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📱 | Cast function has been added to the out-of-home viewing application "DiXiM Play".Watching over from the smartphone version to the TV version ...


Cast function has been added to the out-of-home viewing application "DiXiM Play".Watching over from the smartphone version to the TV version ...

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You can now enjoy TV programs even when using a mobile projector at a campsite.

DigiOn Co., Ltd. is an app "DiXiM Play ..." that allows you to watch recorded programs and programs being broadcast in your home recorder. → Continue reading


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TV program

TV program(TV Bangumi) isTelevision broadcastingSent bycontent(program)ofGeneric termThat is.


The contents of TV programs are extremely diverse,Broadcaster OfcharacterIt also depends onTerrestrial wavebroadcastIs a general formation,Satellite broadcastingIs a specialty store type organization (Professional channel) Is commonly seen.

Of concrete TV programsNameabout,List of TV programschecking ...

Classification of TV programs

Television program classification by broadcasting law

In Article 5 of the Broadcasting Act, "type of broadcast program" is "Liberal Arts Program,Educational program,News program,Entertainment programEtc.”. Also, in Article 106, eachBroadcasterIn Japan, it is obligatory to "harmonize with each other" for each type.

And in Article 107 of the law, eachTV stationIs required to set and publish "standards of broadcast program types".Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK), 4 types each excluding "etc."[1],Private broadcastingThere are 4 types at each TV stationMail order"When"Other) Added (example →[2][3]) Is used as a standard for publication.

In addition, although there are definitions of the contents of educational programs and educational programs in Article 2 of the Act, there are no definitions of news programs and entertainment programs, and it is entrusted to voluntary publication of this "standard for the type of broadcast program".

In this announcement, it is usually the case that one program also serves as a combination of any of the above four to six types. For the fiscal year ending April 1, 4Nippon TVTake, for example,ZIP!''Information Live MiyaneyaIs a program that belongs to any type of entertainment, news, culture, and education.Go! AnpanmanAre published as entertainment/education programs.[4].

Other TV program categories

Type announcement based on the above broadcasting law,Audience ratingSetting TV program category items, such as survey categories (described later), is an important business.

These classifications do not take the method of deciding the items in advance and then dividing all the programs into either one, but categorizing the programs having some similar composite properties as one type. May be done in. As a result, programs having similar configurations may belong to a plurality of classifications, or the classification destination may differ depending on the classifier.

For example,talentQuestions from the textbookquizIf there is a program that solves asQuiz showHowever, in the case of the above-mentioned legally required classification type announcement,quizIt may be possible to classify it as an "educational program" by paying attention to the main composition of "", and paying attention to the performer "talent"Entertainment showsIt can be classified as "entertainment program" or it can be classified as "educational program" for young people, focusing on the subject of broadcasting by paying attention to "examination questions from textbooks".

In addition, even if a program is born that does not belong to any of the items set so far, it is not possible to increase or expand the item because it causes difficulty in statistics, so it is classified as a place that does not fit as a result. Sometimes.

Type of TV program

Classification by broadcast content

Liberal Arts Program

Educational program

NHK educational TVFor all generations, represented byEducationA program to perform.

News program

Some are for the whole country and some are for the region. Many TV stations have news programsNews agencyProduced by. Because of the nature of televisions that convey information instantly in images, often from news sitesRelay broadcastIs performed.

Information program

Entertainment program

Programs with complex content

Classification by broadcast target

Program for children

Classification by broadcasting method/organization

Classification by length of broadcast time

Classification by broadcast time

Other classification

Problems of Regional Disparity in Japanese Terrestrial Television Programs

1950 eraIn Japan in the first halfCommercial broadcastWith the start of TV broadcasting, gradually in various placesLocal bureauA series of open stations, especiallyHeisei New BureauWith the opening rush of the broadcast, the broadcasting target area was expanded, but still "Terrestrial waveIn the complete form of a "TV commercial"Nationwide (simultaneous) broadcastHas not been realized. this isPublic broadcastingIsNHK Broadcasting lawIt is obligatory to cover all over Japan by the government, but it is not in each commercial broadcasting station.

In addition, 2000/BS digital broadcasting stations (BS Nippon Television,BS Asahi,BS-TBS,BS Japan,BS Fuji) Was opened, it was expected that "national broadcasting of commercial TV programs" which would not be possible by terrestrial broadcasting would be possible, but in BS digital broadcastingCopyrightManagement group (Japan Music Business Association-Japan Music Copyright Association(JASRAC) etc.), it is the current situation that there are few programs that are performing "simultaneous terrestrial/BS simultaneous or delayed nets" for each series due to reasons such as rights processing.

As if to back it up,Nippon TVAnime and eachcontentFormer business managerannouncer OfFunakoshi MasashiIs "The strongest content for TV stations is terrestrial broadcasting programs"[6].

TV Tokyo series

Key stationEspecially inTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. TheAffiliated stationsIs overwhelmingly small compared to other series, with only 6 stations including TV Tokyo (the smallest among the four major networksTV Asahi seriesBut a total of 24 stations[Annotation 1]The difference is four times as much), which is one of the factors that widen the gap between metropolitan areas and rural areas. Local stations in "areas without affiliated stations" and Chukyo / Kansai area (both areas have affiliated stationsPrefectural broadcastfor,Wide areaCannot cover the whole area[Annotation 2]) For independent stationsBan salesSome programs are online, but only some of them are online. Also, depending on the program, there are not a few programs that are limited to only affiliated stations.

In 2007OsakaIs a regional stationTV Osaka OfKyoto-HyogoExpansion of the broadcasting area to the whole area,Miyagi-Shizuoka-HiroshimaThe president at that time announced the plan to open affiliated stations to, but no specific progress has been made since then.[7].

Significance of existence of TV programs

Every day broadcasting(MBS) Tokyo branchtv setI belong to the formation department and currentlyTelevision AnimationIn charge ofMaruyama HirooCommented that "TV programs are passive media," "TV is a medium of randomness," and that "programs that you happen to see have the potential to attract viewers." "Continuous broadcast on TV There is a strong tendency to actively watch, saying that "creating an opportunity to meet" by doingインターネットClaims a big difference from the show[8].


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  1. ^ Cross net stationIncluding, there are a total of 26 stations.
  2. ^ Especially in the case of TV Osaka, the main Kansai areaGovernment-designated cityIsKobe City,Kyoto CityHowever, there are many areas that are difficult to receive.


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