakesAdmire Vega, Narita Taishin, Agnes Tachyon
May 12Arima MemorialMayano Top Gun, Narita Brian, Tokai Teio


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
May 2February StakesAgnes Digital, Special Week
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialNice Nature, Machikanedan Hoiza, Daitaku Helios
May 4Osaka CupTokai Teio, Kitasan Black
May 4Sakura Flower AwardDaiwa Scarlet, Nishino Flower
May 4Satsuki AwardGold Ship, Air Shakur
May 5Emperor Award (Spring)Super creek
(Oguri Cap, Tamamo Cross, Inari One)
May 5NHK Mile CupSeeking the Pearl, Taiki Shuttle
May 5Victoria MileSweep Tosho, Kawakami Princess
May 5Yushun Himba (Oaks)Ikuno Dictus, Yukinobijin
May 5Tokyo Yushun (Japan Derby)Maruzensky, Special Week, Sakura Chiyono O
May 6Yasuda MemorialVodka, Bamboo Memory
May 6Takarazuka MemorialMejiro McQueen, Mejiro Ryan, Mejiro Ardan, Mejiro Palmer, Mejiro Dobel
May 10Sprinters stakesSakura Bakushin O, Curren Chan
May 10Autumn Flower AwardAir Groove, Fine Motion
May 10ChrysanthemumSeiun Sky, Machikane Fukukita
May 10Emperor Award (Autumn)Twin Turbo, Rice Shower, Ikuno Dictus, Nice Nature
May 11Queen Elizabeth CupIkuno Dictus, Daiwa Scarlet
May 11Mile ChampionshipTaiki Shuttle, Daitaku Helios
May 11Japan CupOguri Cap, Tamamo Cross
May 12Champions cupShinko Windy, Curren Chan, Haru Urara
May 12Hanshin Juvenile PhilliesVodka, Gold City
May 12Asahi Cup Futurity StakesNarita Brian, Fuji Kiseki
May 12Arima MemorialSatono Diamond, Kitasan Black
May 12Hopeful stakesMejiro Dobel, Mejiro Bright, Mejiro Ryan
(Mejiro Aldan, Mejiro McQueen, Mejiro Palmer)


Date published
(GI date)
GI race nameHorse daughter illustration
May 2February StakesTwin Turbo, Shinko Windy
May 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialKing Halo, Megiro Ardan

Matters related to derivative works

Regarding the secondary creation using this work, since this work itself has a motif of a real racehorse, the following is announced on the official website of the work and calls attention.

We would appreciate it if you could take care not to make expressions that significantly damage the image of the racehorse, which is the character and motif.
Characters with the motif of real racehorses have appeared in this work, and it is a work realized with the cooperation of many people, including owners who have obtained permission and borrowed horse names.
Please be careful not to make expressions that are offensive to the racehorse fans, owners, or related parties, or that significantly damage the image of the racehorse or character. — Cygames, please be aware of all the fans who support us[91]

After that, after the start of the game service, the guidelines for secondary creation were re-established on November 2021, 11 in consultation with the horse name management company, saying that "secondary creations that significantly damage the image of racehorses can be seen", and consideration was given. In addition to clarifying the expressions that should be used, it also suggests that legal measures may be considered in the event of a conflict.[92][93][94].

The uproar related to Shigeyuki Nishiyama

Owns Nishino Flower, Seiun Sky, etc.Shigeyuki NishiyamaOn April 2021, 4, he made a statement on his Twitter account to the effect that the derivative work of this work would be tolerated, including for adults.However, some users commented that "it is anything including expressions that significantly damage the image of racehorses", so I changed my attitude and made a derivative work of Uma Musume based on my horse for all ages. It was indicated that it would be totally banned including that (the tweet was deleted afterwards).Nishiyama then said, "The work is for all ages, so it doesn't matter. I can't answer any more, so if there is a guideline from the operating company, please follow it."[95].


Game (echo)

According to a survey by American game research company Sensor Tower, this work ranked 2021th in March 3 (about 4 billion yen) in terms of worldwide mobile game sales, despite sales only in Japan.[96], In April 2021Honor of Kings""PUBG MOBILE3rd place after "(Amount is not disclosed)[97]..Eventually, by the end of 2021 (as of December 12th), sales reached about 14 million dollars (about 9 billion yen), ranking 6500th in the worldwide mobile game sales in 1100.[98][99].

