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⛺ | Workman "Aegis Down Jacket" is also waterproof! 2021 Fall / Winter Featured Winter Clothing Review


Workman "Aegis Down Jacket" is also waterproof! 2021 Fall / Winter Featured Winter Clothing Review

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It is a versatile down jacket that can be used not only for town use but also for outdoor activities and outdoor work.

It is a costume of Workman Ambassador.Speaking of Workman's autumn / winter wear, there are many winter clothes with excellent warmth and functionality ... → Continue reading


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Down jacket

Down jacket(British: down jacket ) Is a down feather (Featherhair,羽毛,JapaneseCommon name: Down, English:down feather ) Was used as a filling,jumper·style'sWinter clothesThat is.


Down jacket in 1936Eddie bowerThis product was developed as a winter clothing for fishing, which is his hobby. NylonThe fabric of the materialquiltingProcess and stuff down feathers inside.In addition to the heat retention characteristic of down feathers, it comes out of the bodySweatIt has been used as work clothes in extremely cold regions because it has the characteristic of releasing.In addition, the lightness of down feathers, which is one tenth of the usual "feathers" (in a broad sense, "feathers" and "feathers", that is, feathers [feathers] that are not down feathers in a broad sense), is also noteworthy. Should be an advantage.

JapanThen, in the 1980s, due to the popular American casual fashion trend, high cold protection and practicality as winter essential items for outdoor and work fashion became popular among young people who are sensitive to genuine fashion.at first,AmericaIt became popular from manufacturers' products.AlsoUS Air ForcepilotClothing with the motif of winter clothes became a hit product and became widespread.After that, it was widely used as a town wear, and from the latter half of the 1990s, expensive brands famous for skiing and mountain climbing became popular, and in CanadaCanada gooseAnd French Moncler Premium down wear using high-class materials such as these has become popular.thesebrandIs the finest down feather (English name: Gray goose)[1]) Is used.

In many cases, a down jacket that looks like a down jacket and does not use down feathers for stuffing is called a "down jacket", but in this case it is different from the original definition of a down jacket, so it is strictly a mistake. ..

Animal welfare issues

There are two methods for collecting down, "machine picking", in which down is collected by a machine after slaughtering an edible bird, and "live hand plucking", in which the bird is collected alive. The latter live hand plucking is animal protection. It is regarded as a problem from the viewpoint of.When live hand plucking is performed, the first live hand pick is usually performed when the bird is about 12 weeks old, and the bird's wings and neck are pinched between the legs and fixed, and the chest to abdomen down is collected.After that, in XNUMX to XNUMX weeks, the feathers will grow again and it will be the next live hand plucking, and then in the XNUMX to XNUMX weeks, the third live hand plucking and so on will be repeated.[2]..Reported that bird blood glucose doubled during live hand plucking[3]It is suggested that live hand plucking may put a physical and mental burden on birds.

Video of down production site in Hungary[4]And the video of the down production site in China[5]Then, the feathers were plucked and the torn body was sewn with a needle and thread without anesthesia, and the state of crouching on the ground after being plucked was photographed, and this situation became clear. Patagonia has announced that all down products from the fall of 2014 will not be live hand picked.[6], H & M announced similar[7]There is a growing movement within the industry to procure ethical raw materials.

The exact proportion of live hand plucking and machine picks is unknown, but while there are reports that live hand plucking accounts for less than 1% of the total, a documentary on the live hand plucking issue reported on the 2009 Swedish television show CBS5.[8]Reports that the proportion of live hand plucking may be 50-80% of aggregate supply.


cleaningNot to mention for home useWashing machineButWashingAlthough the number of materials that can be used has increased, it is basically worn without washing, and the basic usage is to wear it carefully so that it does not get dirty.


(I.e.For feathers and excrementantibodyIf you have a bird relatedHypersensitivity pneumoniaMay develop[9][10]..しかし、自身が鳥関連過敏性の体質であることに気がつかないまま重症化し、「特発性However, he became severe without noticing that he was a bird-related hypersensitivity constitution, and became "idiopathic."Interstitial pneumoniaAnd "idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis" have been diagnosed, but effective treatment has not been possible and cases of chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis have been reported.[11][12].


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