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⛺ | [Winter camp] Introducing useful items for staying warm and tips for finding a campsite!


[Winter camp] Introducing useful items for staying warm and tips for finding a campsite!

If you write the contents roughly
Moranborg's "potov soup made from potatoes" is well-balanced and does not require water.

Have you ever had a winter camp?The winter camp seems to have high hurdles such as "cold" and "very difficult equipment" ... → Continue reading


Camping / outdoor information media "Hapican".
Based on the concept of "Let's go find Takaramono", we send useful information such as popular camping goods, campgrounds, cooking recipes, and fashion.
In addition to broadcasting the TV program "Ogiyahagi no Hapikan" on Me-Tele (Nagoya Broadcasting Network), we also deliver fun content on YouTube "Hapican Channel"!
You will surely find your Takaramono!

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Well seasoned


Moranborg Co., Ltd.It is,TokyoFuchu-shiHeadquartered inGrilled meat OfSauceTo manufacture etc.FoodManufacturer..Directly managed restaurantIt also operates the Moranborg main store.

With Fuchu City as the groundpachinkoshop·supermarketDevelop business etc.Sakura CommerceEstablished as a subsidiary of "Sakura GroupIt is a subsidiary company.

The corporate slogan is "Material, Kiwadatsu.. "


1972 ,Sakura Commerce OfsubsidiaryAs,Grilled meat sauceEstablished as "Moranborg International Co., Ltd."In the same year, he founded Moranborg Culinary College.

1976 , Company name changed to "Sakura Bussan Co., Ltd."

1979 , For commercial useGrilled meatSauce"Raw pack JeanWas released.An actor OfYonekura Saika year"Jean is alive !!"commercialIt gained popularity in.

1980 , Changed the company name to the current "Moranborg Co., Ltd."

1985 Acquired Dia Foods.After thatKorean cuisineExpand business fields beyond ingredients.

Previously, the signboard of the directly managed store said "Korean food Moranborg",2000 eraAfter entering, "Korean cuisineThe notation was changed.

2004 , South KoreaEstablished "Moranborg Korea Co., Ltd." and started selling products in South Korea.

2005 , Yakiniku restaurant, etc.Restaurant industryThe department of the group companySakura Commerce(RacehorseTransferred from (famous for owning) and opened the directly managed store "Moranborg Main Store".As a new business development, it is also expanding into the operation of the food store "Moranborg Dining".

Now[When?]In addition to Korean ingredients such as yakiniku sauce for commercial and commercial use,steakソ ー ス,potSoup, Chinese skin,Bun,seafoodManufactures and sells related products.

Now[When?] TheMitsutaka Tsutsui"Jean",YunsonaAre appointed as CM characters for "Korean food vegetables".

Directly managed stores

There are yakiniku restaurants that call themselves "Moranborg" all over the country, but Moranborg Co., Ltd. is involved in the management of only the following directly managed restaurants listed on the official website.Many of the stores with the same name are for graduates of the "Moranborg Culinary College" that the company once operated.GoodwillIt has nothing to do with management or menu contents.

TokyoFuchu-shi1-7-2 Fuchucho Sakura Food Museum 5F
Opened in 2005. Reopened in 2017.
The office of "Moranborg Dining", which operates directly managed stores, is located on the 4th floor of the same building.
Supply to each storeKimchi"Kimchi Kobo", which manufactures kimchi, is also located in the same building.

Past stores

  • Moranborg Jingumae --Closed May 2016, 5
TokyoShibuyaJingumae6-27-8 M's Harajuku B1F
Opened in 2009. "Michelin guideIn Tokyo / Yokohama / Shonan 2012 "Korean cuisineWon the world's first two stars[1].
  • Peony Peak Market (Moranborg Sijan) -Closed March 2015, 3[2]
1-41-1 Miyamachi, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo Sakura Market Hall Fuchu Foris store
  • Sakura Sunriver store-dismantled and removed in 2006
A directly managed store in the "Sakura Commerce" era.
TamagawaWith Fuchu City alongTama CityTieSekido BridgeThere is a building at the base of the building, and there are big signboards of "Sakura" and "Moranborg".Keio LineI could see it from inside the car.


Jeanpreservative,AdditiveCannot be stored for a long time because it is not used at all.For this reasonJapanIt is called the first time in Japan and does not allow light or air to pass through.包装Adopt the form,Fresh produceWith the treatment ofMeatIt was an epoch-making product at that time, such as selling at the sales floor.The expiration date at the time of release was one week (1 days as of 2014), and as with fresh produce, returns were not allowed.

Becomes the main component of JeanSoy sauceIt was common to use preservatives and additives, but the company produced additive-free soy sauce.Higeta soy sauce(Chiba),Nibishi soy sauce(Fukuoka) Etc. are used.Also, it does not contain additivesTarakoAs soon as it becomes difficult to obtainMentaikoIt is the company's corporate ethics to devote itself to food safety, such as withdrawing from manufacturing.

About the founder

One of the founders (전연식 Jeoung Young-sik) is under Japanese ruleKoreaJeollanam-do(CurrentlySouth KoreaFrom the administration area).First Korean business and industryKorea FederationElected as Vice-Chair, while in Japannorth korea OfSupreme People's AssemblyHe also served as a member of the Diet.These achievements were evaluated and later the best of North KoreaMedalHas won the Patriotic Award of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

NHK OfCooking program"Today's dishes, The instructor of Korean cuisine, Jung Kyung-hwa, is the eldest daughter of Jin Jin-sik, the younger brother of all the performances.

Entertainer who was once appointed as a commercial


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