According to Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute's "Famitsu Mobile Game White Paper 2022", the estimated domestic sales of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" in 2021 was 1295 million yen, which was the top with a big difference to the second place and below. rice field[100].

Google PlayIn the game sales ranking of (Japan), it recorded the first place for 2021 consecutive days from February 2 to June 28, 6.[101].

In addition,Nikkei BPPublished information magazine "Nikkei TrendyRanked second in the "2021 Hit Products Best 12" announced in the December 2021 issue.[102][103], In the "Google Play Best of 2021" announced on November 11, 30, won the "Best Game 2021" which is the grand prize in the game category, the highest award in the user voting category, and the category award in the exciting category. Are[104].


After the release of the game app, one of the theme songs of this work, "Umapyoi Densetsu"coverMany videos that I tried to dance and dance were uploaded to SNS, and it showed excitement[105]..Some were held on December 2021, 12Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesThe dance performance of the song by new players is being performed at the Fan Thanksgiving Day.[106].

In addition, it is sometimes expressed as "Umapyoi" to refer to the act of "showing" Umapyoi Densetsu "".[107][108], May 2021, 7NHKMusic program ofShibuya NootoWhen the appearance of "Uma Musume" in the name of "Uma Musume" and the TV debut of "Umapyoi Densetsu" were announced, "Uma Musume in NHK" became a trend on Twitter.[109].The 66th Arima MemorialWas held on December 2021, 12Nakayama RacecourseThen, during the lunch break, we will play the fanfare of the day.Maritime Self-Defense Force Tokyo Music CorpsPlayed the same song and became a hot topic[110].


Corporate performance
After the game of this work was deliveredcyber-agent(Cygamesの親会社)のゲーム部門の売上は、2021年1~3月期の連結決算で過去最高の639億円(前年同期比 191億円増)、2021年4~6月期の連結決算では前四半期をさらに上回る923億円(前年同期比 556億円増)となり、通期の業績見通しを上方修正した[111][112]..In connection with this, at the financial results briefings of other mobile game-related companies, there were a series of questions as to whether this work would affect the company's business performance.[113].
In addition, Cygames' financial results for the fiscal year ended September 2021 showed a significant increase in sales of 9 billion yen (up 2221% year-on-year) and ordinary income of 101.1 billion yen (up 907% year-on-year).[114].
JiyuminshaSponsored by2021 U-Can New Words and Popular Words Awards"Uma Musume" is selected as one of the nominated words.[115].
またDwango-PixivSponsored byNet buzz 100 In 2021, "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" won the grand prize of the year, and 2 Uma Musume characters ranked in the top 100, including "Gold Ship (Uma Musume)" which came in 13nd place.Furthermore, in relation to these, as a racehorseGold shipIs ranked 5th[116].
Birthday donation
The current owner of Nice NatureRetired Horse AssociationStarted birthday donation (literally translated as birthday donation) from the birthday of April 29, 2017 when Nice Nature turned 4 years old.Donations are not limited to horses, but are used as support for retired horses to spend the rest of their lives.[117]..From 1 people to 50 yen in the first year against the set target amount of 1 yen for one month[117]Donations gathered, and from the second year onward, 2 will be from 2018 people to 275 yen[118], 2019 from 325 people to 187 million yen[119], 2020 from 404 people to 176 million yen[120]Donations have been collected.And in 2021, the target amount of 200 million yen was achieved in just one day.[121]After that, in about a week, it will exceed 10 million yen, which is 2000 times that amount.[122]Finally, it was 3582 yen.The reason for this rapid increase in donations was taken up by various media as being boosted by the popularity of this game, which began distribution in February of the same year.[123][124]..Kyoko Numata, CEO of the Retired Horse Association, has announced that about 30% of the donation amount will be pooled and used to support long-term retired horses.[125].


