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🥾 | Masaki Suda, “Small 3” and outdoor confrontation! "It's a good year for merit, isn't it?"


Masaki Suda confronts "Small 3" outdoors! "It's a good year for merit, isn't it?"

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In addition, pacific saury Akashiya, one of the "Big 3" that the three of them have long admired, is a staple of the large-scale special variety show "Tamori Takeshi pacific saury BIG 3rd Century Golf Match" that was once broadcast on the same station. Challenge the "English prohibited golf showdown".

Masaki Suda will be on Fuji TV's "Small 12 of Degawa, Bakusho Tanaka, Okamura" (25:3 pm) broadcast on December 9th ... → Continue reading

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