Granblue Fantasy
In June 2018, a campaign called "Uma Musume Support Campaign" was held. Special Week has appeared on the "Granblue Fantasy" login screen.
In February 2022, a collaboration event "Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Fanfare Resonating in the Blue Sky" will be held.[126]..Special Week Silence Suzuka Tokai Teio Gold Ship Mejiro McQueen has arrived in the game.
Top gun maverick
At "2021rd EVENT WINNING DREAM STAGE DAY8" on August 28, 3, Mayano Top Gun of this work was appointed as a promotion officer (official side calls it a promotion pilot), and various information on the movie was released. Was announced to go[127][128].
ゲーム内で登場するスタミナ回復アイテム「タフネス30」をイメージしたオリジナルフレーバー「ZONe TOUGHNESS」(ゾーン タフネス)が発売予定。デザインは全16種類で、第1弾が2022年2月15日、第2弾が2022年3月1日発売[129].
New Nagoya Racecourse
A collaboration with Nagoya Horse Racing was held as a commemorative event for the relocation and opening in 2022. On April 4thTomoya TakayanagiとAndo KatsumiTalk show with (former JRA jockey)[130].
Kasamatsu Racecourse
The 2022th race to be held on April 4, 29 with the full cooperation of Shueisha and Cygames, in connection with the racetrack being set in the manga "Cinderella Gray" and the main character being Oguri Cap, which is related to the racetrack. At "Horse Girl Cinderella Gray AwardWas enforced.Because the oguri cap was a gray horse, a gray horseWhite hairHeld as a horse-only race[131].
Initially, this race was held on January 1, 2021, when the first volume of the book was released, as a crown sponsorship race to commemorate the release.Held without spectators(New Coronavirus Emergency DeclarationIt was planned to be announced), but a series of tours around Kasamatsu RacecourseHorse racing lawViolation caseNew coverage about[132]In the early morning of the dateAsahi ShimbunIt has been canceled due to more reports[133].

TV commercial

There are several TV commercials that feature game characters, but here we will focus on TV commercials that feature real people.



[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ There are some that can never be acquired due to the breeding goals of Uma Musume, and some that can only be acquired in specific scenarios.
  2. ^ Consumption will be halved during the campaign period.
  3. ^ Only during the story event period, you can double the reward at the completion of training by doubling the consumption (event boost).
  4. ^ Except when entering the target race.
  5. ^ It starts to rise when the physical strength is less than half of the maximum value.The closer the physical strength is to 0, the closer the failure rate is to 100%.
  6. ^ The higher the failure rate (= lower physical strength), the greater the rate.
  7. ^ The higher the motivation, the better the training effect, and the easier it is to demonstrate the original ability in the race.
  8. ^ In rare cases, unorganized support card events may occur.
  9. ^ However, during the turn in which the race specified in the training goal is held, it is not possible to run in other races.
  10. ^ A positive correction is applied by multiplication depending on the effect of the support card (fan number bonus) and the race content other than the order of arrival.
  11. ^ For example, if the "root distance x" is eliminated, the "root distance ○" appears.
  12. ^ For example, the effect of Symboli Rudolf's unique skill is "very much faster", but the inherited one is "slightly faster".
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  14. ^ Up to 5 people each for 3 types of short-distance, mile, medium-distance, long-distance, and dirt, for a total of up to 15 people.
  15. ^ However, even if you do not have the new breeding horse girl in the gacha, you can browse up to the 4th episode during the pickup period, and you can browse the story once viewed even after the pickup period ends.
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  26. ^ I collect everything that I feel is a source of good luck, from common things like beckoning cats and amulets to garbage like kid's lunch flags.
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  30. ^ A sense of balance that allows you to cross a moving seesaw, breaking tiles, says Happy Meek.ParkourI can do it "etc.
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  35. ^ Passage zone for ordinary bicyclesSomething like.There is also a speed limit like a car.
  36. ^ The word "tribe"SpeciesWhen,Race-PeopleIt is a word that refers to both.Therefore, Uma MusumeHuman capitalIt is unknown whether it is a different species of organism or one of races and ethnic groups.
  37. ^ In the game, the correction of Chinese characters is also applied to the character string (user name, etc.) that the user arbitrarily inputs.
  38. ^ HorseRegarding the Chinese characters (station, test, shun, etc.), there are both cases where the four-point "horse" is used as it is and the two-point character style unique to this work is used.
  39. ^ In the real worldTokyo RacecourseLocation.
  40. ^ The "L" rating has not appeared in the game.
  41. ^ In the actual domestic rating notation, the notations JpnI, JpnII, and JpnIII are also used, but they are not used in the game and are all unified by GI, GII, and GIII.
  42. ^ In reality, the venue is rotating and the distance is slightly different, but in the game, the venue is fixed at Oi Racecourse, the distance is 2000m for JBC Classic, 1200m for JBC Sprint, and 1800m for JBC Ladies Classic.
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